Whew, I have been waiting awhile to release this one. I've had this idea since reading a fanfic on Archives of our Own titled Casting Shadows. This will be somewhat similar but very different. Anyways for anyone who's read my ML one-shots I hope you enjoy my first ML multi-chapter fic, and for fans of LatS this is my next project until the sequel. Hope you all enjoy this.

Also I feel the need to preface this, in this story Alya and Nino are the ones with the Miraculous so I changed their superhero names to help identify them better.

The White Cat

Part One: Enter the White Cat

Black Cat and Coccinelle wore matching frowns as they continued to battle their latest adversary. Today's akuma was easily the toughest one Le Papillon had sent after them. Thankfully, by some stroke of luck, most likely due to the pair of earrings Coccinelle was wearing, they had managed to separate him from his hostage.

Black Cat kept his staff high to keep the akuma at bay, but the villain was having none of that. A blur of white he was, yellow eyes narrowed as he continued to press his advantage. Black Cat was hesitant to admit that in a one on one fight the akuma was every bit his superior.

Garbed in a white skin tight suit that appeared to be made of some sort of leather-like material, with white cat ears upon his head, and a tail, Chat Blanc was a sight to behold. His untamed blonde hair was very similar to the bedhead Black Cat had once seen on his best friend, Adrien Agreste.

'That's because it is Adrien.' Black Cat thought mournfully as Chat Blanc parried his latest blow before smacking him in the chest with the pommel of his sword.

Thankfully Coccinelle was able to keep the white cat on his toes. Before Chat Blanc could continue his assault she had her yoyo wrapped around his wrist and was yanking him towards her. The akumatized victim allowed himself to be pulled towards the spotted heroine before smacking her with the hilt of his rapier. The momentarily loss in focus was more than enough for Chat Blanc to slip out of her grasp and quickly put distance between himself and the two heroes.

"I grow tired of this little cat fight, Coccinelle, Black Cat give me your miraculous, and we can put an end to this pointless struggle!" Chat Blanc stated as he assumed a stance, more than aware of the fact that the duo of superheroes were not going to adhere to his demands.

Hazel eyes narrow in defiance. "As if!" Coccinelle exclaimed as she reassumed a battle-ready stance. Swing his baton Black Cat charged forward, a silent scream tearing from his throat.

Chat Blanc sighed, disappointment marring his expression. "So be it." He said before sidestepping the male super hero. ramming the hilt of his rapier into the young man's back was more than enough to knock him down. Flicking his wrist he batted Coccinelle's yoyo away before planting a foot on Black Cat's shoulder. With a savage grin he placed the point of his sword against the dark skinned hero's throat. "Don't move or else I'll be forced to make my point clear." The blonde akuma warned in a low voice as Papillon's joyous cry echoed in the back of his mind.

This was it, this was the closest Le Papillon had ever come to acquiring the Miraculous he so desperately coveted. Once Black Cat was stripped of his claws, it would only be a matter of minutes before Chat Blanc had subdued Coccinelle, and claimed her earrings. {DO IT, TAKE HIS MIRACULOUS} The command boomed in his ears.

Just as Chat Blanc was about to follow his master's orders something peculiar happened. He felt something pushing against his mind, telling him to ignore Papillon's loud voice. That distraction was all it took for Black Cat to push the feline themed villain off of him.

The fighting continued on for what felt like an eternity. Chat Blanc was unable to get the two in a compromising enough position to snatch their miraculous, and they were incapable of subduing the very powerful akuma. Becoming impatient at the back and forth going nowhere Black Cat hopped away from him while raising his right hand. "Cataclysm!" He shouted before a swirl dark energy appeared around his hand. Bringing it to the nearby wall he willed the power to deteriorate the structure of the building enough to cause the ceiling to start to crumble.

Large pieces of debris started to fall in places where Chat Blanc had previous stood, but he was more than nimble enough to avoid them. In his haste to end the fight Black Cat had overlooked the akuma's hostage who had yet to clear the area.

Coccinelle paused as she saw the danger. A terrofied shriek escaping her throat as her eyes caught sight of the large slab about to crush her best friend. "Marinette!" She started running for the dark haired girl who remained too shell shock to avoid the crumbling ceiling.

At the spandex clad heroine's shriek Chat Blanc turned his attention to the person in question. His heart clenched tightly upon seeing her current state. Marinette's bluebell eyes were wide with terror as she remained rooted in place. Time seemed to slow down as his yellow eyes observed her. Her normally wrinkle-free clothes were slightly disheveled as was her hair. The part of him that was Adrien remembered the sweet shy girl fondly. She always seemed so nervous around him, unable to form coherent words. Despite her shyness she always went out of her way to acknowledge and be kind to him and those around her. And she was seconds away from dying.

