SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 3.2: Clones, Copies and Collectors

Summary: Spider-Man deals with the Clone Saga courtesy of the Green Goblin while Jean comes into conflict with a woman who exactly shares her face...and oh yeah the Collector of Worlds has come to add one of Earth's great cities to his collection. Can Superman stop it? I sure hope so.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter 1

Midtown High…

Sitting on the bleachers, sobbing was a girl with long black hair. Her name is Jessica Campbell...and she fucking hates her life. She hates this school and most of all she hates her goddam therapist.


Because she was the one who advised that it was 'essential' Jessica pick up the pieces of her life after the car accident that killed her family and put her in a coma for 6 months. That meant coming back to school.

"Stupid fucking therapists," Jessica mutters to herself. "Give them a piece of shit covered paper, call it a PhD and they think they know everything."

Course you know what therapists are like. They tell you it wasn't your fault you survived when your whole family died. You didn't cause the accident. You weren't driving the truck illegally shipping radioactive materials over state lines that crashed into you.

And you know what; the soul crushing guilt was slowly starting to ease until she had to come to this school and listen to asses like Flash Thomson and his ilk taunt her by calling her 'Coma Girl'.

"Fuckers!" she swears as she dabs at her tears, still able to hear their laughter as they walk off. They had gotten what they wanted. To reduce her to this crying mess.

All it does is bring back her bad memories. On tv and in movies, before their tragic deaths, families have fond farewells and say 'I love you'. For Jessica her last memory of her mom and dad and her brother is screaming and shouting and her calling Phillip 'a little fucking asshole'.

Put that one on your Christmas Card folks. It'll be a best seller.

Just when Jessica is seriously contemplating just making a run for the foster home she now lives in she catches a sight she never thought she'd see. Peter Parker. Peter Parker, whom she had had a crush on for years. Peter Parker whom was smart, adorable and funny.

Also completely unavailable an unhelpful voice at the back of her head pointed up. Jessica told it to go fuck itself.

That Peter Parker was walking up to her.

"Jessica?" Peter calls out. "Are you ok?" he asks with concern because he had seen the whole thing with Flash. Dear Lord was the jerk ever going to grow up?

Jessica tries to wipe her tears away.

Peter sits down, a deliberate gap between them. He always thought what happened to Jessica was just a crappy thing. When she woke up from her coma and he saw her back in school part of him just wanted to keep an eye on her. They were never that close but he felt like it was the right thing to do. He scratches his chin. "You know I'm not sure we've ever been properly introduced. I'm Peter. Peter Parker."

"I know," Jessica answers. After all she only has his name doodled all over her notebook with little hearts alongside her own name. She only watched him from afar like every freakin day but acting like an effing stalker counted that she knew him right? Geez she was pathetic.

"I saw what happened," Peter says with sympathy. "That Flash is a Class A jerk."

"He's a fucking repressed, dickhead retard," Jessica responds with.

Peter blinks. He means he's hanged around Claire long enough to hear language like that quite often but still doesn't mean he's comfortable around it. "Um...ok. I would never phrase it like that...but to each their own. That's what I always say. Well in fact I'm not sure I've ever said it before but from now on it will be what I always say," he rambles on.

Jessica has to smile. It was kinda adorable the way he was rambling on...or she just has it that bad for him.

Peter takes a breath. "I...I, um heard what happened to your parents and everything," he says, struggling to quite find the words the way he wanted to express this. "And I wanted to say that I felt bad for you because..."

Jessica had heard enough right there and then, cutting him off before he clarified his feelings. "You pity me?!" she exclaims, her rage rising. Fucking hell. Of course. Of course even he of all people would treat her like a charity case. Well let Jessica Campbell tell ya she's no fucking charity case...and she doesn't need anyone's worthless pity. It's just her luck that the Injustice that is her life includes her long term crush. She's so steamed Peter's attempts to correct her can't be heard above the noise of the blood furiously pumping through her veins. Her heart was clenching in her chest painfully. She snaps to her feet, her face red with anger. "After all these years you finally talk to me and it's to tell me you pity me," she hisses. "Go screw yourself Peter!" she yells, running off as fast as she can.

