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Chapter 01

Sesshomaru stood pacing in his study. He was thinking of how the assassin or assassins had gained entry into his home. He had been seeing red since he had discovered that the wet nurses tending to his pups were killed along with his mate and his pups now lay in an unconscious state, dying. He had already lost two of the smallest and two more were close to death and what made it even worse was that Tenseiga could not revive them. The assassins left no scent or residual aura signature behind. They were good, he had to give them credit for that.

He cared not if his mate died, she was only a political consideration. His pups were what were important to him. He only mated the bitch to gain a footing in the North. His mates, father was beside himself with grief, as the female was his only offspring.

His mind went back to ailing pups. Whatever was done to his pups, prevented the sword from bringing them back. When he found out who had killed and harmed his pups, he would kill them slowly.

His murderous thoughts were interrupted by a knock at his door. "Enter." He growled.

"My Lord." Came the frightened sound of his head healer.

"Report." Sesshomaru growled out yet again, he had a feeling that it was not going to be good news.

"We… We have searched and searched for the cause of your pups illnesses, but have found nothing. I fear that if nothing is done soon we will lose the next two small ones..." A roar was heard throughout the palace. The healer dropped to the ground with his head bowed to the floor and neck bared to his lord. "My Lord, please. I might have a suggestion. There may be a way of saving your pups." The healer pleaded, he knew that one wrong word and he was dead, along with most of everyone else in the palace. They could not afford to lose any more pups.

"Speak." A red eyed Sesshomaru bellowed. He was in no mood for games.

"A miko." The healer couldn't say another word, as he was pinned to the wall by his neck, staring into the red eyes of his lords beast.

'You would trust a miko with the lives of my pups!' Growled the beast.

"My Lord, please, hear me out." The healer begged.

The beast stared at the male in his grasp, he loosened his hold but didn't let go, it was taking everything in him not to rip the males head off his shoulders.

"A powerful miko might be able to fix whatever is wrong with your pups. We cannot find out what is causing the pups to be so ill or be in the state that they are in. Maybe a miko would know something that we do not."

"Have you found replacement wet nurses?"

"Not as of yet, My Lord. We are still looking. We are worried that since the pups do not awaken they may not feed, but I have a suggestion for that as well if you will."

"Speak, fool."

"Your youkai, My Lord. It may help sustain them until a wet nurse can be found. They are small and wouldn't need much. But I suggest finding someone that can help them as soon as possible."

"Tell me Yoshi, what miko would be willing to help youkai and not purify them?" Sesshomaru asked as the face of a blue eyed miko flashed behind his eyes.

"I don't know..." Yoshi started, but never finished as he watched his lord storm from the room. He quickly followed Sesshomaru's powerful aura in the direction of the room his pups were in.

By the time Yoshi reached his lords pup's chambers Sesshomaru was gently holding the smallest pup still alive, it looked so small held in his lords large hand as the other hand laid lightly over the pups chest. He could see wisps of his lords youki flowing into the little female.

He knew Sesshomaru was proud of the fact that he had such a large litter, considering he was a single birth. Sesshomaru's mate had given his lord ten pups and now sadly two were gone. He didn't hold out much hope for the others. He prayed to any Kami that would listen to a youkai to aid them in there time of need.

Yoshi knew along with the rest of the palace that there was no love between or affection between Sesshomaru and Akemi. Everyone knew that they only mated to political reasons. He felt bad of course for the pups. They would grow with no mother and a cold sire.

Yoshi looked at the remaining pups with sad eyes the five remaining males and three females were all small considering the size of the litter. He continued to watch as his lord went to each pup feeding it a bit of his youki.

"How long?" Sesshomaru asked, he knew his voice sounded desperate and it was. He didn't want to lose his pups, he knew it was going to take him time to find the only miko he knew that cared for youkai. She could be anywhere in Nippon. She would be his only hope, as he knew she cared for a kitsune pup and his half-breed half-brother.

"I fear within a fortnight if no help comes, they will have all perished, my lord." Yoshi stated solemnly. The sooner help arrives the better."

"Have Akio sent my study and find wet nurses, my pups need a female." Sesshomaru ordered the healer.

"Of course my lord. He will be waiting for you." Yoshi said, as he quickly left the room to do his lords bidding, grateful to still be alive.


"Hit the Mark!" Kagome shouted as she let loose the string of her bow. She could feel Shippo talking softly to Rin sitting behind her, under the cover of a barrier of her making. They had been attacked again by one of Naraku's children. He had come up on them suddenly, before they had a chance to leave the village. They had just been lucky that they were out in an empty field just outside the village.

