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Chapter One: Love Chamber.

Madam Annette waved her hand, and a tray of tea appeared next to the sofa. Hermione nodded in thanks, then watched her leave with tired eyes. A cup of tea sounded just as good as sleep did right now, but sleep wasn't a luxury nowadays. She made it to her liking and sighed when the warm liquid moved down her throat.

She was sat in the foyer of Madam Annette's famous whorehouse, relaxing after a long day at work. With a heavy heart, she could say that she regretted taking up a job within the Ministry of Magic; especially because she was an Unspeakable. I was offered a job in the Department of Mysteries to lead research into love within the Love Chamber.

You'd think I would have an amazing love life since I study its effects so much. However, that would be an incorrect assumption. At first, her job was the only thing keeping her going, the four other women she worked with kept her on her toes; spouting their love of the world, and the amazing things that can come from it - nothing good can come of it.

The proof was all around her as she sat in the whorehouse at ten o'clock in the evening. Hermione kicked off her heels and sunk back into the sofa. Madam Annette's foyer was always empty by the time she got here; I bet it's busy in the day time.

Three sofas were facing a coffee table - she was sitting on the far left one - and if she turned her head to the left, she could see the small balcony that looked over the dingy alleyway. Annette well kept the foyer; she even had a piano on the right side of the room playing a soft melody.

Madam Annette mothers me too much sometimes, but it's better than having no mum at all. Hermione's parents never forgave her when she restored their memories, and she'd fought back the urge to take the memories back from them. I'm as good as dead to them now. She sipped mindlessly at her tea.

The foyer was Hermione's haven whenever she visited on the weekends. Men did stumble across her occasionally, then attempt to treat her like one of the working ladies that occupied the rooms, but they always received a polite apology; one had been dealt a swift kick to the crotch when he tried to force himself on her. Other than that, I don't come into any trouble - going downstairs is another story.

If I want to stay clean, it's better to stay well away from the drunken abode beneath me.

Hermione cast a wandless spell to bring her hair off her shoulders and on top of her head. The frizz hadn't eased since her four years away from Hogwarts. She didn't think she'd changed much; her face showed signs of exhaustion, but other than that, she still felt pathetic like usual.

However, Harry was a different story. She glanced down the corridor to her right. A woman was sucking the face off a very drunk man and managed to push him into one of the rooms. Hermione had respect for some of the women here as they were nice to her whenever they crossed paths - Jenny's my favourite - but some of the women were bitches with a capital 'B'.

Jenny frequently helped her lug Harry out of the whorehouse to the apparition point, but she would be left to drag him back inside Grimmauld Place, where she would leave him on the sofa to sleep off his hangover, so he can wake up and do it all over again.

Four and a half years have passed since the war ended. Hermione returned to Hogwarts for a term to complete her exams and leave with the qualifications she deserved; then she quickly accepted the job offer from the Ministry of Magic.

Ron had stuck around for a year and the first month of their relationship had been perfect, but it soon fizzled out into nothingness. I gave him my virginity, then the day after, I walked in on him shagging a female trainee Auror. Ron sulked around her for the remaining eleven months begging for forgiveness; he soon gave up after she punched him square on the jaw leaving him on the floor of the Burrow.

The first year after the war was full of happiness for Harry - or so I'd thought. He dated Ginny and treated her with more respect than her brother could ever muster up for Hermione. But, she had soon watched her best friend fall apart. To begin with, she assumed that he had post-traumatic stress disorder; I was way off the mark.

Harry told me that he was gay the day before he ended things with Ginny, then we both moved into Grimmauld Place together, and we've been there for the past three years. After a year of living together with her helping Harry, he admitted to being in love with Draco Malfoy. It had all started with vivid dreams of them together; until one day, Draco came racing into the Auror department screaming at Harry to stop messing with his dreams.

Somehow the pair have become connected through their dreams, meaning whatever Harry dreams, Draco experiences the same thing when he sleeps.

Hermione managed to convince Harry to sit down and talk with Draco about his feelings. It wasn't a pleasant thing to witness. She had been watching from the bar as Harry poured his heart out to the Slytherin, only to have him call him a 'faggot' and laugh in his face.

Draco left with a black eye and a throbbing cock - not in a nice way - after she kicked him twice in the crotch and punched him in the face. I haven't seen him since that day.

That night changed everything; Harry sank into a wallowing pit of depression that Hermione couldn't save him from. Every weekend she spent her time in a whorehouse where Harry would get drunk, then shag one of the women; he's trying to convince himself that he's not gay.

Also, he didn't dream much when he had consumed his body weight in liquor.

Madam Annette's was the third whorehouse in two years. Harry had managed to piss off the Madam of the first whorehouse; the second one, he had gotten bored of the women there, so now they were here with Madam Annette. We've only been visiting for two months; I give it another three until Harry does something wrong.

