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Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, a place where the most influential and world-renown chefs came from was a prestigious one across the globe. The term 'hell' perhaps is the closest word that one can think of this academy. The reason behind this is its expectations towards its students. Former alumnus, Kojirō, Shinomiya, owner of the French restaurant, SHINO's, who recently earned its third Michelin star describes the academy in a simple and flat manner.

"Tōtsuki is not a place for those who settle for mediocrity."

True to his words, only a percentage of its student population actually manage to graduate. Those students have ensured their places in the culinary world and make a name for themselves.

Did he want to come here? It's more of a 50:50 choice, per se, he can choose to downright ignore them. Yet, here he was at the gigantic wooden gates of the Academy.

"Alright, I need to find the administration building first." he immediately went his way to the cobble steps and was a bit fascinated by the scenery. Buildings, ranging from Western-style and ornate Japanese ones towered everywhere. There are also some students walking along the path who are conversing with one another.

Most of them are looking a bit anxious for an upcoming event and it seems to be an important one too. Whatever it was, it's probably on the level where they need to give everything they got. If they don't, it means expulsion and their dreams will be gone in the wind.

"Good luck to them." the young man muttered.

After asking a few students for directions, he finally arrived at the administration building.

"Good morning, how may I help you?" the receptionist greeted as he settled his duffel bag down and grabbed something from it.

"I'm here for a meeting with Sōe-dono,"

"Are you," the receptionist looked over for the only individual on the list and found his name. "Sir Emiya Shirou?" he nodded in affirmation and was asked to wait at the hall for Sōe. He reached for his bag and sat in one of the sofas, his eyes darting around as he waits for the man's arrival.

Shirou took one of the food magazines laid on the table where the illustrious headmaster of Tōtsuki, Senzaemon Nakiri alongside his two granddaughters, Erina and Alice, are featured on the cover. It was a known fact that the Nakiri's hold in the food industry is so strong; Senzaemon was given the nick more of 'Food's Demon King'. Not only is that, but even his granddaughters are known for their latent talents too.

Erina is infamous for her delicate tastebuds thus she was known as the 'God's Tongue'. It was so sensitive that she can accurately criticize the good and bad parts of a dish. Moreover, she is also merciless whenever she gave her criticisms as well. To those who cannot take it too well are advised not to provoke her.

The next one is Sōe's only daughter, Alice. He is wondering how similar the girl was to Illya in terms of physical appearance. They both have the same color of hair and eyes except for their bodies. Illya might have grown beautiful like Alice does... perhaps even more.

Back on the topic, the half-Japanese-Danish girl became known for being a practitioner of molecular gastronomy, a subdiscipline of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking. She is also one of the youngest ones out there to receive an award for her ingenuity.

"Sir Emiya, please follow me." he heard his name being called out, and he was guided by one of the staff. After taking a few turns, he found himself outside of an office. "Nakiri-sama is waiting for you inside."

"Thank you." Shirou thanked the woman and breathe deep before he knocked on the wooden doors. He heard the voice of a man, motioning him to come in and so he did.

Across the room, he found himself face to face with his client. Slick, dark hair with a notable crest that sweeps upwards and he somehow inherited the same defined eyebrows of his father, Senzaemon.

Sōe Nakiri, the head, and founder of Nakiri International sat in the swivel chair with a stoic expression on his face.

"This is a pleasure to meet you, Sōe-dono." the redhead bowed down in respect to him and he was offered to take a seat to which he complied.

"Mr. Emiya Shirou, the man that I'm looking for, you really took my offer into consideration, haven't you?"

"It's been almost two months since you sent me that letter. But I really can't get the point of me being here." Shirou took out the same letter that bore the insignia of Tōtsuki with Sōe's signature imprinted on it

"It's fairly simple, I want you to guard my daughter whenever I'm not around," the black-haired man reached for a portrait of his family and he gently caressed it. "I'm afraid that an 'enemy' of ours has begun to make moves now. It's only a matter of time before they come here and execute their plans." he has a hunch on who this 'enemy' might be.

