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Chapter 19: Stalker.

Hermione smiled as she walked out of Tomes and Scrolls at Hogsmeade. She started to wonder whether she needed to wear a sign on her that said 'I just woke up this morning and had amazing sex,' so people knew why she couldn't wipe the satisfied smile off her face.

She flashed smiles at the people she passed, talked eagerly to those in the shops, and did her best to spread her joy to everyone around her. Hermione knew, without a doubt, that Severus would throw up at the sight of her giddiness.

It was pleasant to be able to wake up to him in the morning—she felt bad for not going back home—and all he had to do was look at her with his dark eyes, and she was ready to make love to him again. Make love? Would he cringe if I called it that? She shrugged at the thought.

She planned on going back to Grimmauld Place tonight because she wanted to see Harry, but she knew that it wasn't definite. Severus could easily distract her.

Hermione was running some errands for him and gathering some things she needed from the shops. It was nice to be back here, and she was grateful that she wasn't drunk and crawling around like an idiot. The memory made her wince, and once again she vowed never to touch a drop of alcohol again.

She moved some items around in her bag and ticked the things off the list he'd given her. It was then that she looked over her shoulder casually and her eyes stopped on a man close behind her. She turned away immediately.

That man was in Tomes and Scrolls. She shook her head, and cautiously carried on her walk to the next place, every so often she would head in a different direction just to double check that he wasn't following her, and sure enough, he trailed behind her through the crowd. Maybe I'm overthinking.

Thoughts of Rufus Kensington filled her mind, and she wondered if he would be stupid enough to send someone after her in broad daylight. What if that is him? She had no idea what he looked like, only Lucius, Jenny and Severus did. Would he take her and demand money as he did to Jenny?

Hermione paused and tried to control her rushing mind. He was too close behind her so she couldn't find somewhere to apparate back to Hogwarts because he could easily catch her off guard while he did it; also he may know that she'll head there and Hermione didn't want to drag trouble to the gates.

She searched her mind for an idea, and she carried on walking around Hogsmeade. She'd read in the Soulmates book that mates shared a connection through their mark; she knew that was true because she'd kissed it before and saw the way Severus reacted to it.

Hermione closed her eyes for a few seconds then forced herself to panic. She was basing it off intuition, but she hoped that her frantic emotions would make Severus feel a discomfort from his mark and think something was wrong. She ran with the idea for a few minutes then slowly calmed herself down.

It was then she noticed she was back outside Tomes and Scrolls. Crap, he's going to know that I know. The sound of someone disapparating came from nearby and out of the alleyway stepped Severus, he looked around with worry in his eyes and when he saw her in the crowd his body relaxed.

She coolly walked over and threw her arms around him. She felt him stiffen beneath her in confusion, and she moved her mouth to his ear. "Someone's following me," She whispered, and he responded by wrapping his arms around her.

"Who?" He buried his hand in her hair.

"Brown hair, rather small, and he's wearing dark blue robes. He's looking into the window of a dress shop," Hermione gave Severus a few seconds to find him, then she pulled away to look up at him. "Is it Rufus?"

"No," Severus linked their fingers together and led her away from the shop. They apparated back to Hogwarts and strolled inside the castle. He let go of her hand when the children started to appear, and they made their way down to the dungeons and into his chambers.

Hermione took a seat on the sofa, and Severus began to pace around the room. He stopped by the fire to give her an odd look, then shook his head and continued burning a hole into the floor.

"Lucius said that Rufus showed an interest in me. Would he send someone for me in public?" She asked, and he stilled.

"You need to have someone with you at all times," He said turning his attention to her. "I cannot be of use when I'm working; if I need you to run any errands, you will do so after school hours so I can come with you."

"How about I tell Harry; he has got his job back as an Auror, maybe he can watch me if I need to leave," Her words didn't ease the tension in his shoulders like she hoped it would.

Hermione sighed and got to her feet. In two long strides, she reached him and wrapped her arms around his waist. It took a few seconds, but she felt him relax from her touch which caused her to smile.

"I'm sorry if I made you worry."

"Don't apologise for something so foolish Hermione. We're dealing with a potential threat to you, and I don't care if you think it's minor; I'll still be around to help you."

"Thank you," She tilted her head up and kissed his cheek. "I hope I didn't disturb you."

"I was not teaching for this hour. However I was in a meeting when my mark started to tingle," He explained.

"I'm sorry about that," She muttered. "I figured that since the mark is sensitive when one of us touches it, then maybe I could get you to sense that something was wrong. I'm glad it didn't burn because I didn't want it to remind you of all the times the Dark Lord summoned you-"

"Take a breath woman," There was a mischievous glint in his eyes. "And stop apologising for every little thing."

