Back at Cuddles house, Sniffles was working on the rocket boosters at the kitchen table. Even for a genius like him, working on something this complicated in so little time put a strain on his brilliant mind. Even though he was lust putting on the finishing touches, he was still parched and exhausted from all his hard work. By sheer coincidence, he noticed what looked like a glass of water sitting across from him on the table.

"Ah," He said, and reached over and grabbed the glass, unaware that it was still the glass of dish soap. Just as he put it to his snout though, he heard the sounds of tires screeching, garbage cans clattering, and a cat screeching outside. He put the glass back down and went out with the other tree friends to see what it was. Sure enough, Lifty and Shifty's van was parked at the sidewalk by the house, next to some overturned garbage cans. Giggles came out from the side of the can and happily waved. They had the van, now they could get to work on saving the town.

Soon enough, Sniffles managed to finish his rockets, and was underneath the van installing both of them to the bottom of the car. Meanwhile, Lifty and Shifty were Ro-Sham Bo-ing eachother to see who would drive the car. Shifty one, laughing at Lifty who just grunted at him. Once Sniffles was finished, he slid out on his creeper and stood up, sweating and covered in dust and oil. He managed to wire the rocket boosters together, though the bottom of the car, to a big red button. He gave the button to Shifty and explained to him how it worked. He explained that they only have enough power for one boost from the rockets, and that if they hoped to escape, he had to press it once they have reached the military border, not a second before or after, otherwise they are as good as dead. Also, the rockets ran on a connected circuit, so if one goes off, then the other one does too.

The group who would be attempting to escape consisted of Giggles (who had gotten stitches for her hand), Lifty, Shifty, Mime, Handy, Nutty, The Mole, and Sniffles. With everything in place, everyone was ready to go.

Meanwhile, The Tiger General was his study, still bitter about his last interrogation with Lumpy, while resting his feet on Lanky's shell, who was kneeling on all fours as his foot rest. Never in his entire life has he ever come face to face with someone so aggravatingly brainless. His dumb laugh, his misaligned eyes, and those ugly, ugly round teeth. He never thought he could ever hate anyone more that Flippy, but this moose has turned out to be a close second. Was he wasting his time with this moron? He's tortured so many people who are seemingly unbreakable, and sooner or later, they cracked like an glass against a boulder. But what if Lumpy's brain is so stupid, that it isn't even aware it's being cracked. Well, whether or not his imbecile had any information of Flippy which could be useful to him, causing him all this pain did put a smile on his face.

He looked down at Flippy's picture in his normal hand intensely. He never forgot what he did to him, how he almost left him at death's doorstep, and that psychotic look in his eyes as he did. Those burning yellow eyes, the look of someone who had been pushed past his breaking point. How could such a brutal, merciless, and stone-cold killer come from a place like this? This place was full of nothing but weak, spineless, and pathetic woodland critters. They were all complete sheep, including the sheep, and from what he has learned of Flippy, he didn't seem like the soldier he had met all those years ago on the battlefield at all. Just some soft little flower who went around making friends. There was nothing the Tiger General hated more than friendship. The sooner he could find and destroy Flippy, the sooner he could get away from this stupid place.

As he sat there pondering, he heard a strange noise off in the distance.

"Huh?" He said to himself, and he got up from his chair, allowing Lanky to stand back up. He went over to the window and put his ear on it. It seemed to sound like a brass band of some sort. It seemed to be getting louder and louder. Even the troops outside could see it. The sound seemed to be coming from somewhere inside the town. The General found the tune that was playing so annoying, as did everyone else in the base, with the exception of Lumpy, who was in his cell and began to hum it to himself, prompting the prison guard to zap him with a cattle prod. Pretty soon, the sound became so unbearable, that even Lanky's ears began to bleed. Finally, the General could take it no more. He got on his communication device and ordered his troops within the area to find the source.

