Hello! I wanted to make a story with Connor Rhodes and Felicity having a relationship/being married and having a child. I hope you like it!


The Draw

No one told me that I would be faced with this choice in my life, daughter of a Psychologist and a Surgeon in New York and a girl who graduated Medical School with a Minor in Psychology plus MIT with three year difference from Med school yet again here I am debating about which choice should I make….

Let's take it from the top, shall we?

I thought I had kept my medical background a secret I only confessed it to Tommy Merlyn after he told me that he was working in his mum's clinic as his residency and he was thinking of going to Riyadh to finish it. We met at Verdant the night, I hadn't joined the team yet…I had no idea who Oliver Queen was in real life…he was not one of my closest friends yet.

We stayed friends all throughout my time on the team but when the Undertaking happened and I tried to help as much as I could afterwards. I was working with Tommy in a make shift hospital treating victims. No one else seems to make the connection since I used my dad's last name instead of Smoak. I used the name Petrakis, yes my dad is Greek, deal with it!

Now you gonna ask how Tommy helped while he was trapped under CNRI well we got him out just in time and he only needed four stitches, two on his chest and two on his back plus he was high in pain reliever meds that's how he helped.

Then he decided to leave Starling City so the only person knowing my background was him.

Now I'm staring at my phone which it shows my Gmail address that only Tommy and my family have and I see the job proposal to join Chicago Med's ED.

Tommy must have said something!

Then I remember I used to know a Will Halstead, he worked with my dad for awhile and now he is working in Chicago…if Tommy didn't say anything he must have!

Oliver and Sara with Diggs were on patrol so I was alone and I decided to call Tommy which now I call Connor since he changed his name and ask him about this. You see Tommy was biologically Malcolm's child, his wife was married before and once she and Cornelius took a divorce Malcolm became one of the two legal guardians and when he was in Nabat Parbat (Tommy at the time had no idea) Cornelius found the perfect time to win custody of his son again and he did so Tommy decided that as long as he was living in Chicago he would like to be called Connor since that was his first name. That is how Tommy end up having two ids.

Anyways, back to the present!

"Hey! Connor did you say anything to Miss Goodwin about my Medical background?" I asked once Connor picked up the phone and I didn't lose time since the Team will be here at any second.

"Um…yes me and Will suggested you should work with us, you talent is wasted in Starling City. Oh! I said you go by the name Doctor Felicity Petrakis not Smoak since we thought that there must be a reason why you went by that name during college." Connor said as he chewed something probably his late dinner or some snack.

"I hope you are not mad!" Will's voice made me laugh and consider the options.

Unknown to Felicity the team had just returned and they heard her laugh so they watched from the stairs.

"I'm not mad just…well touched to be honest. Tell her thanks but I'm not sure…actually tell her that I will come by on Friday to talk more about it over dinner or coffee." I said to Connor and Will who cheered and I dare say high fived because I heard the sound. I just laughed and shook my head.

Oliver furrowed his eyebrows just like everyone else did.

"If you do agree then you have to be ready for a tight family here in ED! Good night future colleague!" Will said and then Connor said goodbye and hang up.

"Great! Now I have to call Kelly…I wonder how that is going to go…can't go less bad than it did five years ago." I mumbled as I dialed Kelly's number.

Kelly's family with my mum's were first cousins so he was kinda my second cousin and one family get together him and my paternal first cousin, Elliot, fought…like punches and kicks over a girl. I hadn't spoke to him ever since…

"Kelly, hi! Call me once you get out of shift…I'm faced with a life changing events and you are the only cousin who is open minded enough. Call me!" I said to the voice mail as I sighed disappointed and slammed in the chair.

Deep within me I knew that a job as an ED Doctor will be exciting and what I need right now but the whole Team Arrow thing got me all chained up to Starling City.

Kelly told me that I should take it and that Oliver has been treating me like shit. I agreed with him but I felt bad so I did what I longed for. Signed the papers for resignation and then contact Peter Stone whose number was given to me by Connor.

"Yes?" Peter said on the other side of the line.

"Yes, are you Peter Stone?" I asked slightly nervous.

"Yes, are you alright?" He asked me concerned because of the nervousness in my voice and I sighed in a try to calm my nerves.

"Yes, I need to ask a law related question. Can I change my name to Felicity Petrakis from Felicity Smoak legally? And how much is going to cost?" I asked slightly less nervous and more hesitant that I might be sounding like a fool in Peter's ears and Peter sighed.

