Ferb's POV

I smile to the computer as my brother, Phineas, video chats me over Skype.

"I miss you, Ferb, I really do. But I'm glad we're both doing what we have to do.", he tells me.

"I miss you, too, Phineas.", I respond.

"How's England?", I give him a thumbs up, and then give him an expression that asks about his school. "It's going good. I have more and more ideas for Flynn-Fletcher Technical Inc! Dude, we're going to be a hit. We can help so many people across the world. And maybe convince Perry to retire and just be in charge of the security. We could do it.", I nod in agreement, and in a way that tells him that I've been coming up with a few plans myself. "Is your roommate okay with you not talking much?", I shake my head. "Oh well. I guess it's different. Don't do anything you don't want to do, Ferb, you know that.", I nod. "Oh, and I have great news! Tri-State State has an abroad program, a really good one at that. We won't have to wait until break to see each other, Ferb! I'm going to be in London! And I made sure I'll stop in at Camford on Oxbury!", I smile again. "I'll be at the London airport in one week!"

"And I'll be there to pick you up.", I tell him, and he now smiles joyfully. My roommate, Kyle, walks in the room.

"Hey, Ferb."

"Hey.", since I'm in a good mood, and I know sooner or later I'll have to speak to him, I actually talk. He smiles a bit. "Phineas, send me the details of your flight and I'll be sure to pick you up. Will Isabella be with you?"

"Nope, just me and you, bro.", I nod. "We're going to have so much fun! I haven't seen you in three months, remember we use to not be able to go an hour without one another?"

"I admit, Phineas, it hasn't been easy with you in a different country. Perhaps I should have thought this through. I just need answers to many things."

"I know, bro. I know you do. I… I'm just having trouble adjusting myself, you know?", I nod, knowing exactly how he feels, and I don't have to say a word for him to know I mean that. I never have to speak with Phineas, he knows me. He can look at me and it seems he can literally read my mind. My emotionless act doesn't work with him. It never has. He knows me better than I know myself, and somehow, it's the same vise versa. I can tell by the sense I have he's hurting.

"Next year I might consider going to Tri-State State if I find the answers I need here.", and he knows exactly what I mean by that. My mother. I want to know why. I have to know why.

"I'll have your back regardless. If… if you can't find answers this year, I'll transfer and go with you next year to help you find them.", I nod, appreciating it fully, but he isn't going to. I don't want him mixed up in something he shouldn't be in. If my "mother's" boyfriend ever got his hands on Phineas, I'd strangle the life out of him myself. Oh God to imagine what Perry would do if he tried anything with either one of us. He doesn't even know I only chose this college to get closer to our old mother, to get the answers I need. He'd kill me. He's the only one that knows what he did to me all those years ago, and I know if Perry had the chance, he'd kill Jim without a second thought.

"See you in a week.", he nods, and we hang up the connection.

"Your brother is coming?"

"Yes, an abroad program at his school.", I answer, closing the computer. "I just promised him I'll pick him up at the airport next week."

"He'll be staying near by?", I nod. "What's America like anyway?"

"There's always something to do there, well, that could be because Phineas and I always made sure there is something to do.", I respond, and memories of my brother and I making the craziest things fill my mind.

"You miss him?"

"Only everyday. When I moved to America, and my father met my step mother, Phineas instantly became my best friend and we use to barely be able to go an hour without each other. Three months is surely a challenge for the both of us.", I chuckle softly. "He's got plans, though. And no doubt I'll hear about them. So, next weekend, I won't be around much."

"Don't worry, I figured. Family first, right?", I nod, and then collapse on my bed. "Well, talk to you in the morning.", he shuts off the light and I pull the covers over me.

"Ferb!", I walk through the airport, and Vanessa immediately greets me with a kiss. I wrap an arm around her, the other hand holding my carry on.

"Hello to you, too.", I reply, with a smile. She wraps her arms around me and causes me to drop my carry on. "I missed you, too."

"Ferb! Bro!", I look up and see Phineas also ready to greet me. Him and I share a brotherly hug. "I missed you, bro!", I smile at him, and give him an expression that tells him I missed him more than my own words can describe. "We're going to be amazing. We will be remembered as the duo who did it all!", I nod in agreement. "Well, I'll leave you and Vanessa alone now, sorry, I was just happy to see you.", he goes to walk away but I speak up.

"Phineas?", he turns around. "Never apologize for missing me. I missed you, too.", he smiles at me, but still walks away. I turn to Vanessa.

"I-I didn't mean to make him feel like he couldn't stay-"

"Oh, no. He knew he could stay, but he owes me from when I skipped so him and Isabella could have some alone time.", I explain. She nods and smiles, her head resting on my shoulder. "Now, where do you want to go?"

"Just to my house to watch a movie sounds nice."

"Agreed.", she goes to kiss me once more, but she stops. "Vanessa?"

