With his family's tactic and overt approval, Edward had no reason to hesitate when Emmett broke the kiss, grabbed his hand and hurtled toward Edward's bedroom. Emmett supposed it would be their bedroom now, but he wondered if could it be called that when there was no bed.

"We don't need one," Edward mumbled as he reached for the man Rosalie was already thinking of as his lover, though Edward didn't think they could be called that just yet. He intended to fix that now!

When Emmett had first shown Edward how good the two could be together, their clothes had magically disappeared and taking them off in a human manner wasn't fast enough as far as Edward was concerned. He grabbed ahold of the collar at the back of Emmett's shirt with both hands and tore the material right down the middle. His hands were already on Emmett's pants when he heard his own shirt tearing and felt the light tug as Emmett ripped it off. Pants and underpants followed and then it was just them.

Edward hadn't been able to wait to get him naked, and now that he had him, he wanted to see. He pulled away far enough to get a good look at the man in front of him. Emmett may have admired Edward, but he thought the taller man was an impressive example of male perfection. Edward was tall, but Emmett stood several inches above the younger-seeming man. His shoulders were broad, his back well-muscled, his arms thick as trees, and his chest could have been the model for gods the ancient peoples had sculpted from stone. His skin was as pure white as those marble statues.

Amber eyes traveled slowly over the rippling muscles of his abdomen to lock on the already hard cock. It was in proportion to the rest of the man's powerful physique, and Edward felt a moment of trepidation, but he wanted Emmett too much to let fear stop them.

Emmett closed his eyes and sighed as Edward's fingers ran over the muscles his eyes had already memorized. Arms and shoulders, stomach and back, a gentle brushing of fingers against cheeks, a quick touch of lips, and Emmett opened his eyes in time to see the bronze hair tailing down his chest. One hand circled around to grip Emmett's firm ass while the long fingers of the other danced across the tip of his leaking member.

He spread his legs for better balance and ran a hand through the tousled hair of the man kneeling in front of him. Edward's golden eyes flashed up to meet Emmett's muddy ones (the red slowly giving way to gold in the months since his last human, they could almost be mistaken for a natural shade of brown) as his large hands stroked the hair from Edward's face. Edward wasn't sure if Emmett knew just how much he liked watching the big man watch him, but they didn't break eye contact as Edward's pale tongue flicked out to taste the bead of venom. He moved down to nose around the base, cupping his sack and rolling the firm balls carefully around. The tip of his tongue pressed deep to trace the ridge that ran along the underside all the way up from its source to its tip.

Emmett growled as a strong hand grasped him and sure lips kissed and lightly sucked around the shaft. Edward's mouth and hand didn't stop moving, the other hand now on Emmett's hip to keep them steady while Edward coated Emmett's twitching cock (and his own fingers) with venom. He sucked all around the outside, up and down without fully taking him into his mouth while Emmett's mental encouragement grew more fervent.

When Edward's mouth, tongue flickering and probing, finally enveloped Emmett's tip, he groaned loudly and gripped Edward's messy bronze hair. Emmett's hips rocked forward as his hands pushed against Edward's head. He didn't need any prompting and sucked the length of Emmett's cock down his throat.

"Oh, fuck, yes."

Tongue pushing and cheeks sucking, throat working and one hand encouraging the thrusting of Emmett's hips, his own hips rocking with the same rhythm, Edward gave himself over to the pleasure he was bringing Emmett. His venom coated fingers slid between Emmett's legs, tickling and teasing the sensitive skin behind his swinging balls until one finger slid in, and then another. When the big man's thrusting picked up pace in response, Edward hummed. The slight vibrations hit Emmett like an electric jolt and Edward's mouth filled with the taste of newly mown grass while Emmett cussed and shivered and clenched his fists in the messy bronze hair. Trembling in reaction, Emmett collapsed onto Edward's couch and breathed as though his body needed oxygen.

Edward was thoroughly pleased with himself, but hoped the other man wasn't finished yet, because he certainly wasn't. He'd enjoyed making Emmett lose control of himself, but with the loss of his other fears, he felt the need to cement their bond by conquering one last fear. He watched Emmett's eyes open and aim themselves at the hard-on Edward was palming.

He reached a hand out toward the young man who'd made him feel so good. "C'mere, baby."

Edward scrambled to his feet and took the extended hand. Both their eyes were bright with excitement as Emmett pulled Edward onto his lap. Without pants restricting him, Edward didn't mind straddling the big man's waist and feeling the still firm dick against his cheeks as he leaned back slightly to brace his hands on the sturdy knees.

Emmett's fist closed around Edward's cock and slowly started to move up and down. "So you like playin' with my ass, huh?"

"I think I'm not the only one who liked that."

"What if I wanted to play with yours?"

He couldn't hide the reaction his cock had to those words, and he gulped, trying to form a coherent response. "Wouldn't be the first time."

Emmett put one hand on Edward's hip, keeping him from thrusting up into the other steadily moving hand. What if I wanted to lick it like you just licked my dick?

Edward moaned and tried to buck, but Emmett held him still until he gasped, "Wouldn't be the first time for that, either!"

"Huh. Well, then..." What if I wanted to flip you over and... "What if I had somethin' else in mind today, smartass?"

"Oh... oh, fuck."


