Closely followed by Starlight Glimmer, Rainbow Dash nervously edged through Applejack's double barn doors. Granny Smith, Big Mac, and Mike looked up at her from where they had been studying the disassembled weasel on the floor.

"I'm sorry I've been so horrible." She mumbled as her head dropped so that she stared at the rough-cut boards between her hooves, unable to look anyone, particularly her wingperson, in the face without bursting into tears.

Mike staggered towards her, nearly falling over twice, but gaining confidence so that his hooves thudded loudly on the boards until he stopped in front of Rainbow and Starlight Glimmer. Slightly swaying, he stared down at her, face unreadable.

There was a long silence between them before he finally straightened, arching his neck so that he now towered over both fillies, as physically imposing as a stallion as he had been as a man. Rainbow Dash started edging backwards and stopped herself. Whatever he had to say to her, she deserved it and should stand her ground and take it like the Wonderbolt she was and the U.S. Navy fighter pilot she hoped to be.

"An apology? Is that REALLY all y'all got for me, an apology? An "I'm sorry?" Sorry for WHAT?" He started out level and low, but his voice rose as his head snaked forward, an accent she'd never heard from him before, ears plastered back against his head, "For being such'a rich, bitchy, jealous brat? Is this how y'all rebelled against y'hippie mommy and daddy? Or whatever you… you'all are – if this is all real and not somethin' you dropped in my coffee last night? All because I got in your way? An' this is what you did to me because of that? At least you could'a tried to beat me fair and square when I wasn't even competin', with whatever, you… WE are?!" Mike began stamping his back legs, kicking up clouds of dust in the golden late afternoon sunlight as he shouldered into her, "While you'all lazed around your all's whole privileged life playin' the guitar and gettin' in touch with y'feelings or whatever, I had to work! I had to study! Do you know how many toilets I had to clean to be able to afford my own education? Y'all tell me 'cause I lost count a long, LONG time ago!"

"Terlet? What's a terlet?" Granny Smith murmured to Big Mac. Big Mac twitched his hide, the pony way of shrugging. It was all the same to him.

Mike continued, head now extended like a snake, tail snapping like a whip, "I. Actually. Tried! Flyin' was m'only success – I worked hard to get to where I am and y'all took that from me by taking me to… to… wherever this hellhole is!" Snapping his teeth at Rainbow Dash, Mike reared, turning midway so that his backside was in her face. Both fillies stepped back, anticipating an angry kick, only Mike tried to walk with what little dignity he had left towards the back door of Applejack's family barn, stumbling on the low threshold on his way out into the orchard that surrounded the place.

Suddenly, Rainbow found herself alone in the bright cosmos.