As promised, special ShikaIno chapter! Sadly, not much action. Also written in first person from Shika's POV. x_x Something I did not anticipate. But when inspiration strikes...


Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial special chapter - T'en va Pas (ShikaIno)

It was a common sight in the city. A tall, leggy blonde girl strutting along, seeming too good for anyone. People always seemed intrigued by these women. Wondering where she was going, what her name was, what she was listening to, et cetera. I, for one, never gave these women a second glance, nor a second thought. Why should I when I would not receive the same courtesy? It was all too much of a bother to have to think about. Give me a plain ol' average girl any day. Down to earth. And ANYTHING but a leggy blonde.

Those were my initial feelings. That was before I fell for one.

I was sitting at a cafe on the corner of a busy city block. Dozens of people rushed in that morning, bought coffee and a paper or something, and rushed out to get to work. I was the only one sitting outside, relaxing, not submitting to the meaningless rush of the morning.

And yes, that also may translate as being unemployed.

So anyway, as an average guy sitting at that cafe, I did my share of observing the female patrons as they rushed about. Most wore heels, a sophisticated little skirt-suit and a teeny, expensive-looking bag. Prada, Gucci or what-have-you. Keep in mind that I was currently lounging in a bit of an upscale business commune.

Me, the unemployed college student. Me, who was dressed in little more than decently necessary. Yes, I was sitting in an expensive cafe on the corner of Wall Street and Stick-up-my-ass Avenue.

Getting back to the people... Most of these women looked as if they had sons my age squandering their parents' life savings on keg parties and strip clubs. The rest probably had steamy affairs going on involving sexy, foreign pool boys.

Every once in a while, one of these leggy blondes would appear, turn her nose up at the clerk, order an extra-frothy expresso, flip her hair around, and then leave- off to some photo shoot for a snobby women's magazine. You know, the kind with skanky, expensive clothes that no one except the model herself will ever be able to wear without being publicly mocked.

That's how it all went for the first hour or so.

Then, I saw the most intriguing sight I could imagine. This girl was blonde, tall and leggy... but she looked nothing like my mental stereotype. Instead of a perfectly placed ponytail, her hair was tossed back into a messy bun and topped with an ancient-looking porkpie hat. Instead of a cleavage-boosting v-neck frilly shirt-thing, she wore a baggy, striped sweater, sleeves rolled up. Instead of a suit skirt or tight, ass-shaping pants, she wore a beat-up shin-length skirt that looked like it was made from a cut-up pair of men's pants.

Lastly and most importantly, on her feet, instead of heels or other needlessly painful foot coverings, were a pair of old, grey hightops.

The very same ones I was wearing.

If this wasn't perfect enough, I watched her go inside, order a Pepsi and walk out, but not without picking up a copy of the free indie 'zine they had lying in the doorway. She looked around the area I was sitting in and upon seeing it occupied, made her way over towards my general direction.

She paused for a moment before sitting across from me. As if she half-expected me to tell her off.

"Well you don't see too many people relaxing at this time of day." She said.

"Hm. You also don't see many leggy blondes drinking carbonated beverages at this time of day either." I said. Ladies and gentleman, I am brainless.

She gaped at me long enough for me to comprehend how idiotic I was. Then she laughed. Oh, she had such a horrible laugh. It was more like a mule braying- but lo and behold, it sealed the deal.

I was in love.

She complimented my boldness. Most people would just think that but I came right out and said it. Also said she admired guys who weren't afraid of women. I told her I thought of women as being more of a bother than a threat. she laughed at that too.


After we'd spent two hours talking she asked what my name was.

"I'm Shikamaru. And you?"

"Ino. But I guess I'll have to be going... though I do hate being on time."

"Maybe I can stall you a bit longer." I smirked at her.

"I'm going towards the brown line train. Join me?" she asked.

"Got nothin' better to do." I got up and walked with her.

On the way, I explained to her my situation. Not working, rarely going to class, et cetera. She told me she was in a band.

"Yeah, come and see us." She said, handing me a flyer. On it were astoundingly well designed caricatures of three guys.

"Where are you?"

"Oh.." she laughed. "I kind of lied. I'm only the tech-girl."

"Doesn't matter." I shook my head. "I'll be there."

At that point we were at the train.

"Soo.." I sputtered.

"See you tomorrow. Same place, same time? I'm there every morning..." she said.

"Oh. Yeah, sure. Definitely."

Nice. Save me the trouble of asking for her number.

"See you then." She smiled oh-so alluringly and walked up the stairs to the train.

Realizing I had no idea where she had led me, I began wandering in the direction I thought we'd come from. Getting lost in the city gave me ample time to think and not pay attention to where I was going. I thought about my previously conceived notion of a universal blonde in the city. Then, upon thinking of the lovely Ino, had that notion completely disintegrate before my eyes.

It was mind-boggling.

The way one girl could completely change my mind over the course of a few hours, I mean. I thought ahead to tomorrow, something I don't think I have EVER done in my life, and honestly could not wait to talk with her again. Anticipation- yet another new feeling I experienced that day. I anticipated meeting with her, seeing her band play, and eventually entangling myself in her infinitely interesting life.

Me in a state of euphoria as I wandered aimlessly- now this was definitely NOT a common sight in the city.


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