Sango was standing over and injured Miroku, he had tried to suck this creature into his Wind Tunnel, but the creep pulled out a nest of Saimyosho. She was also hurt during the battle but was fairing better than Miroku.

InuYasha was on his last leg as something that this creation of Naraku's threw through him leaving behind a good sized hole in InuYasha's stomach.

Then there was her, she was standing over the young. So far she had been lucky and hadn't gotten hurt. She knew InuYasha would yell at her later, thinking that she didn't do anything, but stand around, but she had been fighting off to the side protecting both Shippo and Rin. She couldn't leave them to fend for themselves as Rin didn't know how to fight.

Sesshomaru had left Rin in the village with Keade, so that the girl would learn about humans and about being a female, as Rin was getting to the age where she would need a human female to help guide her. Even Kagome had been helping the girl when Keade couldn't.

She watched as her arrow sailed through the air towards her target, the arrow not yet lit with her powers, as she had been waiting and not wanting to ignite the projectile until the last minute. She didn't want anyone to know her true powers.

Since Sesshomaru had defeated Magatsuhi her powers were unsealed. The only piece left was the piece that Kikyou has. Miroku had helped her with dealing with the pain of having a piece of herself ripped away. Only he knew that the tears she ever cried were not caused by InuYasha going to Kikyou, but from having her missing soul piece so close that it caused actual pain, from wanting to be whole again.

She was now nineteen and more powerful than Kikyou ever dreamed of. With gaining the full use of her powers, she had been told by Midoriko, that she wasn't actually Kikyou's reincarnation, but hers. As that was the only way that the jewel would be within her body. Not all of Midoriko's soul was trapped within the Jewel, a small sliver was sent on and the Kami themselves took a hand in the reconstruction of a soul that was Kagome.

Only she knew this and knew that once whole again the Jewel would become one with her. She was warned not to tell anyone, as her life would be in danger. As if it wasn't already in danger every day, but if anyone knew that the Jewel would go back into her, she would be killed to prevent it.

As it was she had been training behind everyone's back. The only ones that knew or even guessed had been Shippo, as he had caught her once. She was supposed to be going home, but she couldn't as the Well had closed with her trapped on this side. She never told anyone, but she would go off and train. Shippo had come to the Well to wait for her return, but she came out of the woods instead of the Well. He had promised not to say a word to anyone. So now she trained with Shippo. She would place a barrier hiding them and at night she would send him back to the village so no one would be the wiser.

She had even gone to a neighboring village for training and clothes. She had stopped wearing her school uniform, since she couldn't get any more, so she opted to wear her version of priestess garbs, but a different color than Kikyou. She wanted nothing to do with looking anywhere like the golem. So now she wore blue and white. She had told her friends that she was tired of people making comments on her attire. They bought it, InuYasha didn't even detect her lie.

She had also given up on any kind of romantic love for InuYasha long ago, when he had chosen Kikyou. It was hard, but she was still young and she had plenty of time to worry about romance after Naraku was finally gone.

At just a hairs breath away from the newest creation she lit her arrow, so he didn't have time to deflect, thinking it only a harmless normal arrow. It pierced his chest, right next to his heart. He didn't even have time to react of scream before he turned to dust, to float away on the breeze.

Slinging her bow she rushed to InuYasha to check on his wounds. She got to him just as he face planted himself into the ground. Pushing him over, she made short work of his haori and juban.

Realizing that her pack was still in Keade's hut, she looked towards Shippo and Rin. Raising her hand, she did a slight motion bringing the barrier down.

"Shippo, bring Rin back to Keade's and grab my pack. I need bandages and meds." Kagome ordered. She knew she was alpha of the group and so did everyone else except for InuYasha. He always treated her like she was an omega.

After checking InuYasha, she hurried over to Miroku and Sango to assess their injuries. It was a good thing her mother insisted that she study a book on herb lore that she had packed for her before the Well closed along with other medical books. Kagome had studied that books so much this past year, that she could possibly recite the entire thing.

She was thankful that InuYasha was half-youkai though. If he was human he would be dead. She had seen injuries like these before, after some of the more serious fights InuYasha had with his older half-brother. She was also thankful that he had at least some immunity to poisons, again thanks to Sesshomaru and the now not so frequent fights.

Next she went to Miroku as he was unconscious from sucking up the bees from hell. She had found an antidote out of natural herbs which she was glad as she couldn't replenish he stock anymore.

