Summary: "His eyes were red, wild and feral, the blood dripping down my neck from Edwards abrasions to my skin flowed softly to the forest floor. He snarled. I froze. Edward looked at me in a stage of terror as the vampire lunged at what I thought was, me."

Rating: Mature audiences only for... well I am not sure. Just a precaution.

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(Bella's POV)

I intertwined my hand with Marcus's as the sun brushed slowly through the clouds, it began to hit my face. I let the weight fall off my shoulders, as it seemed the whirlwind of the storm was pausing for the time being. I turned my gaze towards him expecting the floorboards and windows to reflect the glimmering shimmer of the diamond skin, like Edward had revealed to me in the meadow. I frowned, deep in thought. Marcus's skin had an iridescent glow to it but not much had changed from his milky white consistency. I studied his face further, looking deep into the crimson depths and noted his eyes were more black than red. His skin would pass for any typical human living without much sun. My mind began to race ahead of me, speculating it was because of his age and how over time vampires would learn to adapt for their prey? I shook my head and realised it had been a full 15 minutes more before I had said anything as I had continually locked my eyes with his. I blushed turning my face away. He grinned at me. My head began to throb in time with my heart beat and I knew it was time for something stronger than panadol. Tylenol would have to do, it wasn't as if I had to be dependent on morphine... Just a couple of pills to take the pain away for now. I scrunched my face up the tiniest bit and Marcus frowned at me.

"Isabella, are you okay?" He pulled the pills from his pocket and popped two into his palm. "Rosalie said to take this once you started feeling any pain. Are you hurting?" The concern he had for me was evident in his tone. I almost snorted, I didn't know when I would be okay. I felt as if my whole world around me had shifted inside out. The world had chewed me out and spat me right back into it again.

"I'll be fine. Plus you want to know my story?" I had silenced him enough for now and he put he pills back in his pocket. I needed to feel this. Just to know it was for real. "Like I said, he avoided me for weeks until one day he just showed up for class again as if nothing had ever happened. He was standing in the parking lot waiting for me at the edge of the trees and I idiotically followed him into the forest, not just once..." I was bitter. I cleared my throat. "We were walking for what seemed like ages, until we were in a clearing. HE stopped, and as he had his back to me he asked me out right if I knew." I shook my head. "Idiot me, should have said nothing. Pretended I didn't know. Something."

"He backed me up into a rock, and told me I was a stupid lamb." Edward's gaze on me turned vicious in my mind. He warned me of the predator he was and is. "He kept using his scent to lure me, and I did not realise that until now. I would forget everything and like normal he would take me home. But this day I cut class and we spent the whole day talking in the meadow... He showed me what he was and looking at you now in the sun... It's wildly different." My heart felt heavy remembering each date we shared. Marcus nodded and grinned.

"It's because of my age, Bellla." He rolled my name on his tongue. "We as a species do evolve over time... Although Aro likes to agree to disagree with me on that." Marcus chuckled, and squeezed my hand. "You are also not an idiot. We all make mistakes, and how do you know it is if you don't try?" I blushed again. Would I ever stop? As I heard Marcus laugh I remembered actually learning Edward was a vampire way before that moment in time. The car incident played through my mind. Jesus, am I a mess today? Marcus was watching me go through the moment of turmoil.

"Thank you. I actually found out he was a Vampire long before that moment... You really want to know everything? Am I in trouble?" I was genuinely worried. He did say no one would bring harm to me, but did he mean it? Would he just kill me right here and now once he realises I'm a liability? He mentioned rules. I can't forget this but his scent wafting so close to me soothed me. Sandalwood, as if he spent most of the night carving wood. It was all natural, earthy. Almost human. He is handsome now, how much more rugged would he be if he was a human still? I could see that... Jesus Bella... Calm that.

"Isabella, mia, you're not in trouble. I just want to get to know you better, it can wait if you're really not up for it." He let go of my hand and took a step back. A gust of wind pulled through the balcony and I turned my head away. I was getting another head ache. Talk about a PTSD and a whiplash cocktail.

"I just need to heal more. It's harder to talk about than I thought. He wasn't who I thought he was... and it's overwhelming me. There's all these moments that are playing in my head and I can see the signs... He saved my life only to shut me out completely, like it was a game. He'd kiss me only to make me compliant. Annnd.. and Alice would also dress me like I was a doll..." Marcus growled loud enough for everyone to hear. Something was smashed downstairs and the sudden noise made me jump. These drugs really made me honest. Sorry, Alice. "He cut me off from Charlie too, and Jacob. Always messed with my car and cell phone." I wiped my hands over my face and took a deep breath.

