The Zenko of the DC

Chapter 11: A Day in the Life

"Haaah, glad that's over with for the day," said Naruto who was exiting from the Publishing Company while dressed in a business suit with a bored look on his face, he felt movement in his breast pocket and looked down to see Sigmis poking his head out to chirp in agreement. The blonde ninja had just submitted a manuscript of a series called the Chronicles of the Maelstrom which is actually about the adventures which he had back at the Elemental nations with the first book being about the beginning of his ninja career to his mission at the Land of Waves but made sure to change his name before turning it in.

"That's preaching to the choir, this kind of stuff puts me to sleep every time," Kurama let out a long yawn from his boredom induced nap "Now that you're done, how about we get to the next matter at hand?"

"Which is what?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Getting a new house of course, this one that has nothing to do with rent along with a new ride,"

"And what's wrong with the one we're living in as of now?"

"Unless you're telling me that you've forgotten you have a female alien roommate living with us, we're rather lacking in a bit of elbow room," Kurama pointed out to the blonde.

"I'm well aware of that Kurama, just because I didn't talk about it meant I had forgotten. I had sent a couple of disguised shadow clones to Las Vegas to win some money although a few of them ended up being targeted by some mafia in addition to the money made by the books, need to get enough money not only for purchasing a new home but also to furbish the new hideout we got inside the clock tower too," Naruto explained to the Bijuu.

"Good to know, so what now?"

"First, we'll be heading over to a real estate agency, I've been browsing online for a house while you were taking your usual nap and was able to find a pretty good one,"

Naruto arrived at the real estate agency and went inside to meet with one of the realtors to discuss the matters concerning the purchasing of the house, there were exchanges on the final price at which it was to be bought but it soon fell into Naruto's favor and made the payment to the agency's bank account before receiving the keys. A satisfied blonde walked out of the building and hailed a cab to transport him back to the apartment then going inside the room upon sensing Starfire already at home.

"Kory-chan, I'm back!" Naruto called out as he shut the door and turned only to be embraced by Starfire who had flown over from the living room upon hearing his voice.

"Welcome back Friend Naruto, how was your day?" asked Starfire with a bright smile.

"Good so far, delivered my manuscript to the publishing company and also got us a more permanent place for us to stay now," Naruto replied as Starfire floated away from him.

"That's great news, so will we be moving today?"

"Yup, I already got some of my clones moving the furniture and other things into it. We just need to pack our clothes and be on our way after finalizing a transaction with the owner of the apartment,"

"Then I'll go and start packing right now!" Starfire excitedly flew in direction of her room to do just that.

Naruto himself went into his room and changed from his formal attire to a more casual outfit being a red short sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans with a pair of black-and-yellow trainers then he went on to pack his clothes into a traveling bag, as much as he wanted to simply seal them all away into a storage. Naruto doesn't want to arouse any kind of suspicions in his movements as a disguised civilian and before long, they were on the streets and had hailed down a cab to take a seat inside of.

"Where to sir?" asked the driver politely.

"Take us to 16th Avenue please," Naruto replied.

"Okay then," the cab driver immediately transported the duo, although it took a while, they eventually arrived at their destination "Here we are sir,"

"Thanks for getting us here, you can keep the change,"

Naruto handed over the fee with a little extra before exiting the cab of a happy driver with Starfire as they stood on the driveway of their new home with the latter looking at it with excitement. They were looking at the house before them, with a garage at the front as well as a solar panel was installed on the roof, there several fully-grown trees surrounding the duplex and a red-and gray bricked pathway leading to the front door.

"Are we really going to live here?" asked Starfire.

"Yup, let's go inside to check out the interior," said Naruto.

They went inside through the front door which was already unlocked to be rather impressed at the decors of the place and saw the shadow clones having just placed the last of the furniture into the living room, they saw that the original had finally arrived and nodded in affirmation before dispelling themselves to transfer the memories over to him. According to the memories and from what he saw from the brochures, there are five bedrooms, four bathrooms with one being a ½ bathroom, there was also a fully furbished kitchen and a laundry room, he was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Starfire call out to him excitedly.

