Breaker Breaker-Ch 28

Epilogue- 5 Years Later

Derek Morgan threw his head back and laughed as he watched the newest team member Luke Alvez picked his new bride Snowball aka Alexis and twirled her around. About 4 months after Derek and Penelope got married she found out she was pregnant, both her and Derek were delighted but her pregnancy was rough and she was on bed rest for the last 3 months of it.

Derek didn't want to leave her so Hotch hired Luke to help with the cases something that both Derek and Penelope thoroughly enjoyed, Penelope gave birth to a happy and healthy son named Hank Spencer Morgan with her husband by her side. Hank, now 5 was smiling down at his baby sister 5 month old Olivia as Penelope sung to her.

JJ and Spencer welcomed another son Michael who was now 3, Henry now 9 is a big help to JJ and the nanny which Reid makes sure to point out all the time. The Hotchners welcomed a little girl named Sophie 4 years ago so their house was filled with happiness, joy and love and of course 11 year old Jack was one of the best big brothers ever.

Sarah and Desiree got married in a double ceremony 2 years ago and both are expecting sometime later this year, Fran is overjoyed with her ever growing family. Ranger aka Thomas was a doting uncle on all of his nephews and nieces and they in turn thought the world of him, especially Olivia.

Luke met Snowball when he was invited over for a family bbq and they instantly hit it off and started dating and were soon married, they have a son named Nathan who's 3 and she just found out earlier today that she is 3 months pregnant with their second child. Twinks aka Shawn loved living in Virginia and was constantly on the road but he still managed to find an amazing woman named Abby and settle down and they are expecting their first child around Christmas time.

Now Millie she owns her own business, a catering business and she is always busy but will jump at any chance to get to spend time with her new family, she would also spoil all of her nieces and nephews rotten, a thing that the kids all loved. Fran and Dave were still happily married and had just returned home from a second honeymoon.

Dave surprised her with a trip to Paris, it was a place that she had always longed to visit and when the team got a few weeks off he booked the trip and then whisked his wife off. The BAU family was blessed in so many different ways, they had their jobs, their husbands and wives, their children and of course they had their extended family.

The reason everybody was together today was a celebration, today was Derek and Penelopes 5th anniversary so of course Millie was catering the event, even though it was a cookout she put her special flair in it and it was a booming success. The highlight of the bbq was the huge cake that she had fixed for the happy couple, it was a huge 18 wheeler and it had Penelope driving it and Derek behind it in a SUV with lights flashing chasing after her.

Penelope giggled and said, "yep, after 5 years he's still chasing me", Derek then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close and said, "I'll always chase you goddess, always" causing the family to all say, "awwwwww". As the evening continued the couples seem to gravitate toward the makeshift dance floor in the Morgans backyard.

As the couples danced, laughed, ate and talked they realized that they all had anything and everything they could ever want