"Still, do I have to take an entrance exam? I'm pretty sure that I can do that without the need to become a student of this Academy."

"I think it's necessary and at the same time good for you. Necessary because you have a legitimate reason to be near her." Sōe took out a folder from underneath his desk and Shirou already knew that it was chuck full of information about him. The head of Nakiri International did do his research about him.

"I guess I could try taking the exam."

"That's good. Let's get over with it then." he got up on his chair with Shirou behind him.

"You're gonna be my examiner, am I correct?" the redhead questioned.

"I'm not the only one, Emiya."

That got him thinking, who would be the rest of the judges? The Director himself could be a possible choice and a few professors might show up.

Moments later, Sōe and Shirou arrived at one of the kitchens in the building. The place itself is enormous in size and everything inside was spotless down to the smallest knives. The chrome tables were all lined in a row allowing multiple people to do their cooking. There is still plenty of space to move with multiple commercial fridges lined in a row.

"As to be expected of Tōtsuki, you have everything that a chef needs," he commented as he opened one of the fridges. It was full of different ingredients with no doubt that have been locally imported.

"We have a reputation to uphold. As long as students have the skills, we provide them with the best," Sōe declared as he took his phone out. "I'll call in the other two judges. In the meantime, prepare yourself. You can use anything in here to prepare any kind of dish that should meet our standards."

With that, Sōe let him be in the counters as he removed his black jacket. He put on a white apron and cleaned both of his hands as here start to think of a good dish that could impress them.

"So, what is your assessment of him?" a ruggish voice of an elder asked the man. Sōe replied, saying that the redhead has a bit of talent with him. Moreover, he could be a hidden gem if he can be polished properly.

"Hmm... but Alice already has Ryó-kun as her aide." a soft-spoken voice of a woman added.

"This is for her own good too, Leonora," the doors opened, revealing the other two judges. His hunch earlier was correct since the current the Food's Demon King himself was one of them, Senzaemon Nakiri garbed in his green hakama.

"You are the one whom my son spoke of, I expect great things from you, Emiya Shirou." the Tōtsuki headmaster sat at one of the stools whilst his arms crossed

"Oh my? Aren't you a bit young to be traveling on your own?" the female judge ask and the redhead couldn't help but admire her beauty. Silver translucent hair reaching down her waist and red irises that could charm anyone who might run across her. "My name is Leonora, proud mother of Alice, the one who you will be serving from now on."

"Looks like the apple isn't far off from the tree." Shirou commented and the woman couldn't help but giggle at his words. "Rest assured, that your daughter's well-being is on my top priority list."

"That's good to hear then," the head of the Nakiri International added. "Still you are in Tōtsuki and while the qualification exams are over, exceptions can still be made."

"Indeed, bring us forth a dish that would make us say 'wow!' or something." the silver-haired beauty perked up.

"Fine by me," Shirou tied a white apron to his waist. "Is there anything that you want to eat?"

"I really don't have anything on my mind now. How about you, father?" Sōe inquired.

"Do you have any forte when it comes to cooking, Emiya Shirou?" the headmaster asked.

"Um, my forte's are mostly Japanese but I've taken a keen interest in French cuisine." the redhead curtly replied.

Shirou remembered the first time that he had eaten authentic French cuisine at SHINO's. Its owner, Kojirō Shinomiya is a known chef for bringing in the flavors of Japan to the domineering haute restaurants of France. Incorporating the delicate tastes, myriad of different colors all resulting in a flashy presentation of mixed cultures, Shirou can say that Kōjiro is a 'magician' in the kitchen.

"Oh! How about desserts!" Leonora raised her hands in suggestion.

"Desserts?" Senzaemon repeated.

"Hmm! Lately, I've been craving something sweet to eat. What do you think, honey?" the woman turned to her husband who ponders over it.

"Well, if father approves..."

"It's decided then, make us a dessert of any kind. Show us what you can put on a plate!"

The headmaster slammed his hands on the counter and it's the only signal that Shirou needed to start. While he maybe not that keen when it comes to desserts, he can surely make something out. He is on the face of three important figures in the food industry; the least that he can do is to impress them.

