A/N: Harry never thought he'd see Luna frightened until one day he is hurt in the field.

Final word count: 537

"Where is he? Where is Harry Potter?"

Harry groaned as he sat up in the hospital bed, grabbing his aching forehead in his and, and then cringing at the pain in his side.

"Calm down, Miss. He's through that door."

He saw a flash of white blonde hair and then suddenly his wife was by his side.

"Harry, what happened?"

He looked at her, still dazed, but so confused. She looked…afraid. She was never afraid, not that he'd ever seen. Even as she had been in that deep dark cellar at Malfoy Manor, she'd never appeared afraid.

"Three days, Harry. There's been no word from you for three days. Where in bloody hell have you been?"

Had she just sworn like Ron?

"Aren't you going to say anything?" she asked, her voice now cracking as tears started to form in her eyes. "I've been so afraid that you were…that you were dead."

"I'm sorry," Harry said, his mouth dry. "I just had to chase a lead."

"Three days, Harry," she whispered. "Three days, and then they find you bleeding out in a ditch."

"But I got him. I got the last death eater."

"I don't care," she said, meeting his eyes. "I almost lost you. I've never been so terrified in my life."

"I'm sorry, Luna."

"Please quit."


"I want you to stop field work. Completely. I don't think I could handle anymore of this."

"Luna," Harry started, but he coughed. Too much talking, not enough moisture.

She grabbed him a glass of water from beside the bed. He took a few gulps.

"Luna, I didn't mean to scare you. I didn't think-I didn't think you worried so much."

"Of course I worry. I love you. It's just…I thought I wasn't going to see you again and…"

He waited, feeling like there was more she wanted to say. But she just looked down and grabbed his hand, rubbing her thumb across the expanse of skin.

"Luna? What else is going on?"

She looked at him, her eyes glistening.

"I was afraid to lose you and be alone. I was afraid to lose you, and," she sighed, taking a deep breath. "I was afraid you'd never know-that we'd-that I wouldn't have a chance to tell you I'm pregnant."

His heart skipped.

"Luna? What did you say?"

"I'm pregnant, Harry."

He grinned, and reached for her, pulling her into his arms, forcing her to lay next to him. The pain of the movement caused him to groan a little, and she tried to pull back, but he held tight.



He kissed her, pressing his lips against hers and simply trying to tell her how deeply he loved her.

"Please, Harry. Consider it. I don't want to lose you. I wont-I won't ask it if you really truly want to keep being an auror, but could you at least consider it?" she asked as she rest her head in the crook of his shoulder.

He kissed her forehead and leaned his head against hers. "Well, I won't be allowed out in the field for at least a month anyway. So we can start there and see what happens. I love you, Luna. I'd never leave you alone."