"Friend Naruto, come and see this!"

Naruto dropped his bag and went over to where he heard her voice which happens to be on the first where he found Starfire at a balcony and soon got the idea of what she wanted him to see which was the breathtaking scenery of the city from where they are. The blonde ninja himself was getting some ideas concerning the greenery which he was seeing scattered all over the area and placed it at the back of his mind.

"Everything looks so beautiful," said Starfire in wonder.

"You're right, what say we celebrate our moving into our new home with a meal. Though we'll need to go grocery shopping first since I forgot to send my clones to do that when moving the things in, not to mention that there's a store not too far from here," said Naruto thoughtfully.

"Then let's go, I can't wait to try out your cooking like always!" said Starfire excitedly, this caused Naruto to feel rather conscious of himself since he had always been used to eating instant ramen and at restaurants. How he learnt to cook was by Teuchi sometime after that incident with the Ninja Chefs, the owner saw the potential in him during the cooking match and figured it to be a waste if not taught and so went ahead to do so. Naruto soon became surprisingly proficient in it but still goes to eat at Ichiraku's from time to time. This was what led to his proper growth spurt during his three-year training journey with Jiraiya who had left him in charge of cooking duties once he found out.

The duo made their way out of the house and were soon walking along the streets of their new home whilst admiring the sights around them, they soon arrived at their destination that is the supermarket and went inside. Naruto was quick to note that they had quickly gathered attention upon entering especially the males who were currently ogling at Starfire and chuckled lightly when some of their wives elbowed them with a silent glare. He went to take a shopping cart before speaking to Starfire.

"I'll go pick up the basic necessities Kory-chan, so you can go look around and pick anything you might like," said Naruto fondly.

"Okay Menma!" Starfire walked away happily to do so whilst Naruto went off in another direction.

The blonde took out a piece of paper from his jeans pocket to reveal a grocery list before to take the needed items, he picked up multiple fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, bread, cereals, and beverages like soft drinks, fruit juice, etc. Naruto was passing through the book section while doublechecking his list to make sure that he has everything when he glanced sideways and took note of a book at the shelf and read the title.

"Hmmm, 'The Guide to the Creation of a Hundred Dishes'. Sounds interesting, I wonder what else I can cook if I bought this," Naruto took the book and began leafing through the pages with his interest growing with each one. Deciding to buy it, he turned towards the shopping cart only to bump into someone and stumbled backwards "Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't watch where I was going,"

"Oh, it's alright since I wasn't watching where I was…oh it's you again!" a feminine voice spoke up, getting Naruto to look and his eyes widened in familiarity.

"Barbara? Fancy bumping into you…again," said Naruto sheepishly at the redhead.

"Same thought exactly, twice can be a coincidence although it's as if the universe is trying to tell us something," said Barbara with a smile "I can see that you're doing some shopping,"

"Yeah, stocking up the fridge of a new home which my housemate and I have just moved into today,"

"Hey Menma!" a voice spoke up, getting them to see Starfire running up to them whilst holding a large stuffed animal being a panda with an excited look on her face "Can I have this cute thing and-oh hello!"

"This is my housemate, Kory Anderson," Naruto introduced the Tamaranean with her new alias "and this happens to be Barbara Gordon who I had met some time ago,"

"Hello, it's nice to meet a new friend of Naruto," said Starfire cheerfully.

"Same here," said Barbara politely.

"We're done with our shopping, so let's go check these out with the store clerks," Naruto began wheeling the cart with the girls following and spoke once more "You know, maybe we could exchange phone numbers so we could keep in contact and hang out together once in a while,"

"Please do Barbara, it would be nice to spend time with you!" said Starfire in agreement.

