Flashes. Flashes everywhere and from every single direction. She couldn't keep track of them all. It was continuous and it never seemed to stop. "Emma." "Emma Swan." "Over here Miss Swan." "This way. Here." "Shows us the dress." "Look over your shoulder." "Gorgeous Emma." "Here Emma. Right down the middle." The shouts were also coming from every single direction and it was giving Emma a good old migraine. She hated red carpets. She's never been one to be the focus of attention. So why did she go into acting? Well that was the first question she got asked in the interview line.

"Emma. It's lovely to see you. Welcome to the MTV Movie and TV Awards."

"Thank you for having me. It's great to be here."

"So, you haven't been an actor for that long. How did you get into the industry and what made you fall in love with acting?" The interviewer asked her. She smiled that famous smile before answering the question.

"I had a rough upbringing." Emma started. She was holding her hands in front of her, keeping them as still as possible. These people were vultures, if they knew she was nervous, that would be it. "I think I just loved that I could escape and be someone different. That I didn't need to be myself. And now, as I'm becoming more experienced, I'm loving the research side of things and building up these characters. That's what keeps me going now. I love that it's not just a job, it's an art. And I think I've become kinda obsessed with being the best I can be at my art." Emma laughed and gave another smile. Man she needed a shot. Or two. Or maybe ten.

"And what brings you to the MTV Movie and TV Awards this evening?"

"Well I'm presenting the award for Best Actor in a Movie this evening."

"And who are you hoping to win?" Emma laughed.

"All of the actors that are nominated tonight deserve to win. They're all incredible people and work extremely hard. They all deserve the nomination" Emma finished and shook the hand of the interviewer.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Miss Swan" the Interviewer smiled as he let go of her hand.

"The pleasure is all mine." One down. 14 more interviews to go. Most of the interviewers with the same thing. Who was she wearing? What was she looking forward to this evening? What are her upcoming projects?

After what felt like an eternity, Emma had finally finished the interview line. As she shook hands with the last interviewer, she made her way over to the fans that were standing by the entrance to the theatre. She signed well over a hundred autographs and took pictures with as many people as she could. It wasn't until Regina, Emma's manager, was tugging on her arm to get her into the theatre in time for the Awards to start, that Emma gave one last picture before she waved goodbye to them all.

"Thank you guys." Emma said as the last picture was taken. The chorus of 'We love you Emma' rang up as Regina tugged on her arm once more. She waved once last time, blew them a kiss and then turned to walk away.

"The show starts in 10 minutes!" Regina whispered and led her into the theatre.

"I know but they've all be out then since yesterday. Yesterday Regina! That's mad." Emma exclaimed.

"Yes and I would have been mad at you if I hadn't had found you in time. This is a big deal Emma."

"I know, I know" Emma replied and gave her manager a shy smile. "I'm sorry. But I'm here now."

It was at this moment that a man wearing designer jeans, a white t-shirt and a black blazer stumbled into Emma and pushed her to one side, almost knocking her to the ground, if it hadn't had been for the wall that she fell into. Pushing a girl anyway is bad show, but pushing a girl who's wearing 6 inch heels and who's already had shots, is even worse. Once Emma had regained her balance, she twirled around to face the man.

"What the hell is your problem?" Emma snapped. He stopped walking and turned around to face her. He was handsome. Really handsome. And if Emma hadn't been pissed off at him, then she'd probably admit it to herself.

"Sorry Princess." He mumbled and gave her a smile. A drunken smile. He was completely and utterly hammered.

"Emma. Come on." Regina said and pulled on her arm.

"No." Emma said. She'd blame the alcohol in her system later for the scene she was about to make. "I said what the hell is your problem." She took one step towards the man and put her hands on her hips. She wasn't going to back down. However, she couldn't help wonder why this man looked so familiar. Regina gave her another tug on her arm to leave, but she stood her ground. Regina gave up trying and in the end, stood behind Emma and crossed her arms waiting for the scene her client was making to disappear.

