Epilogue: Fresh Start

            Fifteen hours had passed since Eckhart and the GSA's unexpected visit to Sanctuary.  Shalimar, Emma, and Brennan conversed pleasantly while waiting for the breakfast that Danielle and Adam were preparing together.  Orin and Teeko had returned to the New Mutant Underground.  Jesse was still waiting at Dylan's bedside.  She had yet to regain consciousness since absorbing the gunshot wound from him, and despite Adam's reassurances that she would awaken as soon as her new mutant abilities were finished repairing the damage, Jesse could not bring himself to leave her side.

            Jesse closed his eyes, wondering—not for the first time—what the other members of the team were up to.

            "Open your eyes, Casper.  I think I've done enough sleeping for both of us."

            Jesse smiled down at Dylan.  "Hey," was all he could think to say.

            "Hey," she smiled in return.  Dylan sat up, testing her strength.

            "Are you sure you should be doing that so soon?" Jesse asked worriedly, putting a hand on her back.

            "I'm fine."  She stretched her achy muscles, then rolled her shoulders.  "Good as new."  She swung her legs over the side of the cot.  "How about you?"

            "You saved my life, Dylan."

            "Think nothing of it," she shrugged dismissively.  "You saved Adam's life.  It all works out."  She stood up and stretched again.  "Where is everyone?"

            "Eating breakfast," Jesse replied with a shrug.

            "Sounds good to me."  Dylan held out her hand to him.  "Shall we join them?"

            Jesse smiled, taking her hand.  They made their way to the kitchen, where they found the others enjoying eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

            "Got room for two more?" Dylan inquired, looking straight at Adam.

            Her brother was on his feet, across the room and hugging her before Shalimar could turn around in her chair.  "I was worried you'd never wake up."

            Dylan kissed him on the cheek.  "Well, now you know better."

            Adam, Dylan, and Jesse joined Shalimar, Emma, Brennan, and Danielle around the dining room table.  Conversation resumed, but steered clear of Genomex and Mason Eckhart.


            Hugh Jonestin entered Mason Eckhart's private office.  His superior sat facing the window that overlooked Genomex's stasis pods.

            "Sir?" Jonestin broke into Eckhart's thoughts.

            "Does anyone remember?"

            Jonestin knew Eckhart meant the location of Sanctuary, where Adam and Mutant X resided in secrecy.  "Everyone's the same."

            "Everyone's the same," Eckhart repeated disdainfully.  "Meaning we all remember being there and what happened, but no one remembers how we got there in the first place."

            "Yes, Sir."

            "Well that is not acceptable!" Eckhart yelled, pounding his fists down on the arms of his chair.

            "I know, Sir."

            "And what about the tracking device?"

            "Deactivated, as best we can tell."

            Eckhart finally swiveled his chair around.  "This does not bode well for your future in this company, Mr. Jonestin."

            Jonestin shifted uncomfortably.  "I understand, Sir."

            "Well, the battle may have been lost, but we did not entirely fail.  Kilmartin was infected with our virus, thanks to dear Dylan.  Now it's only a matter of time before the symptoms begin showing themselves.  And then it will be a whole new ballgame."
            Jonestin nodded.  "They will come to us for a cure."

            "A cure for which they must pay dearly for.  The destruction of Mutant X and the exposure of the New Mutant Underground.  What a glorious day that will be."

                                                                                    THE END

Well, there ya have it. See how they screwed up my ending by having Eckhart get frozen? Haha  I might write a sequel, but I'm waiting to see how the rest of this season plays out. And dammit, if Brennan and Shalimar don't hook up I'll scream. Who's with me?