Ok, this isn't a chapter or anything.  This is just something to clear some things up.  Josh, Justin, and Rebecca are siblings.  Rebecca and Cloy just act like sisters they aren't sisters for real.  And Cloy and Trunks are siblings. 

And, no I didn't get the name Trunks from DBZ ok.  I just like that name and when I came up with it I remembered that there was a Trunks on DBZ.  So I'm sorry that you think that is where I got it.  And I did get the idea to make Cloy a Saiyen I did get from DBZ.  In fact if you want I could even think that Trunks is from DBZ and Cloy's father is Vageta.  You can think that if you want.

Ok, that's all that I wanted to say.  Thanks ^_^