"Miss Smoak, come by my office on Friday morning to talk about the process and we see from there." Peter said and Felicity could hear the smile in his voice.

Days later Felicity met with Peter in his office to be honest it was a surprise finding out that Peter Stone was actually Peter from middle school.

"OH! MY GOD! FELICITY? IS THAT REALLY YOU?" Peter exclaimed laughing as he hugged her and Felicity laughed too.

"It's so nice to see you!" Felicity said as she was muffled by his embraced.

The talk went from legal name changing to what happened when he moved to arranging more hanging out time so he can introduce her to Chicago's finest sights.

Oliver searched for her until she called them.

"Okay, sorry for not answering my phone but I have news! My cousin Kelly needs my help with some family drama so I'm moving for awhile." Felicity said to them as she was driving to House 51.

"Okay, be safe!" Oliver said slightly disappointed but couldn't demand from her to return since it was family related and they allowed him to take care of his own family drama so he owe it to her to let her take care of her own.

Felicity walked inside the House and requested to see Kelly once they reunited Kelly introduced her to the whole fire house and then Shay and Kelly helped her find a suitable apartment. Once she found an apartment she got back to her hotel room and got ready to meet Mrs. Goodwin, Will and Connor for lunch to discuss her hire in Chicago Med.

Once the meeting was done Felicity was given a week to take care of her legal changes and to settle in Chicago so Kelly, Will, Jay and Connor with Claire and Peter helped her settle in. Thank God she had the extra money required for the legal name change. She was positively shocked on how much House 51 and Will's brother and Connor's cousin helped her to move in the apartment.

The last night before her first shift she was sitting alone in her apartment and she disappear anything related to Felicity Smoak. She had no intention to return to Starling City.

Her life of Chicago was just starting.

The next morning she woke up smiling at the thought that it was her first day in a new life.

In Chicago Med:

She got out of her car and saw Connor getting out of his.

"Good morning Doctor Rhodes!" Felicity exclaimed with a bright smile and Connor smiled up to her.

"Hello Doctor Petrakis! How you are feeling about first day as a Doctor?" Connor joked and Felicity sighed.

"Nervous as hell. It's Chicago so I don't know what to expect." Felicity said nervously and Connor rubbed her back in an encouraging way.

She was nervous and then they walked inside and seeing everyone working like an oiled machine made her feel a little less worried.

"Hey! You much Doctor Petrakis! Welcome to Chicago and the ED!" Maggie said excitedly and Felicity smiled.

"Hi! Nice to meet you…what is your name?" Felicity asked excitedly and didn't notice Connor leaving her.

"I'm Maggie." Maggie introduced herself with a smile.

Let's not talk about how her first day went because this is the story of how Felicity became a doctor...well it is but not entirely.

Let's fast forward a year; Felicity had sent her resignation letter to QC in the two months mark of her being in Chicago. It was a late night when a girl with depression cut herself in the psychiatric ward and everyone especially Connor was very supportive that made her really feel like she wasn't alone anymore. The next day she woke up with many missed calls from Diggs and Oliver and even Sara!

She left a voice mail telling them, a white lie, that her cousin needed her there more than ever and it felt right if she stayed that was the reason why she resigned herself. She just couldn't be at two places at once.

Team Arrow ate up the white lie just fine.

So like that Felicity turned a new page to her life for good.

Felicity walked inside the hospital just as Maggie told them they were waiting multiple gunshot victims because someone got angry his football team lost and took out a gun and started shooting the supporters of the enemy team.

They worked in fever peach all day and somehow Felicity found herself sitting exhausted in a chair next to Connor.

"I miss the quiet days I was in a company that worked with tech not humans." Felicity grumbled and Connor looked at her with a smiley face which made Felicity blush and laugh.


"Yes?" He said tiredly without moving his gaze from her.

"Um…you are staring." Felicity said laughing and Connor shrugged.

"Meet me for a drink after work, will you?" Connor said excitedly all of a sudden.

"Are you asking me on a date?" Felicity asked shocked and amused and Connor nodded his head without breaking his gaze.

"I thought you liked Robyn!" Felicity said confused and suddenly Robyn was next to them.

"As a friend he does. He won't shut up about you!" Robyn said amused while drinking water. Felicity looked lost between Robyn and Connor she was shocked.

"Nice! Thanks for keeping a secret, Ro!" Connor exclaimed sarcastic.

"She didn't say no, chill!" Robyn said laughing.

