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Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial
Lee fumbled with his bulky supplies while he attempted to shove money into a little slot on a big vending machine.
'Arg.' He thought. 'I knew I should have put more money on this yesterday.' He silently cursed the system of mass public transit, retrieved his train pass and hurried up the stairs to the train. Which had just pulled away.

He put his plastic box o' supplies on the platform and sat on it. Not exactly the most comfortable place to be seated, but the benches were currently being occupied by pigeons and their.. excrement. Lee fumbled in his canvas tote for the decade-old looking CD player that was attached to the stylish expensive-looking headphones around his neck. The crappy player was fine as long as it played music- it was being hidden in the bag- but the headphones HAD to be cool. Everyone downtown had them, and Lee had just made a bit of cash on a commission, so he got himself a great pair. He clicked the CD player shut, hit the button and soon music began flowing from the earpieces. Not too loud- you don't want to disturb others on the train.

Lee breathed in. He was kind of glad he missed the train. It gave him a chance to sit and wait. He liked doing that lately. It gave him a chance to look at things and draw them out in his mind. Sometimes the music mixed with his thoughts of an object and made it contort and change. If something he saw in his head came off as interesting and beautiful to him, he'd write it down. This was where his ideas came from, mostly. It made him feel really nerdy thinking he had a Photoshop program in his head, but... that's what it was.

Today he was particularly concentrating on a garbage can that was turning green and glowing. Before he realized it, his eyes were closed and he was completely shut off from everything but the twirling, alien garbage can. He felt a muscle in his arm twitch. Again. What the..? His hand flew to his shoulder and he found he was clutching someone's finger. Someone had been poking him.

"What the..?" was what he said before he opened his eyes.
"Don't fall asleep here, you'll miss another train."

The most beautiful thing he'd ever seen was staring at him, smiling. He ran his eyes over her face and decided that the artist who created her was the most talented genius ever. He was still holding on to her finger.

"I'll need that back." she said, chuckling. "You must be an art student."
"Err, yeah." Lee said. He patted the box under his derriere. "My supplies tip you off?"
"No, actually, it was your shoes." She took a seat on the platform next to him. "They look ancient."

With much reluctance, Lee tore his eyes from her face and glanced at his feet. He had on his old, grimy high-tops, like always. They didn't have a trace of paint on them though...

"How..?" He stammered.

The girl pointed to her own feet. She had the same high-tops. Except they were pink, and a deal less grimy than Lee's black ones.

"Actually... I can tell by the way you're dressed, too. All art students who commute downtown are thrifty like that. I'm a thrifty junkie too."
"I dress this way because it's inexpensive." Lee laughed. "Students don't get much work."
"Yeah. "
"Are you an art student too?"
She nodded "In high school. I'm 16."

Lee nearly choked. She seemed so much older. He himself was only 18, but a freshman at an art college.

"Gosh, I'm sorry. I should have introduced myself. I'm Sakura." she extended her hand.

Lee didn't know if he was supposed to lick it, kiss it or just shake it. He opted for the choice that didn't involve his mouth...

"I'm Lee." There was silence for a little. "If you're not going to school... can I ask why you're taking the train?"
She scoffed. "There ARE other places down there, ya know."
Lee nodded, embarrassed by his question.
"I'm going to visit this guy I know. He's in a band. They have a gig later on. Hey! You should come!" She stood up to reach into her back pocket. She pulled out a small flyer. "This is them."
Lee took it. It smelled like her. He quickly dismissed this irrelevant fact from his mind... he'd come back to it later.
"Train's coming!" She helped Lee up.

He didn't have time to read the flyer, so he stuck it in his bag for the time being. He gathered his supplies and stepped forward as the train screeched to a halt. Sakura chose two seats for them to sit on, she by the window and he next to her. All the way into the city she asked him about his school and asked to see some of his pieces. He showed her his sketchbook. Embarrassingly enough, it was his figure sketchbook. Sakura complimented his ability to portray breasts realistically. She went on about how hers were so under average. Lee chimed in, saying how she was still growing, turned red and shut up. Sakura was amused. She asked about his music. Lee was eclectic. She asked what that meant. He told her that he liked all kinds of music, but the kind he was listening to now was some indie rock band she'd never heard of. She asked to listen to it. Lee watched her listen and thought it was so beautiful the way her face changed whenever she heard something she liked. He desperately wanted to sketch her profile, but thought it would be kind of weird to ask.

"I get off here..." Lee said, obviously pained to have to tear himself away from this moment with an angel.
"Oh, okay." Sakura said, handing back Lee's 'phones. "I'll see you at the gig, right?"

The gig. That's right, the flyer. Lee would read it once he got settled in class.

"Yeah, I'll be there." he smiled dopily.
"You'd better, art boy. Maybe my boyfriend will commission a portrait of me to hang on his wall."

Her boyfriend.

Lee waved and stepped onto the platform before he allowed his smile to vanish. Of course she had a boyfriend. It must be that guy in the band. Lee tried not to let it get to him, but it tortured his mind all the way to the building his first class was in.
There must have been some reason she wanted him to go... but... he kind of didn't want to now...

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