Chapter 1: The Arrival

It was a rather quiet night. Very unusual when you are talking about London. Rushing cars and bustling people did very little to disturb the night. But there was a sense of foreboding in the air, something was going to happen. Someone was coming.

The lights were flickering inside the Underground.

"What is up with the lights?" said a man passing by.

There were a few people around trying to catch the tube home. The flickering lights seemed to get brighter. They watched in apprehension as the lights became so bright it was almost blinding.

Suddenly the lights went out completely and seemingly out of nowhere blue sparks began shooting towards the tracks. The passengers started to panic. But just as they were about to scramble out of the station the sparks faded and the lights came back on. Some officers were trying to help the passengers. But as they looked around they saw a young boy laying on the tracks.

An Officer came up to the kid and tried to wake him. The kid slowly started stirring and started muttering to himself.

"Are you okay kid?" the Officer asked the boy.

The kid was still muttering to himself. "Should have seen it coming".

The Officer was getting concerned now. The kid must have hit his head, he thought.

"Should have seen coming what? Are you okay?" he asked again.

That's when he really looked at the boy. He seemed to be wearing old fashioned robes which were tattered on the edges with strange emblems and markings. The kid was short and weary. The Officer started to wonder, is this kid part of some cult.

The kid must have noticed his gaze because he started to look around now.

Then he said rather amusingly "This is not King's Cross".

"Are you okay kid" the Officer asked again.

"Yeah, I am fine" the kid replied.

He looked around again and asked the Officer "So, is there a train I'm supposed to catch or am I waiting for my judgement here?"

The Officer was completely perplexed.

"What are you talking about kid? You got a place to go?" he asked.

The kid was still measuring the surroundings. "Are you the conductor?" he asked.

"No". The Officer replied.

"How long since you died? They must have sent someone with experience".

The kid was completely barmy.

"You are off your rocker kid. Did you hit your head on the tracks?"

"If you're not dead, then how come we are having this conversation?" .The kid was creeping him out now.

"Stop playing kid" the Officer said. "You're not dead and neither am I".

"Huh" the kid seemed to be pondering this.

"Where did that bloody veil take me?" he was talking to himself again.

"Where are we anyway?" the kid asked.

"We are in the London Underground." the Officer replied. "You got somewhere to go" he continued.

"London Underground huh, makes sense".

"Makes what sense? Seriously kid what is your name and where do you live".

"Sorry Officer, can't tell you. I will see myself off now".

The Officer thought to himself, this kid might be part of some cult talking about death and calling me dead. I can't just let him leave without knowing who he is.

"You got to tell me your name kid. Your parents must be worried sick".

"You don't need to worry about that Officer". The kid waved his hand in front of him and suddenly the Officer felt compelled to check the route lines.

I have checked the route already he thought, better check it again.

The Officer backed away from the kid and turned the other way.

"Sorry about that. But I can't let you know who I am". The kid turned around and walked out into the London night.

He took in the surroundings and thought "This looks a bit different".

But just as he was about to take another step he heard a loud screech and blinding light flashed on his green eyes. The car hit him with great impact and he hit the side walk. Before he slipped into unconsciousness he thought,

"What a day".