Rainbow Dash was suddenly homesick as she stepped into the large elevator. It was a bad feeling, worming into her stomach and eventually going for her heart.

Still, she'd made it this far, nearly four years in the Navy's flight training program, cutting her hair short and dying it black monthly, hoping no one noticed her unregulation rainbow roots.

She also was number two in her class, a position she hated.

She knew strategies for elevator boarding: find the tallest, strongest guy you can find, and stand by him, because everybody was too busy looking at the tall guy next to her to look too closely at her.



Short. Maybe.

Too new.


Shor…ah-ha! (He'll do!)

The winner was 6'7" in boots with a fresh buzzcut, deep blue eyes, and a bored expression. He looked familiar, but everyone here kinda did to Rainbow. You see one human, ya' seen 'em all! (Humans were like penguins, with funny names like, "Jack" or "Mary, or "LaQuisha". What the heck is a "Mary" anyway?)

An official looking lady boarded the elevator at the next floor.

A 6-footer straightened a bit. He asked her if she would go to a party with him that his friends were throwing in the dorms.

"I'll have to ask my husband." She replied.

"Oh. You don't have to bring him!"

"I'm afraid I'll have to, considering he's your commander."

Rainbow, the lady, and the bored man beside Rainbow stifled laughs, with Rainbow gripping her flight helmet even tighter to achieve this.

She glanced at the bored man's name tag.

"Schmidt." Hmmm… Familiar.

The elevator halted with a "ding" and the doors opened. Everyone poured out, heading to their respective destinations, with Rainbow and Schmidt sided by side down the hall.

"Dash." He said, opening the door to the classroom and ducked in after her.

"He knows me? Hmmmmm…."

Class started with roll call.


"Yo!" Schmidt said from the seat in front of her.

Shit - I was right, we went through Basic together! Rainbow thought, He's the top of the class, too. She glared at his back. Stupid morning brain!

After roll call they listened to a lecture as they waited for the sun to realize that it had over-slept. "Today we'll be working on aerial maneuvers. Who can tell me what an "Immelmann Turn" is?"

Two hands shot up.

"Lt. Dash. Lt. Schmidt. Let someone else have a go at it for once." The instructor scanned the classroom, looking for someone else to call on.

Two hands lowered.

"Anyone else?" The instructor called out, "Yeesh, it's like I'm only teaching two people here today!"

He scanned the room once more, sighing, "Fine. Schmidt, explain the "Immelmann Turn" and it's original dangers."

"Sir, the planes originally used for this maneuver had piston engines. During the maneuver, you would flip, and the engine would stall. There was also a chance at blackout, as well."

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. How could someone so good at flying be so boring? "Textbook!" she muttered under her breath while pretending to cough.