A smile formed on his face, maybe he can make that.

Shirou immediately grabbed some eggs and cracked them open. He carefully separated the yolks and whites into different bowls. He went to the pan, heating milk while adding small amounts of cinnamon, vanilla, and lastly a pinch of cocoa powder. Bubbles began to form and he gently put in the yolks, while softly beating them.

Upon finishing the mix, Shirou went to grind up some coffee beans as he medium-coarse them. He put a few cups of sugar into the egg mixture and whisked them quickly with one hand. While he's whisking the mixture, he brews some coffee.

The egg mixture starts to get bubbly and the redhead grabs the tray of dark chocolate from earlier. Shirou took something out of his bags though he could have used the knives at the counters; he wanted to do an unorthodox way of cutting them. At first glance, they seem to be ordinary handles but when he starts to put them on his knuckles, a blade emerged out of it.

"Ooohhh... what are those?" Leonora wondered what kind of knife that he took out. By her observations, the blade is retractable and its length is over one meter.

"Black Keys," Sōe perked up and his father nodded. "A set of blades that's been passed down to those individuals who have worked alongside special 'people' in the Vatican."

Shirou makes a quick work of the dark chocolate by swiftly cutting them with the use of the Black Keys. Even though they are conceptual weapons for Executors to use during hunts, it's not like anyone would scold him for using them as knives.

"Now then, we're gonna need a spark to ignite this."

He ignited a match and put its flame on the finely grated chocolate powder causing a small explosion to happen.

'Cocoa beans have 50% to 57% density than its solid counterpart and gives chocolate its melting properties.' Senzaemon thought as he assessed the young cook.

He repeated the process and made more, again while getting some flour to mix it with. He whipped another mixture, gaining a nice smooth chocolatey base. Shirou put the cakes in the oven and while waiting for them to finish, he prepares some toppings. It's composed of sliced cherries and strawberries.

A sound reaches his ears and knew it's time for the cake to be taken out. The glistening dessert caught the attention of the judges.

"Ohh! Hurry it up, Emiya-kun!" the silver-haired woman excitedly said like a child when she saw the perfectly baked cake being decorated.

The layer is composed of milk chocolate and sliced cherries; nonetheless, Shirou paused for a minute since he is still a bit dissatisfied by it. He snapped his fingers, making his way to the broiler, and drop some white chocolate and sugar, melting them altogether.

He slowly pours the glistening mix into the sliced cherries and smothered the rest around the cake's base. For his last touch, Shirou used the remainder of the chocolates, sliced them, and put it on the sides.

"Finished!" he wiped off the sweat from his forehead and as much he wanted to taste it first, the judges must do it beforehand.

"Now then, what is the name of your dessert?" Sōe adjusted his glasses, examining them further.

"This was more of an impromptu cake that I made. If I were to call it... perhaps, Nōire Chocolate Cake?" the redhead declared. Though his answer is a bit hesitant, the likeliness of how he presents it is similar to how nōire is being put on top of rice.

"Alright then, let's eat!" Leonora had her share and both Nakiri's follow suit.

"It's good! The bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the chocolate is perfectly balanced! When you use that match to spark those chocolate powder, you were attempting to uneven the taste."

"That's right, Leonora-sama. If I didn't do that, there is a possibility that you three wouldn't like the cake to be so sweet. Considering that you all came here with the aftertaste of any dishes that you may have eaten." Shirou explained and it earned him a nod of approval from the silver-haired beauty.

"Another factor is the human tongue itself," Senzaemon added as he took another bite from his cake. "The papillae is where the taste receptors are. This is the reason why some of us, including me, don't mix creamers in my coffee."

"I must say, you surprised me with this, Emiya," the black-haired man commented, clearly enjoying his fair share of the cake. "Kind of reminds me of the times we've spent with Mana."

"Indeed, it's rare for our whole family to gather altogether due to our duties."

As a grandparent of two grandkids and his position, it's seldom if not at all that Senzaemon could see Erina and Alice together with their parents. While Alice could contact her parents, the other one, cannot. Due to some circumstances, Erina's mother left the Nakiri household because of some complications. Her father, however, was banished courtesy of him after he found out the doctrine that the man implemented to the poor girl.

