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United States of America
An underground Allied Nation facility
February 28, 2095 - 21:00 hours

She hated waiting, but it wasn't like she could have forced the doors open any faster. It did take its time, but the reinforced gateway creaked itself open, the tired gears operating the final unlocking sequence to grant the tall red-head admittance.

Analyzing the workings of the entrance, she contemplated how much force was necessary to tear the one-meter-thick security door free from its sliding track. Poorly designed and weak against a Pandora's strength, she assumed, for she already knew the prisoner occupying the cell inside this detention facility could easily peel this entryway aside and escape into the shadows before anyone knew what had happened.

The clunk of the secondary door opened, allowing the formally dressed Field Commander to step inside the clear plexi-glass room.

"Name, rank, affiliation." Buzzed a male voice through the loudspeaker.

The woman said, "McGeady, Maya. Field Commander of West Genetics."

"Present your Genetics card to the scanner and state your business with the prisoner."

Maya stepped forward and held her ID card to the infrared interface. Electronic tones signified her authenticity, but the gruff officer still wouldn't open the door.

"Your business with the prisoner, Field Commander."

Maya blinked. She didn't really have a reason to visit with the detainee, nor did she know why she was summoned across the Pacific. She imagined how clueless she must look to the individual sitting on the other side of the transparent wall. She adjusted her pressed army uniform, which itched terribly, and wondered again why she substituted her convenient Volt Texture for such crude articles of clothing.

The network telephone rang, taking the security guard's attention away from the tense Pandora. Maya's hearing was unnaturally acute, but the protective shielding within the chamber kept everything close to a distant whisper. When the officer concluded his conversation, he put down the handset and punched in the clearance code.

"Your credentials are in order." He said, "You may proceed."

Surprised, but more relieved, Maya stepped through the encased portal and met an armed attendant who was waiting for her.

"Sergeant Gabriel Goodson." He saluted, unflinching toward her curvaceous figure and neatly pinned up hair. "I will escort you the rest of the way."

"Sergeant." Maya acknowledged, finding herself drawn to the phased plasma rifle trembling in his hands.

Goodson had to be no older than thirty she guessed, with an impressive physique that would only be a result from years of grueling duty in the United States Marine Corps. She read his apprehension clearly, noticing the beads of sweat trickling down his temple. Following behind the young soldier, Maya began to worry if there was something wrong.

She didn't speak as the sergeant led her through the empty corridor, instead choosing to continue her quiet scrutiny as her unusual escort turned another corner, pausing just outside an insignificant, unmarked door.

He gestured to the Pandora to enter as he stood straight as a statue. "Prisoner eight twenty-three." He declared.

Maya nodded, expecting to hear automated clicks from the door. When nothing happened, she looked back to the sergeant.

"You can enter at any time ma'am." He turned on his heel, facing straight ahead. "You have ten minutes."

Swallowing, she felt the lump in her throat as she gripped the handle and opened the door. She recalled her explicit orders and the overview of top-secret documents during the flight, but somehow, she couldn't appreciate the full nature of this visit until she locked eyes with the occupant shackled to the floor of the room.

"Eva Dalca." Maya seethed, "Did you truly believe that turning yourself in would somehow provide enough pull with the governing bodies to have them offer you some sort of leniency?" The broken and beaten woman didn't answer, but looking at her disheveled appearance was all the Field Commander needed to conclude that the once powerful Wraith of East Genetics had now withered to a pitiful criminal.

"Tell me," Maya teased her leashed adversary, "Why would Genetics even consider a meeting with you? If I remember accurately, Sister Amelia was the only one sympathetic to your miserable existence, and she died back at Chimborazo." The electrified cords rippled with power as the former Pandora tested her restraints. "What possible intelligence do you have that we haven't gathered on our own from the remnants of Nightfall?"

The Wraith's piercing gaze followed the tall red-head as she paced the room. "You know, I can't explain to you the pleasure I have of seeing you like this, but you'll have to start talking or this will be a waste of time for both of us." The bold Field Commander came closer, considering the vulnerability of her prisoner. "It's a real shame that you weren't the one that died in that blast."

Eva's breathing increased as rapidly as her emotions. Despite McGeady's incessant taunting, the bound woman managed to keep herself under control. Every day it seemed that it got more difficult for Eva to block the image of the former headmistress's death at the hands of Gavril Magda. Gavril, the man who murdered her own parents and by far the most reprehensible excuse of a human being she had ever considered a mentor and friend.

Eva knew she had to start explaining, or Amelia Ellsworth's retribution would be in vain.

"I…know…secret locations…and strongholds. Perhaps…a different accommodation for my cooperation?"

Maya chuckled, apparently unaware of Eva's attempt at sincerity. "Listen to me, you piece of gutter trash. Headmistress Ellsworth may have reserved a small place in her heart for a traitor like you, but not me." Maya backed toward the exit. "You can rot in this cell for the rest of your life, but don't think I'm going to entertain any type of exchange with you."

Eva closed her eyes, frustrated with the stubbornness of the Field Commander. She tried one last time. "Even if I can help…lead your troops toward capturing Blaine Sifkin?"

Maya's heart skipped a beat. "What did you just say?"

Eva smiled. "What's the matter Maya? We both know you can't go back to West Genetics empty-handed now could we?"

"How? How would you know?"

Eva pulled harder against the glowing bindings that held her perfectly in place. "Let's just say that maybe, we can help each other out."

McGeady tilted her head in confusion. "I'm listening, so what do you know?"

The former wraith relaxed her sore muscles. "Field Commander, what…don't I know?"

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