"Ferb, Ferb, wake up.", I open my eyes, drowsy, and see it's 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday. I look at Kyle.

"What's the matter?"

"Your computer won't stop going off. I thought you turned it off before we went to bed.", he explains. I look up, more aware, and listen to the sound of my computer making constant, fast, loud beeps.

"I did.", I respond, and walk over to the computer. I type away at it, trying to shut it off, as the button isn't working and then an image appears, with a message. The image itself is a man holding a picture of Phineas walking through his campus at Tri-State State.

If you want him to stay safe you'll do exactly as I say. If you agree to protect your "brother," meet me at 6 AM at by your fountain at the main entrance of the lobby.

"I have to go.", I tell Kyle, and without waiting for a response I walk out of the dorm. How did whoever this is get a picture of Phineas? Is Phineas in danger? Will I take the chance? Only one of those questions I knew the answer to. I would never, ever take the chance on my brother getting hurt. I walk to the lobby and see a man at the water fountain in the very center.

"Ferb Fletcher.", he states, in a confident, Australian accent. I stand a few feet from him.

"Is Phineas safe?", I ask. He doesn't answer. "Is my brother safe?"

"Of course, haven't laid a hand on the boy. I wasn't going to hurt him yet, anyway. You see, you're the one hundreds of miles away from him and your older brother."

"What does Perry have to go with anything?", I ask. He smiles.

"I told him I would hurt him beyond words. And the best way to do that," he begins, and I feel myself fill with dread, "is to take you away. Not only will we get to him, but we'll mentally and emotionally kill your precious brother, your best friend."

"You're making a huge mistake. Perry would literally kill someone for us.", I warn, but someone comes from behind and hits me with something upside the head, and everything becomes blurry and my head spins. I feel someone tie my hands behind my back and the man walks closer to me.

"I'm going to torture you physically, mentally, and emotionally. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be wishing you were dead, like Phineas and Perry will be.", I go to argue, but he busts my head against the concrete, and pain sets in, causing me to black out.

Perry's POV

I continue to practice with Peter, showing the newbies how to act if they were to be attacked.

"Remember, we don't kill in this agency.", I tell them. "Peter, attack me as if I was pure evil. Don't hold back on me.", he hesitates, but then realizes I more than likely know what I'm doing, as I'm the top agent here, and attacks me full force. He throws himself on top of me and causes me to fall and bust my head. It doesn't phase me, though, as I've been through much worse. He goes to punch me, but I grab his wrist. "Ready?", he nods, and I twist it, and use my legs and kick him off of me, causing him to do a flip over me and landing on the ground. We both get up. "You good?", he nods. I smile and look at all the newbies. "You see, in most situations, I have the control to not kill them."

"But you'd never kill another teammate! How can we trust your judgment about that? In my opinion we should kill every evil being in this world.", one snaps. A young man, about 17 actually, Henry. I look over at him and raise an eyebrow. Authority problem and by how he glares at me, he reminds me of myself when I first came up here.

"Well, technically, I'm not your partner. If you'd like to fight me, go right ahead.", I reply. Peter takes my shoulder. I look at him. "Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Mister Tough Guy thinks he doesn't need to follow the rules and he can still be a better agent than anyone else."

"Better than you.", he replies.

"Prove it.", I challenge.

"With pleasure.", he advances on me, and I simply step away last minute, causing him to stumble and nearly fall. He turns and faces me, and while I show no emotion, he looks enraged. He goes to hit me, but I grab his wrist and shove him away. He goes to attack once more, but I hold a hand out.

"Do you really want to do that? Or would you rather your future teammates not think of you as an idiot? I've done the exact same thing, kid, only the guy training me didn't give me a warning.", he looks at me with hatred, but doesn't attack. I go to speak once more but my phone rings. I pull it out of my pocket and see a text from Ferb. Isn't it like 5 in the morning in England? He calls me at 10. I click it and see an image of my worst nightmare. Ferb chained to a wall, his head busted and cuts across his body. He's looking at the camera with a strong glare, but he's paler than normal. His clothes are torn and right across this chest is a tear in his shirt, and blood. I feel my heart stop as I grip the phone tightly, immediate worry and dread filling my chest. Ferb. What the hell? Peter looks over my shoulder and sees the image.

"Perry.", the phone rings and whoever has Ferb's phone is calling.

"Who the fuck is this?", I snap, bringing the phone to my ear. I don't even say a word to the newbies now looking interested, trying to figure out what caused me to snap.

"You tell me.", I recognize that accent anywhere.

"Liam.", I growl. In shock, Peter lets go of my shoulder and listens closely.

