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Chapter 5

Jack sat in his lab as he stared at his old armor that was propped up across from him on the other side of the room. Ever since he had returned from the Autobots temperary base two days ago, he could not get the damn feeling of being in his old armor out of his head. As a consequence he had very little concentration and was having a hard time completing his work before turning to stare at him armour forabout an hour, thinking of all the times he had fought M.E.C.H and the Decepticons in it.

"Is something the matter sir?" J.A.R.V.I.S asked.

"Why would you ask something like that?" Jack replied, his eyes not straying from his armour.

"You have been unable to focus on your work for the past hour. Also you have been ignoring the ringing of your phone for the past two minutes." J.A.R.V.I.S answered.

'Shit!' Jack thought as he could suddenly hear the ringing of his phone. Grabbing the phone, Jack answered. "Yes?"

"Sir, you might want to get down to the data analysts room. They say they found something you may want to see." the person on the other end said.

"Understood." Jack said before hanging up and leaving his office.

Entering the analysts room, he stared as everyone was combing through the worlds data, trying to find anything about M.E.C.H, the Decepticons or anything alien in general. One of the analysts came running up to him and quickly asked to follow him. Doing as asked, Jack followed the analyst into one rooms where John, who was the head of the analyst and communication department, was seated with a piece of paper.

"Alright John, what is it?" he asked.

"About ten minutes ago, we picked up a strange Cybertronian signal that did not match anything we have on record. It seemed to be sending out a signal that was revealing it's location." John said, showing him the data.

"Is it moving?" Jack asked, reading the data written, which showed the time and location of the signal.

"No sir. The signal is in the same place as when we detected it." John answered.

"Thank you for finding this information. Continue to scour the globe for any signal's like this one. Perhaps try to find one that is sending a similar signal." Jack thanked.

"Yes sir." John nodded before leaving the room along with Jack.

Jack meanwhile quickly made his way towards the Bridge Room while also calling for Bumblebee and Bulkhead to meet him there. Once entering the room, he saw that the two of them were waiting for him. Pressing the microphone Jack spoke.

"Alright you two, analysts just got a location of a strange Cybertronian signal, and i want you two to scout the area for what that signal is. Sending you the coordinates now."

Typing a few commands, Jack showed them where the signal was coming from on the large screen up between the Briefing Room window and the Console Room. Once they were shown, Jack activated the GroundBridge and saw the two Autobots out of the base.

It would not be an hour later when Bulkhead would call for pickup that Jack knew that something was wrong. Bulkhead was the first to enter the base and he had a worried expression on his face. When Bumblebee came through, looking down at the floor in sadness, Jack knew that something had gone wrong with the assignment. Pressing the microphone, Jack asked them what happened.

"What happened out there you two, Is Bumblebee alright?"

"Bumblebee said that he had found the beacon but was then knocked out. When he came to he was unable to transform into his vehicle mode." Bulkhead answered.

"Bumblebee, go see Ratchet and tell him to send me a report on what the problem is. In the meantime, Bulkhead, Optimus wants to see you." Jack relayed the information before leaving the control room.

As he walked through the corridors, the speakers began to call his name over the intercom.

"Jackson Darby to the guest room 3. Jackson Darby to the guest room 3." Stevenson said over the intercom.

Shaking his head, Jack sighed and turned around and headed towards the elevator. Entering the elevator, Jack pressed the first level button that would take him towards the interrogation room. As the lift brought him up, Jack was worried over how Bumblebee had been unable to transform. With his understanding of Cybertronian physiology, he knew that either Bumblebee had his T-Cog damaged or it was taken from him.

When he had seen him, Bumblebee did not seem to have any damage on him, not a scrape or dent on his form, although that did not rule out the possibility of it being internal damage. The other scenario was something that was far worse; that his T-Cog was stolen from him.

That definitely ruled out the Decepticons as they had their own and even if they did take his T-Cog, why leave him where he was and not capture him. No, this was a third party that was involved, and the only one that he knew of was M.E.C.H. They seemed to crop up whenever there was an opportunity to gain something from either the Autobots or Decepticons. This did not sit well with him, if M.E.C.H was indeed the ones who stole Bumblebee T-Cog, which he was getting convinced they were the perpetrators, then Silas must be trying to build himself his own Transformer.

The sound of the elevator doors opening broke him from his thoughts, looking up, he noticed that he had reached the first floor. Exiting the elevator, Jack quickly walked towards the hallway that held the guest rooms. Finding room 3, Harry saw two armed guards standing on either side of the doors. When they saw him make his way towards the door, one of the soldiers stepped to one side and pulled a key card from his right breast pocket and swiped it along the card scanner. There was an audible buzz that signaled that the door was unlocked.