In another world that would be the last time Jessica Campbell talked to Peter Parker for 10years.

But that world is not this world.

In this world the tears in her eyes means she can't quite see where she is running. Not until she runs right into something that feels as solid as a wall, knocking her flat on her butt. "OW!" she yells out.

"Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. Are you ok?"

Jessica looks up, her vision blurry because of her tears. There's this guy standing over her, tall, dark hair, glasses. "Do I look alright you stupid asswipe?!" she screams. "God's sake. First Peter fucking Parker and now you!" she snaps as she ignores an offered hand and gets up herself.

"What about Peter?" the guy asks.

"You want to know? You really want to know?" Jessica asks him, too mad to keep it in.

The guy nods.

So Jessica tells him, in a long, profane laden rant exactly what Peter did before finishing with, "I don't need his pity!"

"He wasn't offering it," the guy tells her. "You don't understand."

"What don't I understand?!" Jessica gets right in this guy's face.

"Peter lost his parents as well."

Jessica blinks. She didn't think anything could cut through her anger until that simple statement did. "Oh...shit," she swears. It takes her a minute to just absorb it. "That was fucking stupid of me," she mutters.

The guy chuckles. Actually chuckles. "Why don't we go find him? He's a forgiving guy. I'm sure he won't hold a grudge."

"You a friend of his?" Jessica asks, having to look up due to how tall this guy was.

"I am. Clark Kent," he introduces himself, holding his hand out.

Jessica takes it. "Jessica Campbell."

"Ah," Clark says. "Yeah. Peter's mentioned you. He felt terrible for what happened to you."

"But it wasn't his fault."

Clark shrugs. "That's Peter though."

Jessica feels...a slight warmth in her heart and butterflies in her stomach. Peter felt something for her?

"So shall we go?" Clark inquires.

"Yeah," Jessica mumbles. She just has to apologise now no matter how fucking embarrassed she feels.

The two of them head back the way Jessica came and find Peter still in the bleachers.

"Jessica!" Peter calls out. "Oh my God I'm so sorry..."

"Can it Parker," Jessica cuts him off. "I'm the who should apologise. Your friend here...told me about your parents. I'm sorry about my freak out."

"I wasn't pitying you Jessica," Peter feels a need to say it. "My parents died when I was little. I was raised by my aunt and uncle until...some crook trying to mug my uncle shot him a few years back. I know what it's like to lose someone you care about...and sometimes it feels like no-one understands. I was about to offer to be someone to talk to but I kinda messed up my words," he says sheepishly.

Jessica feels even more guilt. "It's alright," she mumbles out.

"Or you could talk to me," Clark offers.

Jessica looks at him.

"Lost my parents when I was a baby," he explains. "Can barely even remember them and even then it's more like the memory of feelings rather than real memories."

Jessica slumps back down into the bleachers. "What a messed up group we are," she reflects.

Peter and Clark share a laugh as they sit down because it was kinda true.

"You know it's ok to be mad," Peter says softly. "After I lost my uncle I was."

"So you and your uncle were close?" Jessica asks, using the 1st opportunity she has ever really had to get to know Peter.

"My Uncle was my father in every way that counted," Peter recalls, savouring the positive memories he has.

Jessica felt her usually very secure defences break a little and she ends up sharing something that is on her mind. "There's a family that wants to adopt me," she says in a quiet voice. "They seem really nice but I don't want to feel like I'm replacing own family I mean."

Clark and Peter share a nod.

"I remember," Clark says, "when my parents first told me I was adopted. I was confused and scared. All I wanted to be was like my father and now I was learning he wasn't my father. Someone else was. I didn't know who I was but eventually I came to understand. If it wasn't for my biological parents I wouldn't exist but it was my adopted parents that helped make me who I am. Therefore, in the end, I found that the answer to my quandary was simple. They were both my parents. One was not replacing the other. The same is true for you. Love is not exclusive. You can love both sets of parents and not diminish the love for one or the either."