Save her! Chat Blanc had no idea where the desire sprung from, but he couldn't ignore it. Launching into a desperate sprint he closed the gap far quicker than Coccinelle and shoved the half Asian half French girl out of harm's way. Despite his superior speed Chat Blanc was not fast enough to avoid the falling debris. From his spot on the ground Chat Blanc glanced up only to meet Marinette's stunned expression. The two youths stared at each other for about ten seconds.

Bluebell eyes blinked, the spell broken Marinette quickly rose to her feet and ran away from the scene. Before Chat Blanc could even consider going after her, not that he currently could, he felt someone slipping the ring off his finger. "No!" He cried, echoing Papillon's cry of defeat as Black Cat crushed the ring in his palm.

After a few tense seconds a black butterfly appeared and Coccinelle purified it. "Goodbye little butterfly." The spotted hero softly said as she released the now white insect from her yoyo. With a cry of "Miraculous Ladybug" all the damage caused by Papillon's latest akuma was reversed. In place of Chat Blanc now sat teen celebrity Adrien Agreste with a dazed look in his eyes.

"Nice work!" The duo exclaimed before high fiving. Suddenly a beep echoed from Black Cat's ring and the two stiffened.

"I'd best get going." Black Cat said before nervously glancing at Adrien. He hesitated, not wanting to leave the blonde alone. A comforting hand was placed on his shoulder. Coccinelle smiled, her eyes promising to help Adrien. Smiling at his partner Black Cat nodded. "Thanks dude," He said before running off to detransform in private.

"That was way too close for comfort." Nino told Alya hours later. It was in the evening, around six-thirty, the two superheroes of Paris were currently in Nino's room.

Alya frown before leaning back in Nino's swirl chair as a tiny red sprite zipped out of her pocket. "That's an understatement. Chat Blanc was moments away from taking your ring." She said before offering Tikki one of the cookies she'd brought from Marinette's bakery.

Plagg floated lazily near Tikki. "Cheese..." He moaned, hoping his user would get the memo that he was hungry. Nino sighed as he got up to grab a small chunk of brie from his stash. Returning moments later he tossed the small wedge up in the air for Plagg to catch in his mouth. Swallowing it in one bite the kwami sighed in content as he rubbed his belly.

Now fed Plagg closed his green eyes before lowering himself to Nino's pillow to take a little cat nap. "Little glutton." Nino muttered half-heartedly as he sat back down before looking at Alya. "Yeah. I would never have expected Adrien to be so strong...or tell that many stupid puns."

Alya snickered as she recalled some of Chat Blanc's lines. "Yeah. Purrhaps you should hand over your miraculous while I'm feline generous." The dark skinned girl shook her head. "Who actually talks like that?" She asked with a snort.

Nino sighed. "Sad thing is being akumatized didn't change his sense of humor. Adrien likes telling stupid jokes like that." He admitted with an exaggerated grimace.

"Your boy better find himself some better jokes, or else the perfect model image he has going for him will be ruined." Alya teased good naturedly.

Nino chuckled in order to hide his discomfort at Alya's unintentional jab. 'Can't have that happen. God forbid Adrien gets to be happy.' He didn't say out loud.

Nino hated seeing how unhappy his best bud was. The teen model had no freedom and almost zero friends, Adrien's two closest friends were himself and Chloe Bourgeios. The latter of whom wasn't exactly the best of friends to have, as her presence made it difficult for Adrien to make more friends.

And today, on his birthday of all things, Adrien's father had forbidden him from continuing to associate with Nino, after said boy had tried arranging a birthday party for him. That had resulted in Papillon sinking his claws into the vulnerable blonde model. Thankfully Black Cat and Coccinelle were able to beat his akuma form, even if it had been due to Marinette.

'Speaking of which...' Nino glanced over at his partner. "How's Marinette?" He inquired honestly concerned for the pigtailed girl. He still felt bad for having accidently almost crushed her to death with his Cataclysm.

Alya frowned as she recalled seeing the akumatized version of Adrien holding Marinette hostage before mentally chasing the image away. "She's fine, a little shaken up but she'll bounce back quickly."

Nino nodded, relieved to know that his other friend would be okay. "That's good, we definitely should keep it under wraps about who Chat Blanc was."

Alya nodded, she didn't even want to know how Marinette would react to knowing that her crush had been the one who behind Chat Blanc's mask. 'If she found that out she'd probably never be able to talk to him again.' Not that Marinette didn't already have trouble talking to her crush.