The guard then opened the door and allowed him to step inside. There he saw that it was the Avengers, along with Miko who were all sitting around the room.

"Sorry about that. Security protocols, you understand. Come on." Jack invited as he along with the Avengers stepped into the hallway.

"Where are we Jack? What is this place?" Steve asked.

"Welcome to NEST HQ, This is where the Autobots and NEST will coordinate and be sent on missions to deal with any Decepticon or M.E.C.H activities." Jack answered.

"I understand the Decepticons, but why M.E.C.H?" Raf asked.

"We both know that M.E.C.H wants to control the world with powerful tech, and the only ones who have them are us, the Autobots and the Decepticons. We also know that if M.E.C.H were to catch the attention of Megatron, then who knows what will happen." Jack explained as they all got in the elevator.

"So what exactly do you do here Jack?" Miko asked.

"Ever since I left I have been trying to improve humanity's chance against Decepticon attacks. You saw the results of my work with the Titans and NEST Teams. As well as the Avenger." Jack answered.

"So what will we be doing? You did say that we needed to be a team." Natasha asked.

As the elevator came to a stop and into the Bridge Room, Jack led them to their quarters. "We will be training in teams with a combat simulator. We will also work in scenarios where team coordination is key." Jack answered.

"Will we be in here the whole time?" Steve asked.

"No, Tony has decided to let us use his Stark Tower as the new Avengers Tower. It's there that we will be based in." Jack answered. "Unfortunately the new tower will not be complete for another 6 months, so for now, yes this is where you will be staying."

"Uh Jack, what about my family. They don't even know about what we are doing." Raf stated.

"Yes well, your parents are being brought here where the situation will be explained. The same goes for your parents Miko." Jack said. "Ah here we are."

Where they were now was actually a door that had the Avengers logo that Jack had designed painted on the face. The door parted from the middle and opened to a large circular room that had connecting hallways that led to each of their rooms. In the large room was a few couches and tables, as well as a large tv that had cable connection. On one side of the room near the back was the kitchen, where the Avengers could have a meal with each other.

"This is where you guys will be staying for the time being. I'll give you guys the tour later." Jack said. "Now your parents should be here in about two hours from Jasper and Japan respectively so I suggest getting comfortable. I will have a guard bring you to where they will be held.

"Are you sure about this Jack, I mean this is our parents we're talking about." Raf asked. "I don't know if my family will take the news that I'm now part of some government secret well."

"Yeah, my parents will definitely flip their shit when they learn about the Autobots and my part in it. Not to mention my pregnancy, something I haven't even told my host parents about." Miko explained.

"Well you have two hours to figure a way to explain it. As for me, I will be speaking with the Joint Chiefs to discuss about having someone else run this base." Jack said before taking his leave.

"Yes well considering it's a stupid ass idea, I'm going to have to say no. The last thing we need is a trigger happy General willing to sacrifice innocents just to gain more information or some new technology. So no, I will not take any of these men into consideration." Jack explained as he once gain refused to say that any of the men on the list was right for the job.

"Well then what would you have us do? We can't exactly get a civilian to do the job." One of the Generals spoke.

"Once again, I have to give you my recommendation of Agent Fowler being put in charge of NEST and the Autobots due to his past experiences of leading men and dealing with the Autobots." Jack answered.

"Are you sure about this Jack?" General Bryce asked. "Agent Fowler is an important asset to Team Prime, and placing him in a position of power above even Optimus might strain the relationship between Autobots and Humans."

"General Bryce, I would not ask for a better man to help run this organization than Agent Fowler. The man has proven his worth countless times and has done much for this country." Jack stated.

The Generals in the room looked towards each other and then to General Bryce, some nodding while others shaking their heads. After about five minutes of silence, General Bryce spoke. "Jackson Darby, you're request to have Agent Fowler be reassigned to be the leader of NEST is granted. I hope this turns out for the best."

Jack gave Bryce a wide smile. "Thank you General, you won't regret this."

As Jack sat in his office, he checked the clock on his desk and counted down the minutes till the meeting between himself, along with Miko and Raf with their respective parents. He had just gotten word from J.A.R.V.I.S that a bus had just parked just outside the main entrance and an escort was bringing them in. Turning his head, he looked out the window and saw Raf and Miko sitting in the meeting room, discussing how best to explain to their parents what has been happening and they were involved.

While having Miko and Raf explain things to their parents was going to make it easier on him, it still was going to be a massive challenge to convince them to not take their children away from the Autobots and government protections. He had to play this carefully as he knew Raf's parents were going to be the hardest to deal with, what with him being what the public dubbed him as 'The Hulk'. Miko's Parents were also going to be hell for him due to the fact that he had gotten her pregnant and left her. Unintentionally, of course, but still enough of a strike against him.