Jessica smiles softly. "Is that a personal motto?" she quips.

Clark shakes his head and replies, humorously, "Nah. I stole my motto off Peter."

"Which is what?" she asks looking between the two boys.

"With Great Power comes Great Responsibility," Peter states it with over-dramatic tones.

"Uh huh," Jessica says with raised eyebrows. "Well if I've ever in a situation where that is the least bit applicable I'll keep it in mind."

Peter frowns and Jessica wonders if she overstepped a boundary and insulted him.

"So," Peter says, changing subjects. "Isn't it about time you thought about telling someone about the mean things Flash and company say about you? Or standing up to them?" he asks.

"Have you?" Jessica asks him back.

Peter shrugs. "Not really...but I always admire the person that tries."

Jessica laughs. Ho boy. She hasn't laughed like this in ages.

Peter smiles. It's good when he makes someone feel better. "Come on," he says. "Clark and I are hanging out tonight and we really need to be going but we can at least walk you to the end of the road," he suggests.

"Ok," Jessica agrees and the trio stand up and leave the bleachers. Unfortunately their attempt to reach the gate means passing by a certain Flash Thomson and company once again. Not knowing who Clark is they choose to pick on Peter and Jessica.

"Puny Parker and Coma Girl sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" they sing before Flash adds, "Hey Parker does your mutie girlfriend know what you're up to."

Jessica feels the anger and embarrassment from before returning. Damn she thought she was passed this for today.

Ok. That does it. No-one insults Kitty and gets away with it. Peter marches right up to the boneheaded jock. His usual meekness disguise being shoved aside in his anger. "Hey Flash!" he says in demanding tones as he gets in the guy's face. "Shut it!"

Clark rolls his eyes. "Not his best comeback ever," he mumbles to himself because usually Peter would have trailed off a lost of quips.

"And if I don't what are ya going to do about it, Parker?" Flash says the name as demeaning as possible.

"Him, Mr Thomson, nothing. He's going to stand there while you and your friends explain to me why you felt it appropriate to bully your classmates and use a racist term. Didn't we just have a lecture on the situation about mutants and appropriate language the other day?"

Flash and co turn round to find themselves face to face with their Principal. They all gulp.

"My office. Now," he orders the group.

As they are marched off Jessica and Clark share a laugh while Peter decides to restrain himself to a smirk. Suddenly Jessica remembers something. "Girlfriend?" she whispers in Clark's direction.

"Oh don't get me started," Clark complains. "Those two have traumatised me enough for several lifetimes."

The jealousy bug bites deep in Jessica as Peter returns to them. They walk to the end of the road where they say their farewells, having to go in different directions here.

"Hey Jess," Peter says before she goes. "Maybe...maybe we can hang out at school more often," he proposes.

"Uh...ok," Jessica agrees before she turns around, not wanting either boy to she her cheeks turn rosy red. As she heads down the street she actually feels...elated. For the 1st time in her life it feels like things are going right...and you know what it doesn't really matter Peter has a girlfriend. The fact he acknowledged her existence and wants to hang out with her...her!...made her practically do a happy dance down the street as she ran home. Heck even that Clark guy was kinda sweet and attractive in a dorky way. Maybe she can add him to her fantasises alongside Peter, Spider-Man and Johnny Storm.

Jessica feels so happy she almost feels weightless. It takes her a few moments to realise she actually is. That she Jessica Campbell(soon to be Jones) was airborne, soaring over the skyline, heading right for the Hudson River. "Oh shit!"

"Charming girl," Clark jests only slightly to Peter. "Claire and her would get on great," he reflects from the frequent usage of curse words they have in common.

"Scary thought," Peter thinks. "So how was your day?" he wonders. This was actually the end of the first week back to school after the Holidays.

Clark shrugs. "Same old. Still have the acting Principal. Dad's said it'll be one of the 1st things he deals with when he's sworn in next week."

Peter nods. Mr Kent took up the role as Bayville's Mayor next week after the prolonged handover period.

The two friends walk in the direction of Peter's house. "How's Kitty? Her cold any better?" he asks after his girlfriend whom last he spoke to was laid up in bed with a heavy cold.