"I'm curious though." Nino said after a long while of silence. At Alya's confused expression he elaborated. "Even though Adrien was akumatized, when Marinette's life was in danger he saved her." At the cost of losing no less. "Not that I'm not thankful, but I can't remember ever seeing an akuma risking everything to save someone."

Alya shrugged, not at all able to think up a decent explanation as to why Chat Blanc would do that. "Maybe Adrien's secretly in love her? I don't know." She ventured secretly gauging her boyfriend's reaction. Alya would like it if he could confirm that, considering she had spent the last few months trying to help Marinette.

Nino crossed his arms. He doubted that, Adrien had never really expressed interest in any particular girl. According to the blonde he hadn't really met anyone who he liked. Most girls who were interested in him were usually only after him for fame, looks, or wealth. 'Or any combination of the three.' Nino thought, slightly bitter at all negative things his best friend had to deal with.

The holder of the Black Cat Miraculous knew about Marinette's planet sized crush on Adrien. And Nino could see Marinette being a good girl for his best friend. 'If she could get over her fan girl mentality...' The dark skinned youth thought to himself with a mental sigh.

Thankfully she wasn't anywhere near as bad as most of Adrien's fans, and actually did seem to care about him. Alya had told him about the light blue scarf that Marinette had knitted for Adrien, and he felt that it was a sweet gesture. Not many people who claimed to love Adrien did stuff like that for him.

If Marinette could get herself in order he'd be more than happy to support her pursuing his best bud. "Who knows." He eventually said. Sometime later Alya left to begin their nightly patrol followed by Nino who snuck out of his window.

Despite his best attempts Adrien found himself still wide awake by 1:00am. It had been many hours since he'd been released from his akuma form yet he didn't at all feel better. If anything he felt awful. Not even the gift his father had given him through Nathalie could keep his spirits up for long. It was common knowledge that anyone akumatised by Papillon retained next to no memories. Adrien was a different story, he could recall nearly everything that had happen.

Earlier that morning.

Adrien's wide eye stare was an easy indicator that he was shell shocked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Wh-what did you just say?" He asked in a breathless tone as he felt his chest tighten.

The image of his father displayed on Nathalie's tablet frowned. "You heard me the first time Adrien. From henceforth you will not associate with that boy, he is a terrible influence on you." He said before abruptly cutting the feed, not giving Adrien a chance to argue.

Nathalie's expression gave way to pity before she schooled it into her usual mask of professionalism. Turning over the tablet in her hand she pulled up Adrien's schedule for the day and begin listing off his appointments. "Today you have a photo shoot at 11:00am-"

Adrien didn't hear a word she said, all he could think of what his father had just done. He had just told him that he could no longer be friends with Nino, probably the only person who actually gave a damn about what Adrien wanted in life. Adrien could count on one hand the number of people in his life who weren't actively trying to take from him. Nino was the first person on that list since his mom died, and his father had just forbade him from being friends with him.

The blonde youth clenched his teeth before abruptly standing up, causing Nathalie to pause. Before anything could be said he had ran away. He ignored the calls of his father's secretary, not caring what she had to say.

He didn't know where he was going, all he knew was that he needed to be somewhere no one would find him. Eventually his legs grew tired and he collapsed on the ground in an alleyway near his school. "It's not fair!" He hissed angrily punching the ground. "I do everything he asks! And when the one person who cares about me wants to do something nice for me he goes and...Agh!" He punched the ground again as he allowed his rage to be released.

For the first time Adrien allowed himself to feel anger at his father. The father who was never there, the father who never showed affection, the father who never cared about his wants and needs. Why did he have to suffer like this? How could a parent treat their child like this? Why was he not allowed freedom or happiness?

Years of pent up frustration was more than enough for Papillon to sense him. Moments later a dark butterfly had found him and landed on the simple black ring on his right hand. The ring suddenly became white with a yellow paw print.

"Chat Blanc." Papillon's soothing voice greeted. "I understand your pain. Neglected by an uncaring parent is one of the worst things for a child to endure. But if you retrieve Black Cat and Coccinelle's jewels then I will help you. What do you say?"

"I accept." Green eyes narrowing, Adrien's mouth morphed into a grin as his appearance was altered into that of a cat themed villain.

Moments later Chat Blanc was attacking the nearby school, causing enough of a disturbance to flush Black Cat and Coccinelle out of hiding. The initial skirmish between him and the two heroes had proven that while Chat Blanc could handle them both in a one on one fight he couldn't take them together.

