Harry Potter - Force Adept

A Harry Potter / Star Wars Crossover

Summary: During the summer after Harry Potter's second year, a timely letter from his mother appears before him on his birthday. Harry finds out that Lily Potter was never blood relative to Petunia Dursley, but the long lost daughter of the Grandmaster Ben Skywalker and Lady Vestara Khai. Harry's Fate and the Magical World will be changed forever.

Pairings - Harry Potter / Hermione Granger / Daphne Greengrass / Susan Bones+

Disclaimer: Line passages have been taken from throughout the "Harry Potter Book Series" that was created by J.K Rowling and some from the "Star Wars Series" which was created by George Lucas. I do not own any rights to characters nor do I receive any money from this story. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

Rating T for Violence, Language, and whatnot. Bashing of some Weasleys, some Potion Professors, and a certain Headmaster is in order. This story will stay in the Harry Potter universe but will have aspects taken from Star Wars Expanded Universe and some from the Knights of the Old Republic series.

Some ideas may also have come from other authors that I have read, I apologize ahead of time and will acknowledge them in those chapters. My hope is that… I have yet to see a story like this yet… and there are a lot of stories out there to read. This story is basically cannon through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Chapter 1


July 30th, 1993

Dursley Residence, Number Four Privet Drive. 11:58 p.m.

Harry James Potter, age twelve, one day shy of thirteen sat in the smallest bedroom of number four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. Wishing for the time to pass, where he can leave for his best friend Ron Weasley's house, the Burrow. Or return for his third year to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on the first of September.

Harry had tried a number of times to sleep but to no avail, for two things continued to impede on his thoughts. One was that he was held under a bribe for his uncle Vernon's signature, a signature to be able to visit the village of Hogsmeade this coming school year.

Third years are permitted to visit the village of Hogsmeade on certain weekends. And two, nightmares of him, Ron and Professor Lockhart trip into the Chambers of Secrets to rescue Ron's only sister Ginny.

The confrontation of the memory of a young teenaged Tom Marvolo Riddle, a Basilisk which was a seventy-foot-long, a thousand-year-old, ancient snake that can kill at a glance, thank god that never happened this time. But that was just another year at Hogwarts. This was the third time in his life that he had been confronted by Lord Voldemort, the first time it happened was just after his first birthday on 31st of October 1981, where Harry had lost both his mother and father, Lily and James Potter, it also marked a point in his life it had turned for the worst. Arriving on the doorstep of his aunt Petunia's home in the middle of the night and his growing up in the cupboard under the stairs for the next ten years, that was when he had received his first Hogwarts school letter.

Life at the Dursley was never what one could be called a kind life and it was often fought with tragedy, hate, and pain from both physical and emotional scars alone with neglect in the lack of food and proper clothing.

Professor Dumbledore had always stated that it was for his safety to stay here and in a way… it might have been; however, it was only from the wizarding world that he was safe from. He was never truly safe from his Uncle Vernon's belt on every birthday he had ever had. Or at any time he had come out ahead of his cousin Dudley on any test whether it was an accident or on purpose. Or any time that something strange, or anything that would be considered unexpected, had happened, whether he did something, or not. Harry understood now, about the many accidental bouts of magic were some of the causes of some of the strange or unexpected things that had happened. But it was never Harry's fault for his Uncle Vernon to not get that promotion every year, or for his cousin, Dudley beating up many of the underclassmen children, or even abysmally poor grades Dudley receives during school. He might think of his cousin as a baby killer whale but that would be an insult to the killer whale, after all, the whale could at least think, right?

Harry also never really understood how he could be such a burden to the Dursley family, when Dudley could receive over thirty birthday or Christmas gifts every year, or how could his Uncle Vernon purchase a new car every year, while Harry would get his cousin's cast-off clothes that would be for a child three to four years younger and still be overly large on him. Even in here, what was his cousin's second bedroom, lay all of Dudley's broken toys from years past. Harry looked around the desk and floor was everything Dudley had ever broken and had refused to get rid of. Harry had thought about packing some of Dudley's broken non-electronic toys up and take them to school, perform the repairing charm on them and then secretly, resell them. but

Harry looked up and could now see the clock on the desk ticking eleven fifty-nine; it was almost time for his thirteenth birthday. He returned to reading one of his charms course books. Uncle Vernon had decided to lock all his school books away again this summer as soon as Harry had stepped foot into the house. Harry, however, and with some valuable teachings from Fred and George Weasley, and after last year's escape had instructed him in the noble art of lock-picking and he was able to liberate a few of his course books along with his wand from the cupboard under the stairs only a few days after arriving back at number 4 Privet Drive.

Harry looked up, just in time to see a flash of blue light and watch as a piece of folded parchment paper appeared out of thin air and had begun to fall from the point it had appeared. With the quickness of a seeker, Harry had snatched the folded parchment out of midair before the letter could even reach the floor. Unfolding the letter and Harry began to read…

My Dear Son, Harry James Potter,

I, Lily Jean Potter, am writing you this letter as an insurance policy, because of what I fear is to come. I have timed this letter as a blood-based port-key and have had it timed the activation to be on your thirteenth birthday in front of you. If what we hope, and that we are still alive, I will, of course, deactivate the letter and we are with you getting ready to enjoy your birthday perhaps with your baby sister and or maybe a baby brother. But as you did receive this letter, that means that our plans have failed and you are with your Godfather Sirius Black or Godmother Alice Longbottom.

Your father and I would hope you are doing well in school and are not getting caught up in too many pranks as Padfoot and Mooney were quite the pranksters during our days in school. Perhaps, you even have a young lady in your life too, but if you're more like James you won't know till you're in your later years at Hogwarts. I know I began to like James near my fourth year, perhaps maybe even my third but a friend of mine had always got in the way and it was difficult to make many friends because of him.

