A/N: I had a lot of fun writing the first chapter, but now with more of the cast coming in, I fear I may not be able to get their personalities right. Please tell me how I do.

Aladdin had exited the building just as Iago flew over to them.

"Well? How was it?!" he asked while flying around Aladdin. "Was it amazing? Was it rare? Was it shiny?! HOW WAS IT?!" he practically begged from them.

"I won't deny it. It looked pretty amazing." Aladdin commented.

"Told ya!" Iago grinned before asking, "And, eh, did he happen to show you his best?"

"I don't really know what his best is." Aladdin answered. "But we'll know soon, hopefully."

"What are you talking about?" Iago asked.

"Zahir wishes to present his collection to the Sultan." Aladdin explained. "I think he might be wanting to possibly trade or sell some of his treasures, including what he calls his most precious possession."

"YES!" Iago cheered with a grin, which soon faded to an annoyed frown when Abu ran out of the building and began to screech and dance to get Aladdin's attention.

"Something wrong Abu?" Aladdin asked as he knelt down to listen to his friend. The only thing he could make out of all of Abu's ranting was that he wanted Aladdin to go back into Zahir's shop. "You want to go back in? Why? See something you like?"

"Hold that thought." Iago said with a smile before dragging Abu away. When they were out of earshot of everyone, Iago glared at Abu. "Are you trying to cost me the score of the century?!" he whispered angrily.

"What are you talking about?" Abu asked, leading Iago to explain the deal he and the man from before made. "So in exchange for helping him retrieve Zahir's most prized possession, he'll help you steal whatever you can from his shop?"

"That's the bottom line!" Iago nodded while greedily rubbing his wings together. He nearly had a heart attack when Abu told him he knew what Zahir's greatest treasure is. "You do?! What is it?! WHAT IS IT?!" he yelled while shaking Abu. Abu pried his wings off of him before whispering into Iago's ear. Iago blinked before digging his feathers into his ear and calmly saying, "I'm sorry. I think I had some sand in my ear. Could you repeat that, please?"

"I said that Zahir's greatest treasure is a monkey named Bahira." Abu repeated.

"That's what I thought you said-IT'S A MONKEY?!" Iago roared in disbelief. "HOW CAN A STUPID MONKEY BE CONSIDERED A TREASURE?!" Abu only scowled after that last remark as Iago continued to rant about what people would see in a monkey before calming down. "Well, it doesn't matter. If that guy wants me to deliver him his monkey for treasure, then why not?" he asked himself with a shrug. "Hopefully, the Sultan will be in a treasure viewing mood."

To the delight of both Zahir and Iago, the Sultan's curiosity, along with not wanting to be rude and being the nice guy he is, allowed Zahir to bring his collection the palace for a royal viewing. One handshake and an hour and a half later, and the Sultan, along with Jasmine, Aladdin, and friends, were now gazing Zahir's finest treasures. Iago felt his feathers crawl in excitement at all the stuff Zahir and his men had put up on display.

"These are all beautiful!" Jasmine admired as she carefully looked over an elegant dress made of fine silk.

"You have an eye for quality, Princess." Zahir said with a smile. "Only the finest here. As my motto states: If I have it, then it's worth having!"

"Oh!" the Sultan said in awe as he gazed through his loupe at the tiny gems that adorned eyes of the palm-sized porcelain penguin. "Absolutely stunning!"

"You like? The gemstones are flawless." Zahir explained while Carpet floated around the selection of fine woven rugs.

"Mmm. Yes, truly magnificent." said a Robert Hughes looking Genie.

"This stuff must've cost you a fortune!" Iago commented as he flew near Zahir, who looked at him in annoyance.

"Indeed." he said with less enthusiasm before grinning at the Sultan. "Each and every piece of treasure, art, and ancient artifact is worth quite a lot." he explained.

"Well, all these pieces are absolutely marvelous." the Sultan commented with a smile.

"Indeed. But, these all compare to my finest treasure." Zahir said. "Truly one-of-a-kind." He then clapped his hands at his men, who bowed before bringing forth something covered in a cloth. The shape resembled a cage of some sort, which got everyones attention, especially Abu's. The only one who didn't react were Zahir's men and Iago, who was frowning while wandering what was so special about this monkey Abu claims is in the cage. Everyone watched as Zahir took the cage from his men before placing on a table in front of the Sultan, only for it to shake slightly while the sound of a monkey came from inside. "Calm yourself!" Zahir ordered before the cage was silent.

"Hmm? What is this?" the Sultan asked curiously.

"It's a monkey?" Aladdin asked.

"Careful, Abu. You might be replaced." Genie joked while still in disguise.

"Presenting, Bahira!" Zahir began dramatically.

"All this for a monkey." Iago drawled.


"The living what now?!" Iago asked after that introduction. Everyone watched as Zahir removed the cloth, leaving everyone speechless at the sight. It was a monkey, a tad bit smaller than Abu, that gleamed in the sunlight. 95% of her body was pure gold. Her face, gold. Her fur, gold. Her tail, Gold! What wasn't gold were her eyes and teeth, though they still shone like diamonds, since they were. Each tooth sparkled like a star. Her eyes were two giant diamonds, with a sapphire inside each one, and were now flickering between all the new people that were staring at her.

"My word! It really IS moving!" the Sultan gasped in awe.

"Whoa!" said Genie as he brought out a pair of sunglasses while pushing Iago's beak back up off the floor.

"I don't believe it." Aladdin whispered in awe, which was followed by similar murmurings from all the others before Zahir opened the cage door.

"Come now, Bahira! Step out and show the world your beauty!" he grinned before staring at her, a smaller smile on his face. "And remember, be good." he finished, causing Bahira to flinch as she slowly got out of the cage.

"Let's get this over with." she sigh as she jumped up onto the Sultan's shoulder.

"Ohh! Simply delightful!" the Sultan grinned as he pet her head, her fur getting messed up a little. "But, why does she feel so heavy?"

"She is a golden statue, your Majesty." Zahir reminded him.

"Forgive me if I sound rude, but how can we be sure that she's not just a monkey painted gold?" Aladdin asked.

"Simple, my fine friend!" Zahir smiled as he began to speak. All of them listened, save for one.

"She's...beautiful." Abu whispered in awe as Zahir finished showing everyone proof of Bahira being made of gold.

"Well, I'm convinced!" Iago said.

"Same here. What do you think Abu?" Aladdin asked while turning to Abu. "Abu? You okay?"

"Abu?" Bahira chittered before looking up at said monkey. Her eyes widened when she finally spotted Abu, who could only gaze back at her. They were broken out of it when Zahir yelled in joy.

"It is a deal!" Zahir announced with glee while shaking the Sultan's hand.

"Huh?" Abu asked while shaking his head, getting him back to reality. "What happened?" he chittered.

"Simple. While you were off in your own little world of bananas and fleas, the Sultan here was offered Bahira for a bit of the Sultan's treasure." Iago explained.

"Wait! So Bahira belongs to the Sultan now?!" Abu asked. "Great!"

"Yeah, great!" Iago grinned, though anyone could tell it was forced. 'Stealing the monkey from Zahir didn't sound so hard. Stealing from the Sultan, who's goods are usually protected by everyone in this room, is another story!' he thought as everyone smiled, Bahira included. Though if you looked closely, you could see the sad glint in her eyes.

A/N: The character that Genie portrayed was a world famous art critic, in case anyone thought I just picked a random name.