Y: Okay... This is something totally random that I cam up with.

Yami: What? I think it's good.

Yugi: *Blush* You would.

Yami: No, I just enjoy the finer things in life. *Kisses Yugi*

Y: Gosh, get a room you two! I don't own Yu-gi-oh!

Chapter 1

Getting to know them.

"GREED! The Illusion of Avaris!" Yami shouted at Ushio.

"AHHH!" Ushio cried as an eye flooded into his vision. In front of his eyes he saw 10,000 yen bills floating. "It's.... It's..... IT'S MONEY!" The boy cried greedily trying to grab the bills. Yami smirked, seeing that his spell worked perfectly.

'And, I got all my money back. Heh, heh, heh.' He thought to himself. Returning to the Kame game shop, he entered Yugi's bedroom. Returning to his soul room, he looked into Yugi's own. Gazing upon the naive boy, Yami sighed contentedly. 'Eight years I've gazed upon him, and now I can do something.' Holding up a hand, he banished the light away bidding the shadows forward. Yugi seemed to shiver from the loss of the gentle warmth the light seems to emmit. Yami walked closer to the boy, holding a finger to his lips.

Chanting a spell, Yami slowly dropped the finger from his mouth, to Yugi's. Tracing the boys plush lips, Yami finished the spell with a kiss on them. Yugi's eyes stirred open, as if he had been in a long nightmare. Eyeing his side, they fluttered open, staring at Yami's somewhat muscular chest.

"Yugi." The spirit murmured, reaching out to stroke the smaller ones cheek. To his half-surprise, Yugi leaned into the hand, nuzzling it with his cheek. Yami bent down and claimed his lips in a kiss, begging for entrance with his tongue. The little one opened his mouth and the spirits tongue explored all the crevices of it. Running his hands down Yugi's back, he smirked as Yugi shivered and gave a slight moan. Teasingly, he pinched the boys nipples watching Yugi become aroused.

"None of that now, Aibou." Yami said, stopping his movements. The small boy whimpered from the loss of warmth. The reincarnated Pharaoh slid back the covers and laid next to his hikari. Yugi moved closer, curling up to as much of the Pharaohs body as possible. Yami wrapped an arm protectivly around the boy, and fell into a deeply needed rest that was not plagued by suffacting darkness.


When Yugi woke in the morning he blushed, remembering what had occured last night. It had been like someone else was in control of his body, yet he was still concious as to what was being down to it. "What was that?" He murmered. He rose for a shower, when he noticed how constricting his boxers were. Blood rushed even more quickly to his hot face. 'I was turned on... By that?!' He thought to himself. Moving quickly into the restroom, he decided to have a cold shower.