"Good job, your precious little brother didn't know who I was. 'Course, I imagine you didn't tell either one of 'em, did ya?", he taunts me. I ball my fist at my side. "Your entire world is the lives of two boys. But not just any boys, huh, Perry? Your boys.", I then hear the sound of a knife being drawn from it's holder, then steel on flesh, then the piercing scream of Ferb in pain. I close my eyes, and struggle to collect myself. Ferb's in danger, hurt, and I'm no where near to help him. To protect him.

"I'll kill you, you f-"


"I'll kill you. I swear I will.", I snap, and Peter grips my shoulder in an attempt to calm me down, and the newbies back away, frightened by my venomous voice. Even Henry looks over at me, now terrified and curious to know just what I'm capable of when the line is crossed.

"P, calm down.", I push Peter off of me.

"That's not a way to talk to someone who could kill your precious baby brother while ya hear him scream in agony.", Liam warns me. I stop.

"Stop hurting him. You got me, alright? You defeated the best agent at O.W.C.A. Congratulations, many people would love to hear that.", I reply, my voice still cold.

"I don't want to just defeat ya, Agent P, I want ya to suffer. Phineas will come running to rescue his brother, and so will you. I'll torture this boy beyond measures. Even if you work a miracle and save him, he'll never be the same. I'm going to make you a deal. You and Phineas, and I mean both of you, have two weeks to find where I'm keeping Ferb, or I'll rip him limb from limb, watching every ounce of blood he has spill on the floor. His screams as he dies will be music to my ears. I'll kill your brother with a smile on my face, and he'll suffer a slow, painful death."

"Phineas and Ferb have nothing to do with my fights."

"Oh, but they do. Like I said before, your world revolves around these two boys.", I grip the phone to the point where I could break it in half, but I don't. This is the only thing that will keep me connected to Ferb. "Here, why don't you speak to him?", the phone shifts and I hear heavy breathing.

"F…Ferb?", I ask, hesitantly, as if afraid I won't get a response.

"Bravest man I know, afraid? I'm a little ashamed, brother.", I hear Ferb comment, as if trying to cheer me up. "I would expect better. It's just me."

"Ferb, do you have any idea where you are?"

"I'm afraid not. The last thing I remember is meeting someone, this man, at the fountain by my school. He… he threatened to hurt Phineas, I felt I had no choice. Someone else hit me upside the head with something metal and… then I wake up here."

"I'll find you, okay? I promise.", and it sure as hell won't take me two weeks. No, that's too long. The Ferb I know will be gone by then.

"Perry, you can't. This man wants to kill you… I-I won't be responsible for your death. Keep Phineas away from here.", he says, and before I can respond, the phone shifts and I hear Liam laughing like a maniac.

"Well, I'll hand it to the kid, he's noble. Must get it from you.", Liam tells me. "Willing to die to protect you and Phineas. Now then, are you ready for the rules?"

"Tell me where I have a choice.", I snap at him.

"You're only allowed to get help from Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, Isabella Garcia Shapiro, and Agents Peter, Pinky, and Terrance.", he tells me. I look over at Peter, who continues to listen to the conversation. "But, when you find the location, only you and Phineas are to come and try to rescue Ferb.", by the tone in his voice I can tell he begins smiling. "Have fun, Agent Perry, I'll send you an update on Ferb's condition soon.", with that, he hangs up the phone.

"Perry.", Peter says, as I feel everyone's eyes lock on me.

"Training is over. All of you hit the showers, then you're free to go. If you'll excuse me, I have somewhere important to be.", I order the newbies, and then walk out of the training room. Ferb. He… he's going to be killed if I can't save him. He's being tortured as we speak.

"Agent P, are you-", I walk away from CC, ignoring his question.

"Perry!", Peter tries to catch up with me but I keep walking towards the hovercraft. I call Phineas. He answers as if he had been crying.

"P-Perry, thank goodness I was just about call you."

"Don't worry, Phineas, I won't rest until we have Ferb safe again."

"How did you-"

"He called me, too. I'm about to pick you up. I want you to stay in your dorm until I get there, and I don't want you alone. Don't leave.", I tell him.

"When will you be here?"

"About an hour."

"Hurry.", he pleads with me. "And, Perry, please be careful. I don't know if I could take it if they got a hold of you, too."

"Don't worry about me, Phineas, I'll be there soon.", I get in the hovercraft as my brother hangs up the phone. "Peter, I want you to head to Doofenshmirtz's and check up on him. I know he has some kind of tracker on Ferb, as he is Vanessa's boyfriend.", I tell Peter, as he finally catches up with me. "I have to get to Phineas before Liam decides to try something with him."

"Don't worry, Perry, I promise, we're going to find him."

"We better.", I reply and start the hovercraft. "Stay with Doofenshmirtz until I get there with Phineas."

"Got it.", I begin driving, splitting through the air. I go as fast as the hovercraft will go, up to 200 miles per hour. I should reach Phineas' dorm house within the hour. Hang in there, Ferb, I'm coming.