"Hey mate, we are late for classes again! Snape is so going to murder us for not completing his work! How did we manage to survive for the past four years?" Ronald Weasley shouted at Harry.

"Beats me, mate." Harry responded. Similarly to Ron, he too, was wondering how they managed to get by all their classes and assignments when they all seemed foreign to them. Their classes were somehow quieter and extremely awkward as the professors went around asking the class to answer questions which they could not answer. They vaguely remembered a know-it-all who was able to defend them from all the questions which the teachers asked them, but somehow, the name did not appear in their heads.

Of course, some things never changed, Professor Snape was still as mean as ever, deducting 10 house points each from Ron and Harry. They were still messing up their potions and were still disorganised when sorting out the materials they were given.

After classes, as they were walking towards the Great Hall for lunch, Harry stopped and pace back towards the window that was facing the lake. It brought about a nostalgic feeling, yet Harry could not put a finger to it.

"Hey Harry, you coming?" Neville asked as he realised Harry tailing behind the group.

'I'm probably thinking too much,' thought Harry.

Turning his attention to his mates, "Of course I am, wait up!"

'I will always be watching over you, Harry.'

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