"Killian." A man's voice said behind them. She turned around to face another man who she didn't recognise. Regina, however, did.

"Robin, it's good to see you." Regina greeted the man but the green orbs that were Emma's eyes hadn't left the glistening ocean's that were Killian's. Killian Jones. Now she knows why she's heard of him. The renowned 'bad boy' of the acting industry. A successful child actor who turned his reputation upside down and inside out in recent years. He also happens to be the man she's presenting the award with later in the evening.

"You too Regina." Robin said and smiled. "And now you'll have to excuse me, but I've got to sober him up" Robin pointed at Killian and started walking towards him.

Robin's arm went around his neck, trying to steer him towards the fresh air that he so desperately needed. "Wait, wait, wait" Killian slurred over his words and turned back around to face Emma who was still starring him down. "I think the pretty lady might want to join me."

"The 'pretty lady' will kick you in the balls if you come anywhere near me." Emma said and crossed her arms over her chest. At this point, she'd forgotten that she was indeed at an award show and they'd be making a scene.

"Emma. Come on." Regina hissed and pulled on her arm one last time. And this time, Emma relented and let her manager lead her away.

"What a jackass." Emma said as Regina led her to their seats.

"Yes but what you're going to do is sit here, relax, enjoy the show, and when it comes to presenting the award with him later, you will smile and present it."

"Oh I'm okay presenting the award with him, as long as he doesn't knock me over again or flirt with me."

"With the amount of alcohol that man has consumed, I wouldn't rule that out." Regina replied and smoothed out the wrinkles in her own dress. "But if I know Robin, he'll sort him out. Killian's just changed managers to him."

"And how do you know Robin?" Emma questioned and then looked over at her friend.

"We may have gone out a few times." Regina shrugged and took a sip from her drink.

"Seriously! How long ago? Was it recent? How long were you together?" Emma shot questions at Regina.

"Okay no. It wasn't anything serious. Just two friends, having fun." Emma laughed at that answer.

"Regina Mills. You naughty girl." Emma teased as the lights dimmed in the theatre, ready for the show to start.

The MTV Movie and TV Awards were always a relatively fun award show. It wasn't as serious as the Oscar's or the Emmy's, but then not on the same scale as the Kids Choice Awards. As the show neared the climax, Emma knew that she'd soon be called to present the award with Douchebag Jones.

As the awards went to the final commercial break, Emma spotted in the corner of her eye, a woman in a black top, and white shirt approaching.

"Emma Swan, we need to backstage now." The woman said as Emma stood up and straightened out the bottom of her dress.

"How do I look?" She asked Regina as she twirled around.

"Perfect. Now go show the world who Emma Swan is."

Having only been in the business for the last 3 years, Emma was a relative new comer. She shot to fame after starring in a successful comedy film. Her acting career, was almost like a fairy-tale. The first acting role she got, she shot to stardom. The woman led her to a set of chairs backstage and told her to wait there until she was called. So Emma sat and waited for the inevitable.

"Hey there Princess" Killian said and sat next to her. Emma said nothing and then Killian huffed. "Oh come on. You need to speak to me at some point, otherwise there are going to be millions of people disappointed when we walk out there and you refuse to say anything." He paused but Emma said nothing. "Okay right. I don't do this often, so treasure it love. I want to apologise for my earlier actions."

"I highly doubt that you're saying that because you mean it. More like your manager has threatened you if you don't apologise to me."

"Oh hey she speaks." Killian grinned, but his face dropped when Emma shot him a look. "Right no. I mean it. Truly. I shouldn't have knocked you over, I shouldn't have been a jackass to you and I probably shouldn't have had this much to drink."

"Emma. Killian. We're one minute out. Stand here please." They both were ushered into position behind the opening doors, ready to walk out and great the masses. Emma was handed an envelope with the words "Best Actor" printed on the front. She took a breath.

5. 4. 3. 2. 1. They were off. The doors opened and they started walking out to meet the camera's, when Killian grabbed Emma's arm and laced it through his.