Retreating he ended up bumping into Marinette who had been hiding in a random classroom. Seeing a golden opportunity he grabbed her. "A-paw-logies, My Dear, but you're coming with me." He informed the shaken girl before jumping out of the window with her screaming in his ear.

To his surprise as he ran through the rooftops she continued to struggle for a bit until he tightened his hold on her and whispered in her ear. "Careful My Dear, I can land on my feet with no problem, but if I drop you..." He didn't finish that statement. His unsaid words was enough to make Marinette settle down.

Eventually they arrived at an abandoned factory. After being ushered in by Chat Blanc, Marinette found herself slowly inching away from him. At the sound of her moving the white feline turned his eyes on her. The twin tailed girl panicked at his gaze before flinching and covering her head in preparation of being attacked.

Chat Blanc frowned at her fearful actions, for some reason seeing her so afraid of him made his stomach churn. "No need to feline afraid My Dear, I mewight be the bad guy but I would never lay a paw on you." Chat Blanc was surprised at the sincerity of his own words. Hurting Black Cat and Coccinelle had been no problem, even terrorizing his fellow students hadn't bothered him too much. But seeing Marinette's fearful actions was unpleasant.

He couldn't fathom why. As Adrien he had little to no interaction with the girl, save for their initial meeting where she wrongfully accused him of placing gum on her seat. The last real serious conversation they had, was that rainy afternoon where he explained that he had actually been trying to remove the gum, and that he wasn't so good in social situations. Afterwards he handed her his umbrella and left.

Despite the situation for some reason Chat Blanc didn't want to cause this girl any undue harm. Conflicting thoughts aside he still had a job to do and she was his hostage. 'Maybe they'll hand over their miraculous when I ask them nicely?' He sarcastically thought before sighing.

"Ho-how do I kno-know that you wo-won't?" Marinette finally stuttered out, breaking him away from his thoughts.

Raising an eyebrow Chat Blanc smirked. "You don't, you'll just have to trust meow when I say it." He told her before walking away from her. Without sparing her another glance he continued to speaking. "I wouldn't bother trying to es-cat-e if I were you, my recommendation, look for a corner to sit in and wait for your rescuers."

After a few seconds of silence Marinette felt her left eye twitching. "Wa-was that supposed to be a pun?" She asked slowly relaxing. "Because that was awful."

Chat Blanc turned to look at her, slightly surprised at seeing her fear slowly ebbing away. Putting on a grin he rebutted with. "I think the word you're looking for is clawsome." At Marinette's eye roll he couldn't help but cackle. "Does the lady find mew sense of humor lacking?" He asked before suddenly appearing in Marinette's personal space.

The dark haired girl sucked up a breath of nervous air before responding. "Hu-Humor?" She squeaked lightly before regaining a little bit of her nerve. "Th-that was supposed to be funny?"

"Pawsitively." Chat Blanc chuckled at seeing Marinette's knee jerk reaction of rolling her eyes.

Over the next few minutes he continued supplying puns to the dark haired girl, finding enjoyment as her responses slowly became sassier and sassier. After a little while she had actually become semi-comfortable around him and was letting out a fair amount of snark at his cheeky remarks. Sadly their pleasant banter was broken when Black Cat and Coccinelle had arrived.

Despite not wishing to Chat Blanc had forced himself to hold the fuller of his sword to Marinette's neck as he politely demanded the two heroes relinquish their miraculous. The action had made him inwardly sick as he felt her stiffen against him in fear. He was more than happy to delay his reaction time as Black Cat rushed forward and Coccinelle's yoyo wrapped around his wrist.

Once Marinette was away from him Chat Blanc found it easier to actually follow through with Papillon's desires. And before long the cat themed villain found himself being defeated after saving Marinette's life.

Adrien frowned as he continued tossing and turning. Despite not having caused Marinette any real pain he couldn't help but still feel disgusted by his actions. He had terrorized his school and kidnapped one of his (could he consider her a friend?) classmates.

One thing he was thankful for was that no one had managed to put together that today's akuma had been Adrien Agreste. He could only imagine how horrible that would be. 'Though I wonder if father would have felt any regret?' The cynical side of him doubted that. Gabriel Agreste never showed any hint of remorse when it came to making decisions. 'No. He'd probably just scold me for feeling they way I felt.' Adrien couldn't help but feel bitter.

Suddenly something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. "Wh-?" At seeing what it was he let out a yelp. "Not again!" He exclaimed as the white creature neared him. As the tiny butterfly landed on his knee Adrien clenched his eyes shut and stiffened, not daring to move.

