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The Draw

Chapter 05: Welcome To My House

Felicity woke up the next day after the Spring Break Party they had and she was laying there thinking how much her life had changed in the past three years.

And she made a list in her head;

She got to leave Arrow team.

She started dating Connor.

Had her and his child.

She got to get married to Connor.

She stopped hiding her past.

She gained new friends.

Felicity was pulled out of her brain list as Connor stirred in his sleep and hugged her and kissed her neck.

"Mhmmm…Mornin'" He said while he kissed her again and nuzzled his nose in her neck.

"Mornin'" She said smiling and then he started kissing her again.

"MAMA! DADA!" Grayson burst through the door jumping on the bed smiling from ear to ear.

"Yes, little spidey?" Connor asked interested as he sit up and picked him up and seat him on the bed.


"I want ice cream after lunch! Can I?"

He asked with a wide smile and then put his hands together like he was praying and made puppy dog eyes and a cute smile that he knew no one could say no.

Just then Felicity smirked and said;

"No." And both of her boys looked at her shocked and she smiled.

"Why?" Grayson asked close to tears.

"Because we are going to eat Ravani with ice cream that Aunt Aubrey will brought since she is arriving here today!" Felicity said smiling and she looked at her son who was yet again smiling from ear to ear and was moving back and forth in his dad's lap while chanting yes repeatedly

Grayson stood up in the bed and he started jumping while holding his dog teddy bear and his monkey one in his arms.

"Grayson why don't you go to grandpa and helped him with breakfast?" Connor asked nicely and Grayson started licking his lips while rubbing his tummy then nodded as he jumped out of bed and run off to the kitchen.

"Run Grayson run!" Felicity yelled as she fist bumped while Connor laughed at how ironic the whole phrase was as he got out of bed.

"What? You call him spidey…he is not Spiderman and he better not be bitten by one…I like my son to be vigilante free." Felicity said smiling as she got dressed too.

The husband and wife walked out of the room holding hands just as Laurel walked out of her room and looked at them smiling proudly.

"Laulel, guess wat? My aunt Aubly is coming! You should meet!" Grayson yelled happily as he run to her and Laurel open her arms and she picked him up in her arms.

"Really? I would love that!" Laurel said smiling and then looked confused at Felicity and Connor.

"My cousin Aubrey is coming. She used to live in Starling City and she was part of the plane crash, she was my patient and that is how we met. I had no idea of her existence." Felicity said smiling as she started fixing breakfast for her son and herself.

"Connor, I bought yogurt yesterday they are on the fridge." Cornelius said as he walked inside the kitchen and smiled at the maid, the chauffer, Laurel, his grandson, his son and his daughter in law and his daughter.

"So, Laurel, want to come with me to the shop? You could browser for new candles you said you wanted and maybe you can go to the next shop to see for more curtains you said you needed." Claire said as she finished eating her French toast, her orange and coffee.

"Curtains and candles?" Connor asked confused and Laurel sighed.

"Someone broke into my house a few weeks ago and tried to kill me, no news there, but in order for me to defend him I hit him with my candle plate and all the candles on it and then used my favorite purple and white curtain to struggle him….so I need new candles and curtains." She explained to Felicity and Connor and noticed how Cornelius was watching her with widen eyes.

"Why would anyone want you dead, Laurel?" Cornelius asked worried.

"I'm a DA and one of my client's enemies hired a hit man to kill me. Nothing that I'm not used to." She said while shrugged and took a bite off the cake she had on her plate.

"That is not nothing, Laurel. You shouldn't be used to such conditions. Maybe you should move here to Chicago, change of scenery and new clientele." Cornelius said serious and looked at Laurel.

"No offense, mister Rhodes but Chicago is more dangerous than Starling City these days." Laurel tried to defend her city.

"Yeah, yeah! Since this Robin Hood guy started but because of him my son had an entire building dropped on him! I like you Laurel and I like how good of friends you and my son are, you deserve to be safe, Laurel." Cornelius said serious and slightly angry.