Barbara looked thoughtful for a moment before responding with a smile "Sure, why not? I get the feeling that there would hardly be a dull moment with you guys,"

"Cool," Naruto took out his phone and exchanged numbers with Barbara before doing the same with Starfire's as well since she has yet to learn to properly use her phone due to the fact that she kept getting distracted by the games on the google playstore.

"Come to think of it, how goes it with your internship?" asked Naruto curiously upon recalling her reasons for being in San Francisco.

"Things are going smoothly for me and I'm earning quite a lot from where I'm working temporarily," Barbara replied.

"Then we wish you the best at your place of work Barbara," said Starfire politely.

"Thanks, I appreciate that," Barbara responded with a smile.

They soon checked out of the store with Naruto and Starfire carrying bags of their purchased items in hand with the same going for Barbara. They bade each other farewell with the promise to keep in contact before going their separate ways. Naruto and Starfire made their way back to the new house and loaded the items into the fridge with the former proceeding to cook dinner as it was getting a bit late, he made a meal of curry rice with ice cream sandwiches for dessert. They were all relaxing in the parlor watching tv when Naruto sat up from the couch.

"What's the matter friend Naruto?" asked Starfire curiously.

"I feel like taking a little night walk around the city for a bit," said Naruto.

"Can I come along too?"

"It's okay, I won't be gone that long,"

"Okay, I hope to see you soon,"

Naruto nodded in affirmation before going upstairs to his room and reached into one of the bags containing a scroll which has his gear in within it, he quickly put it on before using a henge to conceal himself before leaving the house, he walked casually into the more busy districts and walked into an alleyway and undid the jutsu after making sure that no one was around to see him before taking to the rooftops to begin his patrol. He had just leapt off the edge of yet another roof when he heard chattering on the radio from his earpiece and landed on the next one to tune in and hear more.

[Attention all units, we have reports of an active robbery on an armored vehicle over at the financial district. Please be advised that the suspects are holding a hostage, exercise great caution]

Naruto frowned upon hearing this "Better head over there before things change from bad to worse,"

He locked onto one of the numerous Hirashin seals which he had placed on multiple parts of San Francisco as well as other countries he had been to and disappeared in a yellow flash. he reappeared near a seal and his ears picked up the sound of gunshots a fair distance from where he was and headed over towards the source, there the blonde ninja saw the current situation, there were several police patrol cars with the policemen taking cover behind them and aiming their guns at the robbers who were raiding the hijacked armor car with two of them holding the driver at gunpoint to hold them at bay. Naruto thought about how to resolve this and suddenly smiled behind his mask upon recalling a certain memory.

"Don't try anything funny or this guy gets his head blown off," said the robber, firing a shot into the air as a warning.

The police were indecisive in their next course of action to resolve the situation in fear of costing the life of the hostage, they were suddenly snapped out of their thoughts when something or rather someone landed on the streets between them and the robbers with both sides recognizing who it is.

"It's Zenko!" said a policeman in surprise and bit of hope at his sudden appearance, this also made the thugs rather tense given the rumors and street cred which the hero has.

"Don't come any closer Zenko otherwise we'll drive a bullet through this guy!" said one of the thugs whilst cocking his rifle.

Naruto simply crossed his arms and tilted his head before speaking up "Which one are you talking about? All I see are dummies, you and your friends plus the one made out of straw,"

This statement sent a wave of confusion amongst the robbers as they took a glance at their hostage only to be welcome with the sight of a human shaped straw dummy with the English words on the face written 'Dummy' and heard a whistle before looking to see their hostage with a copy of the ninja at a safe distance away from them. The moment they let their guard down was when Naruto swung into action as he threw a volley of shuriken highly sharpened with wind chakra to slice through the thugs' firearms like knife through butter then lunged at them with a somersault to land in their midst as he landed on his hands before performing a 360 spin with his legs outstretched to knock a majority away from himself. Naruto heard footsteps approaching and twisted round to clamp his legs on the head of the attacking thug then flipped to slam him to the ground, knocking him out. He then fired a chakra chain to wrap around the waist of the next thug before swinging him round to slam into the others behind him.

