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Active Quest Log: Main: The Spellbook, Companion: Willow Rosenberg, Companion: Buffy Summers, Companion: Xander Harris

Relationship Values: Father (Daniel Christian) +50; Buffy Summers: +10; Willow Rosenberg: +35; Xander Harris: +10; Cordelia Chase: -10; Rupert Giles: +5

Sunnydale: Rise of the Coven

By Alkeni

Chapter 3: The Slayer and the Spellbook

Amy reached Room 22B before Buffy did - she was skipping a class to make this meeting, but she wasn't that concerned about her classes. She didn't plan on getting kicked out for failure to attend or at least pass, and she wasn't planning on ignoring her classwork completely...

But given everything, it wasn't as if her classwork mattered that much to her.

A few moments later, Buffy came into the classroom, setting her books down on one of the desks rather than carrying them around.

"What did you want to talk about?" Buffy asked, clearly more curious than anything else. Amy looked the Slayer over for a minute, deciding on the best way to get this done - to get Buffy to let her in on all the Slayer business.

"I know you're the Slayer," Amy said after a moment.

Buffy blinked, opening her mouth to protest or deny or say something, but Amy barrelled forward.

"Mom - Catherine - she left behind a lot of journals and diaries. I was looking through the most recent one last night, trying to..." Amy bit her lip a moment, then let out a long sigh. "Trying to figure out what she had my body do these last few months, so I wouldn't be surprised by anything I came back to. She talked about you, that she was pretty sure you were the Slayer. That your arrival was connected to a noticeable drop in the vampire population, more than just normal..." Amy laughed, "And I still almost can't believe vampires are real too."

"But you do think so?" Buffy asked carefully.

"It's not that much of a leap to go from 'magic is real' to 'vampires are real'," Amy pointed out, and Buffy nodded in agreement after a moment.

"I guess not," the Slayer said after a few more silent seconds. "So..."

"I want to help." Amy declared.


"The same way Willow, and Xander and Mr. Giles are helping you." Amy explained. "I mean, you're the Slayer, which means you're... like the chosen one or whatever - Catherine was vague on the details-"

"I'm the one chosen to be the only one with the strength and skill to face the vampires and the forces of darkness, blah, blah, blah," Buffy cut in. "It's not as fun as it sounds."

"I don't think it's fun, Buffy. Getting my body stolen wasn't fun, but it opened my eyes to how scary this town is." Amy inhaled sharply. "Vampires are the reason we have so many 'accidental' deaths in Sunnydale, aren't they?"

Buffy nodded after a moment. "Yeah, most of them. Mr. Giles says that Sunnydale is on something called a Hellmouth - some sort of nexus of badness or whatever. Vampires, demons... everything that you didn't think existed... monsters... witches..." Buffy added, looking at Amy. The slayer took a breath. "Are you sure about this?"

"Did you ask Willow and Xander the same thing?"

"Basically, yeah." Buffy nodded. "This isn't a game... I risk my life every night, and if you're even close to this, you could die." The way she said that left Amy sure she'd lost a friend or more to Slaying, even already now. I probably won't unlock that story until I'm a level 4 friend, at least... Amy resisted the urge to smile at her little joke, lest Buffy misunderstand where Amy was finding humor.

"I'm at risk of dying even if I don't help you, in this town. My Dad could die." Amy shook her head. "Catherine made me a victim... I..." She affected a tone as if she was forcing herself to be steely and stubborn. "I won't be a victim again. I won't."

Buffy took a step towards her and held out a hand. "Alright. Welcome to the team." Amy shook her hand. Step one done.

Flashing before her eyes, Amy saw the words "+3 Relationship with Buffy Summers", and the phone-game control device in her pocket vibrated a little against her leg. She ignored it for the moment.

"I'll let Willow and Xander know you know. Giles... he'll be a bit of a stick in the mud about it, I think. He's stuffy about all this." Buffy added that last bit with a small smile.

"He's british. Isn't the same thing?"

Meeting Willow after school was done and walking to her house- was itself a fun experience. Leaving her crush aside, just being able to walk and talk with her childhood friend was nice. All the hostility and acrimony was gone. Willow didn't know all that had happened between them last time around, and Amy couldn't bring herself to retain any of her old resentments against this Willow - the innocent, shy, wide-eyed young woman she'd first fell for. This Willow had done nothing for Amy to resent.

And she won't. Amy was going to make sure of that this time.

"So, I figured we could start with prepping for the history test. I mean, I know you're not in the same period, but the test is on the same day-" Willow said, as she dropped her bookbag next to the kitchen table.

"The same day two weeks from now." Amy pointed out with a small laugh. Then she smiled. "Nice to know you haven't changed."