"It was my fault too, I didn't say no or stand my ground enough. I pushed Edward into telling me the truth. He warned me and said he was the bad guy. We argued and then we ditched class after he saved me from passing out during Biology. He suckered me with more of his scent when he carried me to the nurse. SO I forgot and then he persuaded me to let him drive me home that day. I asked him out finally and he turned me down... Unexpectedly. I now know why he couldn't come to Lapush, the Shape shifters. He has saved my life more than I can count. That's why I ended up forgiving him each time." My voice went quiet and I knew he heard what I had said. Marcus seemed empathetic but beyond livid.

"We got to know each other fast. Faster than I thought we would. He found me one night when I was out on a girls night. Some men had followed me through the streets on my way back home. Edward had threatened them and had me convince him not to go back and kill them once we got out of there. He nearly ran them over with his car..." I chuckled a little darkly. " I did defend myself though, I got a few good shots in." I thought deeply back to that night Edward was exposed to those thoughts that those evil bastards had. Edward had seen what they had done to me and it turns out he was no different. I remember the shock I eventually felt from that first date when I came home.

The 3 conclusions that I came to haunt me now as we watched the sun begin to set-

"About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was part of him - and I didn't know how potent that part might be - that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him." I was beginning to get lost in all of my memories and the world around me, and the reality of it was beginning to fade. Something was wrong, very wrong. My head felt as if a rubber band had snapped inside of me and eyes turned red. An explosion rang all around me.

"Isabella?" I heard. Someone was calling my name. "ISABELLA!?" Marcus was shaking me but it was too late. I crossed the threshold in my mind slipping into the darkness.

"Carlisle, do SOMETHING!" Marcus was in a panicked state, I could hear him but he sounded so far away. His voice echoed off the walls. Just like Alice, down the Rabbit Hole I went.

Bella's Mind - Memory 1: (Chapter 1- The Beginning)

I awoke in my lounge room as it was all those months ago. I sat up fast and was gasping for air. Where was Marcus? Better question. Where was I? Why am I back here? Fog was seeping out of the floor vents, as if I was in a daze. There was a newspaper on the coffee table just where Charlie kept it. The date read January 18th, 2005. The headline screamed: "ANIMAL ATTACK - BEWARE !" Not much happens in this town, but after my arrival, an odd occurrences of animal attacks had started. I knew that was what was stressing Charlie, Billy and Harry out. Wait... If today is that date... I've gone straight back to the beginning? The clock on the wall chimed as per usual and it was 7:30 am. A school day. Monday. Why had I brought myself back to this moment?

There was a note from Charlie - he went into the station early. Thank God - it meant that I was alone to gather my thoughts. I noticed my back pack from school was sitting on the floor near the door. I grabbed it sussing my notebooks. English, Biology, Trig, all of them were the usual subjects I was taking... Biology. Something clicked inside my mind. Today was the first time I met Edward.

What had happened in my room? I was just with Marcus. My phone was buzzing on the counter. It was Renee, I mean Mum. Why was she calling me this early? I usually checked in with her via email. I clicked the answer button and answered quickly.

"Mum? Hello?" I sounded scared so I cleared my throat waiting for a response.

"Bella? Bella? Where are you?" My mind flashed back to hearing her voice in the Ballet Studio. My breathing became more and more erratic.

"Mum!?" My voice was shaky, and the connection sounded weak on her end. It was all crackly as her voice was breaking through.

"Bella? Oh thank god I can hear you honey... I was worried for a second there." Her chirpy voice filtered the phone as if nothing had happened. Was this all in my head?

"Mum can I call you back, I have to get to school." My tone was insistent and I knew she would just hang up. She did. I slid my phone into the pocket of my sweat pants.

Damn it! I tried to focus back to the last moment Marcus and I had and my head began to ache. I rubbed my temple with my fingers to help dull the ache. Was this real? I jumped fast as a figure appeared beside me. Grandma Swan. I had seen her before, in my dreams and when I was a little girl she was too sick.

She did not acknowledge me yet. She was busy knitting away a scarf... It was disconcerting to say the least. Why was she here?

"Grandma?" My voice was soft, child like.

"Yes, dear?" She looked up at me with mischief in her eyes.

"What- How... Are you real?" My mind was racing 100 miles a minute.

"Yes and no honey. You've gone and put yourself in a coma..." Gammy stopped knitting then and looked me up and down.

"You get your beauty from me and your mother of course," she grinned. "You also get your stubbornness from my boy." She laughed softly. She reminded me a lot of Char- Dad. I'd have to get used to calling him Dad. "I'm glad to see what has become of my future generation." She muttered, sarcastically.