In one fluid move, he grabbed Edward's hips to keep him in place and stood. Edward started to lower his legs, but Emmett spun him around and pushed him onto his knees on the couch. He tried not to leave fingerprints in the back of his couch as Emmett pressed the length of his hard chest flush against Edward's back. Roving hands found his inner thighs and lifted him quickly, spreading them and setting him back onto the cushions.

Edward was breathing fast as he closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against his hands. Emmett's teeth grazed his shoulders and teasing fingers brushed his bobbing cock. Emmett trailed kisses down Edward's back, occasionally nipping a sensitive spot just to make Edward hiss. His hands rubbed circles over Edward's cheeks, making Edward shiver in anticipation. True to his word, Emmett's tongue probed and licked while his fingers danced all over Edward's ass, sometimes dipping in, but never very far, never far enough.

Emmett didn't blink or look away and Edward had a unique view as the taller man stood and rubbed his cock between Edward's cheeks. He'd kissed and licked and sucked all over, sliding his tongue between the taut cheeks and coating his hole with venom, taking his balls into his mouth, but avoiding touching the twitching cock. His was already slick with a combination of Edward's venom and his own, but Emmett didn't want to hurt his lover.

He was certain he would enjoy fucking Edward, but he wanted the other man to feel good too.

He'd just come minutes earlier, but Emmett wasn't just a young, virile young man; he was also a vampire. Rock-hard again already, he pushed gently against Edward, being careful not to try and enter him until his trembling eased and he stopped automatically fighting. The instant Edward's lithe body relaxed, Emmett slid in.


Edward's back arched and his head came up, but he kept his eyes closed, watching through Emmett's eyes as his cock slowly disappeared. He was grunting, trying not to fight it as his body twitched and his hips jerked from the unfamiliar sensation. Emmett started to rock slowly and pressed his chest against Edward's back. He ran a hand from Edward's hip up to his shoulder and down Edward's arm to link their fingers together. Slowly, he peeled Edward's fingers out of the holes they were making in the couch and guided his hand to his own dick.

Fingers still linked together, Emmett slid Edward's hand up and down to the rhythm of his rocking hips. He used his grip on Edward's dick and hip to pull him back as he thrust forward until he was buried fully, his hips pressed tight to Edward's ass.

"Oh, fuck yeah," they gasped in unison.

You like that, do ya?

Edward groaned as Emmett pressed harder, grinding his hips against Edward's ass. He gasped before Emmett's hand even connected with his cheek in a sharp slap.

Answer me!

"Yes! God, yes."

A lazy smile spread across Emmett's face. He pulled out in one swift motion and Edward almost came right then. Emmett pulled their hands away from Edward's dick, locking their fingers in the divots Edward had made in the couch earlier.

"Oh, no you don't, baby. I'm not even done with you, yet."

Edward whined high in his throat and shifted his legs apart a little more.

A low growl rumbled in the big man's chest as he gripped Edward and positioned himself a second time, but now, Edward didn't fight the cock that pushed its way into his ass, throwing back his head to groan in pleasure.

Oh, I knew you'd love getting fucked by my cock. Knew you'd love my cock in your ass. Fuck yes. Damn, you feel so good.

He was grateful when Emmett guided his hand back to his cock. His hand slid along the length while Emmett's fingers danced around the tip, lightly touching and rubbing his thumb against the leaking slit. Edward thrust into his own hand as the big man thrust into him, the pace of his hand increasing as Emmett's did.

Like that, don't you? Like getting fucked hard?

"Yes," he gasped out. "God, yes, Emmett. Oh, fuck fuck fuck. Fuck me, Emmett! OH!"

Emmett's pervasive thoughts flowed through the telepathic young man. Eyes closed and senses heightened, he could feel the whisper of Emmett's breaths over his bare skin and breathed slowly. He relaxed the part of his mind that usually worked to keep others' minds at bay (even if he was never fully successful), and let Emmett's senses merge with his own. He'd already been watching Emmett fuck him, but as he let down the last of his barriers, he did more than watch.

He felt. Hand pumping in time with Emmett's pounding, Edward let everything Emmett was feeling into his mind until he wasn't sure who was fucking and who was being fucked.

Take it all, baby. Fuck, yes, take my dick, Edward. Oh, fuck, yeah.

The telepathic young vampire flexed and tightened his muscles groaning over the pleasure he was causing Emmett. He bucked back against Emmett, matching his forward thrusts, able to feel exactly where Emmett wanted him and shifting to accommodate. The big man bent his legs in response and shifted the angle of his thrusts, making the younger-seeming man shout and writhe. Leaving Edward to handle his own cock, he put both hands on the swiveling hips of the man in front of him and didn't hold back.

Come for me, baby. I wanna feel you come around my cock.

Edward couldn't have resisted such a request if he'd wanted to. His body responding automatically to Emmett's lust and peeking pleasure, Edward's legs curled around to grip the larger man while the rest of him spasmed, the muscles clenching and releasing all over his body. He came with a scream, followed instantly by Emmett.

Some time later, the two untangled themselves and curled up on what was left of Edward's couch.

I hope you liked that as much as I did.

"Hmm. I don't know if that's possible. You seemed to enjoy yourself quite a lot."


"That's alright. Next time, it's my turn."