As instructed, every nearby battalion moved out, unaware that from far away, they were being watched by Toothy, sitting on a branch high on a tree. Once they were far enough away from them, he used a piece of glass mirror to shine a reflection over to Cuddles house, just bright enough for them to see.

Back at the house, the van's motor was on, and Shifty was keeping an eye out for the signal. Then, from roughly the direction he was looking, he saw a tiny light shining light from far in the distance. Without wasting any time, he slammed his foot on the gas, and the gang was off. As they drove off past Toothy at 80 miles per hour, Toothy stood up on the branch and started cheering, only to lose his balance and fall over. He landed on his back right on a fire hydrant, breaking his back in two and causing him to scream. Then the mirror fell on his face, shattering and piercing it all over, including his right eyeball, causing him to scream even more.

Meanwhile, the soldiers were homing in on the source of the music. Soon enough, they found Cro-Marmot, just sitting idly in the middle of the park wearing one-man-band gear. At that moment, they could hear the sounds of a car moving very fast across the street nearby. They all realized they had been doped, and scrambled to their jeeps to make pursuit.

In the van, Handy, from the front passenger seat, was looking at the map of town, and estimated that they had about 3 minutes before they would reach the town limits and the blockade. In the back with the other passengers, Sniffles was checking the status of the rockets on his portable maintenance pad. Both the engine statuses were green, meaning it was all good. By now, they may have found out what we are trying to do. But as long as nothing goes wrong, they should be fine.

Just then, the van hit a 20 mph road block, sending the van a few feet in the air. For a few seconds as it dropped back to the ground, everyone and everything floated in weightlessness. It also knocked the back doors open, causing Mime and Nutty to tumble out onto the road. Once it touched back down to the ground, everyone dropped to the car floor with a thud, and the right rocket became damaged, shutting off the system. Sniffles looked at his pad, which displayed the right rocket turning red, which in turn caused the other one to turn red, and a big red bright frowny face flashed on the screen, causing him to gasp. Handy told Shifty to stop the van. Shifty in turn reminded him that they were on the clock, but Handy insisted. Sighing, Shifty hit the brakes, bringing the car to a full stop. Nutty and Mime got up from the road painfully, covered in scratches and bruises. From up ahead, the saw the van stopped in the middle of the road, with the back open and Giggles leaning out, shouting at them to hurry back into the van. As they made their way back, everyone heard a faint noise from the distance, which was getting louder and louder. Nutty and Mime slowly looked over their shoulders to see a hoard of jeeps coming over the horizon after them, causing everyone on the ground and in the van to shriek. Nutty and Mime bolted to the car, while Shifty pressed his foot on the gas again to get going. They couldn't afford to wait for them. As the car got faster and faster, the two friends struggled to keep up with it. Just as they thought they got close enough, the van began to out run them. Sniffles looked out the back and had to think fast. He had an idea and quickly extended out his anteater tongue out to them. It wrapped around the bone where Mime's arm used to be, and mime held on to Nutty with his other arm. having the bone yanked on like this caused him incredible amounts of pain. Likewise, the taste of Mime's living bone tasted awful against Sniffles tongue. Right now though, he had to get that rocket fixed before the soldiers catch up with them, or they reach the barrier and they have no rockets. Sniffles tied part of his tounge to the door handle to keep Mime and Nutty holding on. He. asked Lifty if there was any way to reach the bottom of the van while it is in motion. Even though he was talking with his tongue out, he could understand him well enough. He pointed out an access panel on the floor. Sniffles opened it and hung his poked his head down to it, seeing the passing road beneath and the damaged rocket. Determined to fix it in time, he cracked his knuckles, grabbed the toolbox to set it by the hatch, grabbed a screwdriver, and got to work, ignoring the pain of his tongue being stretched from Mime's bone to the door handle.

Mime and Nutty held on for dear life, the moving asphalt was scraping the skin right off their feet, starting to make a trial of blood. Giggles and The Mole were pulling at Sniffles' tongue to help them back in. The jeeps behind them had pretty much matched their speed. It was a good thing they had Lifty and Shifty's van. No other vehicle would have been able to out run them. Still, they needed the rocket boosters to lose them.