"Why you!" a thug swung a fist to punch Naruto and smirked when it made contact only to be taken by surprise upon him disappearing in a puff of smoke and revealing a thug in his place collapsing to the ground. He looked around frantically for the ninja only to receive a blow to the back of his head and losing consciousness with Naruto having been behind the whole time.

"They're getting away!" one of the policemen called out for Naruto to turn around and see two remaining thugs attempting to run away with bags of money, he reached into his pouch to take out a kunai with a seal tag wrapped around the handle before he threw it to strike the ground near them and formed a handsign to remotely activate the tag. The thugs suddenly collapsed to the ground as their bodies felt extremely heavy to the point of being unable to move. Soon enough they were all arrested and in the process of being transported to jail.

"Thanks for the Zenko, who knows what could have happened if you hadn't shown up," said a policeman politely.

"Glad to help, I'll be on my way to make sure that there aren't any more crimes going on tonight," said Naruto before running up the side of a building across the rooftops in a random direction. He soon stopped on one of the roofs and sat down before taking out his iPhone to research online "I'll be needing some tech to set up in our base, just need to figure out where to get them without rousing suspicion,"

"How about the grey market which we've been hearing about? I'm sure we can acquire the things we need and few would bat an eye at it," said Kurama.

"Good idea buddy, I'll send some of my shadow clones out in henge to check things out then we'll plan our next move," thought Naruto, suddenly he felt a tug on his chakra and noticing that one of his Hirashin kunai is being used before realizing who it is "Must be Poison Ivy, let's go see what the matter is," he focused on the kunai and warped towards it in a yellow flash.

Naruto found himself in a forest glade and didn't have to look far to see Poison Ivy sitting on a rock, surrounded by various plants which were moving around. The blonde ninja approached the redhead with a friendly wave of the hand "Hi there Ivy-chan, it's been a while,"

Poison Ivy smiled in response "Indeed it has," she could 'hear' the plants whisper welcomes to the hero as he approached her.

"So what's up, is there something the matter?" asked Naruto curiously.

"As a matter of fact, there is. The forest which we're currently standing in possesses rare medicinal plants but is being raided by a supposedly legal lumbering company who claim to have a permit in correspondence to their job description" Poison Ivy explained.

"I'm guessing you want me to find out what's really going on with them for any hidden illegal action then expose them, right?" asked Naruto with his arms crossed.

"That is correct given that you're a ninja as seen through your actions plus you offered to help me as well,"

"Pretty much so as long as you don't endanger lives, and from what I've have been seeing, you're doing just that. Bet Batman would be wondering why he hasn't heard a peep from you," said Naruto in bemusement.

"Probably thinking that I'm plotting something," said Poison Ivy jokingly.

"I can imagine that, anyways direct me towards where these guys are to see if they're legit or not,"

Poison Ivy pointed to the left "Their encampment is about two kilometers away from here, the plant life is expressing great concern about the deforestation,"

"No need to worry your pretty hair about over this, I'll get to the bottom of all this," Naruto turned around and proceeded to leap through the trees, not noticing that Poison Ivy was blushing a bit from what he said about her hair.

It didn't take the blonde ninja very long until he arrived at his destination as he landed on the branch of a nearby tree and took to scoping out the area, he saw that the perimeter was fenced in with watchtowers stationed at each corner while possessing spotlights. Within the area are multiple tents put up, large amounts of timber stacked up like pyramids, wooden crates, semitrucks parked nearby. All in all, there was nothing out of the ordinary, but Naruto knew better than to take everything at face value.

"Like Kakashi-sensei often says, you gotta look underneath the underneath. Time to take a closer look,"

Naruto dropped down to the ground and slowly approached the encampment and making sure to stay out of sight of the spotlights then he reached into his ninja pouch to take out a senbon needle which he channeled lightning chakra through it before throwing at the nearest spotlight, causing it to flicker before turning.