"It's Green Arrow, dad. And it wasn't entirely his fault that I had a building collapsed on top of me but my step dad and my own stupidity and heroism was to blame." Connor admitted sadly and Cornelius sighed.

"Everything is connected my son and all lead to the name Queen it's either Robert or Oliver." Cornelius said angrily and then excused himself and left the kitchen as for the maid and the chauffer they were listening not talking. They knew better.

"Wow, he has a beef with Oliver and how does he know he is the Green Arrow?" Laurel asked confused and Connor looked shamefully down the table.

"My papa is smart!" Suddenly Grayson exclaimed and the entire table laughed agreeing and admiring how innocent Grayson seemed to be.

"I told him the first few months I was out of the hospital….i was so angry with Oliver at the time and still I am." Connor said serious and Laurel nodded understanding the anger.

The rest of the breakfast wasn't silent or awkward Laurel tried to learn more about Aubrey just as Felicity finished her last sentence the doorbell rang and Grayson jumped off his chair and landed on his knees hissed in pain but didn't stop him from running to the door yelling;

"She is here!"

"Are you guys thinking of putting him in a track team?" Laurel asked jokingly as they head to the door and the parents laughed.

They saw Aubrey having Grayson in her arms and her bags on the floor.

"Hi!" Aubrey said smiling and Laurel was gaping at the woman before her, Aubrey Smoak looked so much like Felicity!

"Hi!" Felicity said smiling as she walked up to them and reached for her son who jumped in her arms.

Aubrey met Laurel and Claire the three girls decided to go to Claire's shop and to Aubrey's surprise Claire hired her as a help in the shop and invite her to stay with her at home.

Aubrey was surprised to say the least but she did want a new start and living with her aunt and uncle was good for as long as it lasted but she needed her space.

So she and Laurel did not only went for curtains and candle shopping they went for apartment hunting too.

As for Grayson he passed the day with his grandpa and Felicity with Connor decided to go on a hike to enjoy their last free day before they head back to the hospital.

"So what are going to do, our Starling City past is catching us up." Connor asked slightly tired and afraid as they enjoyed the view.

"We try not to allow it to destroy our lives here and we keep it at arm's length except Laurel since she is not Oliver." Felicity said serious and then sighed;

"Do you think Oliver is obsessed with finding out if I was alive?" Connor asked worried as he held his wife in his arms and Felicity sighed.

"Yes, he semi found out about my past so what is stopping him from finding about you?" Felicity asked rhetorically and she sighed sadly just as he did too.

"Nothing is stopping him." Connor said sadly and Felicity groaned.

"What if we get Laurel to sale the whole amnesia thing you did? That would leave you alone, right? Oh! Wait no! He won't. He will try to make your memories come back." She babbled deep in thoughts and Connor listened to her and then turned to look at her and smiled;

"Not if we told him that if he tried to ignite any lost memories it could kill me…he doesn't know much about medicine." Connor suggested and she smiled at the idea of her husband.

"Okay, that might work." She said hopeful and then they continue hanging out together.

As for young Grayson and his grandpa they spent it going grocery shopping and then to the park after they left the groceries home.

"Papa, can we go to the park?" Grayson asked with a cute smile and his grandpa couldn't say no so they end up in the park and they had so much fun swinging and feeding the ducks.

By the time the parents returned to the mansion they saw Cornelius reading a book and Laurel with Aubrey they were talking about the house Aubrey had bought here in Chicago.

Aubrey was looking forward moving in a new town and refraining from getting into any relationships at least for four years.

Felicity excused herself and went to a quite place in the house and took out her phone and sighed serious as she texted Chaplain Orlovsky;


"Good afternoon, Chaplain,

I wanted to ask you when will be conveniently for you to see me? I want to discuss something, I need a fourth party's opinion someone who is not linked to this mess I'm facing now. I know I'm not a firefighter but I really do need your help and you are the only I trust with such matters.

Doctor Felicity Petrakis Rhodes."

End of Message.

She sighed as she hit sent and prayed silently that the Chaplain would agree to see her. Then she walked back to her family forcing a smile just for her son and cousin.

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