A/N: A short story for InuParents Day 2020 on tumblr.
I am kinda late to this, but I had to at least try to write something, since I love this ship.
TW: some gore I guess

In Distress

He had a soul of a wanderer. Most daiyoukai traveled only when they had to, making their best to make the trip short, so they could return to their castles. He always managed to wander in a bee line from one part of his domain to the other, allowing his nose to drag him off his path when an interesting scent caught his attention.

Kimiko always joked that he was acting like a dog looking for hidden snacks under a pillow. To which he usually replied that she was akin to a lit paper lantern floating high overhead and dazzling everyone with glorious light of her beauty.

So, it was no wonder that once again the Inu no Taisho of the West found himself deep in the forest, lured off of his way by a very pleasant scent.

A cry echoed between the trees. It was the voice of a young maiden,certainly distressed. Concerned, he ran towards the scream, passing by the trees like a silver blur. He stopped on the edge of a small meadow hidden near a steep hillside.

"Akuma!" yelled a man, who just recently fell off his horse. The confused animal was slowing to a stop a distance away, shaking its head and panting in fright. The man hit the ground with a heavy thud and just after that scream came another, non-verbal declaration of shock and pain.

Touga was certainly used to being insulted with that name by humans, but this time he wasn't the recipient of the insult. It made him pause for a few seconds, simply staring.

"You bloody bastard of a man whore!" the frail looking girl - the one who had cried out earlier - dressed in rich layers of kimono, knelt on top of the struggling man, her knees pinning his arms as she balanced her weight of top of his torso. She had a dagger in her hands, long sleeves swaying as she stabbed the blade again and again into the upper torso of the screaming and writhing male. Hair, that had once been piled up on top of her head in an elegant bun, were now coming loose, ornate pins dangling dangerously from the black coils.

"How dare you try and kidnap Inoue daughter, you scum or a retarded goat!" she yelled, her dagger cutting deep in the man's arm and driving down almost to his elbow where her knee rested. The man under her howled like an animal.

"What kind of a bloody hog shit are you to think that this lady wouldn't eviscerate your rotting ass!" the feisty female yelled, this time letting her weapon sink in one of his eyes. The man's screams changed to wailing and she was still not done. She turned where she sat, the man no longer trying to dislodge her off of him, and stabbed both his thighs, allowing her blade to tear into his hakama and paint the faded brown with vibrant red. Only then she rose, glaring down at him The scent of blood and pain perfumed the air.

"I should kill you," she said fixing her loosened kimono with one hand, her other still holding her dagger. "But a lady of my standing cannot steep down so low as to kill one such as you."

The man moaned, blood flowing down his face from his ruined eye.

"So, this princess shall leave you. May many youkai feast upon your still living flesh for the dishonor you wanted to cause this lady's clan," she declared and kicked the man in his side for good measure. "Rot in hell, you vile thing."

With these words she turned towards the horse, lingering at the edge of the meadow. She put her dagger away after cleaning it against the man's sleeve and went to approach the animal.

"Good horse, good boy," she cooed, her voice now melodious and lulling into sense of security. The horse neighed uncertainly, but started to approach her slowly.

"I think I know now what love struck means," Touga muttered, the woman pausing in mid step, looking towards him with her face changing from gentle smile to wary scowl. She still looked radiant.

Touga saw a flash of fear in her eyes when she gazed at him, but soon it was hidden away, replaced with determination.

"I am not here to attack you, princess," he offered his assurance. The tense posture she had since he spoke, relaxed a bit. She glanced towards the horse.

"Thank you, my lord," she said softly and inclined her head. "It's appreciated."

"My name is Touga," he introduced himself. He intentionally left out all his titles, curious if she knew who he was. "May I ask for yours? And may I ask to escort you to your palace?"

"Keh, I know the way," she scoffed, grasping the horse's reins and pulling the animal closer to her so she could offer it a soothing stroke to its neck. "And this lady's name is Izayoi of clan Inoue. You may accompany her if you see fit, Lord Touga."

Then, to Touga's utmost shock, she shrugged off at least three of her top layers, bundled them together and, with newly gained freedom of movement, she climbed to the horse's back.

When she looked at him from the height of the horseback, holding the reins ans and smiling a pleased smile, Touga was more than happy that once again he had strayed from his path.