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Detra Darling had been ordinary all her life. Well not exactly - it was just that the world didn't know that she actually existed. She hid herself away for so long that she herself had almost forgotten.

Like most children who discovered they had metahuman abilities she concealed them from the people around her. She didn't understand them herself, so how could she hope that others would? In fact it took quite a while for her to even discover she was special. Detra didn't have super-speed or the ability to fly; both things that would be easily uncovered in given time. Much more so than finding out she had the gift to manipulate emotions. The problem was it had to do with her - she hated the way it sounded - bodily fluids. For her to use her powers she needed her saliva or in later years she would discover other fluids to come in contact with a person's body for her gift to work on them.

There weren't a lot of chance encounters with people that would allow you to find this out. Though there had been a few in her early years of life. Her mother had experienced strange unexplained mood swings when she was nursing her as a child. For the doctors it was Postpartum Depression; for her mother it directly linked to feeding the little girl she had waited so long for-though the woman could not tell you why she thought this. When Detra got a little older, there was the time the little boy at preschool took the toy she was playing with. Like any small child she lashed out at him the best way she knew how, by biting him. The happy bully quickly turned into a raging tyranting toddler when the little girl's spit got on him, making her look like the victim of a mean little boy. Then there was of course the time in junior high when she was goofing off with a friend at a sleepover. The girl had licked her face for a reason Detra couldn't never remember. The sensation had made the teen metahuman feel strange in her nether regions - perhaps the first inkling she would be bi-sexual later in life. She returned the disgusting behavior with a giggle. The girl - what was her name? - Mel, had started to touch her in a different way. The found themselves kissing, rubbing and grinding against each other through their pajamas in the dark of her bedroom. After that Mel didn't come around much, in fact she didn't look at her the following Monday at school. Detra sensed she was freaked out by her actions that night and she didn't blame her - she hadn't understood it herself.

Being able to manipulate other people's emotions in junior high and high school was as much a saving grace as it was a curse. The boys of course liked her - that was easy. A promise to feel her up and a kiss was all it took which tended to only make the mean girls meaner as time went on. That was when Detra started feeding her emotions with food. She could make others feel as good or as bad as she wanted simply by spitting in their drink, but she couldn't change the way she felt. She finally made her way through high school and left her hometown of Downers Grove, Illinois after being accepted at Central City University for economics. She liked numbers. Numbers were solid hard facts and not at all wibbly wobbly like emotions.

If you were to ask her what put her on the dark path, she couldn't tell you. She had no manifesto like so many other super villains. To be honest she couldn't bring herself to even grant herself that title. Still she had become one. For her it was a simple game, not a way to make money; she had a job for that or a need to control the world - that came with its own set of problems. Detra simply liked the idea of being wanted. A desire for her that drove someone wild to the point they would do anything for her. Then it became about them being the last thing they wanted more than anything else in the world - well other than to live.

It started by chance one night when she met a guy at a club. She was dragged out by her roommate for drinks and a little dancing. Detra didn't mind a girls night out, but it meant standing next to Cyndi who was about as supermodel as you could get without purging daily. Being next to her in a club full of guys wasn't exactly a perfect evening for her. She would become the invisible woman and blend into the background.

Guys didn't look at her the way they looked at Cyndi. In fact they looked at her less since she had gained a few pounds after her last boyfriend "poofed" on her. She had started to eat healthy again, hoping to drop some of the lumps which plagued her in the mirror, but she had only just started. Yet, that evening she put on her LBD which hid a multitude of sins and let Cyndi do her hair.

At the club she had quickly become the third wheel to Cyndi and the guy she picked up in line. She found herself at the bar trying to get the bartender's attention for a round of drinks with no luck. After the fourth pass by she thought about taking one of the lemon wedges from the tray and hucking it at his head when he came back her way again. "Excuse me…" she says and he turns grabbing two bottles of IPA and popping them with his bottle opener before scurrying off.

"Least he glanced at you," she hears someone say to her left. She looks over and sees a cute dark haired guy smiling at her. She looks back to her right to check if he's indeed speaking to her.

"Not that it helped," she tells him. He nudges her and draws her attention back over the bar.

"Here he comes again." He says to her as he leans in, "want to make a joint assault?" She gives him a nod and a smirk. The two of them raise their hands to flag him down. She suddenly hears the guy next to her let off a cat call that stops the server in his tracks. He gives him a nasty look. "What will it be," the cute guy asks her. She has completely forgotten what Cyndi wanted and orders a Cosmo for herself. While they wait he asks what the chances the bartender spits in his beer were. She giggles and says she hopes it's just his.

