Thank you to all my loyal readers. I don't know why I have been inspired with so many Twilight ideas but hell here they are. Lately, I have gotten into the whole Mate of the Kings fanship here. I have had this idea in my head but until now I hadn't the faintest idea on how to start it. I hope you enjoy!

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Cordy sat down in the seat by the window. It was a cold day in Seattle today, but all of that was going to soon change. For Cordy was off to Italy and she couldn't have been more excited. She was getting away from it all. Her drunkard of a father, her crazy ex...her family. The only person in her family that seemed to care was her Uncle Charlie. While her cousin was just too wrapped up in herself to really care about anyone else. So here she was, sitting on a plane bound for Rome, Italy.

The plane began to rumble as it started to take off down the runway. Slowly gaining speed till she felt the wheels leave the ground. As they did Cordy felt a weight lifting from her being and a smile forming on her face. She had dreamed of Italy since she was a little girl. Yet as she grew older the dreams evolved and became more. On her 16th birthday, she dreamed of three men. One with dark brown hair, one with hair the color of a raven's wing, and the other was pale blond. All three, however, had eyes the color of rubies. These men made her heart flutter and fill her body with longing. Yet there was also a sense of loneliness when she dreamed of them. She felt the strong need to be with them. She needed to be with them. But where were the? The only clue she could go on was that in her dreams the men spoke Italian. It wasn't much of a lead but she went with it.

Turning her head Cordy watched as the clouds flew past her window. In thirteen hours she would be in Rome. Perhaps there she would find something to guide her in the right direction.

The flight went by slowly but eventually, the plane landed in Rome. However, it was now night and she needed to find a place to stay. Walking to a hotel she bought a room for the night. She showered and relaxed before the comfort of the bed lulled her into dreamland.

"La mia regina ... venite da noi.

Vieni a casa ...

Il mio amore...

Three voices whispered in her ears as she slept. She tossed and turned as she felt her heart thumping hard in her chest. Their voices called out to her desperately. The only thing that dragged her from them was the sound of the alarm on her phone blaring next to her ear. She jerked awake and saw what time it was. She sighed and rubbed her eyes before packing up and heading to the train station. She was moving on pure instinct at this point.

When she go to the station she wound up looking at a map. Where was she to go? Glancing at the map she felt something pulling at her when she looked at one particular city...Volterra.

It was about 10:45 am when she arrived at the Roma Tiburtina. She checked all her tickets and luggage before she hopped on the FR 9416 train. Boarding she found a window seat and sat down. Her head laid back against the headrest of the seat. It would be over two hours before she would be at her next destination. She felt the train pull out of the station. She could hear the sound of the engine and the wheels working to gain speed. Cordy's eyes watched the passing landscape which soon pulled her into a deep sleep.

"La mia regina ... venite da noi.

Vieni a casa ...

Il mio amore...

She jerked awake again as the train came to a stop. The voices had come to her again. It had become more and more frequent as she got to Italy. Every time she fell asleep they were there in her mind. She glanced at her watch, it was now 12:07 pm. Grabbing her things Cordy got off the Train and went to go and catch her second one. The RV 3123 towards Livorno Centrale. Her hands ran through her hair at how tired she was. She found the right platform and sat down while she waited to board the train. She dozed off for at least ten minutes or so before she heard the call for boarding.

Once again she found a seat by the window. She did not sleep this time for the train ride would be less than an hour. And sure enough, the train ride went by rather quickly. By 1:13 she had arrived at the Pontedera-Casciana Terme. Looking at her directions it would be another three-minute walk to the bus she needed. The walk was invigorating, to say the least. It was a beautiful day and the sky was all clear. Cordy arrived at the Stazione and there waiting was the 500 bus towards Volterra. She could feel the pull in her chest growing. The voices in her head now stronger than ever.

Vieni a casa...

Cordy stepped off the bus and glanced around the beautiful city. She felt her heart beating in her chest rapidly as she looked up at the large building with the clock tower. She saw a group of people standing out from. A tour...

She quickly checked into a hotel that was just off the street. Her things were locked into her room before she ran over to join the tour. "Welcome to Volterra." The woman said with a smile as they all began to move. Odette didn't know what to do besides follow the people. They all got into a large elevator which was rather cramped. It made her feel like she was a sardine in a tin can. However, she couldn't deny the feeling she was having here. As the elevator traveled down the intensity of the feeling grew. As if...somehow...this was the place she needed to be. The elevator door dinged and they all started to file out.

They passed by a Secretary who, when she looked at Cordy, gasped and dropped the papers she had in her hand. It was almost as if she recognized Cordy. But how could that be possible? She had never been to Volterra let alone Italy. Nor did she recognize the Secretary either. The group grew closer to a pair of large doors. They were ornately decorated and the seemed to call to her. They drew her in as if she was under a spell. But before she could reach the doors with the group, Cordy was snatched from behind. Before she could even cry out she felt herself being rushed off at a breathtaking speed.