The cold darkness hits my tanned body. I think of him. He is beautiful, his deep blue eyes stare into me. I pull down my pants and grab my erect penis. I start to stroke it thinking of his black hair and tanned body. He is PERFECT, He is Percy.. And I'm Jason, the silent stalker. I think of how I want him in me. But all I am is a submissive omega. I continue stroking my penis until pre-cum trickles down my shaft. I grope my penis going up and down. I go faster and faster until it gets to much. I start to cum. I cum all over myself. I look lustfully to my jockstrap on the floor. I use it to show off my ass. I put it on leaving my ass bare. I fall asleep. I dream of him. Until a white light hits me. I wake up to the white light as Aphrodite sits there. "Jason. I have a gift for you.." She says getting up her clothes falling off. "You can make any man fall in love with you if you say these words 'Es Meus.'" She says. "Or you can make any man you're slave and start a harem." Aphrodite says. "The H-Harem!" I say with a fear. "You're wish is now come true." A white light hits me and I fall back asleep. I drift off thinking of Percy. I wake up to the golden sun hitting me. I look to the desk beside me seeing a note from Aphrodite. "Hey! You will wake up knowing the commands.. Under this desk will be a endless supply of collars to mark them as yours and a phone with all the slaves currently empty but will update.." I look under my desk grabbing a collar. I get up putting on tight skinny jeans to show off my ass and my bulge. I put on a tanktop showing off my muscles. I brush my teeth heading to Percy's Cabin holding the collar. I see him walk into the shower. I decide to sneak up on him. I run silently putting the collar on his neck. He looks scared. "RASA." Percy's eyes become glossy. "Hello Slave.." I say. "Hello... Master..." He says distantly. "Percy, you are my sex slave. You will act normal in public but you will have a deep crush on me aswell and you will automatically become erect when you see me. You will act like my slave in private. You will obey my every command.." I say. "Missa subsisto" I whisper into his ear. He falls out of the trance his eyes normal. He looks to me blushing. "Master, I am naked for you." He says cutely. "Undress Me." I say commandingly. He takes my shirt off pinning me to the wall as pulls down my pants revealing the jockstrap. "Leave the jockstrap on." I tell him. He does so. I turn my body around facing the wall. "Percy, Fuck me.." I say. He starts to lube himself up. He starts to tease me by putting his penis near my ass. I start to squirm feeling the warmness near me. He then starts to slowly enter it into my tight ass. He starts to thrust. His speed is very near perfect. I start to moan loudly as he continues. He has no emotion as of right now. He is just a slave giving me perfect bliss. He stops thrusting once he cums and exits out. "Anything else Master?" He says blushing. "Yes."I say turning around. "RASA." He enters trance once more. "You will hate Annabeth Chase with a passion." I say with jealously. "Missa Subsisto." I say with lust. "Wear something sexy." I command him. He goes out and puts on a thong and tight shorts showing off his 12' inch bulge. I grab out the phone adding Percy to the list. He puts on a very revealing shirt. I squirm with excitement.

A/N: So this is my first chapter in a better version of Leo Valdez and the Collars of Aphrodite. I didn't like the first one and I am deciding to call this 'Jason Grace and His Harem.' Also, I am a JERCY shipper.