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Tsuna and Xanxus were heading back to their dorms, shoving each other and laughing happily. Feeling refreshed and happy from their flight on the brooms.

"You two certainly had a fun time." Severus said as he appeared behind the two boys, startling them slightly. He squashed down the urge to smile at the distinct lack of fear in the boys eyes and more confusion and surprise. With a hint of anger in Draco's eyes, though the boy always seemed to be at least slightly angry.

"Uh yes sir." Harry said, his shyness shining through slightly as he hid slightly behind Dracos much taller and stronger figure. Severus was curious about what could have made the boy so shy, especially around adults and the older students who he wasn't friends with.

He decided to give in to the desire to smile and let the corners of his lips upturn slightly. If only to comfort the small boy. "I couldn't help but notice how well both of you fly. Now I know that normally we do not allow students to play Quidditch till second year, but on occasions we do make exceptions." He stopped to let the information sink in. "How would you boys like to be the new Seeker and new Beater of Slytherin house?" The look on their faces said everything he needed to know.

"Yes!" They exclaimed together at once. Excitement shining in their eyes.

"Excellent. Draco, you will be Beater. I want you to write your mother and ask her to send you your broom so that you can start training as soon as possible. As for you Harry, you will be our new Seeker and I will take care of your broom. You two will have your first practice next Wednesday, alright?" The two boys nodded excitedly, even Draco who was normally quite a grumpy child, looked excited and happy. Grinning from ear to ear.

Severus nodded to the two boys before leaving them be. Privately smiling as he walked off down the hall. The excited chattering of the boys fading away as they scurried back to their dorm.

If any of the other teachers accused him of a bit of favoritism of the two clever slytherins, well they weren't completely wrong.

He'd become surprisingly attached to the boys.


"Guys! Guys! GUYS!" Tsuna screeched excitedly as they arrived in the Dinning Hall the next morning. Xanxus standing behind him with a large grin on his face. All their friends had gathered around the Hufflepuff table were Squalo, Levi and Dino usually sat.

"What!?" Squalo yelled back at the unusually excited boy. Tsuna was often the calmest (read shyest) of their group and wouldn't often start yelling like this. But Squalo couldn't help but feel happy that the boy was as excited as he was. The kid deserved to be happy for once.

Tsuna plopped down beside Dino, Xanxus sitting on his other side. The rest of the family sitting around and across from the three skies. His smile widened even further. Clapping his hands happily like he actually was an eleven year old kid. "Professor Severus said we can compete on the Slytherin quidditch team!" At everyone's shocked expressions Xanxus nodded. "It's true. I'm going to be Beater and Tsuna is going to be Seeker."

"That's great Juudaime! I'll make sure to cheer for you extra hard during your games!" Gokudera cheered happily. Yamamoto nodding along. "I'm sure you'll do great Tsuna, you too Xanxus." Ryohei jumped up from his seat, cheering as loudly as ever. "EXTREME!" to which Tsuna giggled happily.

Everyone found themselves smiling at the little skies happy expression. They'd been desperately trying to fix the damage the Dursleys had inflicted on him. Trying to raise the boys self esteem once again.

The Dursleys had managed to destroy all the progress they'd made with Tsuna in almost half the time it had taken them.

It would be a lie if they were to say they didn't want to destroy the horrible Dursleys.

After another round of congratulations to the two Slytherins, they all began eating their breakfast. Happily scarfing down the delicious food as the owls started to arrive carrying letters and packages. Xanxus receiving a care package from his mother, Mukuro, Chrome and Ryohei got letters from their mother. Along with a few others.

Tsuna couldn't help, but miss his own mother as he saw all his friends receiving letters and gifts from their new families. He didn't remember James and Lily weasley very well, unfortunately. Which left only with the memories of his old family.

His wonderful, though occasionally dense, mother. Who'd despite her faults had done her best to raise him. Iemitsu, the bastard who was only tied to him by blood and whom he barely considered family even in the professional term. Especially considering that the minute Tsuna had become Decimo he'd dismissed Iemitsu and had him replaced by Basil.

And of course the one and only man he'd ever seen as a father. The man who'd saved him from the prison his biological father had left him in. Freed his flames to run free. Who'd raised him up and made him great, pushed him forward and guided when he was lost.

The man who'd held him at his lowest, praised him at his highest and helped him grow.


And now Tsuna really did want to cry. Which of course did not go unnoticed by his friends, all of them immediately breaking out in a panic and trying to make the little cub smile again.

Though they were all immediately distracted by the rather large parcel that landed in front of Tsuna. A letter tied neatly on top.

Drying his eyes, Tsuna curiously grabbed the letter and opened it to read it.

"I hope you take good care of it.

-Professor S." Tsuna read aloud. Glancing up at Professor Snape at the head table. "I wonder what it is?" He asked allowed as he moved to unwrap the package. His friends staring curiously around him. Xanxus and Dino helping unwrap the fairly large package.

Inside lay a brand new Nimbus 2000.


Latter on after breakfast. Severus was walking to his first class, resigning himself to having to teach a bunch of ungrateful brats when his middle was suddenly attacked by something small, black and incredibly fluffy.

Tsuna looked up from where he was hugging Snape. Shooting a bright smile up at the Professor while excitedly saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I promise to take incredibly good care of it!" He squeezed the Professor tightly again before dashing off happily, most likely hoping to be able to use his new broom before class starts.

Severus was left standing in the hallway, rather dishevelled and confused as to what just happened.

People didn't normally hug, Severus Snape and just as few had ever told him thank you.

He supposed he could let the hug slide just this once. He admitted it was nice to see the boy this happy.

Severus turned and swept down the hallway, now in an admirably much better mood.

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