Fiamma Magica

"Wake up boy!" Was the first thing Tsunayoshi Sawada heard when he woke accompanied along with loud banging on the door of his cupboard bedroom.

He quickly roused himself from the mattress he slept on and exited the cupboard, closing the door he rushed down the hall after his aunt Petunia in order to make breakfast.

He entered the kitchen and began to rush about to get everything ready. In his rush he accidently dropped one of the plates and it shattered into pieces on the ground.

"Crap!" He thought.

His uncle Vernon stormed in a look of absolute rage on his face.

Brake line

Tsuna sat in his cupboard nursing his wounds and quietly crying. Though his name isn't Tsuna anymore. Not in this life anyways.

Tsuna's new name was Harry Potter, in his last life he'd been a powerful mafia boss with an incredible family.

But not anymore. Now he was all alone in a weak, malnourished, abused, young body with his flames out of reach and no way to protect himself from his abusive relatives.

He thought he'd be used to being treated like dirt and being alone by now since in his first life that was how he'd spent most of his childhood up till the point Reborn had walked into his life, but maybe that's what made it worse, the fact he'd thought he would never have to be alone again because of his new family and yet here he was, alone and hurt. Again.

Tsuna stared at his reflection in the small mirror on the shelf in front of him. Fluffy brown hair was replaced fluffy messy black hair. Warm honey brown eyes were replaced with hurt jade green eyes.

He sighed quietly and rested his head on his pillow and gave himself up to dreams of his old life, of better times.