"So you're a hallucination? This is all in my mind?" I was looking at the clock on the wall. The time had not changed a bit... neither had the fog disappeared. This was weird, even for Vampire Girl.

"You can return to your body once you've completed your spirit journey dear, but until that is done that is up to you. As for this being your mind... Not exactly. " Gammy was not making any sense. Did Carlisle slip me something stronger than I thought? What was a spirit journey? Gammy grinned sensing my impending questions.

"Sit still dear, this will be a long story. Spirit journeys are not as common as they used to be, mainly because the blood of your ancestors has been weakened over the generations. You see the Quileute tribe are a Native American people, currently numbering approximately 750. Well definitely take from that total. The Quileute (also spelled Quillayute) people settled onto the Quileute Indian Reservation after signing the Treaty of Quinault River of 1855 (later reauthorized as the treaty of Olympia in 1856) with the United States of America. The reservation is located near the southwest corner of Clallam County, Washington at the mouth of the Quileute River on the Pacific coast." Her words spun around my mind and I gripped my head with my right hand.

"You mean Lapush?" The dots were beginning to connect now. Jacob had told me some of the legends - his 'Scary Stories - about the Cold Ones ,' when we were walking down the beach. I remembered his words from that day and shuddered. I should have headed his warning.

"The cold ones are traditionally [the Quileutes'] enemies. But this pack [of cold ones] that came to our territory during my great-grandfather's time was different. They didn't hunt the way others of their kind did – they weren't supposed to be dangerous to the tribe. So my great-grandfather made a truce with them. If they would promise to stay off our lands, we wouldn't expose them to the pale-faces."

Did Gammy know more about this world than she let on? Did she know what crawls around in the shadow at night? How did this affect me other than what Edward did to me?

"Isabella?" Gammy waved her hand across my face and I was not sure how much time had passed. I nodded for her to continue as I could not count on my voice not to be shaky. "According to Quileute legend, the spirit warriors were the first to shift from humans into wolves. Quileute population was always small, but they never disappeared since it was believed they had magic in their bloodlines. The Quileute tribe settled in La Push and became efficient fishermen and shipbuilders. As time passed, other peoples coveted their land and moved against them for it. The tribe was small and could not defend themselves, so they took their ships and left the land. At sea, Kaheleha used the magic in their blood to defend it. He was the first Spirit Chief in Quileute history. He and all the men left the ships in spirit only, using the original power of Quileute Astral Projection, leaving their bodies behind under the care of the women." Her tone was full of pride and passion.

"Gammy, I do not understand how does this affect me?" My voice cracked. Had I cracked finally? I rubbed my temples even harder. Being here... wherever it was was taking it's toll on me.

"This will be the only way to save your mind sweetie. I was giving you a background into the history since it is important. A spiritual journey is a journey you would take to find out who you are, what your problems are in life, and how to come to peace with the world. The purpose of a spiritual journey is rarely to find an answer; rather, it is a process of continually asking questions." Gammy grinned. I sighed sinking into the chair.

"So I most likely will relive most of my memories?" I shuddered. Gammy stopped knitting then.

"You will not be alone Bella... I will be one of your guides through this journey. Don't you want to find out why?" I snapped my head at her and shook the anger away from me.

"Why what?" I threw up my hands. Talking to her was like going around on a merry go round over and over again. She didn't seem to have a simple answer,which was frustrating me. Hadn't I been through enough?

"You'll see dear, now look at the clock please and take my hand." Gammy reached out for me and I grabbed her hand in a panic. We were now standing outside of Fork's Highschool. I remembered the date I had arrived in... We really were going all the way back. It was an odd sensation of deja vu, staring at myself, sitting in front of the first building. I watched as I stepped unwillingly out of the toasty truck cab and walked down a little stone path lined with dark hedges. I took a deep breath before opening the door. I remembered the office being small; a little waiting area with padded folding chairs, orange-flecked commercial carpet, notices and awards cluttering the walls, a big clock ticking loudly. Plants grew everywhere in large plastic pots, as if there wasn't enough greenery outside. The room was cut in half by a long counter, cluttered with wire baskets full of papers and brightly colored flyers taped to its front. There were three desks behind the counter, one of which was manned by a large, red-haired woman wearing glasses. She was wearing a purple t-shirt, which immediately made me feel overdressed.

"Mrs Cope?" Gammy grinned and we walked through the door, our bodies sifted through. Gammy mentioned Astral projection... Was that what we were doing now? I reached over to stroke the fake plant and my hand slid through it as if I were a ghost... so many questions were forming in my mind that I needed a pen to write them all down.