Hermione didn't have much of a life anymore; she didn't have one to begin with, but now she couldn't do things like go out drinking with her work colleagues on the weekend because she was too busy cleaning up Harry's mess.

Speaking of Harry, she turned to watch him stumble into one of the rooms where a woman would be waiting for him. She chewed down on her bottom lip, pushing down the urge to go and fight with him. That's all they ever do recently; they were always at each other's throats, yet at the end of the day, she was the one holding him while he cried himself to sleep.

There was a yelp from one of the rooms - not your usual cry of ecstasy - and she realised it was coming from Harry's room. What did he do now? Hermione placed her tea back on the tray, then padded barefoot down the corridor. The door flew open, and the woman screwed up her face at the sight of Hermione.

"He threw up on me!" She screeched, and the stench of vomit filled her sinuses. "Move!" She pushed into Hermione in her rage, leaving her to stare at Harry as he vomited again on the floor of the once clean room.

"Are you finished?" She crossed her arms over her chest, and he turned to glare at her.

"Bugger off…'Mione…" He slurred, then collapsed onto the double bed.

"You said you wouldn't drink much tonight," Her shoulder came to rest on the doorway. "You promised!"

"Fuck o-off," He buried his face into the white bedsheet. "I'm tired."

Her face flooded red in anger. "Don't talk to me like that! I'm tired as well, but I'm not allowed to sleep until I get you home!"

"Shut up!" He scrambled to sit up and pointed his slender finger at her. "You are a pain in the arse."

"Good!" She snapped, punctuating it with a stomp of her foot. "Madam Annette isn't going to be happy that you vomited on one of her girls!"

"Like I care!" He yelled back childishly. "We'll just find somewhere else to go."

"WE!?" She screeched. "That task will fall on my shoulders, not yours! You'll be too busy crying on the godforsaken floor!"

"Throw that in my face why don't you," He mumbled into the pillow. "It's not my fault."

"I'm not saying it's your fault," She massaged her temple, then sighed. "Do you even realise how exhausted I am with all of this? Do you even care?"

Suddenly, the air surrounding her felt hot; a blazing, intense heat rushed up her back and to her neck. She could feel somebody's eyes on the back of her head. Whoever it was set her body alight, her stomach did a nervous flip, and her mouth became dry.

She eyed Harry suspiciously, but he was too busy pushing his face further into the pillow to realise that somebody was standing right behind her.

Hermione inhaled sharply and slowly turned to look over her shoulder. Her lips parted slightly as her chest became tight from her held breath. She couldn't believe who she was looking at right now; a single blink didn't make him disappear.

Professor Snape.

Her eyes traced up his body. He wore his usual attire, and he looked a lot healthier than he had before the war. She moved her eyes to his face, and she etched a path over his handsome features until they stopped in their tracks at his smouldering gaze.

"Professor-" The door slammed into her back, pushing her towards Snape and she collided with his solid chest. He managed to catch her before she fell then shook her off as if she'd burnt him. Their new proximity meant she had to tilt her head up a little to look at him, keeping her entranced by his dark, intoxicating eyes.

"I told you that the women here would throw themselves at anything Severus," The smooth, uptight voice of Lucius Malfoy said from a nearby door.

Hermione came back to her senses and stood up straight, glaring over at Lucius Malfoy as he walked into one of the rooms with a woman.

"Hang on a second, you old git!" She moved to storm towards the door but remembered that Harry had just forced her out of his room. She whirled back around her body shaking in anger. "Open the door!" When Hermione's fist thumped against the wood, she received an electric shock that burnt her knuckles. "You idiot!" She yelled. "Open the door, NOW!"

Hermione felt like her mind was about to combust from the anger seething through her body. He doesn't care that he's causing me pain!

She gripped her sore hand and looked down at the small burn marks on her knuckles. "Buggering hell!"

"Hermione, dear, come and sit down," Madam Annette appeared by her side, gently cupping her injured hand and pulling her away from Harry's door.

Her body shuddered as she sat down and Annette healed her hand for her. "Drink your tea, love." With trembling hands, she picked back up her teacup.

"Evening, Severus," Annette rubbed soothing circles on her back, and Hermione looked over at Snape who was standing awkwardly in the foyer.

"Annette," He greeted her with a firm nod, and helped himself to some firewhisky that was resting on the coffee table, then sat down on the other side of Annette.

"I'm tired, so very tired," She muttered, then Annette kissed the side of her head. "He doesn't care that he's making me feel this way, and I don't know what to do because I can't just leave him. I could never do that."

"I know," Annette moved to kneel in front of her, she reached out comforting hands and stroked her rosy cheeks. "He'll get through this love, and then he'll be thanking you while begging you to forgive him for his actions."

"I suppose," Hermione bit her bottom lip, then chanced a look over at Snape; he was watching them closely and sipping on his firewhisky.

