While working on the story "Immelman Turn", as a self-assigned summer project for the two of us to do together, my 13 year old daughter had a LOT of ideas that wouldn't fit into one story, in fact, a trilogy might be what she needs in order to use them all up. We have re-opened "What Sets Us Apart", retitled part 1 "The Immelman Turn" (To be followed by part 2, "Tailhook" and a third part as yet untitled) and plan over the next month to add two more stories to this ongoing work.

It's been interesting, watching documentaries on how aircraft carriers work, what it's like to be a woman in a mainly male dominated career path, all the while discussing how your past affects your present, and how sometimes people make apologies not because they are genuinely sorry, but to make themselves feel better.

My daughter, being who she is, decided early on that this isn't going to be a "rescue the princess" or a "guy from our world goes to another world and kicks ass (I'm looking at you, John Carter of Mars) and gets to be king" story, but a "friends rescue each other even while tripping over their own feet " kind of story. And what it might mean to be an amazon – without the benefit of bracelets, a lasso, and a fancy corset – or where you might find amazons in everyday life, (Spoiler: some of them are in wheelchairs.)

Yes, there are elements of "Top Gun" in the story, but frankly, we decided to fill in the blank "Five Nights at Freddy's" character "Mike Schmidt" - what was he before he took on the Night Guard job at Freddy's? This has spawned several alternative timelines, this one is where he survived a temporary summer gig while at University, going on to a career as a Navy aviator and a completely different ending. Other timelines (still in development) he's not so lucky.

If we have got any or all details in re. the Navy wrong, please forgive us and yes, we would love to hear from you if you'd like to help us correct those mistakes in order to make a better story.