By RBCat

First Cast: Pertho

Earthly Meaning:Chance; Gambling; Secrets; Windfall; Synchronicity; Birth

Spiritual Meaning: Fate; the Feminine; Uncertainty

Reversed Meaning:Don't take a chance, the outcome won't be good; Embarrassing or Unpleasant revelations are about to come to light.

We cannot always know the results of our actions, which have an alchemy of their own.




Colonnello, contrary to popular belief, was able to keep secrets from his superiors. There were things about him that not even Lal, his teacher (and long time crush), knew about him.

Some were simple things, like a few foods he liked that were never brought up (He had a special fondness for Jambalaya, ever since one particular mission brought him to Louisiana in the US), activities outside of his job (He actually had a fondness for tinkering with car engines, though he was no-where near Skull's skills. Even he had to admit the lackey was good at his job), and other small things that rarely cropped up in his work area enough to make people notice.

Some secrets, however, where not so innocently missed. Or Small for that matter. But he still managed to keep them.

The biggest was that he did, in fact, have a sky.

With his status as the Rain Arcobolaeno, everyone simply assumed that he'd Harmonized with Luce. This was not true. As he had come in unofficially due to his worry for Lal's safety (Everything had felt so wrong with those jobs, how could she have not noticed?), and had taken the curse in her place. He had never had the chance to bond with Luce, in fact he hadn't bonded with any of them. He had been an outsider who'd come running in when he wasn't supposed too. He didn't regret it, but that didn't change the facts. The others never brought that fact up, simply letting people believe what they wanted.

But he hadn't Harmonized with Aria, Luce's daughter, either. He had hung around for a while, making sure she was okay after her mother's passing, but he had never truly connected with her (The girl had lost her mother, had her Familia's problems dropped on her lap, and saddled with a curse that would drain away her life all in one go. She needed at least one person to be there for her). Admittedly the others hadn't Harmonized with her either, simply coming by just often enough to say they hadn't cut contact from her. But no more than that.

Colonnello's Sky was young (barely fifteen), and had been living with him in Mafia Land for nearly seven years. Many of the workers had assumed the teen was a relative, or a charge left in his care before becoming an Arcobolaeno. The were kind-of right about that.

That black-haired, green-eyed teen was his young, wonderful, unaligned Sky. And he would gladly move mountains to keep him happy.

But sometimes, he thought to himself while staring at the veritable flood of owls from his Sky's school friends, all of them probably demanding to know why he wasn't at his "Relatives" house. Even I have to wonder how I've managed to keep this a secret for so long.




AN: A random idea that popped into my head while reading a story that talked about how Colonnello had NOT actually been invited to join "I Prescelti Sette". By the sounds of it, he wasn't even supposed to be there during the actual placing of the curse. They all beat up on Skull for not belonging, but technically Colonnello was the one who shouldn't have been there. I wonder why no one's pointed this out before?

Secondly, when people try to make an HP crossover where Harry is the Sky for an Arcobolaeno, they always have Reborn or Skull or Viper be the ones to bond with Harry. But I couldn't help wondering, "What if it was someone else?" And then this appeared.

If I get enough comments or ideas, I might add more to this. But for now, this is it. If you like it or have suggestions for more, go ahead and tell me!