"Now, I've got some girls to attend to," Annette got to her old feet and brushed the front of her robes. "Your friend emptied his stomach onto one of my girls' brand new dress."

"I'll pay for it," She grumbled, wiping a stray tear from her cheek.

"Don't worry-"

"It's all right. I don't mind paying for it," Hermione grabbed her bag from the foot of the sofa and took out a small pouch of coins. "This should cover it."

"You're too kind, my dear," She leant over and kissed her forehead, then left the foyer.

Hermione took a tentative sip of her tea, feeling Snape's eyes all over her skin. I had hoped that I would never see him again. Only Harry knew of the crush she had on Professor Snape. She managed to convince herself that it was just a pathetic schoolgirl crush - it had developed during the time she returned to complete her seventh year - but the way he could make her feel with a single look consumed her dreams almost every night.

"Potter?" His silky drawl sent a shiver down her spine.

"Unfortunately," She replied, putting her tea down on the small table next to the sofa.

"He's as selfish as ever," Her narrowed eyes flew to him, and the smugness on his face made her angry again.

"Harry's in a lot of pain right now," She tried to match his intense stare, but it crippled under the pressure of his. "He isn't selfish."

"You've always blindly defended him," He hissed, and she clenched her jaw.

"That's not true!" She snapped, and a deep chuckle erupted from his chest. He's mocking me!

"You Gryffindors are fiercely stupid," He retorted, finishing off the rest of his firewhisky, then placing it down with a thud on the table.

"Because you Slytherins are perfect!" She spat back sarcastically.

"Have you always been this aggressive?" His quick wit made her fingers tighten into fists.

"I don't appreciate that you're mocking me," She forced out through her tight jaw, but his eyes continued to observe her harshly.

"Why would I waste my time mocking you?" He got to his feet effortlessly, and she followed suit; less elegantly.

"Leave then!" She snapped. "Go find a whore to shag, and stop wasting your precious time in my presence!"

A smirk appeared on his face. "You sound jealous, Miss Granger," He stepped closer to her like she was his prey. I shouldn't have said that.

"Oh, please," She scoffed. "Why would I be jealous of those women?"

"You tell me," By some miracle, she was able to hold his menacing stare.

"I'm not jealous!" She returned to yelling at him. "Merlin! You're infuriating!"

"It's my pleasure," He bowed slightly, and she felt ready to hit him if he mocked her one more time.


"Stop acting childish."

"You're the one being childish!"

"Stop shouting."

"You stop!"

"I'm not shouting."

"You're mocking me though!" She stepped into his personal space breathing heavily.

"Inside voice, Miss Granger," His dark eyes came alight with hunger, and she could feel his breath on her face.

"You annoying git!" She poked her finger into his solid chest, earning her another rumble from deep within.

"It's a pleasure to be of service to you," It wasn't said mockingly. Hermione's lips parted as she tried to take in more oxygen to ease her heaving chest.

"Stop…" She whispered, and his heated gaze landed firmly on her plump lips, then he looked back into her brown eyes. A slight incline forward of her head was all it took to bring his lips crashing against hers.

Hermione stumbled back a little from the force but immediately became enveloped in his arms, one went around her waist and the other cupped the side of her face. She'd never experienced such an intense kiss before. Their lips moved frantically; it was as if they stopped, death would soon follow.

She gripped on tight to the sleeves of his robes, grinding herself further into his body. Her stomach sparked up in an array of flips that soon nestled down to an intense heat deep within her core. She allowed him to slip his tongue into her mouth and the moment their tongues touched, the kiss went from frantic to animalistic carnage.

A groan rumbled in her throat as he stroked his thumb along her cheekbone. His lips were oddly soft against hers - not what she'd expected his to be like. He tasted of firewhisky which she decided that she didn't mind the taste of.

Her anger had fled her body the moment his lips had crashed against hers and for the first time in her life, she felt desire. She felt like he wanted her as much as she wanted him in this moment. Their small battle for dominance was clearly won by Snape, but she didn't care just as long as he didn't stop kissing her this way.

Hermione held onto him for dear life. His fingers dug into the flesh of her waist; no doubt bruises would be left in its wake, and pulled their bodies so close together that she could feel the hardness of his erection. She rubbed her core against his bulge in need of some form of friction to ease the burning ache he was causing her.

"Erm...Hermione?" The sound of Jenny's voice sucked all the heat from the room.

She reluctantly pulled her red lips away from her ex- professor's, leaving them both to stare wide-eyed at one another. She tried to swallow away the tightness at the back of her throat, but it wouldn't budge. His expression was unreadable, yet he didn't release her from his iron grip.

"He needs to leave now," Jenny spoke up again causing Hermione to take in a staggered breath, then step out of his hold. She suddenly felt cold; lost without his body around hers.

"O-OK," She stammered, bundling her bag against her chest, then running down the corridor and into Harry's room to return him home.