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The White Cat

Part Eight: Epilogue

Marinette Dupain-Cheng never would have figured that her first boyfriend would be a model by day and superhero by night. But it's crazy how things work out. After her brief akumatization, which she thankfully does not remember, she and Adrien began dating.

All of her friends had offered her many congratulations for finally getting the courage to confess to him, which she actually did do. 'Even if he was wearing cat ears at the time.' The pigtailed girl thought with an inward giggle.

Of course there was a healthy amount of teasing from Alya and Nino, okay mostly Alya. The spotted heroine made sure to bring up the fact that Adrien had been visiting her specifically late at night for months. "He even saw the wall and didn't freak out." The red haired heroine had cackled, causing Marinette's face to resemble the color of Coccinelle's suit.

Her parents had also been very supportive and happy with her new relationship. Whenever Adrien came to the bakery Sabine had offered him a number of croissants and other baked goods, on the house. Much to hers and Adrien's embarrassment when he tried to refuse and pay for them her father had stepped forward. "Consider it from family, since you are our future son-in-law." The large man had given the blond a wink.

The only person who didn't seem to be happy with the new couple's relationship was Chloe Bourgeois. The first week of her fledgling relationship with the blond had been met with much antagonizing from the spoiled girl. Thankfully Adrien, after learning of his childhood friend's reaction, had put his foot down and offered his ultimatum. "Either you accept that I'm dating Marinette and be civil to her, or we can go our separate ways and never talk again."

After that the materialisticblonde had been much more dismissive of her. Chloe was by no means nice to her, but she no longer went as out of her way to annoy Marinette. Now she was just her usual bratty self.

Marinette was jerked out of her thoughts by the car she was in pulling to a stop. Lips pressing into a thin line she moved to open the door, only to stop as the driver had already done so for her. Offering him a sheepish smile she got out of the car and approached the large house before her.

She had never been in Agreste Manor, so she was impressed by being up close to it. Clearing the lump in her throat she allowed the woman who had just exited the other side of the car, Nathalie, lead her. The two females made their way into the large home. As they walked into the foyer Marinette noticed a large painting of Gabriel Agreste and his family.

Marinette had never met Adrien's mom, but from seeing her image captured on the large painting she thought the older woman was breath taking. 'It's easy to see where Adrien gets his good looks from.'

Nathalie, having caught the blue haired girl becoming distracted, cleared her throat. "This way," She said once Marinette's attention was back on her. They went down a couple halls until they came upon what Marinette assumed was Gabriel Agreste's home office. "Monsieur Agreste will see you now." The glasses wearing woman informed her before opening the door and ushering her in.

The dark haired girl clutched her bag to her chest as she entered, suddenly feeling very small. She had only met Adrien's father once during his contest, and she hadn't even seen him in person. 'Now I'm dating his son, and he wants to see some of my designs.' She gulped upon seeing him seated at his desk, looking expectantly at her.

"Take a seat, mile Dupain-Cheng." The silver haired man ordered as the door closed behind her.

Marinette offered a thankful nod before seating herself across from him. When no more words came out of his mouth, and he instead lifted his hand up as if waiting for her to hand him something Marinette quickly reached into her bag and pulled out one of her sketchbooks.

As he leafed through it no words were spoken. The only sound she could hear was the turning of pages, and the beating of her heart. Once Gabriel had quickly looked through her sketchbook he closed it and set it down. "I did not call you here just to look at your artwork." He eventually said before folding his hands over his desk.

Marinette gulped but kept quiet, waiting for him to explain. It was probably only a thirty second wait, but it felt like an eternity before he spoke again.

"Since you are now dating my son, I can safely assume you know about his late night runs." He said, for lack of a better word. At seeing her bluebell eyes widen he was forced to conceal a smile. "Do not act surprised, very little gets by me. And I know my son wouldn't keep things hidden from someone important to him."

What followed was more silence as Marinette tried to process the fact that not only was Adrien's father bringing up her relationship with him, but that he knew about Chat Blanc. Frowning she wondered what he hoped to do with this meeting. Was he going to tell her he disapproved of her and Adrien?

She was in for a shock however when he reached into his pocket and produced a small blue pin in the shape of a peacock fan. "My son can be rather headstrong at times, a trait he inherited from his mother." The man made a pained expression for the briefest of moments before proceeding. "I know that Coccinelle and Black Cat are there to watch him, but I feel that another person to keep him safe would offer me solace." He told her before sliding over the peacock miraculous to her.

Marinette gaped at the peacock pin before looking back up at Gabriel's expression. She couldn't see it in his face, but his eyes told her a story. A story of a man who felt the loss of his wife, and the inability to be there for his son. This was a man pleading for her to protect someone they both loved.

Pursing her lips Marinette hesitantly reached for the pin and grabbed it. When a tiny blue creature, a kwami, appeared Gabriel's expression became thankful.

A new miraculous holder was born.

And that's all for Adrien's story. We will continue this story mainly from Marinette's perspective in Beautiful Blue. You've all been wonderful, see you in the sequel whenever I get around to writing it.