A long moment of silence passed before a small voice pierced through. "Uh? What's the matter?" At the hesitant voice Adrien slowly opened his eyes and chanced a peek. At what he had initially believed to be an akuma was anything but. There resting on his knee was a tiny white cat with yellow eyes.

He had never seen a creature like this, so it took Adrien a moment to gather his wits. "Wh-what are you?" The blond model asked after awhile.

The creature tilted it's head with an odd expression before smiling. "I'm a kwami, my name's Tigga." The tiny creature happily chirped. "What's your name?" The kwami asked.

Adrien sat in silence as he allowed himself to process. The only thing he understood was the creature's name. "I'm Adrien." He told her. "What's a kwami?" He asked while tilting his head, finding the situation weird.

The white kwami fixed him with a grin. "I'm so glad you asked." She said before going on into a fairly lengthy explanation as to what she was and how she would be able to make him into a superhero.

"You mean like Black Cat and Coccinelle?" Adrien asked after she finished talking. Momentarily forgetting his earlier anguish he found himself getting sucked into Tigga's explanation.

Tigga nodded happily, assuming the blonde was talking about this generations Black Cat and Ladybug. "Exactly. Just like the Black Cat and Ladybug miraculous, with the White Cat miraculous you can become a superhero."

Adrien frowned looking down at the ring on his hand. He had worn it everyday since his mom disappeared, it was one of the last things she had given him. Even when sleeping he kept the ring on. Now he knew that his ring was no ordinary piece of jewelry, it was a Miraculous. "I...I don't know about this." He uttered hesitantly as he recalled his time as Chat Blanc.

Tigga made a sympathetic expression before entering Adrien's line of sight again by flying up to him. "I know that your first transformation wasn't exactly a pleasant experience." Even if she hadn't been fully aware she had been able to see snippets of the events from earlier. "But from here on you'll be in one-hundred percent in control."

Not giving him time to respond she continued speaking. "Being controlled like that isn't fun I'm sure, but I'm thankful it happened. Without it I wouldn't have been woken up, use this as an opportunity to do good, Chat Blanc might have been a villain earlier, but he can be a hero now."

Adrien looked between Tigga and the ring before nodding hesitantly, slowly becoming convinced. "Okay, I'll try." He said with more confidence than he felt. "So, how do I do this?" He asked looking down at the ring.

Tigga smiled happy at her charge's, albeit reluctant, acceptance. "It's easy. Just say Tigga, Fangs Bared! and viola you'll become Chat Blanc." Adrien looked down at the ring for a second before laughing under his breath. "What? I'm serious." The white cat said with a slight huff.

Adrien stopped laughing. "I know, I was just expecting that for a moment you were going to say, that I needed to say it was morphing time!" He explained with another snicker.

Tigga raised an eyebrow, figuring that he was making reference to something she didn't understand. Deciding not to ask she crossed her tiny paws together and gave him a fixed look. "So you going to transform or..."

"Right." Adrien said as he stood up. "Okay then, Tigga, Fangs Bared!" He called out causing the white cat to get sucked into the ring.

Envloped in a bright white light Adrien disappeared before reappearing clad in a white skin tight suit. He looked exactly as he did before, cat ears on his head, rapier on his hip, tail hanging loose. The only addition to the suit was the small buckler attached to his left arm. "Wow." He muttered under his breath, taking in his appearance.

He could feel Tigga in the back of his mind. While she didn't speak he could feel her urging him to leave this room and test his newfound capabilities.

Any of his earlier lethargy was forgotten as Adrien opened his bedroom window and leapt out into the sky. Taking extra care to keep from triggering any alarms, he left the premises of the Agreste mansion, and began running across rooftops.

Leaping, weaving, and rolling, the blond cried out in euphoria. His lungs burned, but he felt no pain or tiredness, only freedom. It felt amazing to run so fast, to make death defying jumps. This is what he had wanted his whole life, and he had never realized it.

Adrien ended up staying out so late that by the time he returned home the sun already making its assent. School was going to be rough today he realized. Yet as his transformation dropped and Tigga landed in his cupped hands, Adrien found that he didn't mind. For the first time in a while he felt good, no great.

Thankfully he managed to keep his exhaustion hidden. Make up did wonders for hiding bags under a person's eyes. Plus with his hectic schedule he was more than capable of running on low sleep. Though no sleep wasn't something he wanted to get accustomed to. He fiddled with the light blue scarf around his neck while stifling a yawn. The material felt very high quality, a part of him wondered if his dad had personally made it.