"She didn't say no! By the way my answer is yes!" Felicity yelled in order to be notice and laughed. Connor looked at her smiling.

She wanted to forget Oliver.

She always liked Connor…even when he was Tommy.

She smiled at him but didn't have time to say something because they were called back in action.

Their date was amazing, they laughed and enjoyed themselves.

On the weekend which was a day after their date Felicity decided to pay a visit to Oliver and Diggs since it was Diggs birthday.

But as she arrived to the Foundry with a birthday cake all light up ready to surprise them she walked in and saw Oliver and Sara having sex it was like a slap in her face like Karma was telling her;

"You had a perfect life in Chicago why you decided to screw it up?" (No pun intended)

The cake was smashed to the ground outside the Verdant since she threw it herself from anger.

She was crying in her car as she drove back to Chicago. But she couldn't bring herself to go home where she would be alone so she drove to Connor's apartment where Connor was shocked to see her.

"Felicity?" Connor said shocked as Felicity who had dried tears in her eyes she launched herself at him and kissed him.

You don't need me to tell you what happened next you can understand.

She woke the morning feeling kinda self pity since she did such a reckless thing but Connor's sleeping face made her forget the pity and smiled and awe.

"I'm not that cute when I'm sleeping!" Connor mumbled while he was sleepy.

Then Connor kissed her.

"So mind telling me why you were crying yesterday?" Connor asked worried as he sat up.

"I went to Starling City to pass it with Diggs and Oliver since it was Diggs' birthday but when I walked inside the Foundry with a birthday cake all light up but I didn't saw them as I was expecting…I saw Oliver and Sara having sex…yes she is alive by the way and a badass assassin now. As you know I'm in love with him I came here to Chicago as a way to forget about him but it still hurt. I'm sorry I used you as a rebound I really want to forget him." Felicity rambled and cried as Connor took her in his arms and held her while she cried.

"I'm happy she is alive but I'm sorry you go through that. And I don't care I was the rebound because you were there for me when everything turned against me. I will be here for you!" Connor said encouraging her.

The months went by and Connor and Felicity were going steady she kept on rejecting Oliver's calls and called Diggs to let her know that she was alright and she wasn't mad at him or anything.

The months became a year and soon Felicity and Connor were the IT couple of Chicago Med.

One busy night Connor asked Will if he could get him and Robyn to help him practice his proposal speech they had agreed but everything was thrown away when one day Maggie grabbed him and led him into a woman's bathroom.

"Um…what is going on Maggie?" Connor asked confused and worried.

He saw Felicity sitting in the toilet's floor hugging the toilet and she was puking.

"Felicity! Oh! My God!" Connor exclaimed worried and confused as he run to hold her hair as she puked.

"I don't know I've been puking all day today and yesterday!" Felicity grumbled and went back to puking but Connor was smiling as he looked at her.

"Um…Felicity…I think the reason you are puking is because you are pregnant." Connor said smirking at her as he glared at him.

"Maggie can you put tests for me?" Felicity asked once she was done puking and Connor picked her up as they walked out and Maggie smiled as she nodded.

The day with the results came and she with Connor were looking at the results over lunch break.

"I'm pregnant…holy shit there is a baby growing inside of me!" Felicity exclaimed in shock and happiness as she jumped up and down and Connor was laughing and crying at the same time.

They hugged each other.

Felicity knew that moment that she had gotten over Oliver and she was head over heels for Connor, the father of her child.

Felicity was six months pregnant and everyone was betting she was carrying twins since her belly was too big.

Connor and Felicity had moved to Felicity's house since the hospital was nearer and they were living together, Connor had put off the wedding proposal since he dreamed having his son or daughter throwing rose petals before her or his mother as she would walk down the isle.

It was the mark of her seven months of pregnancy when Felicity was getting out of the apartment and Connor had just climbed down his car since he was working night shift she was morning shift.

"Hello, lover!" Felicity said faking a British accent.

"Hello to you too, my shinning, lovely and amazing woman!" Connor said excited and with a lovely smile as he kissed her and rubbed her belly.

"How is my son or daughter doing?" He asked as he kissed the belly. They had decided the baby's gender to be a surprise.

Felicity laughed and rubbed her belly. They didn't realize that Diggs was watching them with a shocked smile in his face.

"Felicity?" Diggs voice asked shocked and the couple turned to face him shocked.

"Hey! I guess you are alive….nice to know." Diggs said shocked and Felicity walked up to him and hugged him.