That's why even right now, Erina still had that haughty attitude towards dishes that she finds

Senzaemon shook those thoughts away, he mustn't let it cloud his judgment about this cake.

"I duly approved of your Nōire Chocolate Cake!" Leonora gave her a thumbs up.

"Indeed, this was made with your ingenuity and adaptability to the situation at hand. It's official, you are an official Tōtsuki student." the Director declared and Shirou felt a swell of pride when he earned the man's favor.

"Hm, you could have improved this more if you wanted to, yet, you did not," Leonora was a bit confused when she heard her husband's words. In her estimate, Shirou has shown an exceptional talent to his cake. "Tell me, why is that?"

"If I ever pushed my 'skill' into that dessert, what's the point of me being a student? I would prefer to enter the least taken door rather than the easy one to go through."

"...That's good, well then, all of us do approve of your dessert. From here and now on, you will be my daughter's new bodyguard. At the same time, you will be part of the 92nd Tōtsuki class. Congratulations." the trio stood up and shook hands with him.

He couldn't believe what he's hearing! He just got admitted to the most well-known culinary school in Japan and while he never dreamt of being here, Shirou heard many things about it. He could barely wait for all the cooking lessons that were all unknown to him!

A ring suddenly interrupted them and Sōe took it out and his face scrunched up a bit. "Well, duty calls, Father we are needed in Kyoto for a corporate meeting."

The headmaster affirmed his son's words and excused himself being the first to leave the kitchen.

"Honey, kindly show him to his new room, will you?" the husband planted a kiss on his wife, causing her to stammer a bit. "Emiya, I expect you to do your job... professionally. If I ever heard that you're trying to hit on my daughter."

"I wouldn't dream about it."

"Why? Think our daughter's too good for you?"

"No, that's not what I mean, I intend to keep our relationship strictly that of a guardian and... little sister, I guess?" said Shirou while beads of sweat flowed down his forehead. Looks like he may have gotten wind of the weird side of the man.

"Hush now, dear," Leonora diffused the situation before it escalates to something else. "Why don't we trust his words? He seems to be a virtuous young man."

Sōe fix himself up and adjusted his glasses. He just love his wife and daughter that he actually has a portrait of them in his suit. Of course, he only takes it out when he's alone as to not tarnish the image he had established in the cooking world.

"Pardon my behaviour, I wouldn't have called for you here if that were the case."

"It's fine, Sōe-dono." Shirou assured the man.

"I'll be off then and good luck on your studies, Emiya. If I were to need something, I'll personally call for you."

With that, the head of Nakiri International left the kitchen, leaving his wife with the new bodyguard.

Shirou was offered to ride with Leonora to the Nakiri manor where he would stay for the next three years. To live with such high renowned people in the field of culinary didn't do wonders for him. He was content to live somewhere nearby but the woman insisted to make do with them. Even his things were brought now to the manor and as such, he didn't have a choice but to gracefully accept it.

Right now, he sat across the woman, and right now, he felt very uncomfortable. He just wasn't used to extravagance like this. Leonora could sense the discomfort that Shirou have around her. To at least alleviate his tension, she decided to ask him some questions.

"Where did you come from originally?" she started and the redhead was taken aback by her question. Surely, they already knew about him by now.

"I came from Fuyuki City, Leonora-sama," he answered and the silver-haired woman pondered for a while as she had heard a lot of things about the place.

"To think you live in such awful city. No wonder you went to London."

"It's not really that bad, to be honest," said Shirou and while Fuyuki City had a nasty reputation in the public eye due to its 'gas leaks'. No one should ever know what actually transpired behind those gas leaks that the Church suggested happened.

"Actually, the reason for my trip to London is that a close friend of mine offered me to become her apprentice,"

"Apprenticeship for what?" Leonora wondered.

"Jeweler," his answer surprised the woman. He does travel a lot in the past along with Rin and whenever a jewel catches her fancy, she drags him along to claim it. That's possibly the best cover-up he could tell to her without raising any suspicions.