"In hind sight it wasn't a good idea to stay out that late." Tigga said from her spot on the table as she ate her breakfast. Most kwami's had a food of choice that they always asked for, for Tigga it was tuna. She had told Adrien that it would be smart for him to always have a can on hand in case he needed to transform.

Taking his attention off of his father's present Adrien sighed. "Yeah, yeah. I lost track of time, my fault. I didn't realize just how much fun it would be." He said, allowing some of his excitement to show.

Tigga grinned, happy to see her new chosen becoming comfortable. "If you think that's fun then just you wait, you haven't seen anything yet. Our first battle will come it's always very exhilarating." The tiny god told him, her fangs gleaming in the morning light.

Adrien nodded, sharing some of Tigga's excitement for what was to come. "I'll keep that in mind. But you might want to hurry it up. I'm going to be late for school." He said before standing up. At his prompting the tiny cat quickly gobbled up the last of her food and allowed her charge to take the empty can to throw away. Tigga zipped into Adrien's bag as he went to meet with the Gorilla so he could be driven to school.

Adrien's arrival to Collège Françoise Dupont was met with thankfully much less fanfare then it had been the last few weeks. Having been attending this school for nearly a month Adrien had been pleased to see the number of fans waiting for him in the morning dwindle. Upon learning that he wasn't anything amazing most fans tended to lose interest. Sure as a model he was attractive, but to most he came off as somewhat uninterestingly dull personality-wise.

The only person who talked to him on a daily basis, excluding his childhood friend, was Nino. Of course Nino's girlfriend usually greeted him in the morning but they never had any substantial conversations .

Also there were always Marinette's frantic greetings as she stumbled over her words before speeding away from him. 'I guess she's still not completely over the gum thing...' Adrien couldn't help but feel disappointed at that. He thought after he offered her his umbrella that day that they might be able to become friends but...

"And if she knew that it was me yesterday I doubt we'd ever be friends." He muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Tigga asked, popping her head out of Adrien's bag.

Adrien frowned, not wanting to talk to the tiny white cat about his problems revolving around Marinette. "Nothing, don't worry about it." He didn't see the look on the kwami's face, but from her furrowed brow it was obvious that she would question her charge about this another time.

"Sup dude?" Nino greeted the blonde as he entered the room.

Adrien smiled tiredly at his best friend before walking over to him. "Not much man, how's it going?" He asked while bumping fist with the dark skinned boy.

"Obviously better than you right now." Nino commented as Adrien let loose a drawn out yawn. "Did you, like, get any sleep?" He asked with his usual chill tone, though on the inside he was growing concern for Adrien. 'Being akumatized must have really got to him yesterday.' Nino knew that his bud hadn't really had many very good birthdays, but one could only assume that being controlled by Papillon was not a better way to spend it. 'I should have came by to check on him last night.'

Adrien chuckled warily. "That obvious?" He quietly asked.

"Very," Nino said. "So what happened? Did your pops have you do one of those midnight shoots or something?" He asked, despite being very certain that wasn't the case.

Adrien sat back in his seat for a moment before nodding. "Yeah, something like that." He said, obviously lying.

Nino sat in silence as he debated whether or not to confront his friend on the bold faced lie. Unfortunately the choice was taken from him as Alya entered the room, with Marinette in tow.

"Good morning guys." She greeted the two boys while heading for her seat behind Nino. Catching sight of the familiar scarf around Adrien's neck she smirked before giving her blushing friend a knowing look. "Nice scarf Agreste," She commented, her eyes turning in Marinette's direction.

Adrien offered a polite smile in return. Hearing the red head's compliment caused him to look down at the baby blue scarf. "Thanks, it was a birthday gift from my dad." He explained. Even if he was still upset about his father telling him not to socialize with Nino anymore, the fact that his father had bothered to get him a birthday gift was not something that could be overlooked.

Alya looked momentarily surprised at that before narrowing her eyes at her best friend. 'I could have sworn she signed the card?' She thought in confusion but didn't correct the blonde. Maybe with a bit of prompting the pig tailed girl would muster up the courage to do so herself. "Well it's very nice, wouldn't you say so Marinette?" She asked, putting the spotlight on her best friend.

Marinette internally screamed as she tried and failed to talk normally. "Ye-yes! It very nice looks." The twin tailed girl gritted her teeth as she tried again. "I mean you look very nice! With that scarf, it really helps bring it all together..." Marinette ended quietly, deciding to just quit while she was ahead.