"Please don't tell Oliver." She whispered in his ear as she hugged him.

"Which one; you being pregnant or Tommy being alive or you carrying his child?" Diggs asked slightly amused.

"All of it, please!" Felicity pleaded and Diggs nodded.

"I won't besides Oliver is too blind to see what he lost." Diggs said as he smiled to the couple and then wished good night (sarcastically) to Connor who told them he was off to go sleep. As Connor left Diggs offered to drive Felicity to work.

Felicity told him everything that had happened the past two years and seven months.

"So, you and Connor are Trauma surgeons and ED doctors? WOW! I never thought of you as a doctor…I mean you were afraid of needles and blood when we got you into the team." Diggs said confused as he helped her with her bags.

"Actually I was afraid of it but the ED stuff helped me through it. We are a tight family." Felicity said smiling but stopped abruptly as she held her belly and let a groan of pain out along with a sigh.

"You okay?" Diggs asked worried and Felicity shook her head no.

"The baby…something is wrong with baby! Call Natalie, Maggie and Connor NOW!" Felicity yelled in pain as she held her belly and Diggs run inside the hospital in a panic state.

In seconds she was in a gurney and Maggie told her she was giving birth two months earlier.

"That is not good!" She groaned as Diggs held her hand as he talked with Connor on the phone.

"He is coming!" Diggs told her trying to calm her but Felicity yelled out in pain as Natalie, April and Maggie were trying to prepare everything for Felicity.

Connor at that moment wished he was The Flash as he run in panic inside the hospital and arrived at the room just as Maggie announced that Felicity had to push.

"Fe! I'm here!" Connor said as he tried to calm her down and she cried as she pushed and Connor held her hand.

Just then Diggs' phone rang and he took it out of his pocket with his free hand and saw it was Oliver he quickly declined the call and went back to being a squeezy for Felicity.

Twenty hours later Felicity was exhausted as she held in her arms her son. He was early but looked and was healthy.

"How do we name him?" Connor whispered as he was sitting next to Felicity and held her in his arm.

"I say we name him Grayson Thomas Petrakis Rhodes. What do you say?" Felicity asked him as she looked at him smiling and Connor chuckled.

"I like it! Grayson after the paramedic that helped me out the rubbles and Thomas as my name and because we met when I was named Thomas. I like it!" Connor said smiling as Diggs walked in the room and seemed troubled but his smile light up when he saw Felicity and the baby.

"So, what is his name?" Diggs asked smiling and Felicity said proudly;

"Grayson Thomas Petrakis Rhodes."

"Petrakis?" Diggs asked confused and Felicity chuckled.

"Yes, Petrakis. My dad is Greek so I was named Felicity Megan Smoak Petrakis, here I use the name Petrakis. And Rhodes is his uncle's last name that he took." Felicity explained with a smile as she looked at Diggs who nodded.

"He looks like a Grayson." Diggs joked as he took little Grayson in his arms.

The new parents smiled and laughed as Connor kissed Felicity's head and hugged her tight.

"Grayson this is your uncle John." Diggs said in a baby voice as they all laughed just then the whole ED walked in including Natalie with little Owen.

Diggs saw what Felicity meant by they were a tight family in ED.

"Where is my very handsome nephew?" Claire and Robyn said at the same time as the girls laughed as they looked at each other.

"He is here!" Diggs said as he handed them to Robyn who awed at the sight of Grayson's blue eyes.

Needless to say everyone was in love with baby Grayson and he loved the attention.

Diggs stayed for a few days with the new parents and baby Grayson and when he returned in Starling City he told his girlfriend about his very enjoyable and full of surprises trip. Lyla awed at the news of Felicity having a baby and wanted to meet him.

As for Oliver…well he interrogated Diggs as to where he has been for two weeks and Diggs said he had gone to visit some family in Chicago. He was wrecking his brain in finding out where Felicity had disappeared for two years now because Laurel was trying to take her place on the team.

Oliver sat in the top of a rooftop as he called, yet again, Felicity.

"You reached Felicity leave a message and I'll get back to you once I can. Have a nice day or night"

The voice mail yet again said;

"Hey, Felicity. Please pick it up! I know you are busy with your cousin and all but I really need you in the team and it's been two years now…how important is that deal with your cousin that you have two years to step into town?" Oliver said on the phone with a sad voice and then closed the phone yet again;

On Chicago Felicity had used her phone to play soothing music as she lulled the baby as her phone rang and saw it was Oliver.