"Don't read anything into this love. This is what all the presenters do." He said, just loud enough so that she could hear, and no one else. "Plus, I don't want you falling over again."

They reached the microphone situated in the middle of the stage, but before they started talking, they both smiled and waved to the roaring crowd that greeted them.

"Well, this is it folks. The end of the evening." Killian read off the teleprompter.

"No hang on." Emma turned to Killian and smiled. "We still have one more award to present this evening. The award for Best Movie Actor."

"And here are your nominations." The nominations reel started playing behind them on the screens. Killian took this moment to turn to Emma once more. He seemed like he was contemplating what he should do. Emma kept her eyes on the crowd and used this time to wave to the fans that she could hear calling her name on the top balcony. Killian took a step closer to Emma and whispered in her ear.

"I think I might change your nickname from Princess to Swan. It's shorter and I you're too scary to be a princess."

"Can you step away from me please." Emma whispered back and shot him the same look she'd been giving him since she'd met him earlier that evening. The look that told him to back the fuck away and leave her alone. "People are starring."

"Of course they're starring."

"Step. Away." Emma said. She tried her hardest not to let her voice waver, but at the same time she was pissed. Tonight was supposed to be a great night. This was her first award she was ever presenting and it was a big deal, especially for a young woman who had been an unknown for the majority of her life. She had never had a real sense of belonging until she started acting. But now this douchebag was ruining everything.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

"And the winner for Best Actor goes to…" Emma put on her best fake smile as she opened the envelope.

"The one and only, Bradley Cooper." Killian continued and started clapping. The music started up as the actor made his way onto the stage. Both Emma and Killian handed over the 'popcorn' trophy and then stepped to the side so that Bradley could make his acceptance speech.

And that was it. The show was over. As the lights in the theatre slowly came on, Emma walked down the stairs at the front of the stage and made a dash for Regina.

"Let's get out of here." Emma said and this time, it was her pulling on her manager to follow. They had made it all the way out of the theatre and outside to the car that was picking them up before she heard her name being called behind her.

"Swan, wait."

"Don't call me that."


"Don't call me that either."

"So what the hell am I supposed to call you?"

"Nothing. Because you don't get the privilege."

"I've hardly done anything."

"But you've done something." Emma seethed and twirled around to face him. She looked at the faces of the immediate surroundings and then calmed her voice down. "You don't get it."

"I don't get what." Emma turned towards the car again Killian got there before her.

"I'll wait in the car Emma" Regina said and got in the car that awaited them. Emma sighed and ran her hands through her golden locks.

"What don't I get Emma?" Killian asked again. He'd sobered up in the last few hours, so Emma was grateful that should could have a semi-normal conversation with him without him slurring over his words.

"I've worked my ass off over the last few years to be here today. You started acting so long ago that you probably don't even remember the struggle of actually making a living out of this job. You don't have anything to prove, but I still do. And today…" Emma paused and sighed. "Today you could have ruined it all for me."

"What the hell do you mean Emma?"

"Did you not see the looks we were getting and the people whispering? God knows what they're fucking saying about us."

"So what. You're not stupid Emma. You know that people write shit all the time that's not true. That's half of this job. Lies."

"You don't have anything to prove. I still do. I have people still thinking that I'm going to fail, but I can't." Emma paused. That heat of the argument finally getting to her. She swallowed. "I just can't. I can't fail."

Emma starred down Killian one last time, willing for him to say something. Anything. Emma Swan doesn't open up to people, let alone someone who she's known for a few hours and who's she argued with for half of that. But the truth is that Killian didn't know what to say. And as the blonde haired beauty got into the car with her manager and drove away, Killian couldn't help but realise that she was just as broken as he was.

Thank you so much for reading. Obviously, this is only the prologue. I thought it was important to show the first time our characters meet. The story will take place 18 months later. Please let me know what you think. This is absolutely one of my favourite trope's and I know there are a lot of these Fake Dating stories out there for these two characters. But I'd like to think that as the story goes on, it'll become clear that I've tried to do something a little different.

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