Finally she turned her attention to Sango. She was thankful again that Sango only had a gash on her arm. She would be out of fighting for awhile, but she would heal and Kagome was thinking of helping it along subtly. She didn't want anyone knowing the extent of her abilities until it was time fo face off with Naraku.

The more she kept to herself the better off they would be, as Naraku along with everyone else would underestimate her true powers and abilities. She just wished that she had a better teacher in hand to hand and weapons fighting.

"Can you walk?" Kagome asked.

"I think so. It's only my arm."

"Kirara, can you transform so we can InuYasha and Miroku after I tend to them?" After receiving Kirara's affirming meow, she turned her attentions back to InuYasha, since he seemed to be the worst hurt, but then again he was always the one to jump in before looking at things first.

Trickling a small amount of her powers into the hanyou to slow his blood loss, until she could wrap him up. She wouldn't fully heal him. Yes, it sounded cruel, but they all needed a break, they had been hunting for close to a month now and were tired and grumpy. Besides it would take time for the antidote to work on Miroku. She had learned how to heal from Naraku's brand of poisoning, though it seemed she was immune, just like she seemed to be immune to Sesshomaru's poison. She had never stopped to really think about it and InuYasha didn't usually allow for long enough to think. It was always, 'We have to find the Shards, before Naraku.'.

"I brought your pack, momma and Keade said that she is getting things set up for when we get back and Rin is helping her." Huffed and out-of-breath kitsune kit. He had changed much in the intervening years. He was still small for his age. Kagome hoped that when he finally hit the youkai equivalent of puberty that he would finally grow in stature.

Rin was now thirteen and almost Kagome's height, though Kagome herself was still considered small at just over five feet. In this era Rin was almost to the age of being married, but she had confided in Kagome that she had a sweet spot for Kohaku. Kagome didn't have the heart to tell her, that Kohaku may not make it out of this fight. Naraku still had his foul hands on the boy or should she say young man as he was now fifteen. Kagome had been trying to figure out a way to save the boy, as she knew that if the Shard was taken before hand he would most likely die.

It had been hard enough on Rin when Sesshomaru left her in the village, though his once a month visits seemed to help. Kagome knew the younger girl viewed Sesshomaru more like a father than just a guardian.

Kagome dug into her pack bringing out her modified first kit. "Shippo, if you could, could you please burrow under InuYasha and transform into a small balloon to lift him enough for me to wrap him."

"I can try." Shippo stated for Sango's benefit. He had been training with Kagome for the past year after all. He has had to do this for her a few times, when she over did it and wore herself out.

"Thanks Sweetie." Kagome said and went to work tending to her friends injuries, once all was said and done and with a lot of work and sweat the two females managed to get the two males onto Kirara's back.

"Damn their heavy." Sango panted out, wanting nothing more than to sit on the ground.

"I agree." Kagome stated also panting. "Come on. We need to get them to Keade. Then we can go take a bath." She said wiping her brow with the back of her hand.


He had been searching for three damn days for his half-brother's group and still no luck. He needed to find the only miko he knew that would have any chance in saving his pups. As it was, he had been gone longer than he thought he would be.

It seemed to him when he didn't want his half-brother around he was always there, but now when he – he hated to admit it – needed his half-brother's group, they were no where t be found.

He was now heading towards the village that was attached to his half-brother's forest. It was his last hope in finding the whelp or even the miko. He feared returning to the palace to find that he had lost all of his pups. Hell he wasn't even sure she could help his pups, though without her at least trying, they would all perish and his mating would have been for nothing. He was in no mood to find another female to breed with.

As it was he would have to part with one of his younger sons, when he was older to appease his dead mates father. He was loathed to have to do that, but since it was part of the agreement so that he could mate and still have a foothold on the lands in the North, it would be a small sacrifice on his part.

He wrinkled his nose as the scent of humans, and his half-breed half-brother, and the refreshing scent of the miko hit him. Though he took note that he could smell the blood of the whelp and his companions.

Speeding in their direction, hoping that the miko wasn't too badly damaged, to not be able to assist him in hour of need. Even if she was unhurt it would still take two days by air to travel back to home and his pups and that didn't even include the times that the damn miko would need to rest.

He hoped that all this trouble was worth it.

Spotting the hut of the village miko, that now house his ward and his half-brother along with his companions. He landed, thankfully he didn't have to wait long as both the elder and younger miko, the slayer and his ward all existed the hut. Surprisingly neither of the males left the interior of the small building.

Not wanting to waste time and being direct as he always was, he broke the quiet.

"Miko a word." He stated as he turned and walked away from the group of females.

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