"Still the same," Clark relays. "Though, honestly, my mother is never happier when she has someone to fuss over. Almost never happened with me since I can't get sick. I feel like I denied her that parental experience," he jokes

Peter chuckles. "So how are you?" he wonders. "Last I talked to Claire she said you were acting weird," he points out.

Clark mutters, "Like she can talk."

Peter smirks at that...and then has to agree.

"Her definition of weird is that she thinks I've gotten over my break-up with Illyana too quickly. What she's not taking into account is that, for me, it's been longer than just a few weeks."

"How does that work?"

"I spent some time in the 31st century hanging out with a group of heroes who protect the whole galaxy."

"Ok don't tell me," Peter grumps.

Clark smiles. He did just tell him. And the extra time has helped his heart heal from broken to being merely bruised...again. He doesn't have much luck with girls. For example; at Christmas he dropped off his usual parcel of gifts for the Morlocks when Callisto cornered him, upset(or at least acting it very well) that he slept with her under false pretences(i.e. he didn't tell her he was an alien).

As Clark pointed out the fact they shared nothing personal was her idea.

It was only when she started asking him if his alien spawn was going to burst out her chest that he realised she was joking. If he had, somehow, got her pregnant(very unlikely) she would know by now...and he would be in a lot of trouble with his parents.

Women. Especially Callisto who is as stubborn as ever. Clark had tried to persuade her that there was now no need to hide in the sewers, what with the existence of District X in Bayville but she wouldn't have it. Not even when he tried to argue that the mutant community needed strong leaders, like her. And Callisto is a very good leader. Even then she stuck to her mantra that for some mutants, and there were a lot more of now down in the sewers, their place was in the sewers as outcasts from human and mutantkind alike.

See just as stubborn as ever...and as lovely as ever too. While he would never repeat the affair Clark still does not regret it for a moment.

"Where is Claire?" Peter wonders since she usually joins them for a night out. That was what this was. Clark had ran over straight from school for the normal Friday night team-up.

"Oh Marie talked Claire into going to see a show and tonight was when she could get tickets," Clark explains.

"Ah," Peter says...then asks, "You think Kitty would like to see a show?"

"Probably," Clark thinks.

Huh. Peter may have to see if he can afford some tickets for one.

Later that night finds the two heroes perched on a rooftop indulging in their shared loved of jelly filled dohnuts.

Hmm, dohnuts.

It had been mostly quiet. The really busy time for stopping thieves is, naturally, around the Holidays when they are all those presents to pilfer.

They are passing the time with Peter humouring(so he thinks) Clark as his alien friend tells him of his 'Adventures in the 31st Century!'. Seriously that should be a tv show or comic or something.

"So Phantom Girl and I..." Clark is saying before Peter cuts in.

"Phantom Girl? You never mentioned her yet," he points out.

"Oh right. Well her real name is Tinya. She can phase."

"Like Kitty."

"Exactly like Kitty...and there's a reason for that which I'll explain. She comes from a planet called Bgztl."

"Gesundheit," Peter jokes.

"Thanks," Clark plays along.

"You were saying," Peter prompts

"The whole planet exists out of phase in another dimension and they can all phase as well as possessing enhanced strength, speed and reflexes."

"How does that relate to Kitty?" Peter asks, not seeing it.

"Because they are all Kitty's descendants. All of them. She is the Matriarch of an entire species and therefore revered almost as a deity." Clark bites into his dohnut while Peter absorbs that. "What you should be asking yourself," he continues, "is that if Kitty is the Mother of a whole race who is the Father? Hint; enhanced strength, speed and reflexes...already dating her."

"Me?" Peter says disbelieving.

"Your spider powers have watered down a tad in a thousand years so they can't stick to surfaces like you can but your other enhancements have survived," Clark says in a lecture-like tone.

Peter shakes his head. "Oh ha ha. You almost had me there," he dismisses it as Clark pulling his leg.

"You might think I'm kidding you but the truth is you can never be 100% sure unless you travel to Bgztl," Clark points out, knowing that it'll drive Peter crazy not being able to completely dismiss what he is saying.