Adrien smiled at the dark haired girl's compliment. While it was hard to follow her when she talked so excitedly he was able to appreciate her attempts to be nice to him. "Thanks Marinette, I really like this scarf." He said looking down at it. "I just wish I knew whether or not my dad made it personally, and if not I'd like to know who he'd commission to do so." He muttered the last bit to himself though the other three clearly heard him.

Marinette gulped. Now was her chance, her chance to take some credit for the scarf. Even if he didn't know that she had intended to give him the gift he could at least know that her hands had lovingly crafted it for him. However it was not meant to be as her courage was nowhere to be seen. "I...uh...I...I cou-couldn't tell you, it'samysterysoit'sbestnottoworryaboutitokgottagotakemyseatbye!" She said before retreating to her seat and pulling out her text book. Adrien looked at her strangely before shrugging and turning around to face the front.

Alya fixed her best friend with a look of pity. 'Someday eventually I will teach that girl to be herself around him.' She promised herself before joining Marinette at their shared table. "That'll do girl, that'll do." She said soothingly as she rubbed the twin tailed girl's shoulder.

"I suck..." Marinette muttered under her breath. "Why can't I just act normal around him?" She bemoaned quietly.

"You'll get there Mari, one step at a time." Alya encouraged the Chinese girl while continuing to pat her shoulder.

"Crap!" Black Cat cried out as he avoided one of the vines. "Any idea where the akuma is yet?!" He called out to his partner who was also busy ducking and weaving.

"Nope!" Coccinelle replied.

It had happened shortly after lunch began, Alya and Nino had elected to have lunch with their two best friends. A sort of belated birthday lunch for Adrien, they had agreed. As they sat down at the little café the screaming had began and Nino and Alya had been forced to ditch their two friends with the lame excuse that they had forgotten their wallets at the school. Neither had seen Adrien leave the store moments later, telling Marinette to stay where she was.

Coccinelle cried out in surprise as she felt a vine wrap around her leg and hoist her up. "Now I'll be taking your miraculous." Jungle King stated as he made to take her earrings.

"Hiya!" Nino cried out as he smacked the Akuma away with his baton. "You okay, babe?" He asked his partner who quickly freed herself from the vine.

"Yeah I'm al- Look out!" Coccinelle cut herself off with a shriek as she rushed for her partner.

Seeing the bus flying at them Nino gritted his teeth. "Cataclysm!" He quickly shouted before slamming his palm out and destroying the bus. Immediately afterwards the two heroes were swept away by another vine, causing them to fly into a small hair products store.

"Oh that's distressing." Alya muttered as she watched the entrance be sealed up by a series of vines.

"Good, now that you have them trapped it's only a matter of time before Black Cat's transformation wears off and you can take his ring!" Papillon shouted victoriously in the akuma's head.

It was at that point that Chat Blanc arrived on the scene. Unsheathing his rapier he took a defensive stance. "En garde!" He shouted to Jungle King who turned to face this new challenger.

Chat Blanc allowed himself a moment to study his opponent. Jungle King was a dark skinned lean man with dark brown hair and red war paint on his face. He had a grass skirt on and was barefooted. In his hands was a long wooden staff.

Jungle King frowned as the outline of a butterfly appeared over his face. "How are you still here? Why are you pointing that thing at me?!" He cried out pointing his staff in retaliation.

"The why and how doesn't matter, all you need to know is that this cat's here to prune your branches."

Jungle King scowled before sending a number of vines to attack the white cat. Chat Blanc's movements were hard to follow as he deftly avoided the vines with little difficulty. As fast as Black Cat and Coccinelle were it was quickly becoming apparent that the white cat was far quicker.

Within seconds Chat Blanc upon him, making to stab him only to be blocked. Weaving to the right Chat Blanc launched a kick in the akuma's ribs before delivering a vicious left hook. Stumbling back Jungle King scowled at the youth before charging him, staff held high.

Chat grinned as he began dodging all of Jungle King's frustrated attacks all the while taunting his opponent. "Vining for my attention are you?" He cheekily asked as a couple vines appeared behind him. Jumping over Jungle King he easily avoided them.

Landing behind the akuma Chat Blanc shot his foot out and knocked the villain over as he had been spinning to face him. Now on his back Jungle King found himself defenseless as the white cat held the tip of his rapier to his neck. "Ready to admit that flower power just isn't enough?" Chat Blanc asked teasingly.

It was at that second that the vines keeping Coccinelle and Black Cat pinned lit up in flames. The two super powered combatants looked over to see the two heroes emerging from the store. In Coccinelle's hands were a red and black spotted lighter and a can of hairspray.