"There's nothing wrong with being prepared for a test," Willow's tone affected protest, but since Amy hadn't really gone at her, the protest wasn't really needed. "Besides, you've got months of class to catch up on." Willow sat down and opened her history textbook.

"Catherine did make me do well enough on my homework that she wouldn't get kicked out of extracurriculars... but yeah. I did miss all the class discussions and lectures and stuff, so..." Amy nodded. "Okay." she sat down at the kitchen table across from Willow and pulled out her own history textbook.

"So the test is supposed to cover Chapters 17 to 24..." Willow started.

Five hours, several slices of pizza and some fresh out of the oven Brownies later, Willow and Amy were sitting on the floor in front of the couch, watching some movie. It had been Willow's pick, and Amy was only half paying attention. Willow and her were right next to each other, and the redhead's closeness was distracting. Amy had given up mocking herself at how bad she had it. She didn't remember the crushing on Willow being this hard last time, this severe, but Amy didn't care. She knew how she felt about the redhead. The hardest part was still resisting the urge to just kiss WIllow senseless now.

Soon though, goddess damnit.

So they sat, watching the movie, Willow actually paying attention to the screen, and Amy paying attention to Willow, until finally the credits rolled.

"It's getting late." Amy said after a moment. "I should... I should probably get home." She'd called home and left a message that she was at WIllow's and her dad had even called to check that, but it was nearly nine now. Walking home in Sunnydale in the dark, especially given what she 'knew'...

"Probably." Willow agreed, sounding reluctant. The she smiled. "I'm... I'm really glad we got to do this. I missed this, hanging out with you like this. Xander just doesn't like these movies, and he's always doing commentary when we watch something. Nice to have a change of pace again."

"We could do this again sometime?" Amy offered, looking at Willow, affecting a careful, hesitant tone.

"Of course!" Willow agreed brightly. "This was fun." Taking Amy by surprise, Willow gave her a quick hug, Amy barely managing to return the gesture before the redhead pulled back. "Maybe this weekend?"

"I'd love that." Amy agreed, smiling. "Thank you."

"You don't need to thank me. We're friends. We'll get back to the way things used to be in no time."

+10 Relationship with Willow.

And now, here she was.

Amy finally reached the last box in her bedroom, knowing that at the bottom of it, she'd mysteriously find the leatherbound spellbook. It had just appeared in her luggage when she'd moved, and she'd tried to avoid it for a long time - she'd actually tried burning it once, to no avail. At the time, she'd been terrified by the thing, and its resilience.

Now, of course, Amy understood that this spellbook was bound to her family. It hadn't just been her mother's, but her grandmother, and great grandmother, and possibly even further back, had used it. Her maternal line was full of powerful and usually quite dark, witches. This spellbook would have dark spells aplenty. She knew she was going to need to find other sources for other, lighter spells, but these would do for now. Certainly, the ability to conjure fire would make vampires easy prey, and if this campaign was going to focus on magic, on witches fighting for control... well than Amy wanted to be prepared to fight magical battles.

Setting her the clothes and assorted other things in the box aside, Amy's fingers brushed against the spine of the spellbook and she stiffened. This time, she could feel, really feel the power of the book, running up her arm, into her. She could feel the familiar flood of magic and Amy closed her eyes for a moment, opening them to have her vision so much clearer.

If she looked in a mirror, she knew she'd find her eyes solid black orbs, but Amy didn't care. The feeling of the magic rushing through her again...

Goddess... does everything feel so much... More now? After what felt like an age, but was just seconds, Amy came back down from her sudden high, her vision returning to normal, and the magic settling into her. She could feel her power awakening. Her whole body hummed and buzzed, her power so much more now than it had been when she started.

I guess the game wants things to move ahead quickly. That was something Amy could get behind.

Opening the spellbook and putting it across her lap, Amy pulled out the game control device and looked at her quest log, wondering what was next.

Main Quest: The Spellbook - Completed

Main Quest: Coming To Power

You have unlocked your power, and now it is time to ensure you harness it.

*Learn Ten Spells

*Reveal your magic to the rest of your party

"Ten spells? May as well get to work."

Codex: Buffy Summers

Strength: 7, Agility: 7 Endurance: 5 Perception: 6 Luck: 1 Charisma: 5 Intelligence: 4 Willpower: 5

Boons: The Slayer (Locked), Magical Resistance,

Traits: She Who Hangs Out In Cemetaries (Locked), Former Cheerleader

Banes: I Just Want To Be Normal (Locked);

Relationships: Mother (Joyce Summers) +60; Willow Rosenberg +40, Xander Harris: +45, Rupert Giles: +15, Cordelia Chase: -20, Angel +8, Amy Madison +13,

Defects, Flaws and Derangements: None

Unspent Character Points : 2