"Sorry-" His eyes narrowed. "OK, I'll try my best," Hermione smirked and kissed the corner of his lips. "Do you have to return to your meeting or can you spare me some time?" She tilted her head to the side and started to walk towards the bedroom. "I believe I have a free slot in my hectic schedule."

And with that, Severus briskly ushered her into the room and pinned her to the bed until her throaty moans bounced off the walls.


Harry had rushed home from his busy day at work to make dinner for Hermione. They hadn't seen much of each other over the past few days, but he knew that she was happy spending her time with Snape. He wasn't going to rob her of any of her deserved happiness. However, it was a bit depressing sitting in the living room while their dinner went cold in the kitchen.

At least she's happy, that's the only thing I could ask for. She deserves to be loved, even if it is by Snape. Harry glanced at the many books surrounding him, then sighed. I deserve to be loved just as much as Hermione does. He hadn't heard anything from Draco, not since their spat at the Ministry.

He was in the right though; Draco needed to stop letting his father control his life and think about what he wants to do for a change. Merlin, it hurt to be away from him, but Harry was sick of being the one who made a move. He'd confessed to Draco, not the other way around. Yes, they had shared a moment on his wedding night, but nothing else had come of it. A lot was swirling around inside of his head right now.

It was times like this when he missed Ron. Harry could never forgive him for the way he treated Hermione, but he did lack male companionship. Ron had played a big part in his childhood, and Harry wished to have such a friend during adulthood. It didn't seem like he would be so lucky. However, he was content with having Hermione.

Harry stared at the dull room and for a moment considered redecorating it. He did like the rustic feel to the place, but it didn't have any life to it anymore. Maybe it will help cheer me up?

The flames glowed green, and Draco stepped out of the fireplace panting angrily. Harry went still on the sofa and swallowed the lump in his throat. Draco looked positively furious. What the hell have I done now?

Harry got to his feet ready to defend himself against any accusation he threw his way, and Draco marched forward a few paces, cupped the sides of his face and kissed him hard. Harry inhaled sharply and gripped onto his waist. This kiss was rough and passionate; it was nothing like the ones they'd shared in their dreams, but Harry didn't mind.

Their tongues glided alongside one another, and Harry's hold tightened on his clad waist. His head started to spin, and he revelled in his familiar smell. The anger Draco had possessed a few moments ago seemed to flee his body, and Harry could feel him relax beneath his fingertips. The back of his legs came in contact with the sofa, and suddenly Harry found himself pinned beneath Draco as he kissed him senseless.

He felt like he should be protesting and demanding some form of explanation from him, but he could hardly think straight while he kissed him this way. Draco moved his lips away from Harry's mouth and placed kisses along his jawline and down his neck.

"Malfoy," Harry rasped, but Draco didn't stop. "Draco!" He pushed him away by his shoulders and stared up at him with swollen lips. "W-What?" It was the only word that would make it out of his mouth.

Draco grumbled deeply in his chest then lowered his forehead to Harry's. "I-I got into an argument with my father...I'm...sorry," Harry saw the pained look on his face so reached up to push some of his blond hair away from his eyes. "I've missed you. I know it has only been a few days, but I have…"

His voice trailed off, and Harry felt a tightness around his heart. The fact that Draco was here was a sure sign that things were changing between them. It was hard to comprehend that his childhood enemy was here telling him that he missed him. It was hard to believe that they're one another's intended mate.

"I missed you too," Harry whispered, then placed a chaste kiss to Draco's lips. It turned heated within seconds, and they helplessly moved their bodies against one another.

Harry felt Draco's erection pressing against him, and it made his stomach twist with heat and an immense pressure wrapped around his heart. Draco's fingers slipped beneath his shirt and dug into his flat abdomen leaving behind flaming prints. Harry groaned into his mouth and wondered for a moment if this is how Hermione felt with Snape—the mental image was thrown from his mind when Harry realised Draco had undone the buttons of his shirt and teasingly placed kisses down his neck.

It wasn't until he felt Draco's warm breath against his nipple that things started to register in his mind. "D-Draco, maybe we should stop..."

He looked up at him through his long lashes. "Why?" His voice was hoarse.

"I..." Merlin, he didn't want to sound pathetic, but Harry couldn't stop his real feelings from escaping his lips. "I'm scared."

"Scared?" He moved back up to Harry's face and brushed his hair away. "Potter—Harry, I care about you a lot. I'm not going to hurt you, just let me make you feel good."

Draco moved his mouth back down to Harry's chest and placed gentle kisses on his stomach as he undid the button on his trousers. Harry's face flooded with colour and he clamped his eyes shut in anticipation when Draco tugged them down his legs along with his boxers.

Harry's hard cock sprang to attention, and he hissed when Draco's finger brushed against his nipple. His reaction was unexpected as it didn't resemble the way he had felt when he and Ginny had fumbled around in the dark one evening. Yes, it had been mildly enjoyable, but there wasn't any build up to the actual deed, and he felt strange afterwards.