Peter is trying so hard not to believe this. He means the time travel part alone is stretching physics as he understands it. Not that it's ever been proved that time travel is impossible.

Clark smiles fondly at the memories. His trip to the future has helped repair some of his self-belief. The Legion exists to follow his example in helping people so he was told so perhaps he's not corrupted beyond all repair. Maybe. Lets just say he's got some ways to go yet before he reaches the end of this journey of doubt.

Their moment in interrupted by the sounds of sirens and police cars racing by on the street below.

"Duty calls?" Peter queries.

Clark closes his eyes and listens, trying to hone in on what is happening. "Some sort of fight between superpowered individuals," he reports. "Can't tell you anything more than that. We better get over and have a look," Clark decides, thinking this may be beyond the police's capabilities.

Peter pulls his rolled up mask down and Spider-Man flips off the building, shooting a webline as he goes with Superman flying alongside.

It doesn't take too long to find the chaos. The street looks like a battlefield...but there's strangely no sign of who is responsible.

Superman and Spider-Man land and look around.

"See anything?" Spider-Man asks, taking advantage of Clark's superior vision.

Superman purses his lips. "No," he says, taking in the injured civilians around and determining none look too serious. That they can be left, for now, to the emergency services while he and Spider-Man try and track down who is responsible for this.

The two heroes pass by a destroyed car.

"Is that melted?" Spider-Man asks, about to touch it only for Superman's super reflexes to grab his arm and stop him.

Superman fingers the metal and rubs between his thumb and finger a foul smelling drop of liquid. He sniffs it. "It's acid," he concludes.

"Ah. Don't touch then," Spider-Man realises.

"Only if you want to keep the flesh on your fingers. Otherwise knock yourself out," Superman tells him.

Spider-man tilts his head in a contemplative manner. "Well you do only live once," he jokes about considering it.

Superman smiles but returns his attention to the issue at hand. Who caused this and where are they now? "That car is burnt out by fire," he states the obvious of another vehicle.

Spider-Man shudders suddenly. "Spider-sense," he mutters and it's really strong. Suddenly a ball of flame flies past his head, almost singeing him. He and Superman turn round to the source to find two people, a man and woman standing there, their bodies alight with flame.

"Is this…?" Superman asks.

Spider-Man nods to confirm it. "Liz and her brother," he confirms who it is, having mentioned them before to Clark. They call themselves the Molten Twins since they went off the edge. When it comes to Liz, an admittedly former crush of Peter's, he feels particularly bad that this is how they have ended up.

"Well lookie here. The itsy bitsy Spider," the Molten Man mocks. "And he's even brought a friend."

Superman arches an eyebrow. While Mark looks eager for the confrontation he can see Liz's expression behind the flames is much less certain. He also know something else. They didn't cause all this destruction. That one car was melted by acid, not fire. There's someone else involved.

"You know I tripled checked my planner for tonight and I'm almost certain relearning the basics of fire safety wasn't in it," Spider-Man quips. "But for you two I'll make an exception."

"It's not us you have to worry about bug," Molten Man sneers.

Peter sighs wearily. "How many times do I have to say it, I'm not a..."


From the shadows of an alley something moving fast strikes hard, sending Spider-Man careening into a nearby car before even he could react.

"Spider-Man!" Superman calls out, moving to aid his friend only to find fireballs thrown his way.

"Ut uh," Molten Man tries to warn them off. "Scorpion's ours!" he claims. "Hand him over and no-one has to get hurt...too badly," he offers.

'That's interesting,' Clark thinks to himself. Why are they after this new guy? And how do they have a name for him?

"I've got this!" Spider-Man assures him. "Handle those two," he says.

Superman nods while Peter gets a first good look at who attacked him. Guy in a green suit...with a tail. Looks like armour in fact. Scorpion, Mark had called him. Good name.

Said tail points at him and a green thick viscous liquid is squirted at him. Peter doesn't even need his Spider-sense to tell him that's bad.

