Clouds in my coffee

Author's note : thanks to the people who reviewed 'Raindrops on a window' :

I don't see how I could write anything actually happy in the same setting, but I'll see what I can do. [In short the setting's that Yohji and Aya are together, while Ken has a major crush on Aya, which no one seems to notice. Omi seems oblivious to everything that's going on.]

Warnings/notes : Yohji main-character, slight angst, Yohji x Aya [not that they really do anything ; Aya's not even in this fic], one-shot, set in the same setting as 'Raindrops on a window' but you don't have to have read that to understand this fic I think.

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 25 february 2003, by Misura


There was no reason why Yohji Kudou wouldn't be the happiest person in the world.

He should have been very happy at least.

And yet he wasn't.

He stared glumly at the coffeemug in his hand.

It was a gift from Omi, painted with flowers all over.

It could have been worse he guessed. It could have been painted with cute kittens.

Smiling slightly he poured himself some coffee.

He had made it himself, liking his morning-coffee to be fresh.

Besides, making it by himself meant he didn't have to share.

He glanced at the other person in the kitchen.

Not much chance on having to share his coffee there.

Ken was busy munching down a -in Yohji's eyes- huge bowl of cereals in milk.

Breakfast was not Yohji's favorite mealtime.

Mostly it consisted of coffee and maybe a piece of fruit, to keep Omi happy.

Ken on the other hand seemed to enjoy a more substantial breakfast.

After the bowl of cereals came two loafs of bread and an apple.

Finally Ken got himself a glass of fruitjuice and sat down opposite Yohji, placing the glass on the table, reaching for a sports-magazine to read.

Yohji was on his third cup of coffee by then.

He guessed it would only take one more after this one to get him fully awake.

After that he could go looking for Aya, who would probably be in the flowershop.

Omi and him had taken the morningshift today, slightly to the dismay of Yohji who had much rather shared his shift with Aya. If it was an afternoonshift, that was.

The prospect of seeing Aya again made Yohji smile.

Until he caught a glimpse of the expression on Ken's face.

It was gone in a moment, but he was sure it had been there.


"Yes, Yohji?"

"Is something wrong?"

"No, why do you ask?"

He couldn't very well say he was sure Ken had wanted to murder him just a moment ago.

"O, for no reason at all. So there's nothing wrong with you?"

"As I just said : no."

With those words Ken rose and left, leaving Yohji none the wiser.

Yohji stared at the closed door, then went to pour himself the last of his coffee.

He looked out of the window.

The sky was clear and blue.

The only clouds he could see were in his coffee, swirling wildly.