"I'm Kyle by the way," he tells her, putting out his hand.

"Detra," she answers as she shakes it.

He raises an eyebrow at her, "Right - good fake name. You don't have to tell me - it's alright, I get it." He smiles.

"No, that's it - really!" She laughs and shows him her license, being sure to cover her address.

"Pretty name for a pretty girl."

When the bartender places their drinks on the bar she pulls out her cash and Kyle tells her to put it away. She thanks him and figures he's going to run off now, but he doesn't. In fact he asks her if she's here with anyone. Detra looks around, standing on her tiptoes saying something about a roommate, but has no idea where she went. "You'll have to stick with me then wouldn't want you to fall in with the wrong kind." He says giving her a grin.

The rest of the evening was one of those "Sex in the City" episodes - completely not her life. He wasn't only cute; he was what Detra thought as one of the beautiful people. Kyle clearly worked out and had a well-toned body. She was sure that she could see a six pack under his t-shirt. He mentions he works out for work, so to speak.

Detra had been careful, very careful with Kyle at first. She didn't want to manipulate him so when he asked her if she wanted a taste of his beer she politely said no thank you. No matter how much she mentally puts herself down, he keeps on flirting and then on the dancefloor he kissed her. She was smitten by the time that happened and with his kiss he was too, even if he wasn't in the first place.

They cozied up on one of the couches that lined the lounge area of the club. There was more playful banter between the two of them, when he asked her to tell him a secret. "Something I wouldn't guess about you," he whispered in her ear as he pulled her closer. She giggles and tells him she has superpowers knowing he'll never believe her. "HA! Let me guess - telepathy?" She shakes her head and laughs trying not to snort. Kyle moves in placing an open mouthed kiss on her lips. She's sure he can taste a mix of alcohol and lipstick. His tongue touches hers, teasing it gently. She feels her arousal building each time they touch; this kind of thing simply didn't happen to her. She didn't meet hot guys like this and they certainly didn't give her a second look. She pulled away slowly nipping his bottom lip.

"What about you? Tell me your deepest darkest secret." She teases. It was just as simple as that, an innocent game of truth or day one might say.

"I am a superhero," he tells her quickly. She laughs and when she sees he doesn't join her, she gives him a second look. He lifts the hand which was on her leg and shows her a large ring on his hand. It's green and has a strange emblem which she recognizes but can't place. "I'm Green Lantern." He whispers in her ear, with a grin before kissing her neck.

They share a cab and end up at his place after being lip locked in the backseat. The driver had no idea what either of them looked like since they had barely separated to give him the address or pay him. There is grinding against one another in the elevator and Detra tries to remember she needs to keep her wits about her. No condom, no sex - that was the rule, no matter how cute he was she tells herself.

Behind the closed door of his apartment, they tug at each other's clothes. Pulling pieces off, and dropping them to the floor as he pulls her to his bedroom. By the time he has her at the bed, she can't think clearly overwhelmed by the heat between them. As she unzips his jeans he reaches between her legs, slipping his fingers under the wisp of panties she is wearing and feeling her wetness. She gasps into his mouth as she feels him enter her. Feeling one, and then two fingers tease her. Detra feels the drink and sex go to her head as they fall onto the bed together. She doesn't care anymore about the rubber, only to feel him inside her.

"Oh Detra," Kyle moans in her ear after as they lay on his bed. He held her in his arms for a bit and then slipped out from under the sheets to go to the bathroom.

As she cozied down in the pillows she looked around the room. There was a buzzing from the floor and she thought it might be her cell phone with a frantic Cyndi looking for her... It wasn't hers, but Kyle's. The notification across the screen read:


I'm a complete idiot. Can you forgive me for my behavior?

How can I be mad at the world's best boyfriend?

Detra felt like a complete idiot herself in that moment. Of course he was someone's boyfriend. How couldn't he be? She had been a fool to think he wasn't out for a one nightstand. Then she started to get angry, not at herself but at him. He was a "superhero"- one of the "good guys" and he was behaving like this? What kind of hero preyed on innocent women like this?

When he came back she found she had worked herself up into what she could only describe as a raving bitch of a mood. As he crawled back to bed she smiled at him sweetly as he leaned in to kiss her. She made sure to deepen her kiss with him, ensuring that her power would be potent. As he pulled away she bit his lip making him say ouch.

