Events in this crossover take place right after 'The Waters of Mars' and before 'The End of Time' (Doctor Who); and within the time of the second season of Kim Possible.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible or Doctor Who. Disney owns Kim Possible, and Doctor Who is owned by the BBC.

This is the first time for me entering the world of writing fan fictions and crossovers! So please give me feedback on how I do with this crossover! I hope this prologue gives a taster of the direction I want to take the Doctor's character in this story. So without further ado...

Time Sitch

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover


He did it.

He had just done what he long thought he could never do. He had defeated the rules of time.

It was 21st November 2059. The Doctor had just rescued three members of the team from Bowie Base One, which had been a colony base situated on Mars. That was until it had exploded. Now all that remained was one big crater on the dusty red surface of the planet.

Yuri Kerenski, a Russian nurse, simply looked in awe and wonder around the Doctor's 'spacecraft'; as well as being surprised at the fact that he and his fellow remaining crew were still alive.

He looked over to Mia Bennett, the geologist of Bowie Base One; he could see she was shaken, and was the most subdued person on-board. They had been through a lot. Almost every member of the colony had been lost to the viral infection within the planetary water. So many close friends were now gone. It seemed clear that this fact had hit Mia the hardest. Yuri went over to comfort her.

The other surviving person was the commander of the crew: Captain Adelaide Brooke. Although not as visibly in shock as Mia, she was also very quiet and deep in thought. She kept thinking in her head about the possible consequences of the Doctor's actions. He previously said that there were certain fixed points in time that couldn't be meddled with. His sudden change in attitude had confused her.

What would happen to her family's legacy on the galaxy? The Doctor had heavily implied that because of her death, her granddaughter would grow up inspired by Adelaide's story, and would herself one day be the pilot of Earth's first lightspeed ship. Would this same inspiration be able to come to fruition now that Adelaide was still alive? If not, what would happen to her family's future generations? Would they now have any impact on the galaxy? In the grand scheme of time itself, would history be completely rewritten; all because she had been saved from the base that should have been her final resting place?

These questions and fears kept turning in her head. She didn't like it that the Doctor could suddenly decide to break his own species' laws on time. Just because he was the last of his kind, what gave him the right to disregard everything his people had established for millions of years? She needed to talk with him when they returned to Earth.

A strange, blue 1960s police box materialised into the middle of a Georgian street, which was covered in soft white material that looked like snow. From this blue box stepped out a tall, skinny man wearing a light brown Duster-type overcoat. Following behind him were three other people, and a funny caterpillar-track travelling robot known simply as 'Gadget'.

As the three humans took in their surroundings with surprise and bewilderment, the Doctor turned to them and asked, "Isn't anyone going to thank me?"

At that moment, Gadget suddenly stopped in its tracks and shut down. "He's lost his signal", explained the Doctor. "Doesn't know where he is."

Adelaide saw a familiar building that she hadn't seen since leaving Earth seventeen months beforehand. "That's my house", she said in suppressed disbelief.

The Doctor replied, "Don't you get it? This is the 21st of November 2059. It's the same day on Earth. And it's snowing! I love snow."

"No, that's the Carbon Wash, cleaning up the atmosphere", Yuri corrected. "We get this at eight o'clock every night".

"Well I'm calling it snow", the Doctor stated.

Mia stared in shock at the 'police box' they had just exited from; she wasn't able to take much more after what she had already been through. "What is that thing? It's bigger. I mean, it's bigger on the inside." She then turned to the Doctor and shouted, "Who the hell are you?" And with that, she ran far away from him.

Adelaide knew who Mia needed to be with at this current time. She turned to Yuri and said, "Look after her".

"Yes, ma'am", he replied. He then sprinted after Mia; never to see his commander again.

Now with just the two of them, Adelaide walked over to the Doctor. This was her opportunity to get an explanation from him. "You saved us", she stated.

"Just think though", the Doctor said. "Your daughter, and your daughter's daughter, you can see them again. Family reunion."

"But I'm supposed to be dead", Adelaide replied.

"Not anymore", the Doctor told her.

"But Susie, my granddaughter. The person she's supposed to become might never exist now."

"Nah! Captain Adelaide can inspire her face to face", the Doctor declared. "Different details, but the story's the same."

"You can't know that", Adelaide stated. "And if my family changes, the whole of history could change. The future of the human race. No-one should have that much power."

"Tough", the Doctor snapped back.

Adelaide gave the Doctor a stern stare. "You should have left us there."

"Adelaide, I've done this sort of thing before", the Doctor professed. "In small ways, saved some little people, but never someone as important as you." A smile grew on his face, which on this occasion was more disturbing than he perhaps intended. "Oh, I'm good."

"Little people?!" Adelaide replied back angrily. "What, like Mia and Yuri?! Who decides they're so unimportant? You?"

