Hey guys! Sladerules here! and today, I decided to make a Challenge!

For those who follow me, I would like to let you know that Reading light and Shadow will be My next Update and should be here anywhere from a week to two weeks!

anywho, I decided to play the MKX story mode again and remembered how much I loved everything... except Mileena dying.

However, I had an Idea.

Here's the summary

The civil war in outworld is over.

Mileena is killed, and Kotal Khan is in control.

However, there is no peace.

ever since her death, there has been more and more of Khan's men dying.

at this, Kotal Khan noticed the problem.

Shiao Khan dies, Mileena attacks for her father.

Mileena dies...

you face her son.

Naruto: heir to Outworld

Naruto x Cassie

four tails mode and wind style will be his abilities.

And there you have it!

If you would like to do this fanfic, please PM me so I can give you the details of other things about the story so that It doesn't spoil the story.

that's all for now.

Ja Ne!