"Sorry," she said in a soft innocent voice. He said it was okay and he took her into his arms leaning her head against his chest. They laid there quietly for a moment with him caressing her arm before she spoke, "Kyle, do you have a girlfriend - be honest now."

"Yeah," he said and as it came out of his mouth he knew it was a mistake. Why would he tell her that? "Well, we're kind of - on and off."

"Oh. And you thought you would go out and get a little action tonight, while you were off with Donna?" Kyle pulled away from her and looked at her confused. How had she known Donna's name? Detra simply smiled, "It's alright. I get it."

"How did you know…"

"Relax," she said and she not only saw the tension leave his body but felt it. "You got a text." He smiled and glanced over his shoulder at the pile of clothes on the floor. "Thing I don't get is you said you were a hero. I mean would Superman go out and get laid if he was dating someone?"

"I don't think Big Blue - Detra, I'm sorry I just didn't think." Kyle tells her.

"No you didn't," She says as a smirk slips over her lips. "You were too busy feeling Kyle." She says leaning in and kissing him playfully. She lets her fingers dance over his chest, feeling his pecs. He watches her carefully and nods knowing she is right. "It's okay Kyle we all feel. We all want to feel wanted." She tells him as she climbs on top of him, straddling his crotch. She starts to grind against him, arousing him again. He starts touching her, letting his hands slide up her thighs.

"I'm glad you're being cool about this," he tells her. She can hear a nervous tone deep in his words.

"Oh, I don't know about that," she says bending down to kiss him as she rocks back taking his cock inside

her. He lets out a throaty moan into her mouth as she slips around him. "But then again you're enjoying this too much to care what I do to you." She tells him as she licks his ear. He starts to trust his hips up into her as she rides him. Detra rolls herself up and rocks her hips harder as he reaches up for her. She takes his hands and pins them to the bed. "No, no Kyle - you've been a naughty hero. No touchy for you." She tells him with a mischievous smile. "I think you'll keep your hands right here." He nods as she moans. She knows he can't bring himself to move his arms, no matter how much he wants to. He's lost in her.

Detra looks down at him, feeling his hips thrust up into her. She feels the power rush through her body. It's not like before, there is more to it this time for her. It's more potent for some reason. Kyle moans her name and she feels it building like a climax. She leans down and kisses him, as she reaches for the pillow next to him, pulling it to her side. He feels so good, that she doesn't want it to end and then she hears his text chime go off again and she feels herself getting angry. "You like this, don't you Kyle?"

"Oh, yes," he mutters. She can feel him getting close.

"Ever played with erotic asphyxiation?" She asks him. His eyes fly open and look at her in a mix of fear and pleasure as he thrusts his cock into her again. A small smirk draws across her lips as his eyes widen. She grabs the pillow and covers his face, smothering him.

Putting all her upper body strength into holding the pillow she grinds her hips fucking him harder feeling him slip out and into her hard with each movement. In a calming voice she whispers to him. "Feel it Kyle. Let yourself ride the wave. Come for me, come for me. It feels so good doesn't it?" He moans behind the pillow. His arms still pinned to the bed. She can feel his breathing becoming labored, his chest heaving trying to take in more air, but there is none left. She feels his body stiffen and she knows he is going to come for her - and no one else ever again.

The hero's body convulses and it drives him deeper. Detra has found her peak and begins to climax with him as he shutters under her. She keeps riding him, harder - pushing herself to come again. She cries out as she tightens around him. She has never come this hard before, the feeling is amazing.

As her body comes down she slowly realizes he isn't moving anymore under her. There is no wiggling or moans, there is nothing but stillness. She pulls the pillow off his face. Kyle lays there, his mouth slightly open, his eyes rolled back in his head. She can see the whites. Detra no longer sees the pretty boy who flirted with her at the club, but a bag of bones.

She climbs off him, stepping onto the floor. "What have you done, Detra?" She says softly. As she looks at him she notices the ring on his hand, the one that he showed her when he told her he was a Green Lantern is glowing. It begins to glow stronger as she sees it start to move, slipping off his finger. It spins in midair and then shoots off towards the window piercing the glass as it breaks through like a bullet.

"Jesus Christ!" She says and she starts to grab her things making sure not to miss a thing. The phone on the floor buzzes again. She looks at it. Picking it up with his t-shirt she wipes it clean of prints, just to be safe.

Detra Darling gets dressed and before she leaves, she covers him with the sheet up to this chest, like she was simply tucking him into bed. She leans over and kisses him one last time. "Sorry. I really wish you had been one of the good guys," she tells him before stepping out into the night.