Draco moved his lips back to his and Harry pulled away with a gasp when he wrapped his slender hand around his cock. Draco pumped him a few times; then Harry frantically tried to remove his shirt. He wanted to feel his skin against his, and he would be damned forever if Draco left this scenario without some form of pleasure.

Harry managed to remove his shirt, and his fingers shook as he tried to undo the button on his trousers. When the button popped, Harry wrapped his bare leg around Draco's hips and awkwardly flipped him onto his back.


He shushed him and started to pull his trousers down his body. His dark boxers followed, and Harry stared down at his throbbing cock. It's...well...he's very blessed. The thought made Harry's blush darken and reached out his shaking hand and wrapped it around him.

Harry watched Draco's jaw clench, but he observed Harry through exhilarated eyes. Unsure of what to do next Harry decided to stop overthinking every little action and lowered his mouth to Draco's pulsating tip. He brushed the pad of his tongue against the eager slit, then wrapped his mouth around him.

The feel of Harry on him made Draco's eyes flutter closed, and his bottom lip became trapped beneath his teeth. Harry used his hand to pump Draco's cock along with his mouth, and he saw the twitch that rocked his body. The heat started to build inside of him, and he could only think of getting closer to Draco somehow. Right now, this wasn't enough to satisfy his needs.

Draco reached down and buried his fingers into Harry's hair then gave him a gentle tug. Harry removed his mouth from his cock and glanced up at him. It was evident on his face that he was getting close to his peak, and didn't want it to end without Harry getting enjoyment from it.

Harry wasn't sure if he would get much pleasure from what was to come next. He'd heard about it but hadn't taken it upon himself to look further into it. The only representation he had to go off was from their dreams.

As Harry moved up to kiss him again, their cocks brushed against each other, and they both pulled away to release a moan. Harry rested his forehead against his and finally saw the blush that peppered Draco's pale skin.

"Are you...sure?" Draco panted, and Harry nodded slowly.

Even though Harry had his doubts about it; he still wanted to know what it was like—he wished to know what it felt like to be intimate with Draco, to be as close as anyone could get to someone they loved.

Draco sat up with him straddling his waist then gently lowered Harry back down onto the sofa. He felt a sudden wetness flood around his entrance, and he realised that Draco had cast a lubrication charm—it didn't settle his nerves.

Harry looked up at him with puzzled eyes, and Draco began to kiss a trail from the corner of his mouth and down to his neck. It helped to ease all the worries he was having, and once again the tightness around his heart tugged at him hard. Harry knew then that no one else could make him feel this way; he felt like he might pass out from it all.

Draco's cock prodded at his hole, and he quickly removed his mouth from Harry's neck to stare at him passionately. "Tell me if it...if it hurts."

Harry nodded his head, but just when he thought Draco was going to push himself inside, he felt a finger go inside instead. It was enough to make him tense slightly, and he quickly grabbed onto Draco's biceps. Cautiously, he slipped in another finger hoping that it would ease some of the pain he would feel when he pushed his cock inside.

Harry closed his eyes and willed himself to relax, and ever so slowly, his body started to accept the foreign intrusion. His lips parted, and his breath came out hot and even. Draco kissed his warm cheek, and Harry groaned out for more.

He withdrew his fingers and started to push himself against his entrance. Harry opened his eyes to stare up at Draco who watched him intently, and they both hissed when his tightness entrapped his cock. He pulled back a little then with each thrust he let more of himself intrude.

Harry's fingers dug into the skin on his arms, and he bit down hard on his bottom lip. The feel of being full was overwhelming, and there was pain, but it was bearable. Draco moved again and groaned loudly when his full length was inside of him; then when he moved out to push back in again, he brushed against Harry's sweet spot which caused him to inhale sharply.

Draco kept thrusting, and they eventually settled into a perfect rhythm. Harry threw his head back and moaned while Draco's brow became littered with sweat. The sound of their skin colliding echoed off the walls as Draco started to move quicker. He wrapped his hand around Harry's cock and gripped him tightly as he pumped him along with their pace.

Harry's yell hitched in the back of his throat, and he tried his best to form an audible sound, but every cry became suppressed by another. His hands fell from Draco's arm, and he held on tightly to the sofa, begging him to move faster.

They moved together effortlessly, and Harry suddenly felt his whole body tighten, and the wave of pleasure crashed over him, and he emptied himself all over his stomach with a cry. Draco hissed between staggered breaths, and soon enough he followed after and filled Harry with his pleasure.

Draco collapsed on top of him, and they both lay there gasping for oxygen. They stayed on the sofa for the rest of the night and Draco pulled the blanket from the back; they wrapped themselves around each other and fell into a blissful sleep.