"Agh! Can you just stop?" Felicity groaned and the baby shrieked and Felicity smiled.

Just as she let it go into voice mail. Once the baby was asleep she let the baby down and took the phone and called Oliver back.

"Hey, Oliver." She said out of breath as she tried to clean her shirt of spit and spilled milk.

"Felicity? Are you okay?"Oliver asked confused and Felicity sighed. So many things had change in two years.

"Yes I just stopped cleaning my house. So tell me what happened?" She lied and then asked him as she sat down.

"I'm worried about you. You disappeared without a trace. Are you alright? Is what happened to you cousin dealt with so you can come back?" Oliver asked in hope of hearing that she will be back.

"No, I won't return to Starling City, Oliver. I'm sorry but i built a life here and i see that my cousin is really doing great but I'm afraid he would fall back if I leave." Felicity said the white lie she had prepared in case she was brought to that position.

"But Laurel is about to take up your place in the team and you had a life here before you left oh so sudden." Oliver said slightly angry and possessive.

"I know but now I have someone here…like a boyfriend…Besides, I bet Laurel will be a great addition to the team!" Felicity said nervously sprayed with a little sarcasm as she heard him sigh.

"You've got a boyfriend that is why you are not coming back?!" He yelled in disbelief and Felicity sighed.

"Yes because I really really love him!" Felicity yelled as she closed the phone and threw it away just then Connor returned from work.

"Hey, honey! What's up?" Connor asked as he kissed her and she sat down as she started telling him what she and Oliver talked about. Connor sighed as he sat next to her and she explained the phone call with Oliver.

"Why did you pick it up?" Connor asked slightly annoyed.

"Because I pitied him. Worry that I might have something happened to me and that is the reason I don't pick up. I wanted to ease his worries…I still think he is an acquainted that cares about me. Don't be jealous, I don't love him anymore besides he didn't given to me a son…you did and I love you both so much!" Felicity told him as she cupped his cheeks and looked deep into his eyes.

Connor leaned in her touched and then they touched their foreheads as they stayed like that for a few minutes.

"I love you." Connor whispered and Felicity smiled.

"I love you too." Felicity whispered back with a smile just then the baby cried.

"Yeah, someone is jealous that you don't love him as much as me!" Felicity teased as she laughed at Connor's tired face as he stood up and went to Grayson's room.

"Hey, buddy!" Connor said softly as he saw Connor kicking his blanket as he cried.

Connor's heart melted at the sight of Grayson's blue eyes as he picked him up and held him close in his chest as Grayson breathed/sobbed in his arms.

Connor walked to the living room holding his son as Felicity was reading a book in the couch as Felicity kissed Grayson's head as Connor held them both in his arms.

His family.

"Oh! On the weekend, dad invited us over for lunch and he extended the invite to Claire and Russell. He texted me before I could unlock the door." Connor said smiling as his son fell asleep in his arms and Felicity smiled at them.

"Great!" Felicity said smiling.

The night was dethroned by the day that found the Rhodes family sleeping on the king sized bed with the baby between the parents.

"Good morning." Connor whispered to the baby who woke up first before anyone and he was quietly studying his surroundings.

The baby turned at the sound of his father's voice and smiled as he clutched his nose and started giggling which woke Felicity up and she burst out laughing at the sight that welcomed her.

The family did their routines and Felicity dropped little Grayson at Claire's house to babysit him like she had volunteered. Once that was done she drove to the hospital.

"Guys! Look alive! Lakeshore Hospital was under staffed so they are sending some of their patients to us which means a lot of injured people!" Maggie yelled around 12:30 pm and everyone in ED nodded as they got ready.

Felicity did seven surgeries and attended around twenty patients without surgery by the time she calculated that the work overload was lowering. So she went to the roof where she found Connor and he smiled at her.

"Hey! How was work?" Connor asked her and she sighed tiredly and he chuckled amused.

"Yours?" Felicity asked tiredly as she hugged Connor.

"Eleven surgeries and three patients. Not like yours. So you toped my score and yours." Connor said proudly and Felicity smiled as she leaned in and kissed him.

"So, take out after that? Grayson will stay at Claire's so we can binge watch whatever we want except Dinosaurs Train" He said smirking and then chuckled when Felicity laughed and nodded. (A/N: My favorite cartoon as a child because it had Dinosaurs and I love dinosaurs!)