The sentry was quick to notice and went to check on it "What's up with this thing? It was working just fine a moment ago,"

"Now's my chance," Naruto rushed forwards under the cover of the night and leapt clear over the fence to land on the other side before hiding behind some steel barrels and peeked out to see two men walked towards the watchtower that he had disabled but frowned upon seeing what one of them was holding "An assault rifle? Rather odd for something like that to be in a lumbering company," he brought out a camera and took a picture before putting it away and using the Transparency jutsu to make himself invisible in order to explore the area.

The nonvisible ninja roamed around the place whilst making sure not to bump into anyone or anything which might attract attention, he was seeing more men carry around firearms and activities which hardly has anything to do with lumbering. He went inside one of the tents to see two men in business suits having a conversation and brought out a tape recorder just in case then drew in close to listen and record.

"So we'll be transporting the next shipment to the yakuza over at Tokyo in two weeks' time, so we better make sure it sent there by then," said the first man.

"We got it covered boss, but I gotta admit that this gig is turning out better than I thought at first," said the second man.

"Of course, selling drugs and weapons under the guise of a lumbering company is a perfect idea for our operation plus selling wood to make an extra buck is a fine addition,"

"Hey boss, think we would even be able to do dealings with guys like Black Mask and the Penguin?"

"If we do things right, we could even be amongst the head honchos. Let's go make sure that the boys aren't mucking things up," the two men left the tent, leaving the opportunity to check out the documents on the table and frowned as he read.

"Seems like an official from the nature preserve had been coming here several times to give them warnings but has been repeatedly bribed to look the other way, there's even a list of gangs and triads which they've already supplied or are in the process of doing so…hmmm," said Naruto as he read the documents.

"So are you going to take pictures of these too?" asked Kurama.

"I got a better idea in mind," Naruto took several blank sheets of paper nearby then he took out an inkbottle and a brush which a drew a seal on one side of the sheet and placed the other on one of the documents "Sealing Arts: Tracer jutsu!" he placed a finger on the seal and channeled chakra into it for the seal to disappear, he lifted the sheet and turned over to see a perfect of copy of the original before proceeding to repeat this for the rest of the documents and storing the copies into a scroll.

"Think I should bust these guys or let the cops do it for us?" thought Naruto.

"Why not both? You could mess up their stuff and leave to them to the cops for easy picking," said Kurama.

"Not a bad idea, been a while since I pulled off a prank," thought Naruto mischievously. Sometime later, Naruto snuck back out of the area and soon made his way back to Poison Ivy who had been waiting for him the whole time.

"You've returned, what is it that you found?" asked Poison Ivy.

"You were right about them not being who they claim to be, take a look at this," Naruto presented the copied documents from his scroll for her to read and could see that she wasn't pleased in the least.

"How could they? Don't these people have any idea how much harm they're causing to nature just to collect money?"

Poison Ivy felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see Naruto staring at her and felt that he was smiling at her behind his mask "You don't to fret anymore, I've already sent the evidence to the police as an anonymous informant so they'll come over to shut the place down for good. Not to mention that I crippled some of their things should they try to pull a fast one,"

"I see, I must be thankful for your willingness to help. Were it Batman, he would have tried to detain me first before going to investigate,"

"Well, I can't deny that aspect of him. Even I could tell that he's been trying to figure me out but he has a long way to go," said Naruto with a smirk, Poison Ivy giggled at that "It's getting rather late and I'll need to get back home, don't forget to use the kunai to contact me again if you need anymore help or you just want to hang out,"

Naruto did a two fingered salute then disappeared in a yellow flash before Poison Ivy could say a word and sensed the plants' sadness upon his departure.

"He certainly is different compared to the all serious Batman and the patriotic Superman, I could invite him to my little garden and learn more about him if possible, I'm sure my babies would enjoy his presence," said Poison Ivy thoughtfully.

She got off the rock as a giant rosebud emerged from underground and opened up for her to enter before closing up and went back into the ground then transporting her elsewhere.

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