He shifts out the way barely and the liquid hits the car, melting it. "Talk about your corrosive personalities," he remarks as his new foe leaps at him...sputtering nonsense.

"Who are you masked mystery man?! Unveil yourself to the crowd! He said that. That's what he said!"

Peter puzzles for one instant. He's heard those words before...somewhere but he can't remember where and when and he doesn't have time to remember as he has to use all his agility to dodge. "Alllrighty then," he says in response before he gets into it with his new guy, exchanging blows. "You know I'm no doctor but I think you may need different medication."

Scorpion manages to slam Spider-Man into the pavement, cracking it...or that was just Peter's back. "YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!" the armoured arachnid(yes Scorpions are of the same family as spiders) screams incoherently. "You need to listen!"

"Are you talking to me or the voices in your head?" Spider-Man asks as he pushes the guy in the face trying to get him off. This is gonna to be one of those days.

Back with Superman he eyes up his two fiery foes. "We don't have to do this," he pleads with them.

"Sure we do," Molten Man insists. "Ready sis?" he asks of his half-sibling.

Molten Women(yes not very original) nods...a little hesitantly but she raises her hand to match her brother's actions. They touch them together and a jet of flame erupts from their hands, heading for Superman.

Superman inhales deeply and blows out his freeze breath, meeting their fire with an equal amount of cold to cancel it out.

Clouds of steam fill the area.

The combatants cease.

"Well now you are everything the news says you are, aren't you...alien," Molten Man says it, the bigoted tones clear to hear.

"I thought you, of all people, would appreciate differences, Mark."

"What I appreciate is that humans treat us all like something they stepped on. That's why Liz and I work for someone who does appreciate our talents."

"So there's someone else involved. Good to know," Superman comments on the fact Mark gave something away. For the 2nd time after dropping the name.

Molten Man's eyes narrow and he seethes at his own foolishness. His fire intensifies.

"Just so you know I am fireproof," Superman feels the need to point out.

The Molten Man sends a blinding fire flame at the alien, giving him a second to rip a streetlamp out and use it like a club, smacking Superman in the side, catching the alien superhero off guard and sending him flying until he tumbles to a halt.

Superman looks up, blue eyes narrowed in annoyance, as the man of fire charges at him. Taking a second he decides to take the impact rather than dodge it. He wants to keep the dangerous mutant away from the onlookers who, as always, can't help themselves but to stare and gawk at the superpowered battle.

He feels the impact in his gut and takes a short distance to curb the momentum before grabbing the man around the waist, lifting him up and throwing him backward along the street.

From the out of control tumbling Superman can guess he has never figured out how to use the heat he generates to fly. Goodie. Advantage to him then as he takes to the air. "You're pretty strong kid," he says. "But take it from me, strength is not everything," he offers his advice as he slams a punch into the Molten Man, sending him careening down to the ground, carving out a small crater.

In a blur of superspeed he lands next to a fire hydrant. He had calculated exactly where he wanted his fiery foe to land. He opens the hydrant up sending a torrent of water in the right direction, soaking Mark, dousing his flame until he sits in a puddle of water. With a deep inhale Superman unleashes his freeze breath once again, coating the man in a layer of ice. That should keep him from causing trouble for a few minutes. That leaves him to turn his attention to the, clearly more reluctant criminal; one Liz Allan.

Back with Spider-Man he's finding that his foe can match his strength, speed and agility essentially blow for blow. That's annoying.

Plus that armoured suit has definitely split the skin on his knuckles open. That's doubly annoying. Maybe he should have fought Liz and Mark and left Clark to fight his crazy new friend here.

"Not listening. Still not listening," Scorpion babbles as he swings and misses with that tail of his.

"Again who are you talking to?" Spider-Man asks as the tail miss allows him to get in close and deliver a really good solid blow and another. "If its voices in your head do they only talk to you or do they talk to each other?" he babbles on.

Spider-Man really has the upper hand now as a lens on Scorpion's mask shatters under his assault. "Look Scorpy….can I call you Scorpy? Or is that too John Crichton? Whatever, why don't you just stop and calm down? I don't want to hurt..."

