Diclaimer : Usual, I don't own them they belong to someone else and I'm making no money out of this.

Author: Bigearsbabe

Rating : G

Summary: A conversation between Brass and Grissom about evidence.

Jim Brass grimaced. His eyes narrowed as he digested the information. Finally he shook his head.

'Sorry Gil, you are so wrong this time.'

Gil Grissom shook his head slowly.

'No I'm not.'

'I'm telling you.'

'Yeah and I'm telling you.'

'In this case you're wrong. Will you not be told?'

'No, because I know I'm right.'

'Look, you're a really intelligent guy, hell I'll even call you a genius but even a genius can get things wrong.'

'You sticking to your guns on this Jim?'

'Of course. What is it you keep telling me about evidence?'

'You follow what cannot lie.....the evidence.'

'Exactly.And the evidence in this case says.....'

'No. We all interpret it in different ways.'

The waitress tapped her pen in the pad in her hand.

'Alright guys, I don't care which one the evidence tells you's the best. What's it gonna be on your pancakes, the chocolate or the maple syrup?'