I watched as I jumped out of my car, looking myself over before I had even met Edward sparked something deep inside of me. I was pretty. Normal. But pretty. Human... I could see it now. It was really odd hearing myself echo in the room, was I always this robotic and tense?

The red-haired woman looked up. "Can I help you?" She was sweet, Mrs Cope.

"I'm Isabella Swan," My real self informed her, and saw the immediate awareness light in Mrs Cope's eyes. I remember being expected, a topic of gossip no doubt. Daughter of the Chief's flighty ex-wife, come home at last. I wanted to scream at myself. Don't let it affect you. You are not your mother!

"Of course," she said. She dug through a precariously stacked pile of documents on her desk till she found the ones she was looking for. "I have your schedule right here, and a map of the school." She brought several sheets to the counter. I looked down at my subjects and wish I could have changed them right then and there. Gammy laid her hand on my corporeal form then, tutting, I assumed to stop me.

"Isabella, you must wait. You can't make changes to this timeline. What has happened, was meant to be." Her voice was soft and soothing.

"But.. Gammy you- you don't know, what he does to me..." I shook my head and tried to hold back the tears. She nodded and slipped an arm around my shoulder.

I watched as Mrs Cope went through my classes for me, highlighting the best route to each on the map, and gave me a slip to have each teacher sign, which I was to bring back at the end of the day. She smiled at me and hoped, like Charlie, that I would like it here in Forks. I watched as I faked the smile back as convincingly as I could. This wasn't even the real me. How long had I pretended to be me? or to be fine?

"Why is this moment important?" I turned to Gammy. She looked at me then, her shoulder's squared back.

"You must see it surely? Your humanity that you hide?" she was stern. "This is where you decided your worth. You compared yourself to every female and male here without question. Without seeing yourself. Do you wish to spend eternity hating yourself?" Gammy was angry. "I know from experience how long I spent looking in a mirror wishing I could be like all of the other girls and those were years wasted." Her tone softened again, this time she sounded remorseful. I shook my head. I didn't know much about Gammy.

"Dad, never really mentioned you Gammy, said it was too hard to talk about the past... He said I reminded him of you sometimes. When I wouldn't let anyone take advantage of me." I laughed a little. I did demand that Dad spent time with me more when I was younger. Gammy shook her head, her face hardened. She seemed to have a heavy heart. I grabbed her hand.

"I would love to know more about you Gammy." Her face lightened and tears were in her eyes.

"Really?" She spluttered then, straight into her handkerchief. "I'll tell you more later, honey. This is about you. We got to get you back home." She turned towards the office clock and off we went again. I smiled and for the first time in a long time it felt real.

(Marcus POV)

I was watching Bella contemplate her thoughts as the sun began to set. Her mahogany hair framed her face in a way that made the bruising less harsh. Seeing Edward's hand print on her face possessed me with an anger I could not contain. I was seething at the thought of him laying his hand on my mate. Her face hardened in front of me. She had mentioned more men had tried their hand at hurting her, I did have to thank Edward for that but he would still burn for his selfish actions. I would walk the Earth for Bella, and more to make sure she was happy and content with her life. No matter what she asked of me. I could see now, just how different she is from Didyme. My heart, whilst now full, felt heavy as I mourned her memory. I breathed in her scent to calm me down.

"Isabella?" She suddenly grabbed her head and I was never more filled with concern. She cried out as a red bubble exploded around us, I shielded her with my broad chest from the broken glass that shattered everywhere. What was happening? She was in my arms, but we were no longer sitting in the balcony.

"ISABELLA!?" I shook her a little but it was too late. She seemed to have crossed the threshold in her mind.

"Carlisle, do SOMETHING!" I was in a panicked state, my mate having collapsed a second time within meeting her. Her condition must have been more worse than we thought. Carlisle appeared by my side and I hissed in warning. My primal instincts were telling me to take her far away from here. He checked her pulse and concussion. He frowned.

"Bring her upstairs immediately. I believe from the emotional trauma, not jut he physical, has put her into a coma. I need to monitor her closely asap, she could- " I cut Carlisle off and smashed through his second floor window. Courtesy be damned. I laid her gently on the bed and he immediately hooked her up to machines. Three machines to be exact. The first one was to monitor her heart and oxygen stats, second one was for her brain activity, and the third was for all of her vital organs. Carlisle began pulling blood from her IV - I pondered on Aro's thoughts. He seemed to think Bella had a gift... After this display, I could not deny that. She was going to be loved and feared by all once she reached her full potential. The monitors went off every 20 minutes or so with high brain activity. Carlisle and I shared a look of concern.

Would she ever be okay? Would I lose another mate i this lifetime?

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