While Sniffles struggled to get the rocket back online, Giggles saw something on one of the jeeps. Nutty and Mime looked back as well. What they saw was a giant harpoon gun on one of the jeeps. Giggles gasped while Nutty simply screamed hysterically. They loaded the gun and shot it at the van. it scraped against the driver side, just missing the passengers inside, and slicing off the top of Shifty's hat, causing his heart to stop for a moment. They loaded it again and shot at the other side of the van, slicing the door that Sniffle's tongue was tied to. Mime and Nutty jumped onto the door which was still attached to Sniffles tongue like a wake board. This caused Sniffles even more agonizing pain and hindered his ability to work.

Up ahead, Shifty noticed oncoming mines, causing him to go "Wagh!". He swerved around desperate to avoid them, causing Nutty and Mime to swerve around the street desperately hanging onto the door. Mime and Nutty had only one chance for getting back aboard the van. Mime led the way, hanging from it from his arm and legs, while Nutty climbed it with all four limbs. Sniffles Toung was being stretched to it's very limit, and was even starting to rip, causing tears to form in his eyes as he worked on the rocket. At that moment, Shifty and Handy saw the military border in the distance, it was getting closer and closer

"Hurry!" cried Handy. Sniffles had only a matter of seconds to get the rocket working. At the same time, the troops were preparing to fire a third harpoon at them. Nutty and Mime were getting close to the van, with Giggles reaching her hand out. Finally, Sniffles managed to reconnect certain wires, which reactivated the rockets, causing them to turn back to green on his pad, with a green happy face flashing. At that very instant, they were about to reach the military blockade, which had a barrage of canons aimed at them, and the troops trailing them were about to fire a third harpoon.

"NOW!" Cried Sniffles, just as they fired, and Shifty smashed his fist against the button. At that very moment, The harpoon cut right through his tounge, severing Mime and Nutty from the Van, causing Sniffles to wail in agony. A split second later, both rockets ignited, catapulting the Van to incredible speeds, far from the pursuing vehicles or the blockade, leaving a two trails of fire burning across the road.

Nutty fell back onto the hard concrete road and tumbled around with no control, breaking several bones. Nutty got up painfully and looked up toward the road they were driving up. In between the flaming trails a steaming license plate from the van reading M55015M spun around a bit on the asphalt then falls down. Suddenly, Nutty found himself surrounded by soldiers.

"Hehe, hello," He laughed nervously, before being violently tased by a stun gun.

Giggles, Sniffles, and The Mole held on tight as the van streaked across the street at incredible speed. They had made it but Giggles lamented that they lost Mime and Nutty. Just then, Sniffles noticed something from just outside the back of the van. He and Giggles looked out the back where the door was ripped off, and were surprised to see Mime hanging on to the speeding van with some kind of invisible rope with his one hand. He has bruised, and hanging on flying, but he was alive. Giggles and Sniffles cheered that at least one of them made it.

Happy that their plan was (mostly) successful, Handy stuck his body out of the window and happily cheered. But at that moment, his head was whacked right off by an oncoming stop-sign. The car sped off leaving his face plastered on the sign with a horrified look on its face. Shifty and the others looked over and screamed at the sight of Handy's lifeless body and Shifty nervously kicked it out the window. Soon, they reduced in speed and Shifty drove on to Flippy's monastery.

Back at the Generals base, Nutty was being wheeled through the halls on a straight gurney wearing a straight jacket and a mouth piece. He was panicking and staining as hard as he could against his restraints. He was hurt, terrified, and he wanted candy real bad. They wheeled him past Lumpy's cell, who stupidly and hapilly waved hello to him. Finally, they brought him into a large room with what looked like some sort of pool. Inside this room, the Tiger General was waiting for him. Just the sight of him caused Nutty's heart to skip a beat.

