Elliot narrates his own story he has experienced..."My name is Elliot Kid...My story is the one where a man does his best and i grew up. but i remained as the old self i used to be when i was a kid...But one thing i know for sure. Some things won't be the same again..."

"And this...is my story..." Elliot is seen eating at a diner restaurant like a proper man."Loretta didn't get to talk to me for like...14 years she felt awfully bad when she realized i had imaginations within my head which could explain why...and why i imaginated so many things..."

*The Clerk looks at Elliot and asked* Attendant:Do you need anything else Sir? *which i respond* "Oh no, it's nothing thanks for asking." *The Clerk then continues attending the people inside the restaurant,then an Old friend whose name is Marcus he arrives and looks at me in the face,suddenly he Recognizes me.*

Marcus: Elliot? Is that you? It's been a while since we've last met each other. Loretta wouldn't shut her mouth up she was crying a lot because she remembers you...i'll dial her number and i'll let her know that you came back to town.

"Go for it Marcus!" *Marcus then dials Loretta's Number* Marcus:Come on Lorreta...Answer the phone! *She finally answers her Phone*Loretta:H-Hello? Who is this? *Marcus then answers* Marcus:It's Marcus. And Guess who returned back to town! Loretta:Is...Is it Elliot? *Marcus tells her that it is Elliot* Loretta:Can i talk to him? *Marcus Gives his Phone to elliot* "Hello?" Loretta then Instantly recognizes the voice Loretta:Elliot?! Is that you who i'm speaking?! Oh thank goodness you came back. I Missed you! Where are you now?

"I'm at the Restaurant. Marcus somehow knew i was there. and atleast it's worth it. I'll meet you later...And i Missed you too." Loretta then hangs up the phone

Marcus:You did it Elliot.

"I hope i did the right thing. *he finishes eating his food and pays* See ya later Marcus. Oh and thanks by the way." He heads back to his house and he heads back to his bedroom to take a little nap,then somebody is knocking Elliot's Door* "*Yawn* I wonder who it is." Elliot opens the door and Loretta looks at Elliot and she hugs Elliot! Loretta:Well, what took you so long Elliot?! I was so worried about you! "I know. I wouldn't forget you Loretta. i wouldn't just do such a thing." A imagination i remembered is behind the both of us.


*Red,blue,yellow,green,blue* FAILED!

Loretta:I knew you came back for me...I know about your visions that you usually have. *Elliot seem to be shocked that Loretta found out about Elliot's imaginations* "I see...i gotta go to sleep now it's been a while since i slept in my usual home." He sleeps peacefully,but he's happy that he returned home.