"YAS!" Felicity exclaimed as she laughed.

As they got down to ED Maggie literarily pick them up and threw them to the changing room commanding them to go home.

Once they were out of the hospital they started pitching ideas about where to buy food.

"I have this thirst for Molly's burgers. What do you say?" Felicity suggested from the window of her car to Connor who had also opened his car's window.

"Deal! Who says no to burgers, honey?" Connor said laughing as he drove first off and Felicity was laughing thinking how well Connor knew her.

Once they had taken their food and drove home Connor excused himself to the bathroom and took out a small ring box and looked at the ring inside and then himself in mirror.

He had that ring bought for Laurel but then he saw her and Oliver having sex from the window and his world crushed then he saw how Felicity and him worked in crisis and he was shocked but how much in common they had and how well they worked together.

He had seen Felicity around Oliver but she seemed so untouchable and Oliver posture was protective of her but he always wanted to meet her. And look at them now; they have a son and they loved each other. She said no to Oliver so she can be with him. That made his heart melt. He was never a priority in his life the only people that made him feel like that was his dad and Claire who looked up to him like he was doing no wrong in his life. And she was glad that his dad allowed him to change back to his old last name, as much as Cornelius was known to be an asshole to the world; to him and Claire he was disciplined yet fatherly loveable. He took Connor in when Malcolm was away. He was the only adult besides Robert Queen who was concerned by the fact that Connor was bored in a huge house all by himself. So he advised Connor to take the bus to the train station and from there a train to Chicago and then again a bus to his neighborhood and come live with them for awhile. With time Connor's custody was back to his dad and his new wife Elizabeth, he was living with his half sister. Claire, now and he was happy.

He remembered how furious Malcolm was when he returned and learnt of the news…Connor felt guilty for betraying the man that took him under his wing when his parents broke up…but he wasn't kind to him after his mother's death, he verbally and emotionally abused him…always made him feel as if everything that happened to the world was his fault and he was a nothing that is why he partied too much and caused trouble.

So here he was attempting to ask the woman he loves but this time he is way too nervous because now he has a son that loves too much and then comes the feeling of rejection he was not sure enough that he could take it again, the same feeling again and he didn't want to leave move to another town (because that's what he did when Laurel broke his heart) because Chicago is his home and a city he loves so damn much!

"Connor?" Felicity's voice took him out of his thoughts.

"Yes! I'll be out in a minute!" Connor yelled back and sighed.

"Here it goes nothing." He said to himself as he looked at himself for a last time in the mirror.

He walked out of the bathroom and looked shocked at what Felicity had prepared the food and she walked seductively towards him holding the remote.

"You choose the channel, mister Rhodes." She attempted to say seductively but through the sentence she burst out laughing which caused Connor to laugh too.

They sat down and ate as they watched a move called Clone, you might know it as Womb, and they were for once just Connor and Felicity not ex Tommy Merlyn and Felicity Smoak ex-IT of the Arrow.

Just as the movie ended Felicity attempted to stand up to clean but Connor stopped him and he stood up instead and smiled down to her.

"Felicity, you've been my rock when the Undertaking when everything betrayed me and then you and my uncle you manage to set up a job for me and a life and I'm so thankful! So, damn thankful to have you two in my life! And then about a few months ago you made me the happiest man alive by agreeing to go on a date with me then about a year ago you made me yet again the happiest man alive by giving birth to our beautiful yet handful son! And I gave you nothing in return…so let me give you now…please would you make me the honor to be my wife so I can be yours for every. I might not have given you anything in return so far but now I do, I give you my heart!" Connor said with a nervous expression yet through the speech he smiled and tears welled up in his eyes at the sight of Felicity's shocked and touched at the request.

"Yes! Thousands time amplified by million lifetimes yes!" Felicity exclaimed in tears of happiness as she launched herself at him and hugged him accepting the ring and then she kissed him.

"Thomas Connor Rhodes it will be my honor to be your wife and you did gave me everything in return, you made me agree to come here where I found a place that I belong. You also gave me a chance to love someone without fear of having my heart crushed just as I had my heart ripped out. Furthermore you gave me the chance to be a mother and you never left me alone as I was afraid that you would, I always wanted to be a mother but I was afraid to do so by being a terrible mother because I had no way to be in two places at once. So, marrying you is the least difficult thing I was ever asked to do!" Felicity said with a teary smile as she kissed him.

"Thank you!" Connor whispered as he took a deep breath and then kissed her again.

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