Drabbles and other short stuff. Crack, fluff and homor with a teeny bit of mature stuff here and there. Rating varies, so beware! And enjoy!


Naughty, naughty hands were inching closer and closer to the flesh they wanted to fondle. A small smile was twisting upwards the corners of a person's mouth as they were closer and closer to the unsuspecting victim.

The sneaky person felt almost giddy, being so close to the object of their desires. The victim had it coming for months, teasing with every motion of their alluring appendages. The sneaky person had been plotting for so long just to get this one chance to satisfy their desire, the lust they knew was wrong, but didn't care anymore. The tips of their fingers were almost brushing the surface of the victim's body as they lay in sumlight, dozing off after a big meal, their hands crossed above stuffed belly, eyes closed in blissful peacefulness. The naughty fingers moved closer oh so slowly, as if shy or afraid. The truth was that the person had to be very careful not to make any mistake.

"Oi, wench, why are you snea- Aaaah!" Inuyasha groaned when Kagome gripped his both ears and rubbed them with a happy giggle. Inuyasha looked up at the smiling face of the young miko and frowned, but after a minute of thinking he decided to let her have her way with his ears. Just this once.