"That's interesting so that means you travel alot. Care to tell some of your adventures?" she inquired, curious as to what stories he might have during his travels.

"Hmmm," he certainly had a lot of excursions outside of the Clock Tower, of course, he's gonna leave out the magic part. "There's this incident on the crown city of Insomnia that I and my teacher had to get..."the ride through the Nakiri manor was fairly long but with Shirou's story, it felt almost too short for Leonora's liking.

"Then, my teacher forced me to wear a gown just to seduce our target and I gotta tell you, wearing high heels is harder than I could ever imagine."

The silver-haired woman couldn't help be amused at his rather eccentric story about him having to dress up as a woman. She gazed outside the windows and the manor came into view.

"Oh, we're here now,"

The limousine came to a complete stop and the driver escorted Leonora first and Shirou stepped out next. He already knew how enormous this place was but to see it up close, he couldn't help but hang his jaw slightly.

"Well, I'll be going on ahead now, free to make yourself at home. One of the maids will accompany you to your quarters," Leonora was escorted by a butler towards the manor while the young man was accompanied by a maid.

Shirou's eyes darted everywhere and he's gotta say that rich people had it. There are even more rooms here compare to the ones he lived in London! It made him wonder on what purpose those rooms might be, surely he'll have enough time to explore the manor and familiarise himself around. They also passed on the gardens where several gardeners and landscapers doing their work. He also noticed that they also grow vegetation around here.

'Looks like they get their ingredients straight here.'

At last, they stop on some oak doors and the maid had it opened for him.

"This will be your room from now on, Emiya-sama."

"Thanks." the maid bowed down and closed the doors. Several boxes lay on the floor containing his belongings were there along with his luggage. He was thankful that none of the servants pried it open, he has some things in here that he would like to be out of everyone's sight except him.

"Time to arrange them." Shirou begins arranging his things from his clothes up to his books about Japanese and Spanish cuisine. He still has others that will be delivered to him next week too. Five minutes later, all of his things are now arranged where they must be.

'What am I going to do now?' he mused as he sat down on the luxurious bed.

Somehow, if he's out of things to do, he would often go and fix some stuff. However, with the numerous amount of maids and butlers that this place surely has, he has doubts that a broken appliance is present around.

His phone suddenly starts ringing, interrupting his train of thoughts and he takes his phone out. One of the professors of the Mages' Association is calling him. Under circumstances, if magi and technology were mix, the result was never been pleasant. But the caller itself is the head of Modern Magecraft Theories and is keen on technology especially if it's gaming-related.

"Lord El-Melloi, how's everything going on there?" Shirou started and waited for the caller on the other side of the line.

"Hah, same old stuff. By the way, I did not call to check on you." replied the man. "Rin Tohsaka wishes to speak with you and... apparently she doesn't know how to use a smartphone and needs my help to call you."

He could not help but chuckle at the image of the ever stern Waver Velvet facing a flustered Rin with a nearly broken phone on hand. He heard some scuffle in the background and the voice of his teacher reached him.

"How do I talk with this?"

"Just touch the symbol with the speaker on it."

Shirou hoped that it wouldn't get too chaotic on their side as he patiently waits for the twin-tailed magus.

"Wait, this one?"

"No! That's the handset you touch! It's the one next to it!"

"Just when did these barbaric phones get so complicated anyway!?"

The redhead chose to speak up before Rin threw the smartphone she held in her hands. "Hey, Rin, how you holding up?"

"Shirou? Thank goodness, you're alive! I'm still in one piece, I guess." a familiar voice spoke closer.

"That's good, guess what? It looks like I'm back in high school again, I passed their entrance exams!" he could hear the gasp coming from the Tohsaka heiress.

"A student? I thought that you'll be a bodyguard there?" Rin asked.

"My presence here might trigger some suspicions. To get a valid reason to be near my subject, I am to become a student."

She was quiet for the most part and thought of these thoroughly. She did not expect it to be like this since Shirou was to be a bodyguard only and that's that. Nonetheless, she saw this as a perfect opportunity to keep the young man out of danger. Ever since his Magic Circuits are damaged due to the fiasco with that Dead Apostle, Shirou is on a low profile.

"Hm, considering that you like cooking so much, this is an opportunity for you."

"Yeah... ever since that incident, I cannot feel that much in my body." he clutched his fists and tried to get a feel of his Circuits but he opted not to. He couldn't risk doing magecraft in a place like this.

"I really can't blame you for that. You're supposed to be escorting that team to safety but turns out..." Rin's voice trailed off since Shirou already knew what happened to his comrades after that.

"There's no use to think about that. The bastard's still out there and as much as I wanted to find it, I wouldn't risk doing so, not without any proper preparations."

It was right about six months ago that he was tasked to lead a group of Enforcers in a remote village in Northern Europe. With little to no idea of who they might be facing, they find themselves fighting for their lives. In the end, only a handful came back, and that included him. The Association finds him at fault for coming back with disastrous results. Their words didn't deter him rather it was his fallen comrades on how they scream at him for help.

Even then he could hear their voices every night in his sleep. Shirou shook those memories away... for now.

"Alright, this is turning into a somber one to boot, don't you think, Rin?"

"Agreed... Waver, what's happening with your phone, the screen goes on and off. Is this thing going to self-destruct by itself or what?"

"That means that the battery is almost out," the redhead interjected. "I'll call you again later."

He can still hear the shuffling of both mages as the call has been cut off. He lied to his bed as he contemplates some things that have been running on his mind. He has a new job to guard the daughter of an influential man and a new student in this academy. Truly, things will change from here and now on.

"Emiya-sama." the same maid earlier called him out. "Leonora-sama wishes your presence in Alice-sama's room."

"Okay then, please lead the way."

The walk itself was fairly not long as he was shown the door to Alice Nakiri's room. Shirou let out his breath a bit and twist the handles and he immediately noticed the two whose chatting happily. Leonora was pleased with her daughter's antics. Shirou got a good look at Alice. She has short silver hair with a longer left bang that initially reaches the bottom of her chin. Her skin has the same whiteness like her mother's and her eyes are more pronounced.

Overall, he can say that he's looking at what could be the supposed to be 'future version' of Illya.

'That's not the psychopath of a sister that tried to kill you back in the Holy Grail War, kid.'

'Thank you for that remark, future me.'

"Oh, Emiya-kun! Come here!" Shirou did exactly what he was told as he stood before them. Alice begins to examine him and check to herself if he's good enough to be her second 'dog'.

"Tell me, Emiya Shirou... have I seen you before?" Alice starts her interrogation since he was a bit familiar to her.

"No, I don't think so..." the redhead replies, avoiding her scrutinizing gaze and she puts her hands to her chin. She could have sworn that she saw him somewhere but she just can't pinpoint when and where.

"You hail from Fuyuki City, correct?" he simply nods at her words and that's when it hits her. "I remember now! You are the winner of the national archery competitions!" Alice exclaims to him as if she got herself a newfound toy. She can still trace some of her memories from it.

It was in the middle of autumn in her 3rd-year middle school when their grandfather invited her and Erina to watch the finals. Her cousin was a bit skeptical at first to come but it only took her good old persuasion to make her come. Many participants were hailing from different prefectures but there is one contestant that caught her eyes.

It just so happens that it is the same boy that she's facing now.

"I see, you were one of the audiences back then. That tells a lot." Shirou said, reminiscing that memory since that is the last time that he enter a competition.

"To think that you'll be my bodyguard! I don't know... but can you show me if you're still good at archery. As your new owner, I demand you to show me your gracefulness again in kyudo." Alice demanded and while he has no problems doing it, he clearly didn't like her attitude that much. It's almost as if he's a slave under her whims.

"Erm, Leonora-sama, is it really necessary for me to do anything that she wanted?" Shirou glanced at Alice's mother who only smiled at them. She briefly told him that her orders are absolute.

"Okay, but just this once, alright. But before that... do you even have an archery range here?" As far as he knows, he hasn't seen anything around of sorts unless...