The two took in the scene before them with looks of bafflement. "How the hell are you still here!?" Black Cat cried out as he pointed a clawed finger at Chat Blanc.

shrugging Chat Blanc lightly poked Jungle King with his rapier. "Can we Chat about this later? You need to find the stupid butterfly and purify this guy already!" Despite not wanting to take orders from a former akuma the two knew better than to allow Jungle King to remain akumatized any longer. After a few seconds of consideration they deduced that it was in his crown, ripping it to shreds released a familiar black butterfly.

"Goodbye, little butterfly." Coccinelle said as a pure white butterfly came out of her bandalore. Throwing the lighter into the air she shouted. "Miraculous Ladybug!" And with that the damage was fixed.

Chat Blanc sheathed his rapier before making to leave. "Hold on there pal." Black Cat called out. "We need to have a talk." He reminded the white cat.

Nodding he gestured to the tallest building in the area. "Up there, I assume you'd purrfer fur us to Chat in purrivate." He explained before quickly making for the rooftops.

"Dammit Adrien..." Black Cat muttered under his breath with a groan.

Coccinelle needed to detransform to recharge her kwami, due to having used her Lucky Charm. Thankfully Black Cat had already recharged his Miraculous and hadn't needn't use Cataclysm a second time. "It is you, right...Adrien?" He asked while the two waited for his spotted partner.

Chat Blanc paused as he considered whether or not to be honest with the black cat themed hero. With a decisive frown he nodded. "Yeah, its me, its Adrien." He admitted.

Neon green eyes narrowed in thought. "How, how did you get akumatized again?" He asked worriedly, hand resting on his baton.

Chat smiled sheepishly. "I'd rather not repeat mewself so let's wait for your lady. I promise that I'll explain as best I can." He told him earnestly.

Black Cat looked like he wanted to protest but refrained. Judging by the white cat's attitude it really was Adrien calling the shots. He could wait a few more seconds to hear the story. No sooner had that thought left his mind did he hear the familiar zip of Coccinelle's yoyo. Landing next to him the spotted hero met her partner's gaze, before looking at Chat Blanc. After a moment she hesitantly placed her weapon on her hip.

Chat Blanc grinned. "Well now that we're all here I guess I should pull the cat out of the bag."

Coccinelle and Black Cat stood impassively as they listened to Chat Blanc explain how late last night he had been visited by a white cat kwami. "So you're telling us that you've had a Miraculous this whole time and didn't know it?" The spotted heroine asked somewhat dubiously.

"It's crazy I know, but it's the truth. My kwami told me that she'd been dormant for a very long time. When the akuma went into the ring it woke her up."

Black Cat nodded along with the story. "I see. Well that's pretty cool." He said, believing Adrien almost instantly. Having heard the blonde explain the situation he could clearly see the earnestness in his best friend's eyes.

Chat Blanc grinned. "You're telling me. Being transformed feels so amazing, after the first time I did it willingly I ended up staying out till dawn." He admitted with a nervous chuckle.

Black Cat laughed as well, now realizing what Adrien's earlier exhaustion had stemmed from. 'At least he wasn't worrying about what happened.' He thought, a little relieved to know that his best bud was in a better state than he had previously thought.

Coccinelle frowned as she took in Chat Blanc's posture. From the way he was behaving it was easy to see that Adrien was in control, still she couldn't help but have some reservations. "So you're absolutely sure that there's no akuma in the ring?"

Chat Blanc looked at the red haired girl with slight surprise before nodding. "Yes. You guys already captured it. It's just my kwami with me now." He assured her. With an understanding expression he continued. "I get it, you're just being cautious. It makes sense that you might not be so quick to trust a former enemy, but I'm on your side now."

Black Cat turned to look at his girl who glanced at him. A silent exchange passed between them before Coccinelle relented and allowed a small smile. If Nino's faith in Adrien was that strong then she could trust him as well. "Okay then I believe you." She told the blonde.

Chat Blanc grinned in response. "I'm glad." He said before extending a closed fist out. "It's an honor to work with you guys." He told the two heroes honestly excited to be working alongside Paris' Miraculous duo.

Coccinelle responded in kind, gently bumping his fist. "Welcome to the team." She said as Black Cat stepped forward and gently grabbed Chat Blanc's wrist and pulling him in for a bro hug.

"We're glad to have you." He said before stepping back.

And on that day Paris's number of heroes grew from two to three.

Hope you all enjoyed that. This was a nice change of pace to write, not sure when the next chapter will be out but hopefully it'll be soon. This was not betaed by anyone, so there might be a few mistakes but I did my best to catch them.