There was a sudden knock on his door, breaking his thoughts on the upcoming meeting.

"Enter." he called out.

The door was opened by one of the many NEST soldiers that moved throughout the base. The soldier stepped to one side allowing for two sets of parents walking into his office. By the shocked expressions on who he knew was Raf's parents, he took great amusement that it was him that they were meeting instead of some government official or a military man of high ranking.

Both of Raf's parents were of Hispanic descent, and it clearly showed on their features. Raf's mother, who he did not know the name of, had a bushy head of brown hair that went down to her neck. Her features were soft as she mostly stayed at home to take care of Raf's younger siblings. His father on the other hand had a large build as he served in the law enforcement as a sergeant in the Jasper Police Department. Looking at Raf's father, Jack could see Raf standing in his place as his father seemed to only be an older looking Raf that had a growth spurt.

Turning his gaze towards the other set of parents, he first looked at the man standing before him. Miko had told stories of her father and how he had a love for simple music and that he worked as a banker, which made him him spend a great deal of time with his daughter. The Japanese man had a simple look on him with his hair combed back neatly and him standing properly in his finely dressed suit. Turning to Miko's mother, he almost left speechless as he sat there almost wondering if this woman was not simply a much older Miko or even an older sister. He at least now knew where Miko got her beauty from with her porcelain face and flowing black hair and amber eyes.

Standing up from his chair, Jack stood in front of his friends respective parents and held out his hand to shake. He started with Miko's father, then moved on from there. "Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jackson Darby and the head of this facility for the time being. If you would please follow me, Miko and Raf are inside."

Raf's father spoke up though, stopping Jack. "Forgive us Mr Darby, but we were expecting someone a little...older." he said slowly, not wanting to insult this young man.

Jack simply chuckled at this. "It is no problem Mr Esquivel, as I said, I will be having my replacement come in soon enough. This was always going to be temporary anyway."

Mr Esquivel nodded slowly. Jack waited if there was anymore questions and was about to bring them to the meeting room when his office door was slammed open and a rather out of breath Agent William Fowler was standing in front of his door. Concerned for his friend's well being, he gave the man a bottle of water for him to drink. As Fowler took the bottle froom him with a nod, the soldier from earlier came running.

"I'm sorry sir, but he insisted that he speak to you immediately." The soldier stated quickly.

"It's alright there soldier, thank you. Dismissed." Jack ordered before turning to the now normal breathing Agent. "I believe I know what this is about Fowler, but I think if that particular conversation is best left for after we meet with Raf and Miko's parents." He stated, amused.

Agent Fowler simply nodded his head slowly as he turned to look past Jack and to the two sets of parents that were watching the whole scene.

"Ah, sorry about that. My name is Special Agent William Fowler of the United States Government." he introduced.

"A pleasure to meet you as well Special Agent Fowler, but what exactly does our children have to do with the military." Miko's mother asked.

"I think it's best if we let them explain that to you ma'am." Jack said. "If you'll please follow me, you too Fowler."

Exiting his office and closing the door, he brought them to the meeting room. Opening the door, he allowed for parents to enter first, then Fowler before he entered himself and closing the door. As Miko and Raf greeted their parents with hugs and kisses, Jack was a little sad that he could no longer do those things with his own parents and that brought an ache to his heart.

Once everyone was seated down, Jack began the longest two hours of his life as he, with the help of Agent Fowler, Miko and Raf explained how they were part of a government secret with the Autobots. They explained about the Autobots and Decepticons and what led them to Earth. They told of how they each met with the giant robots and their roles in the secret war. When it came to part with the attack by M.E.C.H on Jasper, Jack had to stop to hold himself back from crying and only with Miko's comforting presence and hold was he able to get through that part of his life.

Once they had finished their explanations did Raf and Miko's parents start talking, albeit very slowly as they were trying to come to grips that their children were part of a civil war. However something was definitely up with Raf and Miko's respective mothers as they looked at Miko critically, something that did not go unnoticed by the girl in question. Jack decided to bring their parents to the Autobots, seeing as that was the best way to show them proof of their story.

Leading them down to the massive doors of the Autobot living area, Jack managed to call in ahead to tell them that they were bringing in Raf and Miko' parents and that it would be best if they could all gather together. As they walked down the long hallway, Jack stopped just outside of one of the empty storage rooms where the Autobots were all gathered.

"Now before we meet the Autobts, I think its best if you prepare yourselves to be amazed." Jack said with some mirth as he remembered how his first meeting with the Autobots turned out.

The parents nodded and so Jack led the group inside the room and watched as the parents had their jaws figuratively drop to the floor as they stared at the towering Cybertronians.

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