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Neo-Alaska's gundam fighter vs. Schwarz Bruder.

Josh's hasty actions, cloy's abduction.

         In an almost empty hanger on a rainy night, there sat a man in the shadows. He was about 6'4; he sat in front of a consoled with his eyes closed.

         "I told you Schwarz I don't like you hanging around Neo-England, you can't be sure what that nation could do."  The figure on the screen said.

         "And I told you sir that she has saved me many times and I've done the same for her." The man said back.

         "Yes, and I believe that you two are now even, correct." The man on the screen said.  He also added "I don't' want anything happening to you, you're the best fighter we have had in a while and it would be terrible if something did happen to you."

         "It's not about being even commander!" the man called Schwarz yelled and then sat back and looked away.

         "Oh so I see that you feel for this girl. Mind telling me how it is you do feel?" Schwarz's commander asked.

         "Well sir, I really don't know how to describe it. But its none of your business." Schwarz replied.

         "Oh I see. Well Looking at what's been happening I think you love her Schwarz." His commander said.

         Schwarz said nothing and just looked at him.

         "Well Schwarz I don't want her to distract you or interfere with your matches. But just so that I know, what dose she look like?" his commander asked.

         Schwarz hit a few buttons and a picture of her came up on the screen on the commander's computer.

         After studying the picture for a few moments he finally said "well she seems like a very nice girl. And a very accomplished girl as well."

         "She is" Schwarz replied.

         "Oh before I go Schwarz, I must tell you something."

         Schwarz just looked at the screen to acknowledge her was listening.

         His commander began "neo-Alaska has succeeded from neo-America and has found a fighter of there own. I believe you know him as well."

         The screen then went blank and Schwarz looked up at his gundam and considered it for a moment. Then looked down at a picture of the girl he had setting on the consoled.

         "Hmm…why dose she get to me this way? She always gives me a sense of comfort and warmth every time I'm with her. And I wonder who this fighter is, and why wouldn't my commander tell me who he is?"  He thought to himself as he looked up at the stars. Then in a blur he was gone.


         As cloy walked down the streets and looked up at the stars at the same time she thought about Schwarz. "Hmm… I wonder how he's doing, well if his commander is anything like mine then he's probably being chewed out about being with me."

         She thought about going to visit him but she thought about it and knew if he was being chewed out then it would only serve to make things worse.

         She sighed and kept walking towards neo-Germanys hanger, she had to talk to Schwarz one way or another. She had tears wielding up in her eyes threatening to fall as if she were about to cry. The drops of rain mixed with the tears that did escape her eyes, it looked as if she wasn't crying at all.

         She then heard a small clap on the wet pavement behind her. She was afraid it was someone that wanted to make trouble, in her current emotional condition she would not be fighting at her best right then.

         She didn't turn around and kept walking in the direction she was. She heard someone walking behind her, following her. "What if this is some one out to kill me or Schwarz? I can't lead them to his hanger." She thought to her self as she considered what to do.

         All of a sudden she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around to come face to face with a boy right as a bolt of lightning flashed. He could only be 15 or 16. Her eyes grew wide when she realized who it was, she recognized this boy. She then felt something sharp go into one of her veins in her arm.

         She held her arm and staggered back as she felt her eyes become heavy, and her body grow tiered and weak. She looked down at her arm, there was a small syringe protruding out of it.

         "What the? Why would he do this?" She thought to her self as she felt her legs begin to collapse underneath her. Just as she was about to collapse on the ground completely the boy grabbed her and let her hang in his arms.

         "Time to go to sleep my dear." She heard the boy say as her eyes finally closed, and she felt her body go limp in his arms. She wished that this was Schwarz, but she knew better.

         As she was being picked up she felt her pocket watch, the one that Schwarz had given her, drop out of her pocket and into the grass near the walk way. The boy then carried her off to a near by limousine, put her in and got in himself. The limousine then drove off in the direction of the Neo-Alaska embassy.


Ok this is a new one hehe, well anyway this new story goes along with Schwarz's loneliness, cloy's new ally, and neo-Germanys gundam fighter called Schwartz Bruder. Then next chapter is josh's challenge, Schwarz's dilemma