He dodges a sloppy thrown punch, showing he has really rung his opponent's bell.

Spider-Man sighs under his mask. One punch, second, uppercut and the mask shatters completely, revealing half a face.

Scorpion lies prone, an arm raised over his now exposed face, meaning Peter doesn't quite see it. "No! No!" he screams desperately. "You have to listen!"

"No," Spider-Man dismisses that as he grabs the raised arm. "What I have to do is stop this before anyone is hurt," he determines. He moves the arm aside...and under his mask Peter's eyes go wide in complete and total shock at seeing whose face it is. What the hell?!

Down the street Superman is facing down Liz.

"S-stay back," she warns, her voice almost shaking in terror.

Superman raises his hands in a peaceful gesture. "I'm not going to harm you Liz," he assures her. "And I don't think you want to hurt me or anyone else," he reckons. Her expression is close to terrified.

"Why not? That's what we freaks do! Hurt people!"

Superman shakes his head sadly. "You're not a freak, Liz. You're a teenage girl, scared and lost by the change you're going through. No different from every other teenager. Trust me my teenage years have been a learning experience and a half I can tell you. You're not abnormal. You're mainstream."

Liz shakes her head in denial. "No. No. We're freaks. We have to think of ourselves. No-one loves us. Everyone hates us!"

"Is that you speaking? Or your brother?" Superman asks her. He can see the battle written out clearly on her face. "There are people Liz, who can help you. I can help you. You only need to reach out and accept the help," he tells her offering his hand.

She looks at the hand and then at his face.

"You know, I know for a fact Peter would love to see you again," Superman mentions.

"You know Peter?" Liz queries.

Superman nods. "He's dating a friend of mine. A mutant."

"I...knew that," Liz said.

"Then you can see how Peter wouldn't see you as a freak but as the friend he is missing dearly. Do you not miss your friends Liz?" he asks her.

Liz had refused to say it out-loud but she did miss her friends. She tried to silence that voice by remembering she was a freak now. Freak didn't have friends or people who loved them but still, when she was idle, she would find herself wondering what MJ was up to. Remembering what they would have been doing together if Liz was still around. For a moment her hand seems to reach out for Superman's only for a voice to ruin it.

"She doesn't need friends. She only needs me," Molten Man claims and out the corner of his eye Superman sees him power back up, melting the ice he was coated in away. "Lets see how much of a hero you are," he sneers as flame collects in his hands and he blasts it away, not at Superman but at the surrounding buildings, blasting chunks of them apart and setting them alight.

Superman blurs as he rushes to move the innocent spectators out the way of the falling debris before he hovers up to every fire and blows them out. It doesn't take him too long...but long enough. Mark and Liz are gone and even his eyes can't seems to find them. Clark has never quite worked out how the villains manage to do that so often to him.

Not that they were villains...well not Liz. She looked like a scared and lost little girl. Away from her brother he is certain he could have reached her. That'll cheer Peter up to know that. He hated what happened to Liz. Blaming himself for something that wasn't really his usual.

Superman jogs over to where Spider-Man is. "Spidey...what?!" he splutters when he sees the face of the fallen Scorpion. Peter's face.

For once Spider-Man is speechless.

Clark just stares. How on Earth…

As for Scorpion he just continues to babble nonsensically. "Who are you mystery masked man?! Unveil yourself to the crowd! He said that..."

Author's Note: The Jessica Jones scene I've long wanted to put in and this is basically her origin story from the comics with the only difference being Clark stopping her storming off. What happened next is that she is rescued from the river by Thor, upon whose boots she promptly throws up on, having swallowed too much water. She then swears a lot that even Thor has to make a comment about her 'unmaiden-like' language. Perhaps now Clark and Peter can aid her when she becomes Jewel. Clark's story about Phantom Girl's people being Peter and Kitty's descendants was just a funny idea I had. I confirm nothing about whether it's true or not. And so the Clone Saga begins...and we haven't seen the last of Mark and Liz. Thanks to everyone who wrote reviews. Next up; Clone Saga part 2 as the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper.