By Streak the Hedgehog

Disclaimer: This fanfiction is not affiliated with Nintendo, nor do I claim to own any of the characters described herein.

Chapter 1

Well now... all of this starts on a Saturday night, where K.K. Slider was just hopping off of the train to come to town. He had his usual guitar in hand and waved to Porter.

"Welcome back, K.K.!" Porter said enthusiastically.

"What's up, Porter dude?" K.K. said, grinning at him.

"Which song do you have in mind tonight, to play I mean?" Porter asked him, the train starting up behind him and leaving.

"Hmm. Well, I haven't really thought about it yet. Maybe K.K. Love Song," K.K. replied, shrugging.

"I see... I don't enjoy that song myself, really, but it's your choice!" Porter said.

"Better get down there, I'm a bit late," K.K. said. And with that, he walked out of the train station and down to the small box next to the town map and began to practice K.K. Love Song, for no real reason, because he was very good already.

At that moment, Mabel Able walked near him, going out for a nighttime stroll. The reason she was out was because there wasn't much going on back at her shop. She heard K.K. playing and looked at him. She had never been able to listen to K.K. Slider in person, since she was always either at the shop or sleeping… she had only ever heard recordings. She quickly went over to him, excitement all over her face.

"Wow! I can't believe it's you! I've always wanted to meet you!" she said, staring at K.K., who stared right back.

"Um... would you like me to jam for you?" K.K. said uncertainly.

"Would I ever!" Mabel said just as excitedly, sitting down to listen.

"Alright, here it goes. K.K. Love Song!" K.K. said, and started playing.

While he was playing, Mabel didn't really pay much attention. She was paying attention to K.K. She had never seen him before, except in pictures, and she had always kept a very deep secret. She was in love with K.K. She had always admired him... his songs... his guitar... his body... him. It was all she ever thought about. She had never let anybody know, of course. They would just make fun of her. She wasn't even the same species as him. But she loved him all the same...

K.K. finished playing and looked up at Mabel.

"How did you like..." but he stopped short. Mabel was just staring at him, seeming not to have noticed that he had spoken to her or that he had stopped playing. He stared back at her quizzically.

"Uh... anybody home...?" he asked, looking a bit worried. Suddenly, Mabel shook her head and blushed.

"Uh, yeah… great song," she stuttered.

"Is something wrong?" K.K. asked.

"Uh... no... not really..." Mabel said, now shaking.

"Ok..." K.K. said slowly.

Mabel jumped up suddenly.

"Uh... I should... uh... be getting... uh... back to my... uh... shop..." she said, stuttering worse than ever. K.K. stared as Mabel rushed off in the direction of her shop. K.K. just sat there for a minute before shaking his head and beginning to practice again.

"Is Mabel hiding something from me...?" he thought. He knew her name because he had heard about her before while jamming for a kid in Derfum once. All the same, K.K. couldn't help thinking that Mabel might just maybe like him.

Mabel was back at her house, in her room, (which had pictures and posters and all sorts of things featuring K.K. Slider) crying. She was so embarrassed... she never wanted to see K.K. or anyone else ever again. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him, how much she adored him, how much she just wanted to live with him forever... but she couldn't. No. He would just think she was an idiot. But... maybe she... could try... Yes. She thought, standing up, tears still streaming down her face. I'm going to go tell him that I love him. And she marched out of her room, back to find K.K. Slider...

K.K. had been pondering ever since Mabel had left. He was bursting to say that he liked Mabel; wanted to get to know her more; he had never felt like this before. He felt all fuzzy inside, something that had never happened before. He wanted to know what it would feel like to be next to someone... to not wander all over the place, singing to people for free and being... a loner. Yes. He was alone, all the time. He never had anyone to be with, not even a partner that helped him sing or anything. He sighed, while a grumpy animal walked away, having been ignored after requesting that K.K. sing to him.

Then Mabel ran up to him, panting. K.K. stared at her.

"Uh... hey," he said, a bit uneasily. Mabel blushed again as she remembered why she had come.

"Uh... hey..." she also said.

"So, why are you here again? Only one song per night," he said, grinning slightly, "but if you want to stay here and keep my company or some-" he began to say, but Mabel had run up to him and pressed her lips softly against his, holding him close to her, while K.K. just stared at her with wide eyes, struggling to get free.