Flashback Chapter 3:The Age of Reason (Alt. Path) (No Imagination/Vision Reactions,Good Choices at Loretta,Elliot Possessed and Rescued by Loretta)

*Elliot is seen to be running from an imaginary Dinosaur* "What the hell is. THIS?!" Nothing matters but escaping...And he bumps into "a tree with coconuts"* "Wha...what happened?" He leaves the kitchen as his sister tells him that he's too Old to get into so much trouble. Out of instantly he loses his imaginations. "Suzie is right...i'm too old for this." He walks to his bedroom and washes his face incase he feels sleepy. "Good to go." Later on, He walks his way back to school after class. "Another day...The same stuff...Bye Michael" Michael waves back as he accidentally bumps into loretta. "WELL 'Scuse me! Can't you watch where you're going?" Michael stands up and laugh...Kaytoo and Mimi join in the laughter. "Did you see that Elliot?" Elliot turns around and says "What? what is it?" Elliot turns around as he witnesses Loretta complaning about some guys like Michael being silly boys. But Elliot walks away to his home.



"What Monster,Kaytoo? That's just an Old Crooked tree. And Besides. That's baby's stuff." Elliot walks and enters his home. "What does he mean by Baby's stuff?" Elliot answers the incoming call from Loretta..."Zdravo.(Hello) You need something?" Loretta answers to elliot about his sudden Change "Hi Elliot. Classmates were talking about your sudden change. Is everything okay?"



"I'm Fine, Loretta i'm planning to be a big boy and trying not to be too silly infront of you. Besides, i wouldn't laugh at you when Michael bumped at you." Loretta keeps on listening..."See Elliot? At least i know you don't make fun of me. See you tomorrow." She hangs up and Elliot sleeps till dawn.

It's 7AM and the alarm clock rings. "Here we go again...I haven't imaginated anything for the last 6 hours. But the teachers won't give a hear to my explaining."

One of Elliot's imagination is behind him...*GET READY!*



But Elliot remains Calm as he doesn't turn around and go Silly."I've got to get to the school and without being so silly." Elliot exits his bedroom,then he gets on the School bus*

*Elliot decides to sit on seat...alone Loretta gets on the school bus as well,she sees Elliot sitting on the seat alone...She thinks something impacted him.* "You okay,Elliot? You're so alone. Why are you dressed up like that,the Coat and stuff?"

X*=ASK(Why are you so worried?)

O=TALK(I'm fine.)

"Loretta Come on, why are you so worried about me? Nothing's happening to me right now. I have to act like a big boy so i'm acting like one now." The School bus stops at the School and Elliot gets off his seat,but he's unaware that Loretta was holding his left hand! "Oh jeez, this is too much." Loretta starts to hug Elliot. "Don't leave me alone ever,Elliot."




"I won't leave you Loretta. I promise..." Elliot enters his Classroom and sits down on his seat. "Here we go." Elliot imagines again of vampires...but Elliot's teacher advises him NOT to react.




"No! Vampires do NOT exist!" Elliot succeesfully resisted in reacting to an imagination of his. and after a while passes,Elliot is introduced to the man who Elliot has a sense or two that he'll visit his family. "Pleased to meet you sir, My name's Elliot." then the teacher says "He's a boy with imagination." But Kaytoo pulls Elliot back "Let go! Let go of me,Kaytoo!" Then Mr. Leon comes to see whats happening. "Mimi and Kaytoo! What's this hullabaloo?" then Looks at elliot. "Elliot what did they do to you? Can you try to explain?"

X*=Try to Explain


△=Take the Blame

□=Remain Silent

"Yes. I was just introducing myself to the man and Kaytoo out of no reason he pulls me back. Dunno what has gotten into him." Elliot just walks away hoping that what he just explained,wasn't a big mistake and he also hopes that he did the right thing. Luke comes in and says "How's it Going Elliot? We're going to hang out at the park. You want to come Along?"


O=Don't Accept

"Yeah! Here we go!" Elliot follows Luke and his friend to the park. Loretta is seen talking to a friend of hers and she sees Elliot Following Luke and his friend. "You know them, Elliot?" Loretta looked Concerned about Elliot's Well-being.

X=Yes i do know them

O*=Why the Concern?

"Loretta. Why are you so worried about me? i mean i appriciate the concern from you to me. and yes i know them. I'll be home later. I promise." Then Loretta says "I hope so Elliot. I don't want to lose you." Elliot gave a farewell hug to Loretta. And Loretta hugs Elliot. "C'mon Mr Hotshot! let's go!"

Luke,Elliot and Luke's Friend goes to the Park. Meanwhile Elliot talks to Aiden. "Listen here Aiden. These two are my friends and if there's anything weird happening in the Park. Keep your eyes open Aiden And one more thing. Watch out for anything suspicious."The 3 of them were playing basketball and they were playing very good at dribbling,shooting from the 3-point range,etc. But green flashes were on Elliot's head! Even Aiden definitely got unaware of this!"Gah!" And again! "Aaagh! Get Help, Aiden! Quick!"




"Urrghh...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGHHHH!"*Elliot stands up as his eyes were on pure red and green...The Perspective switches to Loretta*

"I wonder if Elliot's okay." *Up* "I hope he answers..." But only his voicemail was heard. "Hello,This is elliot kid if im not answering the call, i'm occupied. i hate to say this but there won't be a beep." *Holds L2 down*




"Hm...that's weird. Elliot always responds to my phone calls. Is something happening right now,something that i'm not aware?" Loretta hangs up her phone and still wonders what's happening. But Aiden writes in the sand that Elliot needs help. "Elliot is in danger! I have to help him!" Loretta runs all the way to the Park. and she sees Elliot...but possessed..."Elliot!" She runs up to elliot,he somehow found a lethal object. "What are you doing elliot?! You've got to wake up! Elliot,you're being manipulated wake up! I beg you!" But a hostile oracle responds to Loretta "Leave him,human. There's nothing you can do now..." He uses powers and launches Loretta hitting a tree! "Aaagh!" Elliot looks at loretta's unconscious body.


*Red,Green,Green,Blue,Red,Yellow,Blue* *GOOD!* Elliot Breaks out of his possessed control and Eliminates the Oracle,somehow the ghost of the so called Lucas Kane appears next to him,doing the same attack pose as Lucas kane."That's not how i see my Future." Elliot Rushes at Loretta's body. Luke and his friend return and check on Elliot and Loretta. "Elliot,we've heard a scream! Is everything okay?"



"There's no time! I've got to make her wake up!" Elliot begins to T*GET READY!*

*HOLDS L2,R2 and X* "You've got to breathe, Loretta! You have to breathe!" *HOLD L2,R2 and Down* "Breathe!" Loretta breathes and coughes Elliot saved Loretta's life. "Man What courage! Elliot is a hero! Loretta would have never made it out of there without him!" Elliot walks away but Loretta quickly hugs elliot. "Thank you...thank you so much Elliot." Elliot hugs Loretta back. "No problem Loretta. i couldn't let this happen to you."


1 Elliot remained calm the entire day, Avoided reactions at the imaginations and he didn't get into trouble.

2 Elliot tried to explain the situation to Mr Leon

3 Elliot failed to resist from being possessed by the oracle...but Loretta manages to break his possession.