"For a long time now, I thought I was just a survivor, but I'm not. I'm the winner. That's who I am. The Time Lord Victorious", the Doctor proclaimed.

"And there's no one to stop you", Adelaide said in despair.

"No", the Doctor replied.

"This is wrong, Doctor. I don't care who you are. The Time Lord Victorious is wrong."

"That's for me to decide", the Doctor said. "Now, you'd better get home." He then indicted to Adelaide's house. "Oh, it's all locked up. You've been away", retorted the Doctor. "Still, that's easy."

He took out his sonic gadget from within his brown overcoat, and then pointed it at the house's front door. The clicking sound and the creaking of the door opening indicated that the Doctor had opened it easily. "All yours", he said.

Adelaide looked at the Doctor in subdued disbelief. "Is there anything you can't do?" she asked rhetorically.

"Not any more", the Doctor replied.

And with that, Adelaide started to walk over to her house. She had finished speaking with this deluded man. She had nothing else to say; even if she did, it would just fall onto the deaf ears of the Doctor. She knew what she had to do.

As Adelaide reached her front door, the Doctor turned away and began to walk back to the blue box. Drawing her gun from her waist strap, she looked at the Doctor one last time, and then closed the door behind her.

'A bit unappreciative', the Doctor thought to himself. 'But at least I won't have to blabber to other people about the so-called laws of time. Who should I save next? Perhaps I need to start small. How about 1666, the Great Fire of London? There were only six deaths recorded in the death tolls…'

Suddenly, there was the sound of a shot and a bright light of an energy blast from it. The Doctor span around and realised in horror that it had come from inside Adelaide's home.

The Doctor then saw the important moments of history flash inside his mind, just like it had done when he first met the crew on Bowie Base One. Only this time, history was changing again. One word changed in Adelaide's obituary; her place of death, which changed from Mars to Earth. Yuri and Mia came forward to the public about the horrific events that took place on that day at the base; the title of that news article read, "Survivors Story - Brooke Saved Earth", with no mention of the Doctor. Finally, the Doctor realised the heartbreaking truth; because of her grandmother's suicide, Susie Fontana Brooke was inspired to follow in her footsteps, to lead the people of Earth in travelling the galaxy.

One of Adelaide's final lines also flashed back in the Doctor's head; "I don't care who you are. The Time Lord Victorious is wrong."

In that moment, he finally realised he had over-stepped the line. He never thought he would go down this path. He became so delusional in thinking history was his to control, and because of that he had made himself so self-righteous.

But no one can truly control time. The rules were set in stone when time itself began. The Time Lords, even at the peak of their powers, could only enforce those laws. The Doctor had been misguided in thinking his people had that sort of power; he had forgotten their true role in history.

Adelaide had committed suicide in her own home, just so history could still pan out as it should have. He should have let her sacrifice herself honourably to fulfil that. Instead, he felt so much grief over how his actions would affect her legacy. He had put his greed for power of time over Adelaide's wishes.

The Doctor sensed a familiar presence nearby. He turned to his right, to see a vision of Ood Sigma standing a few feet away from him. It had a sense of foreboding about it, as if to do with the Doctor's future, which made him fearful. His mouth quivered for a few moments, before he managed to get out his words.

"I've gone too far. Is this it? My death? Is it time?"

The Doctor slumped to his knees in a mixture of horror, grief, and dread over what had taken place and what he had done. There was now a price to be paid for his interference, and certainly a sign that his days were numbered.

He was uncertain when that day would be though. Ood Sigma suddenly vanished, leaving the Doctor to contemplate on his own thoughts. The street was left in complete, bleak silence.

The Doctor was now inside the TARDIS, all by himself once more. He was usually involved in a never-ending cycle of travelling with companions; when one left, there would be a period of the Doctor going on adventures alone. Although it had been an unusually long while since he last had a companion at his side.

He was now standing in sombre silence over the control panel. Nothing else could be said by the Doctor out loud. There was no one to listen to him anyway, besides the TARDIS who he obviously knew had her own feelings. But there was something comforting about speaking to someone in flesh and blood.

The sound of the Cloister Bell rang out. This usually sounded when there was imminent danger nearby. But this felt more ominous. The Doctor believed this was a definitive confirmation of time running out for him. His death was coming all too soon; he didn't want to go.

The Cloister Bell sounded again. With fate staring him in the face, the Doctor said the only thing he knew how to in response to this calling.

"No!" His time might have been coming up, but the Doctor would keep on running. Like he had done since the day he stole the TARDIS, and left Gallifrey to explore all of history and space. And when the time did come for him to meet his destiny, he would make sure he would go out in style.

The Doctor jumped to the central control panel, and began to work frantically on setting coordinates and flipping switches to set the TARDIS going. He didn't care where she took him; but with whatever lifespan he had left of this body, he would make the most of it.

And then the TARDIS began to shake violently…