"We have one here in the manor! Come on!" the half-Japanese-Danish girl drags him on his shirt.

'This will be a headache for me.'

She had finished her duties for today and found herself with some spare time. Being the owner of the God's Palate, she has a lot of tasting jobs that she must attend to. She is a sought-after food critic as her palate can identify the good and bad portions of a dish. Her evaluation can determine whether a restaurant can continue operating or not. Her criticism didn't come from her palate alone as she's a professional cook as well.

Truly it is hard for the young Erina Nakiri to be put in such but she has no complaints whatsoever.

She wanders the halls of the mansion, thinking of what to do next. The blonde-haired girl has had enough of tasting disgusting dishes, sure she can just make one herself but her stomach's full now. She might as well continue reading that shoujo manga that her secretary lends to her.

"Who are we looking for again, Alice?" Erina's ears perked up when she heard the name of her cousin being brought up.

"Ryō-kun, the very first 'dog' that I took under my wing before you!" Alice replied with a hint of pride in her voice. The blonde let out a sigh, it looks like her cousin was not satisfied with one aide at her side.

"Oh, Erina! There you are!" Alice called out and before she could escape her sights, she was spotted immediately. "Do you remember this man, by any chance?" she motioned her hand to the red auburn-haired teenager behind her.

She was sure that she hasn't seen him yet his appearance ticks her off a bit. It's like she's looking at a grown-up version of Yukihira Sōma. Speaking of him, that second-rate chef beat her palate with that stupid rice with seasoning he made. Just the thought of that oaf is enough to piss her off, she has a palate

"Looks like she's in deep thought..." Shirou commented off-hand.

"You probably remind her of something or someone," the girl added and she moved closer to Erina, waving her hands in the process.

She spends most of her time tasting haute cuisine, surrounding herself with renowned chefs here and overseas. The nerve of the man! Thankfully, Yukihira Sōma was now gone after she failed him in the entrance exams. Such plebeian cooking is not worth stringing up here in Tōtsuki.

"Hello? Earth to Erina? Still with us?" the girl waved, too close for her comfort and that's when she noticed that she zoned out too much. Her mind is way too occupied with that young man, just because she found an individual with similar features.

"Of course, but I think this will be our first encounter," the blonde girl said, crossing her arms in her impressive bust.

"I guess you won't remember him but it's fine," the silver-haired girl turned towards the redhead. "Shirou-kun, this is my cousin, Erina,"

"I'm pleased to be an acquaintance of the owner of the God's Palate. I must say that your ability to detect any imperfections on a dish is impressive on its own." said the redhead and Erina only smirked at his words, looks like this one is not that dumb, unlike Sōma. He knows who she was after all.

"Pleasure is all mine, Emiya. I must warn you though that this cousin of mine is a bit handful on her own," the blonde girl stated and Alice pouted at her. "Well, if you'll excuse me, I must return to my room for some well-deserved rest." she flicked her hair locks and made her way around the corner.

Both teenagers stood still for a moment. Shirou is just waiting for his 'master' to say or do something but right now, she isn't. "Don't you think we should be looking for your other aide?"

"Yes... we should..." she lead the way with the redhead following behind as usual. "You definitely knew of my cousin's status."

"Who isn't? She has a reputation in the culinary world much as you are," said Shirou and the silver-haired girl momentarily paused and face him. She then pointed her fingers at him

"Really? Then what do you know of me? You're my bodyguard so you ought to know more about your mistress!"

Shirou only knew a few things in regards to her career as a cook granted that he got this job after that skirmish with his team. He heard of the name Nakiri's due to their stature in the culinary world and from reading magazines. Nonetheless, he did actually knew of Alice's achievements in the field of gastronomy.

"Well, you're the youngest one to receive a Posthumous Award in the field of molecular gastronomy. Quite frankly, I don't know how it translates to cooking but I'm intrigued by it."

A smug formed in the face of the half Japanese-Danish girl, clearly pleased that her new 'dog' knew of her merits. She may have been overshadowed by Erina's stature as the God's Tongue but she's gonna make sure that it wouldn't be that way for too long.