The tiger general simply approached him and stared him dead in his crazy eye. He brought his claw close hi his cheek, causing the hyperactive squirrel to marinate sweat. He undid his mouth piece and demanded to know who was in that van and what they were up to. Not wanting to spill the beans on his friends plan, he simply kept his mouth shut. The General simply sighed and took out what seemed to be a surgical case, causing Nutty's eyes to go wide and his pupils to shrink. When he opened it however, what was inside was an assortment of different candy's and sugar treats.

"Ooooohhhhh!" he went, and salivated at the look of what he has been desperate for days. The general held out a lolipop in front of him, making Nutty lick his lips. But then, he put his claw on the handle and snapped it right in two, causing Nutty to gasp. He also cut the actual candy part into many pieces. Nutty simply watched horrified as pieces of the sweet succulent candy dropped to the floor. The General took out a few tootsie pops and waves them in front of Nutty's face to tease them. Nutty was beginning to lose it now, and was struggling hard against his straightjacket, desperate for the candy. The General simply threw them down to the ground and stomped on them hard with his boot. Nutty's eyes went bloodshot as he scraped the ground with their remains. He was beginning to cry now, and his heart was beating out of his chest violently and loudly. Next, the general took out a caramel apple. he took it over to a small tank of sulfuric acid and dipped it in. A hysterical and desperate Nutty could only watch as it dissolved into nothing. He was beginning to reach his breaking point. Lastly, The general took out a candy cane. He brought it over to a massive industrial shredder and slowly lowered it in.

Just before he could destroy it however, Nutty finally cracked and told him everything he knew, crying as he did it. He told him about where Flippy was, what he was doing, and who was involved, and where they were going. The general smiled in satisfaction. Finally, some information that is actually useful. If he had captured this squirrel sooner, he could have saved himself a lot of trouble.

The general walked over to the straight jacket bound squirrel. He held the candy cane in front of him, mesmerizing him. Suddenly, he threw it into the pool. He then immediately ordered his men to undo his straightjacket.

"Go get it!" The General shouted to him. Once Nutty was free from his restraints, he ran and dove straight into the pool laughing hysterically. He swum around in the water searching for the lost piece of candy, when he saw what looked to be a small little fish. He simply chucked a little and petted the cute little fish with his finger. But then, it revealed it's razor sharp teeth and bit Nutty right in his good eye. He wailed in pain and masses of bubbles came out of his mouth. When these bubbles reached the surface and popped, they made the sound of agonizing screaming. The piranha pulled his eyeball right out of his socket, tugging a little at the cord. As it finally snapped off, more swam toward him and began to eat him alive. The General simply stood there and watched with devious pleasure as his pets enjoyed their latest meal.

"Lanky!" The General shouted. Lanky could hear his superiors voice from his bathroom as he was in the middle of ironing his shell, wearing only a tank top and underwear with heart shapes. He sighed, took his dentures out from his glass, put on his shell, and hurried over to the piranha room. He made it over and quickly saluted, sweating a bit from his haste. The General ordered Lanky to take a platoon out and track down the Happy Tree Friends. As Nutty emerged to try and climb out desperately, only to be pulled back in, he told Lanky to bring Flippy to him. He wanted to see the life leave his eyes and he wanted to be the one to do it. Kill the others.

"Yesir!" Lanky saluted, and marched off to find the escapees. As Lanky left, The General felt that things were finally starting to go his way. Just then, he felt something tugging at his shirt.

"Huh?" He muttered, and he looked over to see that part of his outfit had been caught in the shredder

"Ah!" he screamed, and tugged at it. He managed to rip himself from the shredder in the nick of time, leaving a small rip in his uniform. He breathed a sigh of relief. For some reason, he was starting to feel a lot less safe.

Told ya there would be death in this chapter. I'm a man who keeps my promise.

I should have probably named this chapter "Full Metal Straight Jacket"

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