Breaker Breaker-Ch 1

Penelope Garcia wiped her forehead as she hopped down from her 18 wheeler and headed into the diner, she had been on the road for 15 hours and was hungry, tired and ready for some caffeine. As she walked through the door she saw a good friend working behind the counter, she smiled and said, "the usual Millie".

Millie grinned and said, "Penelope, how are you doing honey"?, Penelope blew out a deep breath and said, "I'm exhausted, can you make my coffee a double". Millie nodded her head and said, "sure thing hon" as she turned around and headed over to get Penelopes usual order, while she was waiting on her order she decided to go wash up so she slid out of her chair and headed toward the bathroom.

After she was done she washed her hands and dried them off before stepping out into the corridor, she quickly felt a strong grip on her forearm, she said, "owwwww Sam that hurts". He pulled her to his arms and crashed his lips against hers, she stomped his toes and kneed him in the crotch causing him to scream and step back away from her.

He rared back getting ready to slap her and Millie said, "touch her and die", he turned around to see her aiming a 12 gauge shotgun at him, he raised his hands and said, "easyyyyy Millie, I was only playing". She said, "pay up and get out", he said, "but Millie", she said, "don't but me Sam, pay your tab and get out, I don't need your kind in here bothering the good customers like Penelope".

Sam pulled a bill out of his pocket and tossed it on the table and said, "keep the change", he looked at Penelope and said, "this ain't over", Penelope stepped closer and said, "it better be". Sam winked at her and said, "later gorgeous" before he turned around and headed out of the diner, Millie looked at Penelope and said, "sorry about that, he's been mean lately".

Penelope said, "don't worry about him, he's just mad that I broke up with him 6 months ago", Millie laughed and said, "ya know who he's dating now don't ya"?, she shook her head and leaned in and said, "nooooo, spill it". Millie said, "he's dating Tamara", Penelope said, "noooo, get out", Millie raised her hand and said, "honest, they've been dating for almost 4 months and until the last few days they were really happy".

Penelope said, "what happened a few days ago"?, Millie said, "she found out she was pregnant", Penelope said, "ahhhhh, that'll do it, especially with a man like Sam, he doesn't want to be tied down with anything". Millie put her food and coffee in front of her and said, "eat up doll, this one's on the house", she grinned as she pulled the plate closer and started eating.

About an hour later Penelope sighed happily as she grabbed her thermos and headed toward the door, as she stepped outside she bumped into someone, she looked up and said, "sorry, are you alright"?, the man said, "I should be asking you the same thing, are you alright"?, she laughed and said, "sure am, the name's Penelope, Penelope Garcia".

The man smiled and said, "Morgan, Derek Morgan, nice to meet you", when their hands touched it was like her body completely covered in chills, she swallowed hard and said, "h h have a good night, I've got to hit the road". Derek said, "be careful out there baby girl", she winked at him and said, "right back at ya hotstuff, right back at ya".

Derek stood there watching as she walked over and climbed into her truck and pulled away from the curb, his skinny friend waved his hand in front of his face and said, "earth to Morgan, come innnnnnnn Morgan". Derek said, "huh, what, did you say something Reid"?, Reid said, "are we gonna go get some food or are you gonna stand here watching for that blonde that just left"?, Derek said, "you think your cute don't ya"?, Reid said, "well JJ seems to think so because she married me", he then stuck out his tongue and walked around his friend and stepped through the door.