"Then look forward to it, Shirou-kun! Anyways, let us off and find my other dog!" she grabbed him by the nape of his shirt, dragging him off the floor.

It didn't take them awhile to find Alice's other aid in one of the many kitchens here. The moment he was found by their mistress, he got pulled along with the other guy. There aren't any distinctive features aside from the hair being red auburn.

"Jeez! I'm looking everywhere and I find you in the kitchen," the silver-haired girl angrily said but Ryō didn't take it seriously. "When I call for your presence, you should be really fast!"

"I thought you're going to ditch this meeting with your new aide," he nonchalantly mentioned but Alice shot back.

"Well, guess who found a way more interesting aide for me!" she merrily sang and Ryō cast a glance on the other guy who only cast a somehow confused look.

"Whatever, but where are we going?" the black-haired man asked and the answer was given when Alice dropped both of her 'passengers' in the archery range.

"Does this answer your question?"

It was one of the many facilities in the mansion that never seen that much use. Sōe is the only person who utilizes this before but now that he seldom being here in Japan, it's more or less a decorum around. But now that a former kyudo practitioner's here looks like this range will find some use now.

"You're pretty strong, I must say," Shirou dust off his clothes and looked at the range which even trumped the one they had in Homurahara.

"Now then, as punishment for being a disobedient servant, I want you to stand there in the far most corner while putting this on top of your head," Alice commanded and the young man didn't bother with an argument. He was given an apple, of all things and stood still. "Shirou-kun here will demonstrate his archery by shooting that apple of your head so stand still, okay?"

Ryō hastily searches his pockets, taking out a black bandana with a flame design to it. He wrapped it around his forehead and for a second, his melancholic expression took a 180-degree turn.

"Are you out of your mind, woman!?" Ryō screamed at Alice and she only shrugged him off. The almost lifeless man that the redhead saw earlier was now gone and the one here is a different person.

"I'm completely in my mind. Besides, I trust him and his meticulous archery." the silver-haired girl stared confidently at him as he readied the wooden bow he had found earlier.

"If there's an afterlife then you better ready yourself, woman!" the male aide growled out and the girl had enough of his bickering. She pulled up to his side and removed the bandana, reverting back to his lackadaisical mood earlier.

'It's almost like he has two persona's.'

"Okay, Shirou-kun, ready when you are!" she signaled him to start as he assumes his position. How many times that he had done this in the past? Many times that he could count, may it be the competitions that he used to participate in or a Dead Apostle hunt.

'Be one with the arrow.'

The redhead released his hold on the string and the arrow soared through the air. Alice anticipated the shot while Ryō shook a little bit. A loud thud was heard and to his surprise, the apple on top of his head broke into halves.

"Now that's what I call archery! Okay, you can go now! Me and Mr. Archer will stay here." Ryō nonchalantly waved back at them and muttered something about how grateful he was to have someone to replace him once in awhile.

"Can you teach me how to use that?" the girl inquired and Shirou was surprised by it.

"Eh? It depends, I mean... I never teach anyone besides my underclassman."

"Teach me then!" Alice's eyes are begging for him to thought her about archery. While he only took interest in archery because of its philosophy, Shirou can't say the same to Alice. She only looks at it possibly to kill off some time.

"Fine, but whenever I'm teaching you this, I want you to refer to me as 'sensei'. Got it?" in the end, he was the one who agreed.

"Hmm... fair enough. Our roles are somewhat reverse, huh? I'll be in your care, sensei."

Even though this master-student relationship is still new to Alice, maybe she can ride along with it. Under normal circumstances, it was her that teach the other way around with some students back in Denmark.

"Let us begin but first... the basics of kyudo first."

On the other side of the archery range, Leonora eavesdrop on both teenagers. Never before that she had seen Alice take interest other than cooking itself. In the past, her daughter was very determined to surpass Erina. She's always under the fame of her cousin thus she solely concentrates on her cooking.

Maybe her new bodyguard was to be thanked too, if this keeps up, Alice might be able to experience the subtleties that girls of her age must know.

"This will be interesting to watch," she muttered and leave the teens on their crevices.

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