Chapter 18 ~ "Epilogue"

~ written by Thecla (with only a couple of tweaks by Nebride, who, because she is a writer, cannot leave anything written alone without tweaking it. ;)

A wry Elvin smile.

"Good morning."

A wizardess' purr. "Mmm . . . 'morning."

Elvin eyes begin to narrow.

Wizardess' eyebrows raise in a question.

"Forget 'wanton'. You are worse than that."

Small giggle.

A snort and fingers thrum on the bed.

"You will be the death of me even before our first anniversary."

A laugh and the sound of a kiss. A very firm kiss.


"Humph?? You enjoyed that, my Lord. Don't try to tell me differently."

Another kiss.

A speculative stare.

"What?" A twinkle of mischief in green eyes.

Exhalation. "You told me you were not skilled in love making. If that were true, then how in Middle-Earth did you know about kissing me here . . ."

Points to area in question.

". . . and here."

Points again.

"Not to mention the uhm . . . that spot there!"

Points lower.

"Well, uhm. . . ," a smug grin, "you are not exactly the first lover I have shared my bed with."

Eyes narrowing, jealousy sparking. "*You*. . . have done *that*. . . to someone else as well?"

"Uh huh. . ," eyelashes fluttering.

"Humph! I do not believe you! You are teasing me!"

"I am not!"

"We share song, I hear it! You are jesting!"

A burst of laughter. "And yet you are jealous!"

"I am not!"

"Are too!"


More wizardess' giggles.

"You have not answered my question, woman."

A chuckle. "And I am not going to, my Lord.".

Distracting kiss. A hand traveling to said spot.

An Elvin gasp.

A triumphant grin.


Staring contest.

A pounce.

A squeal.


~ ~ ~

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