You see James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter never like the bullies in school, although Peter, I think, just went along for the fun it. My friend, and I never really realized it, but he had always leaned towards the darker side of magic. It wasn't till the end of our fifth year that I finally realized how far he had fallen.

Harry… do not become a bully! Stand tall and defend those who need defending. Remember all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

And in that, I must tell you my secret. I had cast this secret under a modified Knowledge Fidelius charm so only you will know if for some reason you wish to disclose if you could, but it can never be forcefully taken. You see, I was not born into the Evans' family. I'm sorry, but it's true. I was accurately born from two parents, worlds apart from ours. I was the only daughter of two powerful magic users by the name of Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai. They were both powerful magic users but of a different form of magic.

This Magic is simply known as, the Force. The Force is strong in our family and from both sides as well. The Skywalker side could be said to be born from the force itself. To reference into magical means, that would be like saying Merlin was born from magic itself. My mother was a long descendant of another very powerful Force user family.

Now you are thinking about how I know about this. Well… in a vault at Gringotts under the name of Lily Evans, there are two devises known as Holocrons. A Holocron is an information storage device that could fit in the palm of your hand. Holocrons acted as repositories of vital or sensitive knowledge and wisdom pertaining to the nature and knowledge of the Force, a mystical energy field that connected all living things in the galaxy. Data playback typically took the form of an interactive hologram that resembles the person who recorded the information. One will have a message from my father, Ben Skywalker and the other will have a message from my mother, Vestara Khai. Basically, they work like a Pensive in a way, where memories are placed within it for others to hear, to learn, and to interact with and like a wizarding portrait.

Go to my vault Harry, at Gringotts and collect them. Learn about your heritage and learn about the Force. You are born from two worlds, the Force and Magic. In a way, it's two sides of the same coin. A Force user will use the power from outside the body while Magic-user will use the power from within, and just like Magic, there are both good and bad.

Even though my father, your grandfather was someone from the light side of the Force, your grandmother had come from a much darker family. Now, don't be upset about that, because that was all she knew, that was until she met your grandfather and great grandfather. I will let them tell their story but it is amazing to listen to and understand their story.

Now, also in my vault are some of my books on magic that I have collected from my time at Hogwarts, and they will have some of my notes and ideas attached to them, many I was unable to complete but had wished I had. During my time a Hogwarts I had several favorite classes and they were Potions, Charms, Runes, and Arithmancy.

Your father's books and notes were most likely taken into one of the Potter family vaults. Ask the Black Mutt, Sirius, to get you in there to retrieve his books and notes. I would like to point out that James, was the top of the class in Transfiguration and very good in Defense Against the Dark Arts as well as Quidditch. Even though Quidditch is 'not' a class… no matter how many times they all say it is, it isn't, I mean really?

Anyways, know this, my son, we love you and hope your life is great. Live long and love someone truly worthy of your love, trust me you will know.

And to end this note, Harry James Potter… Happy Birthday… and May the Force be with you… always!


Lily Jean Potter nee' Evans-Skywalker

Harry looked up from the letter from his mother, not a little bit of moister forming in his eyes. Love and hope filling his heart from his mother's letter. But also, somewhat confused, who was this Sirius Black or Remus. Harry thought Alice Longbottom must be in relation to Neville but how? Why didn't he visit the Evans' vault at Gringotts when Hagrid had taken him there before his first year at Hogwarts? And what was this about the Potter vaults? He was only given the single key and that was for 'his' trust vault at Gringotts.

And now there was an even more of a challenge, how do I get to Gringotts to get into his mother's Vault tomorrow… ah, today? Last year Ron and I used the Floo to get to Diagon Alley from the Barrow but, I don't have a Floo connection here at the Dursley's? Maybe I could have Uncle Vern… No! Uncle Vernon wouldn't help him; he may even try to beat me and then take all the money for his own, in payment for me staying here. So, I will have to take public transit to get to London. And I will need to leave early, very early, so I don't get stopped by them either.

Harry lay down to sleep, the morning will come early.

Dream Vision

That night Harry dreamed of a boy in a form-fitting black tunic outfit with red hair and steel blue eyes, which was holding a glowing blue sword. He was a swing and moving, almost dancing in a way that said he was very skilled with the blade.

A large man dressed in black armor also holding a glowing red sword and from his stance was also very skilled and powerful, but the man's attacks were full of hate and rage, all power no finesse. And then the man pushed out his hand and blue lightning arced from his fingers in some wicked lightning-based attack catching the boy off guard, sending the boy to the ground in a heap.

The man was going to press the attack again but was stopped by a very beautiful girl, of about the same age as the boy, with long dark hair pulled back in a pony-tail but then flowed freely down her back. She too held a vivid glowing red sword, like the man's sword. She wasn't as skilled as the boy or older man, but the look on her face said that she would fight all the harder to protect the boy who was slow to get up, a scream of, "Ben!" escaping her lips.

"You dare to challenge me, daughter," the man growled.

"I will not allow you to kill him, father," the girl said calmly but forcefully, though she felt anything but calm. Her eyes never leaving her opponent, not even to see if the boy was able to get up or not. And then she entered combat calling on her own type of magic to protect her and the boy she cared for and to attack but not kill her… father.

Harry awoke in a cold sweat. Was that a dream? Or was that something that really happened? Harry looked out of his window and noticed the sky was beginning to become a bit brighter. The edge of the horizon beginning to show, the day has started and he needed to leave soon or his uncle would not allow him to leave today.

§End Chapter One§

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