TITLE: An Atlantean's Tail – Challenge Ficlet

AUTHOR: Gaeriel Mallory (gaeriel_mallory @ hotmail.com)


DISTRIBUTION: Photon's Crossing, FF.net

DISCLAIMER: All characters are the property of DC Comics.

NOTE: This was written in response to Rachel's "find someone other than Dolphin for Garth" challenge. Hope you enjoy.

Garth was acting strange. He practically danced around Titans Tower. He hummed under his breath as he went about the day. The other Teen Titans were at a loss as to the reason for his behavior. It was not until Donna found Garth in front of the television in the lounge that she finally understood.

"Garth, come to your senses, please." Donna Troy's pleading voice reached the ears of Wally West who was just walking into the headquarters of the Teen Titans.

Garth sighed. "But she's perfect. That voice is absolutely gorgeous. And I could die in that red hair."

Wally grinned. "Hey, maybe if she's that perfect, you should just let Garth be, Wonderchick."

Donna sighed. "You don't understand, Wally."

"What's to understand?" Wally slung an arm around his friend. "Garth's found someone that will make him happy." He turned towards the Atlantean. "So how's her body?"

"Wonderful. She has the cutest tail..."

"Whoa, back up there, bud. She has a tail?"

"A fish tail," Garth explained. "A mermaid, like many who live in Atlantis."

Donna rolled her eyes and threw up her arms. "Men." She stalked out of the room.

Wally laughed. "She sounds wonderful. So when do we get to meet her?" A videocassette box hit him in the chest. He looked up at Donna in confusion. "What?"

"If you want to meet her, just watch the movie."

Wally looked down at the box. "The Little Mermaid?"

Garth smiled dopily. "Isn't Ariel beautiful?" He walked away humming the tune from 'Under the Sea.'